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  • Xinjiang is a large-scale cotton industry planting area and purchasing area. The annual cotton consumption in Xinjiang can reach more than 860 tons. The huge consumption also brings troubles to cotton growers.

    Xinjiang has a large amount of large cotton that needs to be picked every year, and the picked cotton will be processed in a unified manner and transported to garment processing factories around the world.

    Cotton is a fluffy item, and logistics transportation without processing will undoubtedly increase transportation costs and increase human and material resources.

    Compressing the cotton by the cotton baler will increase the density of the cotton, reduce the floor space, reduce transportation costs, save time, cost, and labor.

    Xinjiang cotton production base provides a large amount of processing raw materials for the cotton hydraulic baler, which can save resource waste and provide efficient resource services for the cotton processing industry.

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    The cotton baler equipment produced by NICKBALER has high technical content, stable equipment performance and guaranteed quality.

  • At present, 60% of the raw material for papermaking in some developed countries is waste paper, and its recycling rate is as high as 72%.

    my country's paper industry is currently experiencing a period of rapid development of demand. It is necessary to reduce dependence on imported raw materials. Waste paper balers rely on domestic raw materials. We must strive to increase domestic wood pulp production and waste paper recycling and utilization.

    The use of waste paper to produce a variety of paper and cardboard can reduce deforestation and waste paper waste, waste paper pulp energy consumption, water consumption, chemical consumption and waste paper pollution load.

    The waste paper baler is much lower than virgin fiber pulping. This is a green project that is conducive to saving resources and protecting the environment, and strives to develop and build a resource-saving and environmentally friendly economy.

    How to improve the utilization rate of waste paper? The widespread promotion and utilization of waste paper baler is very important.

    The waste paper baler can pack loose waste paper, which is conducive to the transportation of waste paper, thus achieving the problem of waste paper utilization.

    With the continuous development of the waste paper baler industry, the demand for waste paper baler is also increasing. Therefore, domestic waste paper baler manufacturers must improve the quality and grasp the market.

    For better recycling and utilization, first, we must carry out in-depth recycling of waste paper among the masses of farmers, save energy, strengthen environmental protection, do energy conservation and emission reduction work, establish conservation awareness, enhance conservation concepts, and further enhance conservation and initiative , Follow the sustainable development strategy.

    The second is to standardize and guide the people to save behavior, to promote the use of waste paper with technology in an all-round way, and the waste paper baler to improve the recycling rate of waste paper.

    The third is to strengthen the use of waste paper and recycled paper scientific research technology, actively learn and learn from the recycling of waste paper, to achieve economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits.


    NICKBALER waste paper baler keeps up with the market dynamics and makes timely improvements, so as to better serve the majority of users and provide help for the development of society.

  • The fuel tank structure of the waste paper baler is designed to prevent oil pollution, and the hydraulic oil of the waste paper baler is often contaminated.

    In order to ensure that the hydraulic oil of the waste paper balers can be used for a longer time, it is necessary to design the oil tank of the waste paper balers more reasonably to maintain the service life of the equipment.

    The fuel tank structure design of the waste paper baler:

    1. The distance between the oil suction pipe and the oil return pipe should be as far as possible. Separate the oil suction side from the oil return side with a baffle to increase the cleanliness of the oil in the tank.

    2. A coarse filter should be installed at the inlet of the suction pipe.

    3. In order to prevent dirt from entering the oil tank of the waste paper baler, the cover plate and the nozzle of the oil tank must be properly sealed.

    4. For better heat dissipation and easy maintenance, the distance between the bottom of the box and the ground should be at least 150mm.

    5. The fuel tank is generally welded with 2.5-4 mm thick steel plate.

    6. If you need to install a heat dissipation converter in the fuel tank of the waste paper baler, you need to consider its installation location, as well as measures such as temperature measurement and control.

    After the design of the waste paper baler is completed, the equipment must be kept clean before operation. After the hydraulic system is assembled, it should be cleaned with the oil used in the work of the system.

    When designing the oil tank of the waste paper baler, pay attention to the working temperature of the hydraulic oil, otherwise it will have an adverse effect on the hydraulic device.

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    NICKBALER waste paper baler has the characteristics of multiple varieties, complete specifications, strong matching, small investment, and fast profitability.

  • Special attention should be paid to the maintenance of waste paper baler in different seasons. The weather is warm in spring and summer, and the maintenance work of waste paper baler is very different from the maintenance work in cold weather in winter.

    Many friends now use waste paper packaging machines in winter. Next, NICKLBALER will introduce the maintenance work of waste paper baler equipment in winter.

    The temperature drops sharply in winter, the equipment engine is difficult to start, and the cooling water and electrolyte are easy to freeze.

    At the same time, due to dry weather and other reasons, the loss of parts may be serious, and fuel consumption will increase. Many customers must take necessary maintenance measures before the winter.

    The cooling system in the working process of the waste paper baler cannot be used to prevent the water from freezing and freezing the equipment. Water needs to be discharged. If the daily workload is large, you can add water on the same day.

    Drain the cooling water after the operation is over every day. If you work indoors, you can keep the temperature free from freezing and you don't need to put the cooling water.

    In addition, in the use of hydraulic oil, low-quality hydraulic oil does not work well in winter, which is why we always recommend that customers choose hydraulic oil with high wear resistance.

    Problems with hydraulic oil will affect the performance of the waste paper packaging machine and seriously affect the internal parts of the equipment, especially in winter, the hydraulic oil must be replaced frequently.

    Choose oil with low viscosity to maintain fluidity under low temperature conditions. At the same time, lubricating oil should also be used in winter.


    The above are some tips on maintenance during the use of the waste paper baler in winter, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

  • NICKBALER has passed the ISO9001-2016 quality management system certification, and strictly manages and controls in accordance with the requirements during the production and processing; professional technical production staff team, advanced process flow, and international quality control system.

    With an attitude of striving for perfection, we ensure that every part, every component, and every product provided to customers is a high-quality product.

    What we deliver to our customers is not only products, but also fast, efficient and complete product services.

    Free design and planning of the hydraulic baler operating site, effective and reasonable installation, 24 hours a day after-sales service and technical support to ensure worry-free use.

    We will spare no effort to combine the hydraulic packaging machinery technology we have mastered and the research on automation systems, and continue to create classics of the hydraulic packaging system, realize unmanned, free people from the heavy packaging production line, and let the machine Instead of manual work.

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    NICKBALER has insisted on striving for survival by quality and development by prestige for many years, enhancing its service consciousness, and continuously producing new products.

  • The common failures of the automatic straw baler are related to the maintenance standards of hydraulic machinery.

    If the application and maintenance are good, the full-automatic straw baler will have a long service life. Taking certain effective measures to improve the normal maintenance of the hydraulic transmission system will benefit the increase in the service life of the straw baler.

    Raising the usual maintenance of the straw balers is a fundamental way to prevent common failures of the fully automatic straw balers.

    Prediction and analysis of the abnormality of the straw baler system Carry out regular execution or continuous detection of the operation of the hydraulic machinery of the fully automatic straw baler to identify its technical conditions or common failures of the hydraulic press, so that the common straw baler can be cleared before the failure of the straw baler occurs. The possibility of failure.

    With the development trend of the failure detection technology of straw balers, the use of failure detection methods to predict, analyze and monitor the common failures of the hydraulic system of the straw balers in operation will further improve the credibility of the operation of the fully automatic straw balers.


    NICKBALER automatic straw baler reduces waste and saves costs. It is a good helper for the recycling of crop straw resources.

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