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  • NICKBALER has passed the ISO9001-2016 quality management system certification, and strictly manages and controls in accordance with the requirements during the production and processing; professional technical production staff team, advanced process flow, and international quality control system.

    With an attitude of striving for perfection, we ensure that every part, every component, and every product provided to customers is a high-quality product.

    What we deliver to our customers is not only products, but also fast, efficient and complete product services.

    Free design and planning of the hydraulic baler operating site, effective and reasonable installation, 24 hours a day after-sales service and technical support to ensure worry-free use.

    We will spare no effort to combine the hydraulic packaging machinery technology we have mastered and the research on automation systems, and continue to create classics of the hydraulic packaging system, realize unmanned, free people from the heavy packaging production line, and let the machine Instead of manual work.

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    NICKBALER has insisted on striving for survival by quality and development by prestige for many years, enhancing its service consciousness, and continuously producing new products.

  • The common failures of the automatic straw baler are related to the maintenance standards of hydraulic machinery.

    If the application and maintenance are good, the full-automatic straw baler will have a long service life. Taking certain effective measures to improve the normal maintenance of the hydraulic transmission system will benefit the increase in the service life of the straw baler.

    Raising the usual maintenance of the straw balers is a fundamental way to prevent common failures of the fully automatic straw balers.

    Prediction and analysis of the abnormality of the straw baler system Carry out regular execution or continuous detection of the operation of the hydraulic machinery of the fully automatic straw baler to identify its technical conditions or common failures of the hydraulic press, so that the common straw baler can be cleared before the failure of the straw baler occurs. The possibility of failure.

    With the development trend of the failure detection technology of straw balers, the use of failure detection methods to predict, analyze and monitor the common failures of the hydraulic system of the straw balers in operation will further improve the credibility of the operation of the fully automatic straw balers.


    NICKBALER automatic straw baler reduces waste and saves costs. It is a good helper for the recycling of crop straw resources.

  • If we want to choose a high-quality and low-cost equipment, it is not so easy, and we need to make an inspection and judgment on the company.

    Generally speaking, investigating a hydraulic baler company can evaluate their market reputation, equipment safety and after-sales service guarantee.

    Market reputation is the performance of the company's comprehensive strength. The safety of hydraulic baler equipment is the guarantee of quality, and the after-sales service guarantee is the degree of recognition of the company's hydraulic baler products.

    1. Pay attention to the market reputation and market brand of hydraulic Baler manufacturers.

    A mature manufacturer of hydraulic balers must have a lot of use sites and a certain customer group. The feedback from these customers is true proof.

    2. Security.

    All production must be based on safety, which is one of the indicators of the quality of hydraulic baler equipment. When purchasing hydraulic baler equipment, you can consult the manufacturer about some related issues of safety technology.

    3. After-sales service.

    For hydraulic baler, there will be some problems in the long-term production process. These problems are more difficult for some customers, but it is easy to solve for manufacturers of hydraulic baler.

    At this time, if the manufacturer of the hydraulic baler can solve the problem in time, it can reduce the loss caused by the customer's downtime.

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    Perfect after-sales service is the guarantee for safe use in the later period. NICKBALER has a very good quality assurance system and a complete after-sales service team.

  • In the hydraulic system, due to some reasons, such as rapid steering or sudden closing of various valves, shock loads, etc., the oil speed or direction will change sharply, resulting in a high pressure several times higher than usual to form a hydraulic shock.

    The hydraulic system of the cotton baler is no exception.

    Generally, we can divide hydraulic shock into two categories.

    The first category is the hydraulic shock caused by the action of the hydraulic control element, such as the hydraulic shock caused by the reversing or closing of the valve;

    The second category is the hydraulic shock caused by the speed change of the external load, such as a pressure shock caused by a moving part that is suddenly stopped by a brake during rapid movement.

    For any hydraulic system, the first type of shock is inevitable and can only be controlled by optimizing the system configuration.

    The change of external load during the feeding process of the hydraulic cotton baler will cause the system pressure to fluctuate.


    The reason for the impact of the hydraulic system of the cotton baler should belong to the second category, which is the hydraulic impact caused by the speed change of the external load.

    The basic measure of cotton baler to control hydraulic shock is to avoid the rapid change of oil speed, and absorb hydraulic shock by controlling the oil circuit or using appropriate energy storage.

  • When recycling all kinds of old clothes and other materials, in order to better pack these materials, special clothing balers are used.

    This is a very practical packaging equipment, which can quickly compress various fluffy materials effectively and quickly, resulting in better packaging efficiency.

    A good clothing Baler machine manufacturer can bring people a very good quality of service.

    Many devices are similar in function and usage, but there is a slight difference in service, which will bring completely different feelings.

    For example, when a customer consults some questions about the baler, some manufacturers ignore them after selling the equipment, and high-quality clothing baler manufacturers will provide a very complete and comprehensive after-sales service after the customer purchases the baler.

    Buying NICKBALER garment Baler machine can also enjoy a good quality assurance service. The purchased equipment has a longer quality after-sales guarantee, which makes people have a better sense of use when using the NICKBALER garment Baler machine.


    You don't have to worry about various problems in the process of using the NICKBALER garment Baler machine, because the NICKBALER after-sales staff will solve it for you in the first time. 

  • Now there are so many different cloth Baler machine manufacturers, which manufacturer can we rest assured to cooperate and buy the equipment they produce?

    When choosing this type of manufacturer, the first thing you need to pay attention to is to look at the brand's reputation of the manufacturer. It is good to choose the old brands or the new and powerful brands.

    In addition, everyone should pay attention to whether this manufacturer has technical advantages, that is to say, whether these manufacturers have their own unique patented technology for the production of various Balers.

    If you have a good performance in these aspects, then everyone can have a better effect when choosing a cloth Baler.

    These are some of the conditions that people can refer to when choosing a fabric Baler manufacturer, so that people can make a good choice among such manufacturers, so that they can also find the best cloth for themselves. Baler.


    NICKBALER garment Baler machine manufacturers have always attached great importance to technological innovation and R&D investment, and insisted on vigorously promoting new product development and technological improvement.

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