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  • The electrical control part of the waste paper baler is mainly composed of PLC,motor and electrical components of relays and switches.Among these parts,the most vulnerable part is the motor and electrical components.Daily precautions for the packaging electrical control box:

    1.Pay attention to the grounding,lightning protection,rain protection and moisture protection of the power cord.

    2.Non-professional operators of the electric control cabinet are prohibited from using it.

    3.Pay attention to the anti-freezing work of the motor and the long-term overload of the motor.Effective prevention of these two can greatly reduce the damage of the motor,thereby maintaining the normal packaging of the waste paper baler.


    4.Pay attention to the button operation of the console,do not use excessive force on the switch button,and prevent misoperation to avoid damage caused by short circuit.

    The Nick brand waste paper baler is simple to operate and automatically discharges the bale,which improves work efficiency.The installation of emergency stop settings makes the operation safer and perfect after-sales.

  • The oil tank in the hydraulic system of the waste paper baler is an indispensable part of the hydraulic system.

    As the name suggests,the oil tank is a container for storing hydraulic oil.During the operation of the hydraulic system,the hydraulic oil is output from the hydraulic oil tank through the oil pump,and when returning oil,it returns to the oil tank through the oil return line to complete a pressurization and pressure relief.


    The main functions of the fuel tank of the waste paper baler are embodied in three aspects:

    1.Sufficient oil required for storage system.

    2.Dissipate part of the heat generated during system operation.

    3.Separate the gas and sediment in the oil.

    The Nick brand waste paper baler is easy to operate,high in safety,automatic out of the package,and more efficient.It is your best choice. 

  • The waste wiper Baler machine is suitable for enterprise waste wipes,waste gloves,plastic film compression packaging,reducing storage space,centralized garbage,and improving the company's green environment.

    The characteristics of waste rag baler:

    1.Beautiful appearance,patented product, suitable for compressing and Baler smaller materials.

    2.Electric button operation,safety interlock,self-contained package turning system.

    3.Open the door and stop,the operation is safer.


    4.The bulletproof door structure of European and American standards is adopted to protect the safety of the operator.

    5.Assemble an automatic balance device to avoid accidents due to improper placement of materials.

    The Nick brand waste rag Compactor Baler is easy to operate and automatically packs out,which improves work efficiency.The installation of emergency stop settings makes the operation safer.

  • The copper wire briquetting machine is mainly used for the cold bundling of various light and thin plastic black and non-ferrous metal scraps to form a compact rectangular block,which is convenient for storage and transportation.It is used in steel plants,non-ferrous metal plants,and smelters.Ideal equipment for metal scrap processing.

    1.Adopting the rotating cover structure,the opening area of the material box is large,and the feeding of empty and thin materials is particularly convenient.

    2.All moving parts are driven by hydraulic pressure and work smoothly;the Baler pressure is high,the bundle is tight,and the Baler efficiency is high.


    3.The manual reversing valve is simple,convenient,safe and reliable.

    You can choose the copper wire briquetting machine produced by Nick Baler Company,which is easy to operate,easy to use,high safety factor,and simple to maintain.It is a good helper for your production.

  • Coir baler is mainly used for compressing and packing loose items such as fiber,brown silk, linen,foam.

    Features of coconut palm baler:

    1.This machine uses double cylinder balanced compression,special hydraulic system,and more stable power.

    2.Specially used for compression and packaging of natural fiber products such as coconut fiber and oil palm fiber

    3.High load structure,safe and reliable.

    4.Using four-sided door opening method,"Tic Tac Toe"packing can be carried out.


    The coconut palm baler can help you better deal with loose materials such as coconut palm silk,flax,etc.reduce the volume and facilitate transportation.Nick coconut palm baler is safe,reliable,low power consumption,economical and reasonable,easy to use,simple to maintain and operate.It is a good helper for your production.If you want to know more about the coconut palm baler,you are welcome to visit our website

  • The waste paper baler is used to squeeze waste paper,waste paper boxes, waste newspapers and other products under normal conditions,and pack them with special packaging tapes to greatly reduce the volume,so as to reduce transportation volume and save freight.The purpose of increasing efficiency.So,what performance does the waste paper baler require oil?

    1.It has good lubrication function. The working fluid in the hydraulic system of the waste paper baler is not only used to transfer energy,but also to lubricate the friction surfaces of the hydraulic components.In some machine tools, the oil source of the machine tool lubrication system comes from the hydraulic system,and the same oil pump is used for the hydraulic system.Therefore,hydraulic oil should have high oil film strength and good lubrication performance within the range of working temperature and pressure changes to avoid dry friction.


    2.The quality should be pure and free of impurities.If it contains water,it will reduce the lubrication performance of the waste paper baler oil;if it contains mechanical impurities,it will block the throttle orifice and the valve core will jam;the acid and alkali will corrode the metal and damage the sealing structure;if there are volatile substances,the oil will be trapped The liquid thickens and produces bubbles,which destroys the stability of the transmission.

    3.The oil should not be easily oxidized to prevent the production of gums and asphaltenes due to oxidation and deterioration of the oil.The impurities formed by oxides can also block the oil circuit and destroy the normal operation of the waste paper baler system.


    4.Where fire prevention is required,the burning point of oil should be high;in cold climates,the freezing point of oil should be low.

    5.Non-toxic,no impact on human health.

    Therefore,choosing a waste paper baler produced by a good company can better serve you. Nick is the leader in the waste paper baler industry.

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