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  • The waste paper baler can be applied to all light foaming and loose materials such as waste paper, waste paper boxes, waste cardboard, bark, waste plastic bags, etc. The package is compact, neat and beautiful, which can greatly reduce transportation costs and reduce storage space.

    The hydraulic cylinder of the waste paper baler will sometimes produce noise when used for a long time. Are there any good preventive measures? Today Nick Machinery will explain it.

    1. Minimize the size of the hydraulic cylinder to make the structure compact.

    2. Ensure the reciprocating speed of the hydraulic cylinder and the traction required by the stroke.

    3. The piston rod is best to be pulled and not compressed to avoid bending deformation.


    4. Ensure that each part has sufficient strength, rigidity and durability.

    5. Try to avoid lateral load on the hydraulic cylinder.

    6. When the piston rod of the long-stroke hydraulic cylinder is extended, it should be avoided as far as possible to sag.

    7. It can eliminate the deflection between the piston, piston rod and guide rail.

    8. According to the working conditions and specific conditions of the hydraulic cylinder, consider buffering, exhaust and dust prevention measures.

    9. The hydraulic cylinder should not be flexed due to restrictions due to temperature changes. Especially long hydraulic cylinders should be paid more attention.

    10. It must be possible to seal to prevent leakage.


    11. The structural elements of hydraulic cylinders should adopt standard series sizes, and try to choose frequently used standard parts.

    For more information about the repair methods of the hydraulic cylinder of the waste paper hydraulic baler, and the cause of the failure, please log on to the Nick Machinery website, Tel: 86-29-86031588, support various types of customized baler, welcome your arrival.

  • Nick's high-end technology makes the waste paper hydraulic baler more adapt to the development of the times and provide you with better services.

    The hydraulic waste paper baler is a type of waste paper baler, and it is also widely used in the current packaging industry. In the face of the increasingly developing society, in order to conform to the trend of the times, the hydraulic waste paper baler must undergo some changes. Nick Machinery introduces you in detail.

    1. The hydraulic waste paper baler takes high speed, high efficiency and low energy consumption as the development direction. Improve the working efficiency of the hydraulic baler and reduce production costs.

      IMG_20190508_075436 拷贝.jpg

    2. The hydraulic waste paper baler improves the technical content and realizes the integration of electromechanical and hydraulic.

    3. The hydraulic waste paper baler is more automated and intelligent. The rapid development of microelectronics technology provides sufficient prerequisites for the automation and intelligence of hydraulic presses. Automation is not only embodied in processing, it should be able to realize automatic diagnosis and adjustment of the system, and have the function of fault pretreatment.

    4. The hydraulic components of the hydraulic waste paper baler are integrated and standardized. The integrated hydraulic system reduces pipeline connections and effectively prevents leakage and pollution. The standardized components bring convenience to the maintenance of the machine.

     While developing the performance of the waste paper hydraulic baler, Nick Machinery has also reduced its price, so that customers are truly aware of the convenience and benefits brought by the waste paper hydraulic baler when using it.

     Company website:, telephone: 86-29-86031588, welcome to visit and buy.

  • Nick brand waste paper baler has an unmanned operating system, automatic bundling, fast speed, simple structure and stable action. It is a good helper for your production.

    The waste paper baler is specially used for the recovery, compression and Baler of waste paper, waste cardboard, carton factory scraps, waste books, waste magazines, plastic film, straw and other loose materials, which is easy to store and transport.

    Let's follow Nick Machinery to understand from which three aspects we have increased the steady growth of waste paper baler sales?

    1. Improve the pre-sales and after-sales service of the baler. After-sales service is also one of the means of enterprise competition. It is a very effective way to maintain the corporate brand effect. This can not only greatly increase the corporate reputation, but also establish us In order to achieve a more scientific sales method, a good reputation is an intangible asset of an enterprise.

    2. Analyze the current waste paper baler market and make correct market judgments. Only by providing customers with cost-effective and high-quality waste paper box baler equipment can they continue to win the favor of consumers and the sales market Only when the growth rate is stable can it remain stable.


    3. Continuously develop and research new and highly automated waste paper baler products, which are similar to the development of the company. Only by constantly seeking new and good products can the company's waste paper baler products be marketed. Frontier, so as to gain an advantage in market competition and win more new customers.

    Nick Machinery provides: waste paper baler, metal baler, straw baler and other packaging equipment, company website:, telephone: 86-29-86031588, looking forward to long-term cooperation with you!

  • Nick brand waste paper baler is easy to operate, high in safety, automatic out of the package, tightly packed, and more efficient. It is your best choice.

    After purchasing a waste paper baler, some customers will find that the equipment pressure is small, the edges of the punched bales are not neat, and they are also loose, and some of them will be loose during the transportation. Nick Mechanical and technical personnel analysis, resulting in waste paper The main reasons for the low pressure of the baler are as follows:

    1. Check whether there is a lot of noise and abnormal noise during high-pressure operation of the oil pump. If there is a problem with the oil pump, confirm the suction and discharge ports of the pump, and be sure to fill the pump with hydraulic oil before starting the hydraulic pump.

    IMG_2025 拷贝.jpg

    2. Whether there is oil leakage in the hydraulic system when the machine is working.

    3. Check whether the hydraulic oil quality is qualified, whether there is pollution, the oil filter is blocked, the liquid flow channel is too small, and the oil viscosity is too high to suck the oil.

    4. Adjust the pressure of the relief valve (note that the oil gauge has not changed, and do not overpressure)

    5. Check whether the motor power of the waste paper baler is insufficient and the speed is too low.

    The above are the main reasons for the low pressure. If the customer eliminates these hidden dangers in the production, the above problems will not occur. Of course, there is also a case, whether the customer bought the waste paper baler of our Nick Machinery or not, if If you have any problems, you can consult our after-sales service phone, and we will serve you free of charge. Company website:, Tel: 86-29-86031588, welcome your visit.

  • Nick brand horizontal waste paper baler is safe, reliable, low power consumption, economical and reasonable, easy to use, simple to maintain and operate, and is a good helper for your production.

    The recycling and utilization of waste paper is a measure to reduce waste of resources and greatly increase production efficiency in our country.

    IMG_20190813_152525 拷贝.jpg

    Before the horizontal waste paper baler packs waste paper, the waste paper must be sorted, processed, and deinked before it can be packaged. If the waste paper recycling process is not strictly sorted. This results in the mixing of different types and grades of waste paper.

    In this way, it is difficult for paper mills to produce different products using different types of waste paper, which affects the quality of waste paper recycled pulp and increases costs; it also limits the packaging capacity of the horizontal waste paper baler.

    Therefore, Nick Machinery advises customers to sort and pack the raw materials after they have been purchased. It is best to store them in a place that is sheltered from wind and rain. When they are stored, they can be transported to paper mills and other places. This can reduce the waste of waste paper raw materials. It is also convenient for paper mills, and at the same time can obtain higher economic benefits.

    If you are interested or have questions about the above horizontal waste paper baler, please log in to our company's website:, or call: 86-29-86031588

  • Nick brand automatic baler has simple structure, stable action, simple operation, low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance. It is your best choice.

    Because my country's demand for paper is increasing, it is estimated that by 2021, my country's paper and paperboard production will reach 60 to 65 million tons, and its total annual pulp consumption will be 54.6 million to 59.2 million tons. By then, the output of wood pulp will be 17.8 million tons, accounting for 30%, and the output of waste paper pulp will reach 31.4 million tons, accounting for 53%. This means that the output of waste paper pulp will double in the next 10 years. Such a large demand for waste paper raw materials cannot be met by imported waste paper alone. The way out is to increase the domestic waste paper recycling rate.

    However, domestic use of waste paper recycling equipment is still at the stage of semi-automatic or even manual operation. In order to solve the contradiction between waste paper recycling efficiency and market demand, Nick Machinery developed and produced the NKW180Q series of hydraulic fully automatic Waste paper baler, this equipment realizes the automation of the whole process of paper feeding, squeezing, threading and Baler, and unBaler.

    IMG_20190813_173258 拷贝.jpg

    NKW180Q series hydraulic automatic baler is easy to operate, stable in operation, reasonable in price, model, and performance is currently in the leading position in the market. It is comparable to imported baler of the same type. It is a waste paper baler with high cost performance.

    It is a new product that effectively improves waste paper recycling and improves transportation efficiency. It is also an essential product for realizing the automation of waste paper recycling and enterprises.

    For more information about the fully automatic hydraulic baler models and detailed configuration requirements, please log on to the Nick Machinery website, Tel: 86-29-86031588, best-selling models: NKW160Q, NKW200Q, and support custom-made various models of baler ,welcome.

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