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  • The automatic horizontal hydraulic baler has the characteristics of good stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, and low investment cost of equipment basic engineering. It is used in various waste paper factories, old recycling companies and other units and enterprises. It is suitable for waste paper, books, cartons, yellow paper skins, plastic bottles, waste cotton, waste cloth, cotton, cola bottles, ton bags, straws, and straws. , Plastic paper, greenhouse film, paper tube, wood veneer, domestic waste, industrial waste, cotton bales, rice husk, tires and other compressible materials. The bale is strong and compact, which is convenient for packaging and transportation and reduces the volume. It saves 80% of the stacking space, reduces the freight cost, and is conducive to environmental protection and waste recycling. It is a machine for various waste paper mills and waste recycling industries. The packaging and recycling of old waste paper, plastic straw, etc. is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs.

    Advantages of mechanical horizontal hydraulic baler:

    1. The closed structure makes the packaging tighter;

    2. High-strength out of the package door, automatic opening and closing, hydraulic lock the door, making the operation more convenient;

    3. Reasonable double scissor blade design improves paper cutting efficiency and prolongs the service life of the blade;

    4. Anti-slip drop design to avoid the appearance of trapezoidal bag, making the bag more beautiful;

    5. The main oil cylinder adopts the design of the turret bracket and the spherical end surface, which can eliminate the torque acting on the main shaft and extend the life of the oil seal;

    6. The press car is processed by a gantry milling machine to ensure accuracy during movement;

    7. This machine adopts the original brand hydraulic system to make the machine safer;

    8. No site infrastructure is required, making installation simple and easy.

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    Choosing Nick Machinery hydraulic baler, independent hydraulic system, servo system control, is the best choice to help you solve and recycle waste.

  • For newly joined environmentalists, it is a difficult problem to choose what kind of hydraulic baler is more in line with their actual needs.

    As a professional manufacturer of hydraulic balers, the technical experts of Nick Machinery will personally explain the selection principles and advantages of equipment for you, so that more waste recycling stations can use more suitable equipment.

    From the appearance of hydraulic baler, there are vertical equipment and horizontal equipment, and there are also automatic equipment with conveyor belts and equipment without conveyor belts.

    Customers can choose these two types of equipment from the size of their processing capacity. If you only have one to two tons, you can choose a vertical hydraulic baler with manual feeding. If you need to process dozens of tons or hundreds of tons of waste every day Paper or waste plastic bottles, etc., then you need to choose a more automated horizontal hydraulic baler to work. This not only improves work efficiency, but also packs the bales more convenient to load, and saves manpower and labor intensity.

    If it is divided from the work application industry, it can be divided into waste paper hydraulic baler, scrap iron hydraulic baler and straw hydraulic baler, etc., mainly for the processed raw materials, which is also the mainstream method of distinction on the market.

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    Nick Machinery for one-stop purchase. Not only can there be conventional equipment for market demand, but also customized according to customer needs, to help customers solve more production problems !

  • Beverage bottle balers are more common in the field at this stage, and demand has continued to increase. Beverage bottle balers, a new type of industry, quickly occupy the key machinery manufacturing industry in my country’s beverage bottles at this stage. The horizontal manufacturing is produced by everyone. The automatic beverage bottle packaging machine has beautiful appearance design, easy maintenance in actual operation, and high safety performance. The automatic beverage bottle packaging machine has excellent reliability at this stage and has been widely used in beverage bottle factories and waste recycling enterprises. And other corporate companies.

    The packaging categories of beverage bottle Balers are mainly waste glass bottles, beverage bottles, waste cloth, waste plastic film, waste plastic foam and wood. Among them, waste cotton and hemp textile product packaging products can be made of high-quality plastic; wood can be multiplexed according to its quality, even if it is not purchased, because its basic composition of methyl cellulose is easy to rot, dissolve and be digested by the soil layer Absorption, there will be no residues, and it is not easy to cause adverse effects on the natural environment.

    Other packaging wastes generally have a negative impact on the natural environment. Some of them have excellent reliability and are difficult to dissolve in nature, and over time they become the most critical waste on the earth. With the rapid development of plastic packaging products, the inability to adopt strong countermeasures for waste management methods, emergency disposal and reuse is also the key reason for this situation.

    Use the beverage bottle balers to pack the waste products, especially plastics that can be purchased and used to save flowers, plants and trees... In the hydraulic transmission system of the beverage bottle balers, the working pressure of the fluid liquid damages the output power of the system, Leakage and working characteristics have a negative impact, but we only need to consider it in the design and installation of the pipeline, so that it can be completely manipulated within a smaller range of marked values.

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    Since its establishment, Nick Machinery has developed into a production expert in the production of hydraulic machinery and equipment after years of hard work, pioneering and enterprising.

  • China’s reform and opening up, market prices have relaxed, and social development has entered a period of market competition. The same is true for beverage bottle balers. The brand of beverage bottle balers seems to be very important. For beverage bottle balers, customers can check on the Internet. Many manufacturers that produce beverage bottle Baler machines have opened the consultation. The prices of each manufacturer and the production volume of service promises are different. The customers are very confused. Because they don’t know this product too much, Those who buy cheap and worry about bad quality are afraid of being deceived, and those who buy high prices are worried about spending confused money, and then they can’t find their way.

    However, such a market is just the best opportunity for everyone to create our own brand. Only the manufacturer can ensure the quality of the equipment and establish a sound after-sales maintenance service to establish our own brand. On the contrary, we can make our own brand. After getting up, I know the difficulty of building a brand, so I can look at the quality of equipment, after-sales maintenance services, etc. more carefully. A good brand market has different recognition, acceptance, and trust of your products.

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    The necessity of the beverage bottle Baler machine brand to the market is obvious.  Nick Machinery can also provide you with more beneficial help here.https://

  • The use of plastic baler is reflected in many products. The accessories of the plastic baler are an important factor in the operation of the plastic baler. So what needs to be done in the maintenance of plastic baler accessories?

    1. The maintenance method of the reducer of the plastic baler head: about three months after the first use, drain the oil in the reducer, and clean the inside of the reducer with diesel or gasoline. Immediately add lubricant in the middle of the observation window. It is sufficient to change the lubricating oil once a year. Too much lubricating oil will cause the reducer to heat up, the motor is overloaded, and the motor protection switch may trip. Too little lubricating oil will also cause the reducer to heat up, increase noise, and cause the reducer to hang up and be scrapped.

    2. The maintenance method of the head motor: Do not let water enter the motor, and do not add diesel oil and liquid organic matter to the motor, because this will damage the insulation of the motor and cause malfunctions. The maintenance method of the governor is the same as that of the motor, and the rest need to check the motor maintenance in the electrician's manual.

    3. The maintenance method of the chain: After the chain is running for a long time, the original lubricating oil may be heated and volatilized, which will cause the chain to be unbalanced in operation, increase the noise and also crawl. So you can open the sealing plate at the end of the machine and add butter or thicker lubricating oil to the chain.


    Nick Machinery's waste plastic baler keeps up with the market dynamics and makes timely improvements, so as to better serve the new and old users and provide help for the development of the society.

  • The main cylinder loading system of the straw baler includes two parts, an unloading circuit and a two-way locking circuit. The main cylinder is controlled by a plunger pump driven by an electric motor. There is a pilot-operated relief valve at the oil outlet of the plunger pump. When the outlet pressure of the pump is higher than the set pressure, the solenoid 3YA will be connected to the power supply, which will promote the unloading of the plunger pump, which is a kind of pressure overload. protection mechanism. It is a safeguard measure for the company's production safety.

    The outlet pressure of the pump can be monitored in real time through a pressure gauge, and the pressure monitoring can be controlled in time. There is a cooler on the oil return line to control the temperature of the hydraulic oil well.

    A pressure gauge is also installed at the oil inlet of the loading cylinder of the main cylinder, and a safety valve is also equipped to avoid excessive pressure as a safety device. When the pressure of the main cylinder of the straw baler exceeds the designed pressure value, the safety valve will start to unload.


    NICKBALER makes full use of straw resources and suppresses straw burning, which can effectively control pollution, optimize the environment, and ensure the orderly progress of social and economic life. Can promote fresh air, smooth shipping and roads.

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