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  • With the changes of the times, the fully automatic baler is not only something that our production companies cannot do without, but also an item we need in our daily lives. For the development of the current market economy, we must make every company able to occupy For a strong market, you must first focus on your own products, because the quality of products affects consumers’ consumption concepts, and at the same time, it also affects the economic development of the market. Nick Machinery is a company that specializes in packaging machines and produces packaging. Machinery has a good reputation in the baler market, and the fully automatic baler introduced has won people's love.

    The company's own products not only affect the development of the company, but also represent the level of economic development of the company. For the development of the company, it must not only guarantee the quality of the product, but also ensure that the product can bring benefits to consumers and the company.化. The fully automatic packaging machine introduced by Nick Machinery has excellent performance, and full automation is the packaging machinery that assembly line manufacturers love more.


    If an enterprise wants to maximize its own interests, it must first ensure its own product quality and at the same time ensure that its own technology is relatively new, so that its products can gain a foothold in the baler market. Nick Machinery’s fully automatic baler With these properties. At the same time, it can also ensure the quality of the product and reflect its due value.

    Nick Machinery supports product customization, available from stock, and supports customized production models and specifications. For details, please call customer service.

  • For the promotion of baler equipment, many manufacturers will set a promotional price for their equipment, so how much is the price of sawdust baler during the promotion? Is it very favorable? As far as our Nick Machinery is concerned, the promotional price of the equipment is still very favorable. For the current market, competition in the baler market is getting more and more serious, and low-priced equipment abounds. Some of these fakes disrupt the market and are shoddy. However, the development of the enterprise will not last forever. Improve the equipment Quality is the king of business.

    The advent of the new era has made further breakthroughs in the development of the packaging industry. The gradual expansion of the market has given companies more room for development, allowing people to constantly choose for their needs and enriching the life of the market. Our NICKBALER is a well-known brand at home and abroad, and its recommended packaging equipment is also a surprise in the industry. It is a packaging equipment built according to the needs of enterprises, which can bring more convenience to enterprises and is also a better choice for customers. 

    The price of wood chip baler of our NICKBALER is more favorable, which can bring more economic benefits to the enterprise. Now in the face of increasing calls for science and technology, the competition of machines has also entered the era of fighting science and technology in advance, and we no longer rely on it. To survive by price, there is no need to deliberately increase the price of equipment. Nowadays, when customers buy equipment, they are not only concerned about the price, they are more concerned about the technology of the product, whether it can be packaged more quickly, whether the quality of the equipment can withstand the test, and whether the after-sales service is guaranteed, these have become the customers' concern. The problem.


    Therefore, NICKBALER not only makes the price more favorable and fair, but also makes the quality of the machinery better to meet the needs of more companies.

    The Baler produced by NICKBALER has the advantages of time-saving, convenient operation, labor-saving, strong carrying capacity, cost-saving, stable and reliable.

  • The metal briquetting machine is a kind of equipment that directly cold presses various metal scraps through high pressure, in order to facilitate the storage, transportation and recycling of metal scraps. At present, with the development of society, the industry and machinery industry are also making rapid progress. Therefore, it is a new challenge for metal briquetting machines, and it is also a good market.

    In order to meet the needs of the market, the metal briquetting machine is constantly being updated in technology. Every innovation will attract a large number of investors to pay attention to it, because the application range of the metal briquetting machine is becoming wider and wider, such as the scrap purchase industry. More and more companies and industries have begun to join the metal briquetting machine industry, which has accelerated market competition and promoted the development of technology. Under such fierce competition, if a company wants to gain a foothold, it must know how to be flexible and not stick to the rules.

    In recent years, the technology of my country's metal briquetting machine has also been continuously improved, and it has been comparable to that of foreign countries. In addition to the domestic market, my country's technology is also constantly expanding abroad. In modern society, the first thing people see when choosing a product is the brand image, so the influence of the brand is still very important. Metal briquetting machine companies are of course no exception. They need to rely on brand development strategies to make themselves better.


    In addition to the brand image, quality is also the top priority of metal briquetting machine companies. No matter how good the brand image is, no matter how much advertising is invested, products cannot remain in the market for long without quality assurance, so the technology and quality of the products are also Very important. Only continuous innovation and development, combined with a good brand image, can make the metal briquetting machine develop better and better in the future market.

    Nick Machinery's metal briquetting machine is a good equipment for companies to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs. 

  • With the increasing development of the baler industry, tire balers specially designed for tire compression and packaging have gradually surfaced. The understanding of tire balers must be in place, because knowing more about the products is very important to our daily work, and the development of tire balers is very extensive.

    The development of tire balers can see that the demand for tire balers has increased significantly in recent years, and has been well demonstrated in all walks of life, so that the tire balers can show themselves well and make the products have a good Of course, the tire balers are indispensable for the presentation.

    Nick Machinery's tire baler adopts hydraulic door opening device, double cylinder compression, manual valve operation, safe, stable and reliable. It has movable and fixed dual anti-rebound devices. The front and rear door opening method is convenient for Baler Press and unBaler Press.


    Nick Machinery Tire Baler is specially designed for tire compression and packaging. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, safety and reliability, and accurate accuracy. 

  • Precautions for the maintenance of the hydraulic system of the tire baler, the hydraulic system of the tire baler is a necessary hydraulic component, so what are the precautions for installing and storing the hydraulic valve system of the tire baler?

    1. Before installing the hydraulic valve of the tire baler into the hydraulic system of the tire baler, you should check the order model and refer to the model description.

    2. When installing the hydraulic valve on the tire baler wholesale, make sure that the hydraulic valve and surroundings are clean. The fuel tank must be sealed to prevent external contamination. Before installation, the pipeline and fuel tank must be free of dirt.

    3. The tire baler is not allowed to use sealing materials such as hemp rope, putty or sealing tape.

    4. The wholesale manufacturer of tire balers recommends the use of refueling filters and air filters with the same precision as the hydraulic system filters.


    5. When installing the hydraulic valve on the tire baler, make sure that the mounting surface and the bottom plate are free of moisture and oil.

    6. The hydraulic valve of the tire baler must be stored in a dry, dust-free, corrosive and steam place. When the storage period exceeds 6 months, the valve should be filled with anti-rust oil and then sealed.

    Nick Machinery Tire Baler is mainly used in 4S shops, the compression and packaging of car tires, tractor, truck tires, engineering tires and waste rubber.

  • Domestic steel scrap mainly comes from scrap steel recycling agencies, which account for about 60% of the country’s scrap steel and are the main source of my country’s scrap steel; followed by steel mills’self-produced steel scrap; in addition, although my country has become a major steel producer, the overall steel industry in my country The reserves are not sufficient, so the total amount of domestic scrap steel cannot meet the demand for scrap steel in steelmaking, and about one-quarter of the amount depends on imports. Electric furnace steelmaking is a major consumer of scrap steel resources, and with the further expansion of electric furnace steelmaking in the iron and steel industry, the demand for scrap steel resources will also further expand.

    Compared with other recyclable items, metal scrap has a huge advantage, that is, the recycling efficiency is higher, and the depreciation and damage can almost be omitted. We all know that the production of steel has always been an important part of national construction due to energy shortages and harmful effects to the environment. If we do a good job in the recycling of metal scrap, each recycling can save about 95% of energy. This is of great significance to the construction of a low-carbon circular economy.


    Nick Machinery's scrap balers have always been the best packaging and recycling equipment on the market. The scrap balers produced by Nick Machinery have the characteristics of reasonable design, compact structure, convenient operation, safety and reliability, and easy maintenance. All types of models adopt hydraulic drive device, and can choose manual or PLC automatic control operation.

    Nick Machinery's metal baler is mainly suitable for steel mills, recycling and processing industries and non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting industries. Contact consultation telephone 86-29-86031588

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