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  • With the depletion of resources and restrictive use based on environmental protection,coal can no longer meet the needs of urban industrialized fuels.With the help of this east wind,the straw briquettes have become popular,attracting many investors.

    In daily sales,visitors always ask:"I want to set up a straw briquetting plant,what equipment do I need?How much investment do I need?"This shows the customer's desire to achieve profit through the straw briquetting project,but this question is It is not easy to answer.

    Because of different circumstances,the equipment required for the straw briquetting plant is different,and the amount of investment is also different.Today,Nick Machinery will introduce to you what equipment is needed to set up a straw briquetting plant.

    For straw briquetting machine manufacturers,we must deeply understand the customer's actual situation,such as the type of raw materials of the briquettes,the particle size of the raw materials,whether they need to be mixed and dried,and many other factors.For example,a customer uses wood chips as raw materials.

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    The source of raw materials is a furniture factory,and the ratio of dry wood chips is very large.A set of straw briquetting machine equipment is used to complete the customer's production needs.

    This is a good case,and it is also the result of mutual satisfaction resulting from the on-site understanding of the customer's situation.It is a great help for customers who have just entered the briquetting industry.

    What equipment the straw briquetting plant needs depends on the raw materials you briquette.According to the situation,you can choose coarse crushing equipment,drying equipment,fine crushing equipment,straw briquetting equipment,coolers,screening machines,packaging machines,etc.

    Nick Machinery is a professional manufacturer of straw briquetting equipment.It has more than ten years of experience in designing straw briquetting machine production lines.We hope to enhance the value for you through our expertise.Company,phone:86-29-86031588

  • With the improvement of the material level,more and more old things are discarded,especially the increase of used color steel tiles and cans.The demand for metal balers also increases with the increase of the color steel tile packaging market.

    Now there is a demand for buying metal baler across the country.Some companies are importing large-scale metal balers,which are costly.Coupled with the irregularities in the performance and operation of the equipment,the use and operation of the machinery have become unacceptable.

    Now the domestic metal baler,the representative Nick mechanical metal baler,has targeted domestic needs and domestic actual conditions to solve the problems of performance,dust,noise and other aspects.


    In particular,the improvement in environmental pollution has allowed the use of metal balers to have more space for use.

    With the current increase in the automotive scrap market,the recycling of specialized automobiles and colored steel tiles is inseparable from metal balers.Now is a good time to invest in automobile recovery.

    The metal baler produced by Nick Machinery can directly compress cars,color steel tiles,etc.,and squeeze them into blocks for easy recycling.It is a good helper for your investment.

    If you are interested in buying,you can log on the Nick website to view the photo and video,URL:,or call:86-29-86031588

  • Everyone knows the function of the pressure reducing valve when using a hydraulic baler,but how to solve the problem if the pressure reducing valve fails?

    1.The hydraulic baler inlet and outlet of the pressure reducing valve are opposite,please pay attention when using it.The mark near the oil port on the valve,or refer to the product catalog of hydraulic parts,do not design errors or connect errors.

    2.The inlet pressure is too low.After the orifice of the pressure reducing valve core,the output pressure of the outlet will decrease.

    3.The load on the downstream circuit of the pressure reducing valve of the baler is too small to build pressure. At this time,please consider connecting a throttle valve downstream of the pressure reducing valve to solve this problem.

    4.Due to the accumulation of dirt,the contact between the pilot valve and the valve seat mating surface is poor and cannot be closed;or the pilot cone is severely scratched,the valve seat matching hole is not round,and there is a gap, resulting in the pilot valve core and valve seat hole tight.


    5.In the process of disassembly and maintenance,the missing poppet valve will not install the poppet valve in the valve seat hole.In this regard,the assembly or tightness of the taper can be checked.

    6.The hydraulic baler orifice on the main spool is blocked by dirt,and the oil cannot flow into the spring cavity of the main valve through the orifice at the lower end of the main spool and the feedback pressure of the oil outlet cavity.Can not be transmitted to the pilot poppet valve,causing the pilot valve to lose its adjustment to the outlet pressure of the main valve;after the orifice is blocked,the main valve spring cavity loses oil pressure,making the main valve a direct-acting slide valve with a smaller spring force (only the main valve) Valve balance spring,therefore,when the outlet pressure is very low,the pressure reducing valve can be throttled by overcoming any force of the hairspring.

    The pressure reducing valve is an important component of the hydraulic baler.When it has problems,you must pay attention to it.

    If you are interested in the hydraulic baler or have any questions,please log on to our company's,or call:86-29-86031588

  • Rice husk is an inevitable product of agricultural production.It is a very precious resource.According to relevant data, the annual output of rice husk in my country is about 600 million tons.At present,about 30% of rice husk in China is directly used as fuel for rural life:10% is used for livestock feed;23% is used for industrial and sideline production;6% directly Return to the field.

    However,a large amount of rice husk was burned on the spot,which not only caused serious environmental pollution and fire hazards,but also caused a great waste of resources.

    The comprehensive utilization of these rice husks can accelerate the development of animal husbandry and light industry,and can improve the ecological environment,promote the development of rural industries,and increase farmers' income.

    However,it takes time and labor for farmers to collect rice husks,and is not convenient for transportation and storage.At the same time,the price of rice husk recycling is low,transportation costs are high,and there are not many technological transformation methods.The economic value of rice husks is difficult to realize,and farmers are unwilling to recycle rice husks.

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    With the improvement of living standards,the use of household appliances and gas has become increasingly widespread,farmers' demand for firewood has fallen,and the utilization rate of rural biogas digesters is low,and there are fewer ways to transform rice husk.

    The rice husk briquetting machine produced by Nick Machinery can solve the above problems.The rice husk,wheat bran,and rice bran can be compressed into a bag and then packed into a bag,which is compressed and bagged in one time,which is convenient for transportation and improves the economic benefits of farmers.

    If you are interested in the rice husk briquetting machine or have any questions,please log on to our company's,or call:86-29-86031588

  • If you want to improve your work efficiency,you must operate your corn stalk balers correctly.Once problems occur,they must be resolved as soon as possible.The premise is that we must carefully read the precautions before using the balers and understand the most common features of the balers.Failure,so as to improve work efficiency.

    1.Familiar with the working steps of each working mechanism of the straw baler.

    2.Familiar with the position and function of each switch of the straw baler.

    3.Master the electric beat table of the electromagnet in each working step of the straw baler.

    4.Grasp the control principle of the opening and closing of the cartridge valve core of the straw baler.


    When the corn stalk baler breaks down,you cannot simply find the cartridge valve part.The failure may also involve mechanical jamming,electrical part failure, and other hydraulic component failures.Therefore,when a straw baler failure occurs,a comprehensive and careful inspection must be made to distinguish the type of failure (mechanical,electrical,and hydraulic) in order to quickly eliminate the failure.In the process of troubleshooting the hydraulic failure,do not install the object incorrectly or reversely.Otherwise,not only the fault cannot be eliminated,but also the fault becomes difficult to judge.

    Therefore,we can better improve our work efficiency by understanding more knowledge of straw balers.Nick Machinery has many years of experience and perfect after-sales service.If you have any questions,please call our company for consultation:+86 29 86031588.Visit our

  • As the use time of the waste paper baler increases,there will be a lot of body dirt and impurities in the internal system.Therefore,the cleaning of the fully automatic waste paper baler is a very important task.We at Nick Machinery will analyze the correct cleaning method for the automatic waste paper baler for everyone!

    First of all,we should develop the habit of cleaning the automatic waste paper baler from time to time.After the production work is completed,use clean water to scrub the surface of the automatic waste paper baler,and wipe clean the oil and other dirt on it,which will cause serious pollution.You can use a cleaning agent to wipe.


    For the cleaning of the hydraulic system of the automatic waste paper baler,we should frequently replace the used hydraulic oil to ensure that the hydraulic oil is always kept clean.At the same time,the oil circuit system of the automatic waste paper baler should be replaced frequently to ensure Lubricating oil can do its job!

    Tips from Nick Machinery:Frequent cleaning of the waste paper baler can effectively extend the service life of the fully automatic waste paper baler,and can effectively improve the economic benefits of our company!

    If you are interested in the waste paper baler or have any questions,please log on to our company's,or call:86-29-86031588

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