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  • The market has different definitions of companies. Of course, companies have different definitions of themselves. Different concepts will also have different views on their own gains and losses, just like a tobacco Baler. In the industry, successful packaging equipment such as tobacco leaf balers are everywhere, even surpassed tobacco leaf balers. In their view, these are all successes, but in the view of NICKBALER, the market's survival law is only growth without success.

    Perhaps it is that the tobacco balers think about failure every day and turn a blind eye to success. Of course, there is no sense of honor or pride, more of a sense of crisis. This is the concept that the manufacturer of NICKBALER tobacco balers has not shaken. It is a historical law. The confidence of the employees of NICKBALER continuous efforts has made NICKBALER tobacco leaf baler so far welcomed by the market and society.

    The biggest change of the tobacco Baler is to transform this crisis awareness into a driving force, and constantly urge the tobacco Baler to become stronger and stronger in this environment. This is mainly due to the tobacco Baler’s strategic thinking about the future, the crisis Consciousness is a kind of energy accumulated by the tobacco Baler, and it is a kind of advanced strategic thinking. It drives the sensitivity of the entire organization to external stimuli. It has always maintained a state of vigilance and always has the ability to face competition and face challenges. Courage, which inspires the vitality of the tobacco Baler. This is very inseparable from its strategic thinking about the future and the supremacy of insight.


    No matter whether it is a person or an enterprise, you can’t set your goals too far or too high. As long as you combine reality and find breakthroughs in reality, you only need to maximize your own little bit. You don’t have to pursue impossible goals. It is the greatest improvement to oneself, insisting that Qingshan does not relax and improving step by step is called step by step. Therefore, the tobacco Baler has always insisted on the concept of growth without success. The influence is huge, and its ideological guidance is worth learning and learning from everyone and every industry.

    NICKBALER Tobacco Leaf Baler has the characteristics of simple operation, high work efficiency, mobile use, compact bundling effect, high density, and good air permeability.

  • Now our straw recycling stations are blooming everywhere, but due to the sluggish market of straw, the development of straw recycling stations will be difficult. How to develop in the tide of the straw recycling industry requires us to start from every aspect and save costs. profit.

    The straw recycling station disperses and piles the recycled straw, which not only increases the area of ??the straw, but also makes the straw prone to damp and deteriorates and reduces the quality of the straw.

    The straw baler can pack the loose straw into a bundle, which greatly increases the density of the straw; this is not only convenient for storage, but also the straw will not deteriorate due to moisture.

    How many straw recycling stations are still used for bulk transportation, which undoubtedly greatly increases the cost of recycling when oil is expensive today.

    The reason why the straw baler is not the equipment of the straw baling station is that after the straw baler packs the straw into a bale, it not only increases the density of the straw, but also facilitates the placement, which greatly increases the weight of the straw transportation and saves It reduces transportation costs and reduces human resources.


    NICKBALER straw baler has the characteristics of complete variety, reasonable design, beautiful model, convenient operation, accurate accuracy and so on.

  • my country is a country with a wide range of people. After the reform and opening up, with the implementation of national policies and the competitive development of enterprises, my country's economy has been continuously improved, and people's living standards have also been improved. In order to meet the needs of the domestic market, straw balers continue to innovate and make progress, becoming the hottest packaging equipment in the packaging market.

    If you want to stay in the market, you must bring forth the new, keep up with the times, and meet the needs of consumers. NICKBALER straw baler pays attention to the cultivation of talents and continuously develops new technologies, which is deeply loved by the market. The straw baler first improves the performance and improves the research and development of technology, and finally has excellent performance, which can be said to be a latecomer.

    Although the manufacturer of NICKBALER started late, in order to better show itself, the straw baler is at the forefront of the market, choosing appropriate equipment to introduce some high-tech technologies, and then pondering these technologies and turning them into their own technology. , And then make some appropriate adjustments according to their own strength and their own market conditions, so as to better adapt to the society and the market. Improving the performance of the equipment is not so simple. The development of science and technology is to improve one's own strength. With the power of science and technology, the quality of the straw baler can be improved and the performance will be good, and it is easier to add new functions to the straw baler.

    As a well-known enterprise of packaging machinery in my country, NICKBALER occupies more market share in the development of packaging machine industry, which also promotes the development of other industries and provides customers with more choices.

    net 1-2.jpg

    After years of hard work and development, the excellent straw balers came from behind. Although they started late, they added new highlights to the market and brought high benefits.

    NICKBALER straw baler manufacturer will continue to introduce new products in the future, continue to inject fresh blood into the market, and promote the development of the market economy while activating the market.

  • The fully automatic hydraulic baler can be used for the recovery, compression and packaging of waste paper, waste cardboard, carton factory scraps, waste books, waste magazines, plastic film, straw and other loose items.

    It is widely used in waste recycling stations and large garbage disposal sites.

    Product advantages of automatic hydraulic baler:

    1. High-pressure oil cylinder: It does not release pressure all the year round, and the imported sealing ring does not leak oil, and it is durable.  

    2. Pressure regulator: good heat dissipation effect, to ensure stable performance, improve work efficiency, and extend product life.  

    3. Pure copper motor: It adopts a good pure copper core motor with long service life and strong motor strength.  

    4. Material box: The size of the box can be customized. Imported materials can be increased to make it more convenient to discharge.  

    5. Good steel frame: Long-term use of non-deformable frame has high superimposed strength of warp and weft without welding. 

    6. Distribution box: Electronic control is the key. Simple operating system is convenient and quick.  

    7. Feeding port: The feeding port is widened to enlarge the design and the packing is convenient and quick.  

    8. Thickened body: The whole machine is made of good steel and thickened steel plate, which is strong and durable.


    NICKBALER automatic hydraulic baler has automatic diagnosis and automatic display, which can improve the detection efficiency and is convenient for the operator.

  • Presumably everyone knows some software that specializes in reading novels and articles. A certain software is known as "free reading for one hundred years".

    It is undoubtedly a good thing to read our favorite novels for free, but it is inevitable that our eyesight will be reduced if we watch a novel on our mobile phone for a long time; when we read a novel on the mobile phone seriously, a pop-up popup is recommended, and most people will be caught by the barrage. Attracted away, I originally wanted to read the novel seriously, but now my mind is no longer in the novel.

    The best choice for reading novels is paper books. Not only can they prevent vision loss, some novels are also valuable for collection. If you don’t need paper books, you can also sell them to the waste paper recycling station, which not only gets paid but also protects the waste of paper resources.

    The waste paper recycling station will classify the recycled cardboard, cartons, and used books, and then use the waste paper baler to pack and compress the cardboard, cartons, and waste books, which can improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs, which is beneficial and harmless.


    Waste paper baler is widely used in various waste paper factories, old waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises. It is suitable for packaging and recycling applications of waste paper shells, waste paper boxes, and plastic items. It is a good equipment for companies to save manpower and reduce transportation costs.

    NICKBALER waste paper baler manufacturer will continue to strengthen its own branding, and strive to provide new and old users with affordable products and perfect after-sales service.

  • The competition among customers of waste paper balers is the quality of waste paper balers. Without reliable quality, it is impossible to get loyal customers.

    Under the effective regulation of the waste paper baler market, the "customer-centric" business philosophy, along with advanced methods of customer relationship management, has gradually become the norms of behavior and thinking of the majority of enterprises. The competition in the waste paper baler market is actually the competition to win customers. So how to win and maintain customers has become a major issue related to the survival of the company.

    In the waste paper baler industry, how to transform one-time customers into long-term customers and long-term customers into life-long loyal customers is the weight of the company's invincible position and continuous expansion. More and more companies are beginning to pay attention to customers in production and operation, and focus on customer needs and interests. Teamwork is one of the keys to the success of waste paper baler companies. It reflects the cohesion of waste paper baler companies. This spirit is more and more important for the development of the packaging machine enterprise. Everyone must realize the importance and necessity of teamwork, and truly give play to the team spirit in the work, and contribute to the team building of the packaging machine enterprise.


    In today's society, the division of labor for waste paper baler companies is getting more and more detailed. In the realistic baler business environment, it is impossible for anyone to complete all the work independently, and it is impossible to greatly enhance the baler company by personal strength. Competitiveness, what everyone can achieve is only a small part of the overall goal of the baler enterprise. Therefore, an excellent team can enable the baler enterprise to achieve its business goals faster and make the waste paper baler enterprise achieve higher Customer satisfaction. To maximize the satisfaction of customers' desires and long-term interests. The exertion of team strength has become a necessary condition for winning the competition of baler companies, and team spirit has increasingly become an important factor in the corporate culture of waste paper baler.

    The NICKBALER waste paper baler has an independent filling port and an automatic bag-out device. The feeding port is equipped with an interlocking device, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

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