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  • It is also mentioned in the "plastic restriction order" that the recycling level of waste plastics should be improved. But in real life, in the face of massive consumption of plastic bags and plastic packaging waste, do we have ways to recycle them efficiently?

    In a garbage recycling station in Dongcheng District, Beijing, there are dedicated staff who collect all kinds of garbage from the surrounding communities every day. However, the proportion of recycled plastic products is very low, about 9%.

    According to the staff, the recycled plastic products are mainly plastic bottles used by residents to drink water, as well as some oil cans. Plastic bags cannot be recycled if they are contaminated, and the recycling cost of some plastic bags is very high. At present, these bags do not have a normal channel for disposal, and it is very difficult to recycle them.

    It is understood that most of the plastic bags currently have a recycling mark printed on the bottom, which can be recycled and reused. However, because residents do not pay attention to garbage classification and recycling is difficult, they can only be incinerated or landfilled, which also pollutes the environment.

    It is recommended to use a plastic bottle baler to recycle plastic products. After processing, the plastic products can be made into recycled plastics for reuse and solid fuels for power generation.


    NICKBALER plastic bottle balers have been leading the domestic machinery industry for many years, and their products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions at home and abroad.

  • From the beginning of the 2008 plastic limit order to 2016, a total of 70 billion plastic shopping bags used in major retail stores across the country have been saved, which is about 8.75 billion saved per year on average. But now, more and more express packaging and takeaway boxes have become a new problem.

    According to statistics, in 2016, the national express delivery industry consumed about 14.7 billion plastic bags, while the three major domestic take-out platforms consume at least 7.3 billion plastic packaging a year, which together far exceeds the plastic shopping bags saved every year.

    The use of plastic bags has intensified day by day, but it cannot be said that the use of plastic bags is completely prohibited. Plastic bags are still important in people’s daily lives.

    But how can plastic bags be better recycled? This is why I might recommend to you the plastic baler produced by our NICKBALER baler manufacturer. The plastic baler is specially used for the compression and packaging of plastic bags, plastic films, plastic bottles and other fluffy items. The land is small in size, reducing environmental pollution and other characteristics.


    NICKBALER plastic baler adopts double-cylinder balancing device and special hydraulic system, which makes the power stable, safe and reliable.

  • What is the price of the hydraulic baler? Why are the prices of balers on the market different?

    Before buying a product, the first thing users pay attention to is the price of the product, and the packaging machine is no exception. The price of the packaging machine is the first issue for many users who want to buy the packaging machine. However, there are many types of packaging machines on the market at present. It is even more uneven, so if you compare the price of the baler, how to determine the price of the baler? Below we will analyze the price of hydraulic baler!

    It’s normal for the price of a Baler to vary between different products. This is what many users understand. The most inconvenient thing for users to understand is that the price of the same model of product and different manufacturers are also different. Why is this? 

    In fact, this is not difficult to understand. Different manufacturers have different workmanship, configuration, and profit, and the price of the Baler will naturally be different. In this case, it may not be easy for users to compare the differences. Here we teach you a trick. You can make a list of the main components of the Baler, and then compare them item by item, so which one packs It will be obvious if the machine is good. In fact, it’s not that troublesome to buy a Baling Press machine. If users don’t want to buy the most expensive one, don’t buy the cheapest one, the price is moderate and the best, and don’t blindly follow the introduction of others. You still have to buy the Baling Press suitable for your own products. machine.


    NICKBALER automatic hydraulic baler is a fully automatic compression and unmanned operation, suitable for places with a lot of materials, reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency.

  • Since the reform and opening up, the society has entered the era of market competition, and the waste paper baler industry is also the case. The brand of waste paper baler is particularly important. Taking waste paper baler equipment as an example, customers can find a lot of production waste paper baler equipment online Of the manufacturers, call to consult, each manufacturer’s quotation and promised output are different, and the customers who are engaged are very confused because they don’t understand this product too much. If you buy it at a low price, you can’t be afraid of quality but you can’t be fooled. The price is high. They are worried about spending the wrong money, so they have no way of starting.

    But this kind of market is just for us, it is a good opportunity to make our own brand. Only when the manufacturer guarantees the quality of the equipment and establishes perfect after-sales service, can we establish our own brand. In turn, we will know when the brand is built. The hardships of building a brand make it possible to take the quality of equipment and after-sales service more seriously. A good brand market has different product recognition, acceptance, and trust.

    net 2.jpg

    NICKBALER provides customers with better, faster and more complete after-sales service for a long time, so that products from design, production to customer use, can get a good guarantee of benefits.

  • With the development of the market economy, people's living standards have been greatly improved, and various industries have caused more and more waste paper, and the emergence of waste paper balers has met the needs of the market.

    High-quality waste paper balers with different performance are developed for different products. Waste paper balers have a very good packaging effect in the market, and waste paper balers are becoming more and more popular.

    Recalling the previous production model of waste paper balers, of course, at that time, the development of high-quality waste paper balers had not been successful. The packaging method of waste paper balers was very backward.

    This production model has great drawbacks, the most obvious of which is the personal safety of workers.


    The current waste paper baler is fully automatic operation, saving manpower and material resources, and simple operation. The high-quality waste paper baler has a wide range of applications, based on the unique packaging performance of the equipment itself, suitable for the needs of modern enterprises.

    NICKBALER will never stop, will continue to improve the quality and function of the product itself, and produce better quality machinery and equipment for a wide range of users!

  • In today's society, fake and high imitation things are especially prevalent, making more and more people deceived. Of course, the waste paper baler industry is no exception.

    If the loss of what we buy is small, then forget it, and we won’t buy it next time. If you buy it is very expensive, for example, a Baler is more than 100,000 yuan, the quality is very poor and it is not easy to use. It is conceivable that the losses brought to us are so heavy. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the market, visit a few more companies to investigate, and don't blindly believe in some things on the Internet, and there are hearsays. You have to see it with your own eyes, practice it yourself, and listen to the true opinions of customers who have used the waste paper baler.

    The purchase of waste paper baler not only depends on the quality and use of the product, but also depends on the service attitude and after-sales model of waste paper baler manufacturers. If the waste paper baler is worn or has any problems during use, the manufacturer with good after-sales service will solve the user’s production problems in a timely and effective manner, ensure that the repair work of the baler is completed as soon as possible, and help users increase production. . And manufacturers with general after-sales service will only shirk their responsibilities and affect the production efficiency of customers.


    Since its establishment 20 years ago, NICKBALER has been in the world with integrity and development by quality. We will recommend the most suitable baler products for customers according to the needs of users.

    NICKBALER waste paper baler is specially designed for the recycling and compression of waste corrugated boxes, cardboard, newspapers and other materials.

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