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  • NICKBALER hydraulic baler manufacturer is a company specializing in the development and production of new modern environmental protection equipment.

    The company introduces leading hydraulic baler manufacturing technology and quality monitoring methods from Europe, America and Germany to ensure that high-quality, low-energy, safe and reliable hydraulic baling machinery and equipment are delivered to end customers for use.

    Relying on the spirit of continuous innovation in the baler industry, NICKBALER not only provides high-quality products, but also brings a complete package of waste materials to customers around the world.

    The company is product-oriented and market-oriented, and relying on the continuous innovation of technology and products to meet the specific needs of different users. It has become a more excellent manufacturer of hydraulic balers in China and Asia's largest hydraulic baler in the increasingly competitive market.

    The company's self-developed modern automatic hydraulic baler has fast Baling Press speed, high production efficiency, greatly reduces labor costs, storage costs, and transportation costs. It has become a more popular hydraulic packaging machine for environmental recycling companies and paper companies.

    The company has modern production management personnel, senior production technical personnel and mechanical maintenance and repair technical personnel with rich experience in the industry, and carefully builds sophisticated and efficient automatic hydraulic balers.


    NICKBALER's products are well received by customers at home and abroad. The products are sold all over the country and exported to many developed countries and regions overseas. There are also many offices and product maintenance centers at home and abroad.

    NICKBALER will never stop, will continue to improve the quality and function of the product itself, and produce more high-quality mechanical equipment for a wide range of users!

  • With the development and progress of the modern market economy, consumer demand is getting higher and higher, prompting enterprises to pay attention to the production of details. This is a good development opportunity for the fully automatic hydraulic waste paper baler.

    NICKBALER automatic hydraulic waste paper baler is widely used in packaging, printing, waste paper recycling and other industries.

    The advent of the retrospectively automatic hydraulic waste paper baler is to enable the reclaimed waste paper and other loose waste products to be compressed, packaged and formed, which is more convenient for storage and transportation in the recycling industry.

    In the production of fully automatic hydraulic waste paper baler, we start with every link and every process, every step must be strictly required, and every detail is in place. We use better hydraulic waste paper baler to serve the majority user.

    We pay attention to the details of product production, starting with every detail of packaging, and striving for perfection in every step of packaging, and present consumers with perfect products.

    The automatic hydraulic waste paper baler produced by NICKBALER continuously innovates and reforms while paying attention to details. From the customer's point of view, everything is for the customer's goal.


    Strive to present more advanced, more practical and more perfect packaging equipment to the majority of enterprises, and create a more professional packaging brand for packaging equipment manufacturers.

    NICKBALER will continue to research and innovate in the future to better serve consumers and make consumers more at ease.

  • Hydraulic waste paper balers are divided into vertical waste paper balers, semi-automatic horizontal balers and fully automatic horizontal waste paper balers. These three types of waste paper balers belong to the category of waste paper balers and all use hydraulic systems. To pack compressed waste paper, cardboard boxes, express paper, etc.

    The difference between a vertical baler and a horizontal baler is the difference in service life and age. What is the difference? Let's take a look together:

    Practice has proved that the vertical waste paper balers can be used for six years, while the horizontal balers can be used for up to eight years, but this service life does not mean that the waste paper balers can only be used for so long.

    In summary, after a long time of use, the waste paper baler will have parts wear and tear. Generally, everyone will choose to repair and replace the parts. After maintenance and replacement, the service life of the waste paper baler will be longer and can be more Serve people well.


    With the rapid development of the machinery market, there are more and more baler equipment. Among them, the best-selling hydraulic waste paper baler is the hydraulic waste paper baler. Waste paper baler is very common in daily life and is used by many large enterprises.

    The NICKBALER waste paper baler keeps up with the market dynamics and makes timely improvements, so as to better serve the new and old users and provide help for the development of the society.

  • I think everyone has been to the waste recycling station when selling waste products. When the waste recycling station recycles compressed and packaged waste paper, cardboard boxes, etc., it uses a hydraulic waste paper baler.

    When purchasing a waste paper baler, you need to consider the quality, life span, use effect, failure rate, durability, sales service, after-sales service, etc., to purchase, if you choose this way, I guarantee that you will buy the waste paper baler Absolutely high-quality equipment.

    Today I will mainly talk about the sales and after-sales service of NICKBALER waste paper baler:

    The after-sales service of the waste paper baler, in simple terms, is the various service activities provided to customers after the cardboard box baler is sold. From the previous sales of the baler, the after-sales service itself is also a promotion of the baler. means.

    In the follow-up stage of the sales of the cardboard box baler, the baler salesperson should take various forms of cooperation steps to improve the credibility of the company through after-sales service, expand the market share of the product, and improve the efficiency and revenue of sales.


    The sales service and after-sales service of waste paper baler can tell whether the baler equipment manufacturer is strong, the quality is high-quality, and the service is attentive.

    NICKBALER provides customers with better, faster and more complete after-sales service for a long time, so that products can get a good guarantee of benefits from design, production to customer use.

  • 1. Development trend:

    With the development of my country's economy, the market demand for Baling Press machines has promoted the development of the Baling Press machine industry and has also promoted the continuous independent innovation and research and development of production enterprises.

    The development trend of hydraulic baler is extending to full automation, advanced and diversified, and the products are developing towards intelligent, multi-functional and single, high-speed bipolar.

    The ultimate function of packaging machinery is to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

    2. Main purpose:

    Hydraulic balers are widely used in various industries and are suitable for use in the majority of renewable resource recycling companies, paper mills, printing plants, color printing plants, and corrugated paper production lines.

    The hydraulic pressure can pack and compress various large and small goods such as cartons, paper, plastics, waste paper, cans, straw, straw, coconut palm, sponge, clothing, aluminum profiles, etc.

    The hydraulic baler is used to squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and can compact fluffy items, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing transportation volume, saving freight, and increasing benefits for enterprises.


    NICKBALER hydraulic baler can be divided into waste paper baler, plastic baler, sponge baler, clothing baler, etc. according to the different goods to be packed.

  • The rapid development of domestic hydraulic vertical waste paper baler manufacturers has created incomplete waste paper baler market, and many baler equipment have their different disadvantages.

    Because of the rapid bulging of baler equipment, domestic waste paper baler manufacturers are bulging like a mountain, which creates a mixed bag in the baler market. The quotations of waste paper baler from various brand manufacturers are now in front of consumers. The price covers the eyes of consumers, making it impossible to purchase suitable waste paper baler equipment.

    A product that cannot even meet the basic functions is undoubtedly an unqualified product. It cannot be put into production, cannot create value, and the equipment itself has no value.

    Among the many manufacturers of waste paper balers, some newly-launched small industries or small workshop-type manufacturers often put substandard products into the market and disrupt the market order.

    Evaluate the usefulness of the waste paper baler, which includes the efficiency of the equipment, low failure, long effective working time, less maintenance, etc., such baler equipment can complete the workload and ensure the continuous production.

    Compared with the traditional packaging method, the small vertical waste paper baler has a much higher density of bales, which can save a lot of transportation costs, greatly reduce the workload of workers, and thus reduce production costs.


    NICKBALER's vertical waste paper baler is specially used for the recycling, compression and packaging of waste corrugated boxes, cardboard, newspapers and other materials. It can also be customized according to customer requirements.

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