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  • The waste paper baler needs to work with the help of power in the process of working, and the main power source of the baler is the hydraulic pump, and the working state of the hydraulic pump directly affects the working state of the baler.

    The maximum allowable pressure of the waste paper baler is the maximum allowable pressure of the hydraulic pump under the condition of exceeding the rated pressure. According to the experimental specifications and rules, the maximum pressure value that allows the hydraulic pump of the baler to operate temporarily is called the maximum allowable pressure of the hydraulic pump.

    The output pressure of the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler when it actually works is called the working pressure.

    The size of the working pressure depends on the size of the external load and the pressure loss on the drain line, and has nothing to do with the flow of the hydraulic pump.

    The maximum pressure of the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler under normal working conditions and continuous operation according to the rules of the experiment is called the rated pressure of the hydraulic pump.

    If the waste paper baler wants to work normally, it needs to be carried out under the rated pressure, otherwise it will cause unnecessary damage.


    NICKBALER automatic waste paper baler is suitable for places with a lot of materials, reducing labor expenditure and improving work efficiency.

  • The electro-hydraulic proportional control system of the semi-automatic waste paper baler has different structures and functions, but they can all be summarized as having the same functions as command components, comparison components, electric controllers, electro-hydraulic proportional valves, hydraulic actuators, and detection feedback components. The basic unit of the system.

    1. Instruction component of waste paper baler.

    It is an input component that generates a control signal and is added to the input end of the system.

    2. Compare components.

    Its function is to compare the input signal with the feedback signal, and the deviation signal obtained is used as the input of the electronic control.

    3. Electric controller.

    Its function is to process and amplify the input signal in order to meet the control requirements of the electro-mechanical conversion device.

    4. Proportional valve.

    The electro-hydraulic proportional control is the proportional valve. The proportional valve can be divided into two parts, the electro-mechanical converter and the hydraulic amplifying element. The valve may also have a detection feedback element.

    5. Hydraulic actuator of waste paper baler.

    Usually refers to a hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor, it is the output device of the system, used to drive the load.

    6. Detect the feedback components of the semi-automatic waste paper baler.

    For closed-loop control, a feedback element needs to be added, which detects the actual value of the controlled quantity or intermediate variable and obtains the feedback signal of the system.

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    Waste paper baler is a kind of environmental protection equipment that uses hydraulic principle to compress waste paper into blocks, which is conducive to storage, transportation and utilization.

  • The waste paper baler is mainly used to provide compression and packaging treatment processes for waste paper, waste paper boxes, waste paper skins, waste paper shells, newspapers and other loose materials.

    The emergence of waste paper balers is adapted to the theme of the times and is suitable for the packaging and reuse of waste paper. It can be said that waste paper balers have brought very good applications to our lives.

    Now with the increasing emphasis on sustainable development, the characteristics of stable application performance, long use time and low vibration of hydraulic circuit of waste paper baler have been used in various industries.

    The waste paper baler has a simple wire binding device to make cleaning and maintenance and daily maintenance simple. The waste paper baler is equipped with a conveyor belt, which can automatically record the packing data when working, and it is relatively easy to install.

    Because of its good stability, beautiful appearance, easy operation, and low cost of investing in a set of waste paper baler, it is sought after by enterprises such as waste paper mills and waste recycling companies.

    In actual use, the waste paper baler can pack and recycle the old waste paper and plastic straws and other residues, which can reduce manpower consumption and save transportation costs.

    Looking at the horizontal waste paper baler market, we have made achievements in the diversification of mechanical functions, standardization of structural design, modularization, control, and structure. The company will continue to promote the development of the entire industry.


    NICKBALER has independent structural design and production process innovation capabilities, and the core team has many years of experience in mechanical equipment and processing equipment R&D and design.

  • The common failures of the hydraulic system of the fully automatic straw baler are related to the maintenance standards of hydraulic machinery.

    If the application and maintenance are good, the hydraulic machinery will have a long service life. Taking certain effective measures to improve the normal maintenance of the hydraulic transmission system will benefit the increase in the service life of the hydraulic machinery.

    The daily maintenance of the lifting hydraulic machinery is a way to prevent common failures of the hydraulic press of the fully automatic straw baler.

    Predictive analysis of hydraulic press system abnormalities Carry out regular execution or continuous detection of the operation of the hydraulic machinery of the fully automatic straw baler to identify its technical conditions or common failures of the hydraulic press, so that the common failures of the hydraulic press can be cleared before the common failures of the hydraulic press occur. Possibly, it has the effect of preventing common failures of hydraulic presses.

    With the development trend of hydraulic press fault detection technology, the use of hydraulic press fault detection manual to predict, analyze and monitor the common faults of hydraulic presses of hydraulic machinery in operation, and further improve the credibility of the operation of the fully automatic straw baler.


    After years of technical improvement, NICKBALER's straw baler has absolute quality and efficiency advantages at home and abroad.

  • NICKBALER is a professional service manufacturer engaged in the research and development, production, sales, installation, maintenance and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery.

    We have our own independent warehouse, regular products are available in stock for a long time, and can be shipped in time after placing an order. If there are customized products, they can be shipped within one month.

    After-sales service of NICKBALER waste paper baler:

    (1) We have cooperative service outlets in India, Australia, Dubai, Indonesia and other places, so after-sales are worry-free.

    (2) Now we have a professional customer service team to answer any questions about the product.

    (3) Timely after-sales corresponding services to help you quickly solve product use problems.


    With professional technical support, pragmatic work attitude, and meticulous service, NICKBALER has won the recognition and market reputation of our customers.

  • NICKBALER is a comprehensive supplier integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

    It has always attached great importance to technological innovation and R&D investment, insisted on vigorously promoting new product research and development and technological improvement, and carried out continuous independent innovation and research and development in accordance with customer needs and industry development trends.

    Compared with other units of the same type, our company has several advantages:

    1. NICKBALER accepts small batch professional customized production;

    2. NICKBALER has a better rapid response speed, and if a defect is found, it will give immediate feedback and solutions;

    3. NICKBALER has excellent production equipment and inspection equipment, as well as professional personnel.

    4. NICKBALER has professional after-sales teams in various places to ensure quality after-sales capabilities.

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    NICKBALER will professionally provide you with high-quality customized products, tailor-made for your materials, improve work efficiency, welcome to call 86-29-86031588

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