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  • With the further improvement of our environmental awareness, the utilization rate of beverage bottle Baling Press machines continues to increase.

    Individual users ordered beverage bottle Balers that failed due to poor inspections, causing commercial investment failures, production failures and waste of funds.

    In order to meet market demand, many manufacturers without production experience and strength are imitating production. 

    The equipment produced has only appearance, without any substance, and quality cannot be controlled.

    Next, let us understand the harmful consequences of not ordering the waste paper baler.

    Beverage bottle Balers that cannot be ordered, equipment cannot be used, production cannot be carried out, all investments cannot create value, and the harmful consequences of investment costs cannot be recovered.

    For beverage bottle packaging machines, all investments must be at least 300,000 yuan. For ordinary investors, this is definitely not a small amount. It may cause heavy debts and serious bankruptcy consequences.


    In view of the serious harmful consequences of the packaging of beverage bottles that are not ordered, you must go to the manufacturer’s site for on-site inspection to determine whether the equipment logo is produced by the manufacturer.

    NICKBALER recommends that you shop around when choosing a beverage bottle Baler, and don't choose an unqualified Baler because of the low price, so as not to cause serious losses.

  • We often encounter customer inquiries about how to choose a horizontal and vertical waste paper baler. What is the difference between the two? Let's analyze this problem for you. Welcome everyone to pay attention.

    The vertical waste paper baler is a small-scale baling station or equipment selected in the case of insufficient initial funds. In addition, the vertical baler can pack the waste generated in the production of wool, shreds, rags, etc., and is used on a small scale. The product.

    Horizontal waste paper baler is now the mainstream equipment used in waste paper baling stations, which can satisfy more than ten tons of paper per day. Can prepare for future scale expansion.

    For raw materials such as yellow cardboard, air-conditioned cartons, etc., you can choose a conventional horizontal waste paper baler, and for raw materials with paper edges, you can choose a small horizontal baler.

    net 1 2.jpg

    If the daily waste paper recycling business volume is large, it is wise to choose a horizontal baler. If the business volume is small, it is recommended to choose a vertical waste paper baler to save the purchase cost.

    Both NICKBALER waste paper balers have their own use occasions and advantages, and users can choose according to production needs.

  • With the development of the industrial age, straw balers are also used by more and more renewable resource recycling centers and crop straw recycling manufacturers.

    The use of straw balers to recover compressed crop stalks can not only reduce the environmental pollution of crop stalks, but also reduce the use of land resources.

    There are more and more mechanical manufacturers producing straw balers. When choosing a straw balers, you must pay attention to choosing a hydraulic baler manufacturer with strong strength, excellent machinery and good service.

    NICKBALER straw baler manufacturer is strong and has absolute right to speak in the domestic and foreign baler market. Its products have been ahead of other manufacturers for many years, and it is an excellent choice for your baler manufacturer;

    The NICKBALER machine is of excellent quality. The straw baler produced by our company has good rigidity, toughness and stability, simple operation, convenient maintenance, imported imported sealing elements, long service life of the cylinder, and a wide range of applications.


    NICKBALER has good after-sales service. The new machine manufacturer is responsible for site design, installation, and free technical training. In addition, the warranty is one year, and the motor reducer and other parts are guaranteed for three years, eliminating your worries.

    The emergence of straw balers can meet the demand for energy conservation and can provide more efficient resource services for the operation of agricultural and sideline products processing industries.


  • With the development of society, plastic bottle Baling Press machines are now also used in various fields, providing a lot of convenience to everyone.

    Then with the market requirements, there are more and more types of balers. When companies buy balers, how can they choose a baler that suits them?

    First, you need to know what you are buying a Baler for.

    For example, whether the packaging items are required to be regular or irregular, which range is the commonly used specification, etc., so that the appropriate model can be selected within the range of machine characteristics.

    Secondly, there are many different types of balers, which can be said to be various. Different machines meet different consumer needs. Therefore, before choosing a baler, you must understand what types of balers are available.

    A reasonable choice of plastic bottle Baling Press machine will enable the machine to work efficiently according to the requirements, provide convenience for the consumption process, and provide economic benefits for the enterprise.

    When buying a plastic bottle Baling Press machine, you should choose a company with a reputation. Such a company can ensure the quality of the machine. After all, the products consumed by a company with a good reputation have passed the test of time and are products that people trust. This also saves a lot of unnecessary trouble for purchasing inferior products.

    net 1.jpg

    The NICKBALER plastic bottle Baler has reliable performance, convenient operation and simple maintenance. Diesel engines can be used for power where there is no power supply.

  • South Korea is a major clothing producer and a major consumer. Dongdaemun is also a well-known clothing market in Asia.

    The textile and garment industry is one of the important industries in South Korea. In 2016, the Korean textile and garment industry accounted for 8% of the gross national product, and the number of people engaged in the textile industry accounted for 19% of the total number of industrial employees. The machine inventory has been reduced by 200,000 spindles, greatly improving the quality and variety of cotton spinning products.

    The main export regions of Korean garments are the United States, Europe, Japan and China, and exports to China have increased in recent years.

    Large quantities of ready-to-wear garments are being sold internally and exported, and transportation costs will increase if the volume of transportation is large. Therefore, a large number of garment manufacturers now choose to use garment packaging machines for packaging and then transport and deliver them.

    Using a garment Baling Press machine to pack and compress garments and textiles can greatly improve work efficiency, reduce floor space, and improve transportation efficiency.


    NICKBALER clothing baler is mainly used for packaging and recycling of clothes, textiles, towels, etc. It is often used in clothing processing plants and used clothing recycling plants.

  • What is the role of the waste after Baling Press by the carton Baler? NICKBALER Baler manufacturers explain to everyone.

    Cardboard box balers should be designed and produced according to the requirements of customers to produce goods that meet the requirements of the masses, so that they can stabilize their foundation in the increasing competition.

    The purpose of applying a cardboard box Baling Press machine, in fact, the key is to compress and pack loose waste paper, waste paper boxes, waste plastics and other waste materials.

    The use of waste paper box baler can greatly reduce the volume, which is conducive to storage and transportation, and can improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

    The waste material packed by the cardboard box Baling Press machine has the following functions:

    1. The volume is greatly reduced, reducing storage space, which is conducive to storage.

    2. It is convenient to achieve fire prevention, moisture prevention and pollution prevention, which is conducive to the development of ecological environment protection.

    3. Save transportation costs and increase economic benefits.

    4. A sustainable development strategy that is conducive to resources.


    The NICKBALER cardboard box Baling Press machine has the characteristics of high work efficiency, low energy consumption, safe and reliable use, strong workplace adaptability, and reasonable price.

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