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  • The waste paper balers are simple to operate and have complete models. You should choose different waste paper balers for different purposes. Many waste collection stations are inseparable from waste paper baler equipment. Depending on the type of operation of the purchase station, some specialize in the purchase of waste cartons, some purchase plastic bottles, and some purchase various waste products such as scrap iron and scrap aluminum. These buying stations buy waste products in the hands of hawkers and then transport them to larger processing plants. In this process, they need to save money from transportation and obtain more profit margins.

    A large amount of waste products are loose, without a fixed shape, and it takes more time to load. Through the use of waste paper baler and other equipment to compress and pack it, make it shape, increase the transportation volume per unit volume, and transport more at a time, thereby saving the capital cost of transportation. The scale of operation of each acquisition station is different, so when choosing the model of waste paper baler, it should be selected according to the scale. Achieve not only meeting production needs, but also not wasting equipment resources.

    Judging from the usage of the waste paper baler at the waste paper baling station, how to pack more waste paper per unit time, that is to say, improve the packaging efficiency and extend the effective working time of the waste paper baler. The Baler site should be reasonably arranged to make Baler work and transportation of blocks more convenient. In addition, in the process of operating the waste paper baler, it must be carried out in accordance with the operating procedures specified by the manufacturer.


    Pay more attention to the warranty and maintenance to keep the waste paper baler in the best working condition, which can extend the service life of the equipment and bring more value benefits. It is also the key to choose the best waste paper baler model according to your own production needs. The selected equipment must not only meet the production requirements, but also not waste power resources.

    Nick Machinery's waste paper baler is mainly used for the recycling, compression and packaging of waste cardboard, corrugated boxes, newspapers, and waste magazines.

  • Nowadays, what is the price range of the qualified horizontal waste paper baler? In fact, it is determined by the cost of the horizontal waste paper baler. How to choose the model you need, and also be able to achieve the right price without being deceived. Nick Machinery hydraulic horizontal waste paper baler manufacturer gives some suggestions to new customers.

    The price of a full set of horizontal waste paper balers is almost no less than 100,000, because this is related to the design and manufacturing costs, and manufacturers will not sell the equipment at a loss. If you encounter a device with a price that is too low, the customer has to inspect it more to see if the quality is up to standard, and whether there is any contract fraud. Waste paper packaging and transportation has become an indispensable process in the waste paper recycling industry. In the past, some packaging stations with short transportation distances and small paper volumes would use bulk transportation. With the increase in the amount of recycled paper, bulk transportation is extremely uneconomical and will increase transportation costs. Therefore, it is necessary to use a horizontal waste paper baler to compress and pack the waste paper, which is convenient for transportation and saves costs.


    For some customers who newly purchase horizontal waste paper balers, they do not know much about the quality of the equipment, the baler manufacturers in the industry, and the relevance of the price and quality of waste paper balers. Some customers blindly pursue low prices, and later purchase horizontal waste paper baler equipment that is of unqualified quality and cannot be produced smoothly, causing losses.

    Nick Machinery horizontal waste paper baler is now widely used in the waste collection station industry, which has played a huge role in the protection of the environment and resources.

  • Horizontal waste paper balers currently cover the most extensive industries, and the demand is constantly increasing. The emerging industry of horizontal waste paper balers has quickly occupied the current important machinery industry for waste paper processing in my country. Our horizontal The automatic waste paper baler is beautiful in appearance, easy to operate and maintain, and has a high safety factor. The automatic horizontal waste paper baler has good rigidity and stability. It has been widely used in waste paper factories, waste recycling companies and other enterprises. .

    Horizontal waste paper baler is mainly used to pack and recycle waste paper, waste cloth, waste plastic film and waste foam plastic. Among them, waste cotton and linen textile packaging materials can be used as high-quality paper; wood can be reused according to its quality, even if it is not recycled, because its basic cellulose is easy to rot, decompose and be absorbed by the soil, there is no residue, and it will not give The environment is harmful. Other packaging wastes generally cause harm to the environment. Some of them have good stability and are difficult to decompose in nature, and over time they become the most important garbage on the earth. During the rapid development of packaging products, the failure to take effective measures in the management, disposal and reuse of waste is also an important reason for this status quo.


    In the hydraulic system of the horizontal waste paper baler, although the pressure loss of the flowing liquid will have an adverse effect on the power, leakage and working performance of the system, as long as we fully consider it during installation, it can be controlled to a small value. Within the range of values.

    Nick Machinery's waste paper baler is an environmental protection equipment that uses hydraulic principles to compress waste paper and waste paperboard into blocks, which is conducive to waste paper storage, transportation and utilization.

  • The role of Nick Machinery Plastic Film Baler Machine for many of our industries is obvious, so the working efficiency of the plastic film Baler machine is particularly important. Users all hope that their plastic film Baler machine can be produced as fast as possible to save manpower and electricity. Etc., to reduce production costs and achieve maximum benefits.

    So how to improve the production efficiency of the plastic film baler? Here, the manufacturer of Nick Machinery Plastic Film Baler will briefly explain to the majority of users:

    1. In terms of production technology, it is necessary to combine the most advanced technology to improve the equipment of the plastic film baler, and strive to improve its scientific and technological content, to achieve a further increase in production efficiency.

    2. In terms of operation, operate according to the product instructions. The material in the bin cannot exceed the load of the machine itself. Any problems encountered during the production process must be resolved in time to ensure that it can be used in normal production.


    3. For the daily maintenance of the product, the plastic film baler adopts a hydraulic drive mode. Therefore, attention should be paid to the replacement of hydraulic oil, and the hydraulic components of the cylinder must be replaced regularly, and the equipment maintenance work should be done to further improve the plastic film baler. performance.

    Nick Machinery is committed to the production of all kinds of hydraulic balers, with a complete range of characteristics, such as reasonable design, beautiful models, convenient operation, and accurate accuracy

  • What is the function of our choice of hydraulic baler? What is the purpose of the choice? What is the use of hydraulic baler for our daily work? How can it help us? These problems are issues that users must pay attention to and think about before choosing a hydraulic baler.

    The hydraulic baler is to save and pack some loose items, which is convenient for storage and transportation. After the Baler process of the hydraulic baler, it can save space for you, improve the efficiency of work more effectively, and expand the storage space, if it is long-distance For transportation, the use of hydraulic baler can save freight and increase profits. Therefore, you must use hydraulic baler in daily use, and you must choose a hydraulic baler that suits you. The choice of hydraulic baler is mainly to facilitate the operation of users and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

    In order to better ensure the quality of the hydraulic baler, while continuously improving the technology, it is also necessary to ensure the firmness of the various components of the hydraulic baler, thereby improving the cost-effectiveness of the hydraulic baler. While looking for our own hydraulic baler, we will find suitable products according to our own needs, and at the same time of production, control the cost and reduce the price of the hydraulic baler.


    The working efficiency of the hydraulic baler is also very important. It is directly related to the cost of production. When we select the hydraulic baler, we need to carefully check it.

    After years of technical improvement of Nick Machinery, the baler produced by our company has absolute advantages in quality and efficiency at home and abroad.

  • "The same price, the same straw balers, why is my straw balers often broken?" Customers who have used straw balers must be familiar with this question. I will tell you today why your straw balers Often bad.

    1. Low price and low quality, recharge

    Straw balers of the same model and appearance have different prices. I would like to remind you not to be fooled. The phrase "you get what you pay for" is absolutely true. There are a lot of fake and shoddy products in the straw balers market. Unknown, the function is unknown, please don't place an order because of the low price.

    2. Low price sales, no guarantee

    The prices of some regular manufacturers are indeed cheap, and they are taking the route of small profits but quick turnover, reminding everyone not to buy them. This kind of low-priced straw baler sells only the value of the straw baler, not including after-sales service.

    Straw balers will inevitably fail during long-term high-power work. At this time, businesses will take the opportunity to bid, but it is not a favorable price.

    3. Improper operation and neglect of maintenance

    The straw balers must not be empty. The failure rate of the empty straw balers is very high, and they must be used in accordance with the operation. At the same time, the daily maintenance of the straw balers must be indispensable. Proper maintenance avoids unnecessary failures of the straw balers and can extend the service life of the straw balers.


    4. Unauthorized disassembly and improper governance

    There are many small parts of the straw baler. Non-professional staff should not disassemble and assemble without permission. When replacing parts, original parts must be used to avoid damage to the original internal structure of the straw baler. Any small detail will affect the function of the straw baler.

    Before buying a straw baler, you must see whether it is a low-price temptation or a real price-performance ratio. The straw baler is expensive. In order to avoid being deceived, it is recommended that you must choose a regular big brand to buy, first, the quality is guaranteed, and the second is the after-sales guarantee.

    Nick Machinery Straw Baler has the characteristics of small footprint, simple operation, high work efficiency, mobile use, compact bundling effect, high density, and good air permeability.

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