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  • In recent years, with the rapid economic development, e-commerce business has developed rapidly, which has greatly increased the expansion speed of the express delivery industry, and has caused a surge in market demand for packaging boxes.

    Taking a well-known domestic e-commerce company as an example, the sales volume of the e-commerce company reached 267.4 billion yuan during the "Double Eleven" period in 2020, triggering an increase in express delivery business by more than 60%. On the one hand, the development of e-commerce has brought us convenience and benefits, on the other hand, it has greatly increased the use of packaging boxes, brought us a lot of waste cardboard, and caused a huge waste of resources.

    In today's day when resources are increasingly scarce and the environment is deteriorating day by day, we advocate the life philosophy of recycling and saving energy. Therefore, how to recycle waste cardboard has become an important content of green environmental protection.

    The waste cardboard baler is an important link in the recycling of waste cardboard. It can compress and pack waste cardboard, save land, and is of great significance to the use of easily compressible renewable resources such as waste cardboard.


    The waste paperboard baler is mainly used to squeeze and pack waste paperboard and similar products under normal conditions to greatly reduce the volume, so as to reduce the transportation volume, save the freight, and increase the benefits for the enterprise.

    NICKBALER waste cardboard balers are created for environmental protection. The use of waste cardboard balers can save energy consumption and promote recycling.

  • The waste cardboard baler has made great progress in the recycling of waste paper packaging

    1. Reduce the volume of waste paper. The compressed and packaged waste paper will greatly reduce the volume, increase the density, and facilitate transportation and storage. Waste paper baler is a powerful helper for comprehensive utilization and development of material energy.

    2. It can also save transportation costs. The waste paper baler is used to knead and squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions to greatly reduce the volume, and then achieve the effect of reducing transportation volume and saving freight.

    3. The waste cardboard baler is very efficient during processing, because the automatic waste cardboard baler can pack hundreds of kilograms of waste paper or even a few tons of waste paper at a time, which saves a lot of time than traditional manual packaging. The efficiency of Baler waste paper is relatively low.


    4. The waste cardboard Baler machine is easy to realize automation, can improve the overall efficiency of Baler, and save the labor cost of Baler. The use of waste paper baler can indeed greatly reduce labor costs.

    NICKBALER waste cardboard baler is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs.

  • With the development and growth of packaging machinery in the market, more and more waste paper recycling processing plants are using waste paper for packaging and recycling operations, so if the waste paper packaging machine is to be better recovered and used, it must What should I pay attention to?

    The first is to carry out in-depth recovery of waste paper among the broad masses of farmers, save energy, strengthen environmental protection, do energy-saving and emission-reduction operations, establish awareness of saving, enhance the concept of saving, further enhance saving and initiative, and adopt a sustainable development strategy.

    The second is to standardize and guide the people to save behavior, to promote the use of waste paper with technology in an all-round way, and the waste paper baler to improve the recovery and utilization rate of waste paper.


    The third is to strengthen the scientific research skills of waste paper baler using waste paper and recycled paper, actively learn and learn to recover waste paper, and achieve economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits.

    After the waste paper, waste cardboard and other materials are compressed and bundled by NICKBALER automatic hydraulic baler, it is easy to store and stack and reduce transportation costs.

  • The packaging of goods is not only the embodiment of the quality of the goods, but also the improvement of the value of the goods. The value of the goods requires a standard production and packaging process and high-quality packaging work. The clothing Baler machine can protect the goods from packaging when packaging the goods. Affected by friction, collision and extrusion, economical, environmentally friendly, and firm, this type of packaging has been increasingly recognized.

    The garment Baler machine has stabilized the order in the outer packaging of goods. In recent years, people have paid more attention to the packaging quality and image of the goods. The garment Baler machine has a wide range of uses and strong adaptability. Whether in the commodity production industry or in the service industry such as logistics and transportation, the garment Baler machine can provide the most in-place Baler service. The garment Baler machine is highly efficient and standardized. The garment strapping machine has high working efficiency. It stops using electricity after the packaging is completed. It is safe and reliable and has a wide range of applications. Compared with the past packaging machinery, the advantages of the garment packaging machine are more comprehensive. The advanced technology makes the garment packaging machine more developed. It's getting better and better.


    New, safe, simple and generous is a leading direction of the clothing baler. When Baler goods, the clothing baler is highly valued by the packaging machinery industry with its unique advantages. The clothing baler has given us in recent years. Life provides convenience and is favored by consumers. Therefore, it also allows us to see the charm of clothing Baler machines, which shows how wonderful the future development prospects of our Baler machines are.

    NICKBALER Garment Baler Machine  is widely used in old clothes recycling factories. It has fast Baler speed and low labor cost. It is an indispensable tool in old clothes recycling factories.

  • The fully automatic hydraulic baler is specially used for the recycling, compression and packaging of waste paper, waste cardboard, carton factory scraps, waste books, waste magazines, plastic film, straw and other loose items.

    Features of automatic hydraulic baler:

    1. The photoelectric switch automatically detects whether the material is full and realizes the fully automatic function.

    2. Fully automatic compressed and unmanned operation is suitable for places with a lot of materials. After the items are compressed and bundled, they are easy to store and stack and reduce transportation costs.

    3. Unique automatic strapping device, fast speed, simple structure, stable action, low failure rate and easy to clean and maintain.

    4. Optional conveyor line material and air pipe feeding, suitable for waste paper cartons, plastics, fabrics and large garbage disposal places.

    5. The package length can be customized freely, and the package value can be accurately recorded, which is convenient for the operator.


    6. Automatic fault diagnosis, automatic display, improve detection efficiency.

    7. International standard circuit layout, graphical operation instructions and detailed component identification make it easy for operators to understand and improve maintenance efficiency.

    NICKBALER automatic hydraulic baler has the characteristics of reasonable planning, simple structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable, etc. It is your ideal choice.

  • Nowadays, the progress of the packaging industry is obvious to all. There are various new packaging technologies and new packaging achievements that are constantly exposed. Then as new and novel things continue to emerge, they will have a very large impact on the development of the market and promote market transformation. Is coming. Facing the rapid development of the packaging industry, the market will be biased towards new processes and new science and technology. Now that the utility of the baler in the packaging industry cannot be ignored, what benefits and harms will the market transformation bring to the baler, and how the baler company should start from its own progress and integrate with the market to better suit The market is changing, and the growth itself is progressing.

    Changes in market progress are inevitable. If the baler industry wants to develop rapidly, it must start from itself and find a new way out. In the packaging machinery industry, following the changes in the market, whether it is the existing packaging facilities or the future development of packaging facilities, the main purpose is to continuously bring novelty and benefits to the packaging industry.


    The transformation of the packaging market is undoubtedly helpful for balers. What is helpful is that it can encourage more baler companies to develop and improve their own production processes and technologies, which can not only be better for their own companies. The development and perfection of the land has also strengthened the company’s position in the market.

    NICKBALER baler has the advantages of time-saving, convenient operation, labor-saving, strong bearing capacity, cost-saving, stable and reliable.

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