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  • Users often fall into various misunderstandings when choosing a packaging machine for beverage bottles, such as price, material quality, size, etc. In fact, these are all factors that should be considered when choosing a packaging machine, but if you only pay attention to it One of them, that would only backfire.

    Factors to pay attention to when choosing a beverage bottle packing machine:

    1. Performance is directly proportional to price.

    The company's product price positioning is determined based on the product's production and technology and evaluating market capabilities, so the old saying that you get what you pay for is still very popular in today's society.

    2. Select the product for the product.

    Many customers just choose equipment blindly and see that some colleagues use it by themselves, but in fact it is not the case. Even the same product will be suitable for different equipment due to different requirements or venues of customers, so users must not fall into " "Follow the trend" misunderstanding.

    3. Only choose the big one, not the right one.

    The selection of the baler is a matter of knowledge, to avoid the use of too small selection, or the waste caused by the selection of too large.

    Take the beverage bottle Baler as an example. Customers always want to make the frame bigger, but this is wrong. If the frame is larger, larger objects can be hit, but the corresponding packaging speed will decrease, and increasing the unnecessary size is itself a waste.


    Choosing a beverage bottle packing machine should be decided by many aspects such as time, place and product, and don't follow blindly!

    The beverage bottle packing machine produced by NICKBALER has excellent workmanship and strong technology, and is an excellent choice for your packing machine equipment.

  • As people's requirements for balers are getting higher and higher, ordinary verticals can no longer meet the needs of many large-scale places. Fully automatic balers have gradually become the "new favorite" of large-scale places.

    The advantages of the horizontal hydraulic baler are gradually being highlighted, and the bales that are punched out are beautiful and firm. The baler NICKBALER is a manufacturer of balers with a history of more than ten years.

    NICKBALER has been good at building and innovating in more than ten years, making continuous progress, and using an attitude of excellence to ensure that every machine provided to customers is a high-quality product.

    In the past ten years, our products have cooperated with many well-known companies at home and abroad, and have been exported to overseas countries such as the United States, India, Britain, Italy, Brazil, etc., and have won unanimous praise from many customers.


    NICKBALER horizontal waste paper baler reduces waste and saves costs. It is a good helper for centralized processing and recycling of resources in modern society.

  • The hydraulic failure of the hydraulic equipment of the automatic waste paper baler is related to the maintenance conditions of the hydraulic equipment.

    The use and maintenance of hydraulic equipment will have a long service life. Taking measures to strengthen the daily maintenance of the hydraulic system will help extend the service life of the hydraulic equipment.

    Strengthening the daily maintenance of hydraulic equipment is the fundamental method to prevent hydraulic failure of the automatic waste paper baler.

    Regularly or continuously monitor the operating status of the hydraulic equipment of the fully automatic waste paper baler to identify its technical status or hydraulic failure, so that the possibility of hydraulic failure can be eliminated before the hydraulic failure occurs, thereby playing a role in hydraulic failure prevention .

    With the development of hydraulic fault diagnosis technology, the hydraulic fault diagnosis manual is used to predict and monitor the hydraulic faults of the hydraulic equipment in operation, which greatly improves the reliability of the hydraulic equipment of the automatic waste paper baler.

    4-2废纸 (2).jpg

    The NICKBALER automatic waste paper baler has a unique hydraulic system and control system. The waste paper baler is the best choice for reclaiming waste.

  • Four requirements for the operating environment of the horizontal waste paper baler:

    1. Clean: the outside of the waste paper baler is clean and tidy, and there is no oil on all sliding surfaces, chains, racks, oil pumps, oil holes, etc., and no oil leaks at all parts. The chips, debris and dirt around the waste paper baler should be cleaned. Clean;   

    2. Neatly: the material placement, finished paper, finished paper, and power lines in the venue must be organized;   

    3. Good lubrication: add oil or change oil on time, keep oiling, no dry friction, normal oil pressure, bright oil mark, unobstructed oil path, and the oil quality meets the requirements;   

    4. Stability: Comply with stable operation regulations, do not overload the equipment, the stability protection device of the waste paper baler is complete and reliable, and eliminate unstable factors in time.


    NICKBALER horizontal waste paper baler supports product customization, spot supply, and supports customized production models and specifications.

  • With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the semi-automatic waste paper baler produced by the manufacturer of the semi-automatic baler has played a huge role and is more and more accepted by everyone.

    Domestic waste paper balers continue to innovate and follow the development of some foreign advanced technologies.

    The semi-automatic waste paper baler has a wide range of applications. It can be used as a waste paper packaging equipment and as a packaging for similar products.

    The semi-automatic waste paper baler is easy to operate and use, which improves the packaging speed. The volume of the bundled product is even and the density is uniform. At the same time, the waste can be packaged and transported in time, which protects the environmental sanitation.

    NICKBALER waste paper baler is time-saving, labor-saving and convenient, button operation, PLC control, stable and reliable, and the machine can be adjusted according to the user's production requirements.

    The main frame system, conveying system and hydraulic system are the main components of the semi-automatic waste paper baler. Good thickened steel plate with gas-shielded welding casts a strong frame, and advanced mechanical design makes the equipment durable.

    Imported parts are used for key parts such as hydraulic pump, solenoid valve and hydraulic cylinder oil seal, which make the Baler pressure high, fast, durable and low noise.

    5-2废纸 (2).jpg

    The power of NICKBALER semi-automatic waste paper baler can be adjusted according to the machine model and actual production requirements.

  • NICKBALER is a professional tire baler manufacturer with nearly 20 years of production and research and development experience. NICKBALER tire baler is a mechanical product specially developed for compressing tires.

    NICKBALER tire baler manufacturer

    The content of the service is diversified:

    1. Install and debug products for consumers;

    2. Provide technical guidance on the use and other aspects according to consumer requirements;

    3. Guarantee the supply of repair parts;

    4. Responsible for maintenance services, and provide regular maintenance and regular maintenance;

    5. Provide regular telephone return visits or door-to-door return visits for consumers;

    6. Implement one-year warranty for tire balers and three-year warranty for machine parts;

    7. Deal with consumers' letters and visits and telephone complaints, and answer consumer inquiries.


    NICKBALER insists on serving customers in many ways with leading technology, first-class management and dedicated service, so as to get more new and old customers' satisfaction.

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