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NKW180Q Cardboard Scrap Baling Machine
Cardboard Scrap Baling Machine is suitable for baling press for waste paper,waste cotton,waste bags and scrap,waste plastic film, and forage grass. It reduces volume and make them easy to stock and transportation
  • Series :Waste Paper Horizontal Baler
  • Port :China
  • Mini Order :1 unit
  • Payment :T/T,L/C
  • Service :12 Month
  • Certification :CE SGS TUV

Parts use

Nick Baler company manufactures 44 standard model of Horizontal balers ranging in size from 700-1350mm , main used in Industrial  and agricultures area, the structures with one ram baler ,two ram baler ,auto-tie ,Open end baler and more ram baler too, supplied many factory on waste paper ,recycling ,scrap plastic ,PET Bottle ,OCC paper ,films ,fiber, Grass Ect. with high-density vertical balers are easy to use and maintenance friendly and provides years of trouble-free recycling, Therefore ,your best choice,That is Nick Baler

Nick baler manufacture mainly supply more than 150 kinds of baling press machine ,with strict quality control and perfect quality system ,welcome to experience our machine right now

We need to know what the material need to be pressed first when you need us support you to choose a baler, our fully automatic horizontal baler can work on below materials, we need to design baler for you on different material because different force is required on different material and the density is also varied by materials.

5-2废纸.jpgIMG_20190508_075449 拷贝.jpg

Our fully automatic horizontal baler can work on these material: Aluminum Alloy Frame, Aluminum can, Cardboard( OCC,Carton), Cellulose Fiber, Chopped straw/Hay, Coco Peat, Foam(Sponge), Disposable Tableware, Hollow Plastic(PET Bottle,HDPE Jar,PP Container).

Full Automatic Balers with Cyclone for Packaging Plants

Specially used for recycling waste paper, cartons/cardboards trims/scraps etc. which are popular in packaging/corrugation industrial, paper/ printing plants etc. 

1. Pre-sale-service:Design and manufacture machines for you as your special requirement, provide you with project, process design and pruchase program.

2. On-sale-service: Accompany with you to look around our factory, explain the manufacture process of our machines and check the working performance of our machine.

3. After-sale-service: Engineers are available to install debugging equipments of the whole production line, besides, commissioning and training operators on site.

Part specification

NKW180Q Cardboard Scrap Baling Machine Usage :

Cardboard Scrap Baling Machine Specialized in recycling and compressing the loose materials like plastic films ,PET bottles, plastic pallets ,waste paper ,grass ,fiber ,used clothes ,cartons ,cardboards trims ,scrap ,etc .


1.Open structure,the use of easy and fast,improve the work efficiency.

2.The three closing anti pull througn the cylinder,automatic tightening and relaxtaion.

3.PLC program, touch screen control, simple operation, with feeding detection, automatic compression, and achieve unmanned operations.

4.Automatic strapping device, unique speed, simple structure, stable operation, low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance.

5.Equipped with starting motor and booster motor, save energy, save energy, save cost.

6.Automatic fault diagnosis, automatic display, improve detection efficiency.

7.Can freely set the length of the package, accurate record of the package value.

8.The unique concave multi - point cutter design, improves the cutting efficiency and prolongs the service life of the cutter.

9.Use German hydraulic technology, more energy saving and environmental protection.


Bale size (MM)(W*H)

Bale weight (KG)

Capability (T/H)

Power (KW)
















Product Application

  • Waste Paper Horizontal Baling Machine
  • Wool baler Fiber Baler Machine
  • Waste Magazine Baling Press Machine
  • Waste Kraft Paper Bale Press

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Relevant Assorises

  • OCC Baler Machine/Old Corrugated Cardboard Baler

    What is OCC baler or old corrugated cardboard baler?

    OCC baler or old corrueated cardhoard baler is a machine to compress OCC into dense bales for easy transnortation and 

    storage.It can greatly save transportation cost .The baled OCC can be delivered to paper mill for new products.

    How to choose a right occ baler machine?

    Many balers can be available for OCC baling. How to choose a right OCC baling machine in a cost effective way?

    First,you should know how many tons per day or per month you need to handle the old corrueated cardboard. if you 

    required baling needs is under 10 tons per month,a vertical OCC baler is an ideal baling solution. If your required baling needs is over 1ton per hour,the large horizontal OCC baler is an ideal baling solution .

    Second,you should check your spacefor baler instalation.f you only have very limited space, vertical OCC baling machine is the right machine to go. Otherwise, you can determine the right baler based on your required baling needs.

  • MSW Environmental protection equipment

    NICK automatic MSW baler has fast packing speed, high technical content, stable equipment performance and guaranteed quality. We choose an independent hydraulic system as the drive, which is strong and stable. The control system adopts the most advanced servo system. Accuracy is high and there are many advantages. The power saving and energy saving of the automatic baler is also closely related to the selection of the servo system, because the function of the servo system is to save energy, save electricity, fast, low noise, and stable in performance. 

  • MSW Horizontal Hydraulic baler machine

    Features of MSW hydraulic press

    ●    Servo System With low Noise ,low consumption which is reduce half power of electrical charge,Smoothly running without any shake

    ●    Fully automatic compress and baling, suitable for large amount material places, after baling it is easy store and reduce the transportation cost.

    ● Photoelectric switch activates baler when charge box is full

     Unique automatic strapping device, speed quickly ,frame simple, motion steady. Failure rate is low and easy to clean maintenance.

     Can choose transmission line materials and air-blower Feeding. Suitable to waste cardboard recycling companies, plastic, fabric large garbage disposal sites and so on.

     Adjustable bales length and bales quantity accumulating function make the operation of the machine more convenient
     Automatically detect and show the errors of the machine which improve the machine inspection efficiency
     International standard electric circuit layout, graphic operation instruction and detailed parts marks makes the operation been more easily understanding and improves the maintenance efficiency


  • Waste paper baling machine with manufacturer price

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