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  • The hydraulic oil is the starting point of the horizontal hydraulic baler. Before using the hydraulic oil of the horizontal hydraulic baler, the hydraulic oil must be kept clean. There are also many people who experience heating of the hydraulic oil during the use of the horizontal hydraulic baler. Today I will give you a brief analysis of what may be the cause.

    1. Insufficient precision of components and poor assembly quality, large mechanical friction loss between relative motions, unreasonable design structure of hydraulic components in the system, and poor manufacturing quality. After the oil passes through the valve, its pressure loss is large and internal leakage is serious.

    2. The fixed pump oil supply system with the capacity of the oil pump selected according to the fast forward speed will cause most of the excess flow to overflow from the overflow valve under high pressure and generate heat during operation. The rules for hydraulic components in the hydraulic system are unreasonable. When the valve is selected, due to its too small size, the energy loss is too large and the system heats up, or the tassel inside the valve is too high to cause noise. When the pump flow is too large when the pump is selected, the excess oil will overflow from the overflow valve and cause heat.

    3. The unloading circuit in the system fails or because the unloading circuit is not set, the oil pump cannot unload when it stops working. The entire flow of the pump overflows under high pressure, resulting in overflow loss and heating, resulting in oil heating.

    4. The volume of the fuel tank is too small, the heat dissipation area is not enough, the oil cooling device is not installed, or although there is a cooling device, its capacity is too small.


    5. The matching clearance of the matching parts is too small, or the clearance is too large after use and wear, and the internal and external leakage is large, resulting in large volume loss, such as the reduction of the volumetric efficiency of the pump and rapid heating.

    6. The working pressure of the hydraulic system is adjusted to be higher than the actual need. Sometimes it is because the seal is too tight, or because the seal is damaged or the leakage increases, the pressure has to be increased to work.

    7. The viscosity of the selected oil is improper, the viscosity is large, the viscosity resistance is large, the viscosity is too small, the leakage will increase, and both cases can cause the oil to heat up.

    Prior to use, the hydraulic oil may be contaminated by the outside world during the storage process, or errors may occur, so the staff should pay attention to the state of the oil before filling the oil, and if any problems are found, they should be dealt with in time.

    The above is the introduction of the reason for the heating of the hydraulic oil of the horizontal hydraulic baler. If you have any questions, please consult Nick Machinery. Contact number 86-29-86031588

  • 1. The most direct factor that affects the production efficiency of the waste paper baler: the model and specifications of the baler, the output varies from model to model, and the difference in specifications directly determines the production efficiency of the baler. The production efficiency of the conventional waste paper baler is higher than that of the baler with a door at the discharge port.

    2. The efficient production of waste paper baler is inseparable from the performance of the cylinder of the baler. The performance of the cylinder determines the stability of the baler. To ensure the efficient production performance of the baler, you must choose a baler manufacturer with exquisite cylinder production technology.

    3. The quality of the hydraulic oil selected by the baler directly determines whether the oil cylinder can exert its maximum effect, and also directly affects the failure rate and service life of the oil cylinder.

    4. The operation convenience, control performance and low failure rate of the baler control system also determine the baling efficiency of the baler.


    The product quality of the waste paper baler is reliable and stable; it has a wide range of use, stylish appearance, and meticulous workmanship; four strapping slots, easy to operate, three breadboards, and one-sided feeding, which reasonably and effectively prevent operation errors and damage; Can be equipped with anti-rebound barbs, equipped with a smooth switch and a smooth opening interlock unit. Easy to install, simple actual operation, convenient maintenance, small total area, hydraulic transmission system, dual-cylinder operation, stable and powerful.

    The waste paper baler is specially used for the recovery and compression of waste corrugated boxes, cardboard, newspapers and other materials. At the same time, the waste paper baler can also be customized according to customer requirements.

  • 1. No-load test machine

    Turn on the power of the waste paper hydraulic baler, loosen the system overflow valve to make the system overflow safely, start the motor (using the method of stopping after starting), and observe whether the rotation of the motor is consistent with the sign of the oil pump. Start the motor and observe whether the oil pump is stable and reliable during operation. Whether there is significant noise in the pump, if not, the test machine can be started. Gradually adjust the overflow valve handle of the waste paper hydraulic baler so that the pressure value is about 8Mpa. Operate according to the order of operation, single-act each cylinder, observe whether it runs smoothly without vibration, and gradually adjust the main pressure cylinder and side pressure The parallelism between the cylinder, the bottom plate and the side frame, fix the main pressure cylinder and the side pressure cylinder, and use the adjusting support to support the tail of the oil cylinder.


    2. Load test machine

    (1) The load test can be performed after the operation of the single cylinder is familiar.

    (2) Adjust the pressure of the waste paper hydraulic baler system to make the pressure display value about 20~26.5Mpa, and tighten and tighten the nut. Do several packing sequences in the order of operation. Feed material to the compression chamber. The load test adopts the form of physical packaging. Press 1~2 bales and keep the pressure for 3~5 seconds after the stroke of each waste paper hydraulic baler cylinder is in place. Perform a pressure test on the system and observe if there is any Oil leakage, if any, should be eliminated after the system is depressurized.

    Nick Baler waste cardboard baler has the characteristics of high work efficiency, low energy consumption, easy installation and operation, safe and reliable use, strong workplace adaptability, and reasonable price. Free consultation hotline86-29-86031588

  • When the packaging tape of the waste paper baler is glued, some of the packaging tape will be attached to the position of the ironing head. At this time, the temperature of the ironing head has not faded, so the packaging tape will continue to be fused, so smoke will be generated. Strictly speaking, this kind of smoke is toxic and should not be inhaled into the human body. However, there are currently no written regulations on this in the domestic market, so there is no uniform approach to handling this kind of problem.

    Although there is no uniform approach, the major waste paper baler manufacturers have also done some work. Most of them use the method of fan exhaust, but this method has little effect. One is because the fan is relatively small and cannot be used. The smoke is effectively blown away. Second, because the position of the fan is not directly aligned with the ironing head, this method cannot effectively solve the problem of smoke from the waste paper baler.

    At present, the most successful smoke exhaust device for waste paper baler is to install a smoke hood, which uses the method of blowing and sucking at the same time to exhaust the smoke through a fixed pipe to the outside, so that the smoke from the waste paper baler can be solved from the root. The problem is.


    Nick Baler waste paper baler is specially designed for the recycling, compression and packaging of waste corrugated boxes, cardboard, newspapers and other materials. At the same time, the waste paper baler can also be customized according to customer requirements.

    Nick Machinery will continue to research and innovate in the future to better serve consumers and make consumers more at ease.

  • In today's society, no matter which profession you are working in, you are working around the market. The good development of Nick Machinery is a correct understanding of the market situation and the correct development direction. The waste paper baler is used to knead waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and pack them with special packaging tape to greatly reduce the volume, and then achieve the purpose of reducing shipping volume, saving freight costs, and adding benefits to enterprises . The production and development of various occupations now require packaging equipment. Different from the previous mechanical equipment, the characteristics of the current mechanical equipment are more intelligent and more efficient.

    Products require packaging. Good packaging can ensure product quality and promote consumption. Advanced technical equipment is the support. In order to transform a product from a raw material into a product, not only production equipment is required, but also packaging equipment. The waste paper baler is better in terms of skills, greatly improving the packaging speed of the product, and ensuring the quality and safety of the product.


    The high efficiency and speed of production and the convenience of equipment operation and control make the waste paper baler very popular. It not only brings convenience to the production, but also supplies this huge demand market, and the quality of the packaged products meets the standard, which is more popular and promoted. Consumption has led to the advancement of shopping malls and the development of society.

    Nick Machinery is committed to the production of balers, with a complete range of features, such as reasonable design, beautiful models, convenient operation, and accurate accuracy.

  • 1. The packing speed is fast, and it only takes 1.5 seconds for each strap to complete; the application of instantaneous heating technology makes the heating sheet complete the heating work within 5 seconds, and the time sticks to the best packing condition;

    2. The use of high-quality relays for circuit control, usefully increase the duration of equipment use;

    3. The 2mm thick decoration panel is used, which is 1.5 times the thickness of the panel of the old straw baler. It is useful to deal with the heavy goods in the past, and the panel is slightly deformed due to long-term use;

    4. The height of the table top of the straw baler is moderate, the operation and control are simple and convenient, and it is more convenient, suitable for packing lighter items.

    5. The cutting blade used in the price of straw baler is made of stainless steel and cast iron. After fine processing of quenching, the service life is about 4 times that of the previous blade of old-fashioned straw baler;


    6. After improved planning and meticulous manufacturing by a professional research center, the application scope of straw baler has been continuously expanded, large and small packaging is no longer restricted, and the baling operation can be carried out only by adjusting the parameters of the machine;

    7. The straw baler is a mechanical structure, some parts use imported parts, the blade is more stable and reliable, and adjustment is convenient;

    8. If the straw baler is not used for a long time, it will automatically stop and enter the standby state, saving electricity.

    Nick straw baler turns a large amount of green garbage into treasure, exerts new economic value, protects the environment, improves the soil, and creates good economic benefits.

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