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  • According to the information of the domestic packaging market,it can be found that the main packaging machinery currently in strong market demand includes balers,vacuum packaging machines,winding machines,and forming machines. 

    The development of plastic machinery has driven the development of strapping machinery such as strapping machines,automatic strapping machines,strapping machines,and automatic strapping machines.

    The development of the plastic machinery industry must combine China’s national conditions and the basic reality of the existing industry to strengthen the"three linkages",which is to associate plastic machinery and equipment with the manufacturing industry,and seek development from profitable industries;and the important industries that affect the national economy and The specific needs closely related to people’s lives are related,highlighting the important position of plastic machinery in the manufacturing industry;linking plastic machinery and processed products with the national policy of sustainable development,and realizing the plastic machinery and equipment industry through the coverage and large output of the plastic industry.

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    The series of important contributions that can be made to sustainable development and scientific development reflect the overall plan and development trend of the industry’s green development.

    According to the current status of the industry,formulate corresponding policies to encourage enterprises to increase investment in technology and product development,focusing on supporting energy-saving plastic injection molding machines,hydraulic balers,winding machines,vacuum packaging machines,lightweight technology and equipment for plastic products,and low-cost Independent research and development of technologies and equipment for the recycling and reuse of polluting plastics;


    Encourage enterprises to apply for enterprise technology centers at all levels,cooperate with scientific research units to form plastic machinery research and development institutions,and actively use government innovation funds to improve the independent development and innovation capabilities of domestic enterprises. China's machinery industry will take a step forward.

    With modern concepts,deep technology,scientific management,high-quality products,and first-class services,Nick company wholeheartedly establishes a comprehensive,good,harmonious and lasting cooperative relationship with you,hand in hand,mutual benefit and win-win,and create a better future .

  • The packing machine should achieve neat,clean,firm,lubricated,anti-corrosion,and safe operation content and operation methods.The personnel who use it should pay attention to the following points:

    1.The parts for daily inspection and maintenance and regular inspection.

    2.Do not remove the panel,cover,door and other parts while using the machine.When the parts are removed,not only will the machine malfunction,but also personal accidents will easily occur.Do not modify the machine.

    3.Do not place the power cord in the forklift and other channels,or avoid directly pressing the power cord and other places.Once the outer skin is damaged or disconnected,it will be dangerous

    4.Do not use wet hands to plug in and out the power plug,there is a danger of electric shock.

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    5.Packing items with water or moisture may cause electric shock.

    6.When not in use,unplug the plug from the socket.The insulation is degraded,causing electric shock or fire due to leakage.

    7.When the heating plate is at a very high temperature,please do not put combustible materials around the back of the machine,as there is a risk of fire.

    Through the maintenance of the hydraulic baler,the performance and technical condition of the baler can be guaranteed,and the equipment can be used for a longer time and eliminate the bad factors in time.

    Nick brand hydraulic baler is safe,reliable,low power consumption,economical and reasonable,easy to use,simple to maintain and operate.It is a good helper for your production.

  • The straw balers are squeezed and packed by the principle of hydraulic pressure,with a fully automatic control system and simple operation.Packed silage can be stored for 2-3 years without deterioration,it is convenient to carry and feed(open a bag after feeding)is much more convenient than the previous silage,and it solves the phenomenon of waste of forage in the silage.

    The double-cylinder straw baler completes the entire straw through the cooperation of a stroke switch and two hydraulic cylinders.Two-cylinder straw baler is divided into two types,one is fixed type and the other is mobile type.


    Advantages of mobile straw baler:

    1.No more digging silos

    2.Long preservation time(natural preservation for up to 3 years)

    3.Low packaging cost

    4.Labor saving(a full set of equipment only needs 2-3 people to work)

    5.Space saving and convenient transportation of feed

    6.Worry-free,simple equipment operation(automatic control)

    7.Various special-shaped machines can be customized according to customer requirements

    8.Easy to move and work in the field

    The NKB220 and NKB240 series straw balers produced by Nick Baler are easy to operate,high in safety,automatic bale delivery,and higher efficiency.They are your best choice.

  • The metal shearing machine is suitable for metal recycling companies,scrap steel plants, smelting and foundry enterprises to perform cold shearing on various shapes of steel and various metal structures to add qualified charge.

    The safe operation of the metal shearing machine is as follows:

    1.The metal shear equipment should be operated by a dedicated person,and other people are not allowed to use it without training.

    2.Before starting the machine,check whether all parts are normal and whether the fasteners are firm.  

    3.It is forbidden to cut unannealed steel parts,cast iron parts,soft metal parts,over-thin parts,parts less than 100 mm in length,and parts that exceed the length of the scissors. 


    4.During operation,the human body is not allowed to approach the transmission part and the knife edge of the equipment, and attention should be paid to the safety of the surrounding personnel to prevent the material from lifting up and hurting people.When cutting,cut the material as close as possible to the inside of the knife.When cutting short materials,do not use hand-held workpieces to feed materials,but use clamps to feed material  

    5. When the metal shearing machine is running,the operator shall not leave the post without authorization,and the power supply shall be cut off when the work is completed or temporarily leaving the post.

    Nick brand metal baler is easy to operate safe and energy-saving,it is your best helper.

  • The gantry shearing machine can cut waste materials easily,and the cut waste materials are easier to recycle and transport.

    Hydraulic metal shears mainly use hydraulic brakes,so you should pay attention to basic operating matters in daily operations.Before the shearing machine is used for dry running test run,the machine should be turned manually for a working stroke,and the equipment can be started after confirming that it is normal.Check that the oil in the oil storage tank of the shears should be sufficient.After starting the oil pump,check the valves and pipelines for leaks.The pressure should meet the requirements.Open the air release valve to release the air in the system.


    Nick brand metal shears can improve efficiency and increase profits.The mechanical operation is simple and convenient,and the service life is long.It is a good helper for material recycling.

  • The structure of the gantry hydraulic shear is different from the general shears and bar shears.The main machine includes a group-welded fuselage and a compression mechanism and a shearing mechanism installed on the fuselage through a flange connection.

    The compression and shearing mechanisms are composed of hydraulic cylinders,pistons and sliders.The shearing machine can cut scrap steels with different shapes,sizes,hardness,and strengths under relatively harsh working conditions,and provide raw materials for"short process"steelmaking to reduce iron ore in the steelmaking process.The use of non-renewable resources achieves the purpose of energy saving,emission reduction and environmental protection.


    Nick plate shears are recognized by many customers with high-quality qualifications and professional craftsmanship according to everyone's actual needs and are trustworthy.

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