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  • Choosing a waste paper baler needs to pay attention to the following functions:

    1. Usable: A product that can't even reach the basic functions is an unqualified product. It cannot be put into production, has no use value, and the equipment itself has no value. Among the Baler machine manufacturers, there are many small companies who put substandard products into the market with shoddy products.

    2. Usability: What needs to be evaluated is the usability of the waste paper baler, which includes equipment efficiency, failure rate, working time, maintenance, etc. Such equipment can complete the workload and allow production to continue.

    3. Applicability: There are various types of equipment. Generally, one type of equipment can meet the production requirements of multiple Baler stations. However, considering the quantity and packaging of raw materials, a suitable equipment is required. In this way, investment can be saved and many benefits can be obtained.


    Nick Machinery's waste paper baler adopts the door-stop design, which makes the machine safer and more reliable; the emergency stop button is installed separately, the location is eye-catching, and the operation is safer.

    Nick Machinery's waste paper baler is specially designed for the recycling and compression of waste corrugated boxes, cardboard, newspapers and other materials. At the same time, the waste paper baler can also be customized according to customer requirements.

  • When we buy hydraulic Baler equipment, we always concern the core components of hydraulic Baler equipment, the cylinder, oil pump, oil tank, and hydraulic equipment frame of the hydraulic Baler machine. The following Nick Machinery teaches you how to judge the quality of the cylinder.

    There are many types of hydraulic cylinders, and hydraulic cylinders can be divided into piston cylinders, plunger cylinders and swing cylinders in terms of structure. To measure the performance of an oil cylinder is mainly from the various test indicators done before leaving the factory, the working performance of the oil cylinder is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

    1. Minimum starting pressure: refers to the lowest working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder under no load. The minimum starting pressure of the hydraulic cylinder simply refers to the hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic cylinder when it changes from static to motion. It is a comprehensive index reflecting the manufacturing and assembly accuracy of hydraulic cylinder parts and the size of the sealing friction;

    2. Minimum stable speed: refers to the minimum speed at which the hydraulic cylinder does not crawl when it is moving at full load. It does not have a unified index. Hydraulic cylinders undertaking different tasks have different requirements for the minimum stable speed.


    3. External leakage: The sealing of hydraulic cylinders mainly depends on seals, which require high installation accuracy and craftsmanship. For reasons such as poor sealing of hydraulic cylinders, poor connection of joints, and external leakage of hydraulic cylinders.

    4. Internal leakage: The internal leakage of the hydraulic cylinder will reduce the volumetric efficiency, increase the temperature rise of the oil, and affect the positioning accuracy of the hydraulic cylinder, so that the hydraulic cylinder cannot be accurately and stably stopped at a certain position of the cylinder, so it is hydraulic One of the main indicators of the cylinder.

    Nick Machinery supports product customization, available from stock, and supports customized production models and specifications. For details, please call customer service 86-29-86031588

  • There is competition in any market, and of course there is some potential, which requires merchants to use keen insight to dig out. There is still a lot of room for development in the waste paper baler market. With the application of technology and Nick Machinery’s emphasis on customer experience, We understand the needs of our customers better. In the near future, the market for waste paper balers will definitely be a different story!

    With the diversification of the market, the products are always undergoing comprehensive upgrades. The development direction of the products must closely follow the requirements of customers to achieve a better market. The waste paper baler is a high-tech product and should be automated with customers. For equipment needs, the waste paper baler manufacturer has designed an automated waste paper packaging machine. This equipment has been put on the market since it was launched, and it has shown its charm in waste paper recycling stations and other industries. Manufacturers make a contribution.

    Customers have a certain leading role in the development direction of products. Our goal is to better serve customers. Therefore, customer first is also the philosophy that Nick Machinery has been adhering to. Through years of development, we have provided high-quality products to consumers all over the world. And perfect service. The birth of the automatic waste paper baler is based on the original equipment and a highly automated equipment designed by technological innovation. It is precisely because of the automated function that it has gained a better market. The strong competition highlights the charm of Nick Machinery's waste paper balers, and also brings greater development space to the waste paper balers, and then connects with the world.


    Nick Machinery has used advanced technology to create equipment with excellent performance, and increased publicity to uncover the mystery of the waste paper baler, making the waste paper baler a truly well-known equipment. The waste paper baler is the most widely used in the waste paper recycling industry, and it is also used in other industries. Our goal is to allow the automatic waste paper baler to be applied to more industries. The automatic waste paper balers currently on the market are not only rich in functions and diverse, but also very stable in operation.

    Any product is constantly innovating. With the application of technology, the quality of waste paper baler equipment is also constantly improving, and it has a certain reputation in the market. In the future development process, the market will continue to expand.

    Nick Machinery provides customers with better, faster and more complete after-sales service for a long time, so that products from design, production to customer use, can get a good guarantee of benefits.

  • 1. Inspection of key parts of straw baler:

    Firstly, check that the hydraulic mechanism of the straw baler is working normally and the lifting is reliable, and then check whether the parts are complete and complete, whether the installation is correct, and the matching clearance is required to be adjusted properly. Each bearing is filled with lubricating oil, and each fastening bolt is fastened reliably and not loosened. Finally, see whether the straw baler mechanism works reliably.

    2. Mechanical performance requirements of straw baler:

    First, check whether the oil temperature and pressure of the hydraulic system are normal. The operation of the various parts must be coordinated and accurate. The moving parts must operate flexibly without collision or jamming. The adjustment mechanisms should ensure that the adjustment is flexible and reliable.

    Finally, the power is engaged in the idling operation, and the machine is operated at a low speed. After the standby device is running normally, it is gradually increased to the rated speed. Connect the hydraulic oil circuit to check whether the compression chamber of the straw baler is flexible and reliable, and whether the movement is normal.


    Nick Machinery's straw baler adopts PLC control system, simple operation and precise control. The automatic feeding and conveying device is adopted, and the conveying line is used to increase the feeding speed and maximize the production capacity.

    Nick Machinery's straw balers are used to turn a large amount of green waste into treasure, play new economic value, protect the environment, and create good economic benefits.

  • At present, waste paper recycling in my country is still in the stage of private spontaneous and small-scale operation. Most of my country's waste collection stations are small in scale and belong to workshop-style production. The monthly output of waste paper is extremely unstable and cannot produce an effective and continuous supply. Therefore, most of its waste paper flows to some small paper mills around it.

    The domestic automatic hydraulic waste paper baler has been continuously developed since the reform and opening up, but the domestic baler equipment is not very suitable for market demand, and many key equipment still needs to be imported. There are now about a thousand manufacturers of waste paper balers in my country, and the types of domestic products now basically cover all sectors of the machinery industry. It can be seen that the development prospect of my country's hydraulic automatic waste paper baler is very attractive, but there are also certain problems. Therefore, in order to ensure the sound development of domestic hydraulic balers, there are still many problems to be solved.

    First, enterprises adopt new technologies, promote new equipment, and actively eliminate backward technological levels. Only by actively improving the technical level and production level of the equipment and adopting new technology and new equipment can the enterprise improve the application field of the fully automatic hydraulic waste paper baler and ensure product quality and safety.

    Second, enterprises should establish a national machinery industry information network to improve the quality and technical exchanges of fully automatic hydraulic waste paper balers, actively innovate and develop new products, appropriately introduce foreign equipment, and jointly make the domestic production of fully automatic balers. Hard work.


    Third, enterprises should pay attention to the training of professional and technical personnel for automatic Baler machines. Provide special training for new employees of the enterprise to cultivate their technical level and professional quality; strengthen investment in the development of automatic hydraulic waste paper baler technology, real-time survival of the fittest in equipment, and establish a modern management system for fully automatic hydraulic waste paper baler .

    Fourth, the production of fully automatic hydraulic waste paper balers with reliable equipment and long service life is the unanimous goal of the common development of my country’s machinery industry. The majority of domestic enterprises must continue to actively develop new products and strive to ensure continuous innovation and technological innovation of the products. Perfect, strive to achieve a leading position, and make greater contributions to my country's machinery industry.

    Nick Machinery's hydraulic waste paper baler equipment not only improves the automation of the recycling industry, but also improves work efficiency and reduces human and financial expenditures.

  • With the revitalization of waste recycling and straw utilization in China, the application field and market prospects of hydraulic balers are becoming wider and wider. Technological innovation is the main measure for enterprises to improve the performance of hydraulic baler. The hydraulic baler is constantly adopting new technology in key parts, adding new equipment, and formulating suitable work operating procedures for key processes such as fuel tank production, pipeline welding, and surface coating. The hydraulic baler is difficult and the process is complicated. A wide range, from drawing design to component installation and commissioning, from matching parts to goods to structural parts processing and assembly, from assembly testing to on-site commissioning, each link directly affects the smooth progress of the entire production process, especially large-scale automatic hydraulic waste paper The baler is difficult. As the annual production volume increases, the exchange of technology has become the biggest obstacle affecting production, and the consequent increase in costs and inefficiency will also arise.

    The world's machinery manufacturing powers attach great importance to the development of basic products. Due to the wide application of high-tech technology in foreign hydraulic baler technology, basic products have greatly improved and developed in terms of level, variety and expanded application fields.


    The competition in the hydraulic waste paper baler market is getting hotter and the profit margin is getting lower and lower. How to reduce the production cost and realize the double profit of the owner and the supplier is a problem that every hydraulic baler manufacturer needs to consider. Only by determining the important position of the product in the market, changing the old concept, and upgrading technological innovation, can we achieve fast and good development under the premise of ensuring the quantity.

    The button centralized control of Nick Machinery waste paper baler can realize a variety of working methods, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable operation of the machine, and can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. Contact consultation telephone 86-29-86031588 

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