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  • 1. Only pay attention to the price of the straw baler, and don't distinguish whether the machine is good or bad. In fact, this is a very big mistake. It is important to pay attention to the price, but the performance of the baler is more important. Choosing a good straw baler can reduce labor costs and increase work efficiency.

    2. Only care about the net weight of a single roll, not the length of the whole bundle. Different straw balers are likely to produce and process straw balers with different thicknesses. The same, different types of straw balers have different thicknesses, resulting in different straw balers of the same length, and the price difference is very big. Therefore, different thickness and different types of straw balers should be selected according to the net weight of different packaging items.

    3. Some customers think that if the packaging is good, the straw baler will not be bad. The main purpose of buying a straw baler is to pack goods better, and the packaging of the straw baler is sequential.


    Nick Machinery specializes in manufacturing and selling hydraulic straw balers, etc. It has a long history of hydraulic machinery production and processing, advanced production equipment, and a strong technical team. The company focuses on advanced design and management concepts, and has a good quality assurance system and A good after-sales service.

    Nick Machinery products sell well in many countries and regions around the world, and are well recognized by the majority of users.

  • The PET bottle baler is easy to use and simple to operate. It is very suitable for use in recycling stations that specialize in the purchase of plastic products and have a certain amount of purchase. The functions of the PET bottle baler are relatively diversified, but noise problems may occur during use. How should this be solved?

    The normal production and work of the PET bottle Baler machine produces very little noise, if the equipment produces an unbearable noise problem during work. Then it means that the machine has problems in some aspects, and the cause of the noise may be improper operation, or the daily maintenance is not in place. In view of the noise problem in the Baler process of the PET bottle Baler machine, the following solutions are proposed according to different situations:

    1. Check whether the pilot valve is worn and whether it can be tightly fitted with the valve seat. If it is abnormal, replace the pilot valve head.

    2. Check whether the pressure regulating spring of the pilot valve is deformed or twisted. If it is twisted, replace the spring or the pilot valve head.

    PET 6-2.jpg

    3. Check whether the oil pump and the motor coupling are installed concentrically and centered. If they are not concentric, they should be adjusted.

    4. Check whether there is vibration in the waste paper baler pipeline, and add sound-proof and vibration-absorbing pipe clamps where there is vibration.

    5. The joints of the oil confluence of double pumps or multiple pumps should be reasonable, otherwise it will cause vibration and noise due to vortex cavitation.

    Nick Machinery's aluminum can/PET bottle Baler machine is professionally suitable for the compression and Baler of cans, PET cola bottles, oil bottles, hard plastics, sponges and other items.

  • Nowadays, environmental pollution is increasing. Waste paper, mineral water bottles, plastics, etc. are everywhere. At this time, environmental protection equipment such as balers is very important for waste disposal.

    Simply using recycling and non-processing methods to dispose of these garbage will take up too much accumulation space and also require transportation costs and manpower. Therefore, in order to reduce transportation costs and dispose of waste garbage, the baler equipment is needed to help. The baler has become a mature packaging equipment and has been applied to the field of environmental protection. The baler equipment has also become an important equipment for large-scale packaging of raw materials.

    The baler plays an important role in the national economy. For this promising device, we must spare no effort to develop ourselves. Nick Machinery strives to change the current "small and scattered" industry situation, combining the development of the packaging machine with the industrial automation trend of the packaging industry.


    With the development of science and the intensification of market competition, the packaging machine draws on the experience of the country in the design concept. Nick Machinery takes the needs of users as the design goal, and combines the concept of flexible design and modular design to produce multi-functional packaging machines. product. Considering various factors such as product and performance, we produce horizontal balers with reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, high quality and low price.

    Nick Machinery will continue to make good products and continue to innovate to meet the needs of market development. 

  • The importance of the hydraulic device of the waste paper baler equipment, the two core components in the hydraulic system of the hydraulic waste paper baler, and their reasonable selection can improve the efficiency of the system, ensure the reliable operation of the waste paper baler, and reduce energy consumption , Noise reduction is very important.

     The hydraulic system of the hydraulic horizontal waste paper baler provides a certain flow and pressure of the oil power components. It is an indispensable core component of each hydraulic system. A reasonable selection of hydraulic pumps can reduce the energy consumption of the waste paper baler hydraulic system. It is very important to improve the efficiency of the system, reduce the noise, improve the performance and ensure the reliability of the system.

    The principle of choosing a hydraulic waste paper baler is: According to the working conditions, power and performance requirements of the system of the baler host, first determine the type of hydraulic pump, and then determine its specifications and models according to the pressure and flow required by the system.


    For general waste paper balers, gear pumps and double-acting vane pumps can be selected for light-load and low-power hydraulic equipment; for high-precision mechanical equipment (small waste paper balers), double-acting vane pumps and incandescent rod pumps can be used; For larger mechanical equipment (hydraulic waste paper baler) with fast and slow feed, pressure-limiting variable vane pumps and double vane pumps can be selected; equipment with large load and high power (waste paper baler), Plunger pumps can be used; auxiliary devices of mechanical equipment, such as feeding, clamping and other unimportant occasions, can choose low-cost gear pumps.

    Nick Machinery Baler machine is a professional manufacturer of Baler machines, bagging machines, briquetting machines and other mechanical equipment with the theme of eco-environmental protection, integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. Strong technical force, advanced equipment and technology, complete testing methods, can be customized according to the actual requirements of users!

  • The marine garbage baler is a packing equipment used for packing garbage, waste paper, plastic, beverage bottles, and plastic bags on ships, offshore platforms and cruise ships.

    Let's talk about the product advantages of marine garbage baler:

    1. Innovation and advantages. The marine garbage baler has a more innovative design and perfection from the structure to the appearance, the appearance is exquisite and generous, and the operation is simple.

    2. Save space. The design of the marine garbage baler takes into account the space restrictions on the use of the ship as much as possible, so as to save space to the greatest extent and make it very compact. Can be used in a narrow space.

    3. Reduce processing costs. The marine garbage baler uses hydraulic pressure as the compression power source, which can compress paper, domestic garbage, beverage cans, etc., reducing waste storage space and reducing processing costs.


    4. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust. The skeleton and shell of the marine garbage balers are made of carbon steel with strong anti-corrosion treatment, which can effectively resist acid and alkali corrosion.

    5. Quality and characteristics. The emergency stop button is installed separately, and the location is eye-catching, which makes the operation safer.

    Nick marine garbage baler is safe, reliable, easy to operate, and can improve work efficiency and high efficiency.

  • The metal baler can be used for product recycling and processing to turn these product waste into treasure, which greatly helps the company's product renewal function.

    Through the operation of the metal baler, the volume of our original waste products has been reduced a lot, so that our transportation process has become more convenient and convenient for us to carry. Moreover, after the waste is pressed into blocks, it is not only convenient to transport, but also the recovery rate is relatively high. During the entire production process, we did not pass any chemical action, so to a large extent the performance of the original material was preserved intact.

    Nowadays, domestic companies advocate energy conservation, and many companies have increased awareness. With the development of the economic market, metal balers are well-known by more and more companies, and even used as important production equipment by companies.


    The important thing is that the metal baler has changed the industries in the economic chain, responded to the country's long-term economic policy development, and continued to follow the path of sustainable and stable development. The benefits of choosing a metal baler are very obvious, not to mention the benefits to the enterprise.

    The metal baler can squeeze all kinds of metal scraps, steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, etc. into rectangular, cylindrical, octagonal and other shapes of qualified charge to reduce transportation and torch costs.

    Nick Metal Balers are mainly used in steel mills, recycling and processing industries, and non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting industries.

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