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  • The straw silage baler has the advantages of high working efficiency, stable operation, safety and reliability, and its installation and maintenance after installation are particularly important. Today we will explain what needs to be done after installation.

    1. Check whether the fixing bolts of the motor are loose.

    2. Check whether the amount of hydraulic oil meets the standard.


    3. The electric control box and motor should be rainproof and waterproof after shutdown.

    4. Clean up the debris at the stopper in time (to prevent the stopper from starting prematurely).

    5. Check whether the connecting bolts between the oil pipe of the straw silage baler and the oil cylinder are loose (to prevent oil leakage and reduce pressure).

    6. Check whether there is any leakage in the oil cylinder and the oil pipe.

    As long as you carry out installation operations in strict accordance with the regulations, you can reduce the incidence of failures and ensure the reliability of the hydraulic components of the equipment.

    Nick Machinery provides: straw silage baler, straw baler, metal baler and other packaging equipment, company website:, phone: 86-29-86031588, looking forward to long-term cooperation with you!

  • Pay attention to the following points when installing the oil filter of hydraulic baler:

    1. The installation position of the oil filter in the hydraulic system mainly depends on its purpose. In order to filter out the dirt of the hydraulic oil source to protect the hydraulic pump, a coarse oil filter should be installed in the suction line; in order to protect the key hydraulic components, a fine oil filter should be installed in front of it; the rest should be installed in the low pressure oil filter In the loop line.

    2. IMG_20190813_132520.jpg

    2. Pay attention to the liquid flow direction indicated on the oil filter housing, and do not install it backwards, otherwise the filter element will be washed out and the system will be polluted.

    3. When installing a net-type oil filter on the suction pipe of the hydraulic pump, the bottom surface of the net-type oil filter cannot be too close to the suction pipe port of the hydraulic pump, otherwise, the oil suction will not be smooth. The reasonable distance is 2/3 the height of the oil filter net. The oil filter of the hydraulic baler must all be immersed below the oil level, so that the oil can enter the oil pipe from all directions, and the filter is fully utilized.

    4. When cleaning the metal woven square mesh filter element, you can use a brush to scrub in gasoline. And clean high-precision filter elements. You need to use ultra-clean cleaning fluid or cleaning agent.


    5. When the oil filter pressure difference indicator of the hydraulic baler displays a red signal, clean or replace the filter element in time.

    The relevant content about the oil filter of the hydraulic baler is shared here today, I hope it will be helpful to you. If you still have any questions, you can log on to our official website, or call: 86-29-86031588, thank you for your support.

  • Nick brand waste paper baler is recognized by many customers with high-quality qualifications and professional craftsmanship according to everyone's actual needs, and is trustworthy.

    The main reason for the solenoid valve coil of the waste paper baler to burn is because the coil temperature is too high or water has entered.

    The high coil temperature may be caused by the following reasons:

    1. The actual voltage fluctuates too much and exceeds the rated voltage range. The general voltage deviation of the domestic paint wire is 5%, and the good manufacturer can reach 10%

    2. The medium flowing in the solenoid valve may contain impurities and jam, and the force of the solenoid coil cannot open the solenoid valve, causing the solenoid coil to work all the time, the coil will heat up for a long time, and the temperature will rise, which will eventually cause the solenoid to burn.


    3. The starting power of the coil is not enough, the solenoid valve always cannot be opened, the coil heats up for a long time, the temperature rises, and finally it burns down.

    4. The PTC thermistor is broken, which causes the solenoid valve to not be controlled normally.

    For more information about waste paper baler models and detailed configuration requirements, please log on to the Nick Machinery website, Tel: 86-29-86031588, best-selling models: NKW160Q, NKW200Q, and support custom-made various models of baler, welcome

  • The solenoid valve of the hydraulic baler is used in the industrial control system to adjust the direction, flow, speed and other parameters of the medium. The solenoid valve can cooperate with different circuits to achieve the desired control, and the control accuracy and flexibility can be guaranteed. There are many kinds of solenoid valves. Different solenoid valves play a role in different positions of the control system. The most commonly used ones are check valves, safety valves, directional control valves, and speed control valves.

    There is a closed cavity in the solenoid valve with through holes at different positions. Each hole leads to the tubing of a different solenoid valve. In the middle of the cavity is the valve and two electromagnets on both sides. Which side of the magnet coil will energize the valve body Which side is attracted to, by controlling the movement of the valve body to block or leak different oil discharge holes, and the oil inlet hole is normally open, the hydraulic oil will enter the different oil discharge pipes, and then the oil cylinder will be pushed by the oil pressure The piston drives the piston rod, and the piston rod drives the mechanical device to move. In this way, the mechanical movement is controlled by controlling the current on and off of the electromagnet.


    The above is the introduction of the solenoid valve of the hydraulic baler, I hope it will help you.

    If you are interested in the above waste paper baler or have questions, please log on to our company's website:, or call: 86-29-86031588

  • Nick brand waste paper baler is safe, reliable, low power consumption, economical and reasonable, easy to use, simple to maintain and operate. It is a good helper for your production.

    According to the degree of automation of the equipment, the balers can be divided into three types: vertical waste paper balers, semi-automatic waste paper balers, and fully automatic waste paper balers. In order for consumers to choose the baler equipment correctly, we will give you an analysis of their differences.

    1. The vertical waste paper baler requires manual filling, manual operation, and the processing capacity is small. The customer can according to their actual situation, the vertical waste paper baler is the most common, but the price is moderate, and the price of the automatic baler is relatively high. The cost is relatively large. From the scope of application, the automatic baler is more advantageous, while the manual waste paper baler may have to go through repeated operations when Baler large cartons and waste paper, and the efficiency is not as good as the former.


    2. Semi-automatic waste paper baler, can be equipped with conveyor belt, can also be installed underground to feed directly. It is economical and practical, easy to install, simple to maintain, and the investment cost is lower than that of full automatic operation.

    3. The automatic waste paper baler uses solenoid valves, control buttons, PLC, touch screen, photoelectric switches, travel switches, and intermediate relays to complete the work process. It can be divided into manual and automatic gears when working, and automatically detects fault points. Automatic strapping to improve the speed of Baler. The base investment of the automatic waste paper baler is relatively large, and the required funds are relatively large. It is better for customers to choose according to the situation.

    Nick Machinery produces waste paper balers of various sizes, with complete models, high quality and low prices. The company website:, telephone: 86-29-86031588, welcome to consult and purchase.

  • The waste paper baler can be applied to all light foaming and loose materials such as waste paper, waste paper boxes, waste cardboard, bark, waste plastic bags, etc. The package is compact, neat and beautiful, which can greatly reduce transportation costs and reduce storage space.

    The hydraulic cylinder of the waste paper baler will sometimes produce noise when used for a long time. Are there any good preventive measures? Today Nick Machinery will explain it.

    1. Minimize the size of the hydraulic cylinder to make the structure compact.

    2. Ensure the reciprocating speed of the hydraulic cylinder and the traction required by the stroke.

    3. The piston rod is best to be pulled and not compressed to avoid bending deformation.


    4. Ensure that each part has sufficient strength, rigidity and durability.

    5. Try to avoid lateral load on the hydraulic cylinder.

    6. When the piston rod of the long-stroke hydraulic cylinder is extended, it should be avoided as far as possible to sag.

    7. It can eliminate the deflection between the piston, piston rod and guide rail.

    8. According to the working conditions and specific conditions of the hydraulic cylinder, consider buffering, exhaust and dust prevention measures.

    9. The hydraulic cylinder should not be flexed due to restrictions due to temperature changes. Especially long hydraulic cylinders should be paid more attention.

    10. It must be possible to seal to prevent leakage.


    11. The structural elements of hydraulic cylinders should adopt standard series sizes, and try to choose frequently used standard parts.

    For more information about the repair methods of the hydraulic cylinder of the waste paper hydraulic baler, and the cause of the failure, please log on to the Nick Machinery website, Tel: 86-29-86031588, support various types of customized baler, welcome your arrival.

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