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  • Nick Machinery's waste paper baler is widely used in various waste paper factories, waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises. It is suitable for the packaging and recycling of waste corrugated boxes, cardboard, newspapers, etc. It is to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and save manpower. Good equipment to reduce transportation costs.

    Three characteristics of hydraulic oil for waste paper baler

    1. Density, relative density

    (1) Density. The mass of a unit volume of liquid is called the density of the liquid, usually expressed by p.

    (2) Relative density. The ratio of the density of a homogeneous liquid to the density of distilled water at 4 degrees Celsius is called the relative density of the liquid.

    2. Compressibility

    The property that the pressure of the liquid increases, which causes the volume of the liquid to decrease and the density to increase is called the compressibility of the liquid. The compressibility of the liquid is extremely small and can be ignored in many situations. However, when the compressed volume is large or when dynamic analysis is performed, the issue of liquid compressibility should be considered.


    The compressibility of hydraulic oil has a great influence on the dynamic working of the hydraulic system; but when the hydraulic system is working in a steady state, it is generally not considered.

    3. Expansibility

    The property that the temperature of the liquid increases, resulting in an increase in volume and a decrease in density, is called the swelling property of the liquid. The swellability of the liquid can be expressed by the expansion coefficient a.

    Nick Machinery's waste paper baler has the characteristics of high work efficiency, low energy consumption, easy installation and operation, and strong workplace adaptability. Free consultation hotline86-29-86031588

  • In the waste paper baler industry market, many people will have questions about the price of semi-automatic waste paper baler and the difference. What is causing the price gap? Different manufacturers seem to have a difference of tens of thousands of yuan for the same type of waste paper baler. What is going on? You can analyze the reasons for the price difference of semi-automatic waste paper baler with the editor. Nowadays, there are more and more manufacturers of semi-automatic waste paper baler, and there are more and more types of baler. The competition is fierce, and the price war is about to start. The reasons for the price difference of semi-automatic baler have become many.

    One is that the functions of the baler are different, and the price is different. For example, the same semi-automatic waste paper baler has different functions on the low table and the high table, and the operation is different, and the natural price is also different.

    The second is the impact of the different quality of the baler on the price of the semi-automatic baler. Although the current type of baler is different, the structure and technology of similar equipment are similar, and there are mainly differences in workmanship and raw materials. It is worthwhile Reliable manufacturers can do every step, pay attention to details and strictly control the quality, which makes the Baler with excellent structure and better performance.

    The third is brand. Well-known big brands in the market and some small workshops are of different scales. Naturally, there is a gap between the products produced, and the performance, function, and technology are different. Naturally, the price of the semi-automatic Baler is different.


    The fourth is market competition. Under high demand, more and more packaging machine manufacturers have appeared in the market, and dealers are also increasing. Driven by interests, some businesses have begun to fight price wars. In order to increase sales, they can only reduce prices. , Cost-saving, the baler itself, the quality is not good enough, we still hope that everyone can seriously consider it when encountering such a situation.

    Price is only a standard for measuring products. For mechanical products such as balers, quality and performance are more important. No matter whether the price of semi-automatic waste paper balers is high or low, customers should follow the purchase of equipment to consider many aspects. , Comparing the cost performance, after-sales service and the strength of several manufacturers, only by comprehensive thinking can we buy the right equipment.

    After years of technical improvement of Nick Machinery, the baler produced by our company has absolute advantages in quality and efficiency at home and abroad.

  • With my country’s vigorous advocacy of innovation, the development of the horizontal waste paper baler industry has a new pattern. In the development of the horizontal waste paper baler with continuous improvement of technology, its packaging effect is also more compact than before. The durability of the parts of the baler is also getting stronger, and the baling saves electricity and is more practical. With the continuous improvement of the horizontal waste paper baler and the continuous improvement of technology, the production cost of the horizontal waste paper baler has been reduced a lot, and it has truly improved the technical performance and quality of the horizontal waste paper baler. At the same time, the price is reduced, so that the development of the baler industry gradually matures and environmental protection awareness, so that people really feel the benefits brought by the baler when using the horizontal waste paper baler. The horizontal waste paper baler is used to squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, so that the volume is greatly reduced, so as to reduce the transportation volume, save the freight, and increase the benefits for the enterprise. The introduction of advanced technology and advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad.


    The development of horizontal waste paper baler has brought us a lot of convenience, and we have also made the greatest improvement in its performance as much as possible, so that the baler can work for a longer time with high quality, and let it continuously improve our work. effectiveness.

    Nick Machinery is a professional service manufacturer specializing in the development, production, sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery. Contact number 86-29-86031588

  • There are two types of hydraulic straw balers: vertical straw balers and horizontal straw balers. No matter which type of equipment, hydraulic oil is required. In different regions, different types of hydraulic oil can be selected due to environmental temperature differences. At the same time, in the different temperature difference seasons between winter and summer, pay attention to useful operations such as antifreeze and cooling of the hydraulic oil. Ensure the cleanliness, viscosity and flow properties of hydraulic oil. All in all, it is a condition for the hydraulic oil to ensure the normal and useful operation of the straw baler.

    Hydraulic oil protection operations include three aspects: cleanliness, cooling, and antifreeze. Cleaning maintenance needs to pay attention to the daily working environment, the quality of the hydraulic oil purchased, etc.

    Cleanliness is generally not a problem, and the newly purchased hydraulic oil generally does not have such a problem; antifreeze protection operations are generally carried out in winter when the temperature is too low. For example, this winter, the temperature in many areas is lower than in previous years.


    This leads to increased hydraulic oil viscosity and lack of fluidity. The hydraulic straw baler cannot be operated normally. A heater can be selected for preheating; the cooling operation is generally carried out when the summer temperature is high and the baler is in long-term operation. High temperature will reduce the viscosity of the hydraulic oil, and the pressure cannot be transmitted well.

    At this moment, it can be cooled by equipped with cooling equipment, such as using a water-cooling system or an air-cooling system or a combination of the two. The normal operation of the hydraulic straw baler is a condition of invention value, and it is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of each link.

    After the Nick Machinery straw baler is put on the market, it can solve the straw recycling and improve the environmental pollution caused by the rural straw incineration.

  • When choosing a straw baler, you must not only understand its type and manufacturer, but also its price. The price determines the customer’s input cost. Therefore, it is as important as the quality, and the price of a machine is not a certain one. It is determined by a single factor and is related to many aspects. Here we are here to introduce several factors that affect the price of straw balers.

    1. Model: Different models of straw balers can meet different production requirements, and their daily output is also different, so there will be some differences in production costs, and these differences determine their prices;

    2. Quality: Quality is one of the most important factors for everyone. Good quality directly affects the service life of the straw baler equipment and the frequency of failures, and also affects the production efficiency of the equipment, but good quality requires good production Craftsmanship and high-quality wear-resistant materials naturally require more production costs, so the price of high-quality processing equipment will be higher;

    3. Manufacturer: Type: The type of manufacturer is very important. This directly determines your investment cost. There are two main types of straw baler manufacturers: direct sales and consignment sales. The former is processed and sold by itself, and there is no price difference in between. The price of the equipment produced by the manufacturer is close to the ex-factory price, such as Nick Machinery, which mainly purchases other people’s equipment for sale. There is a price difference, so the price is naturally different;


    4. Process: Configuration: Different processes and different configurations greatly affect the price of processing equipment.

    Therefore, the straw baler has different models, different quality, different manufacturers, different process configurations, etc., and the price is also different.

    Nick Machinery will adhere to the enterprise production policy of "maximizing products and services, maximizing customer benefits"; to help users select various types of equipment, and provide professional technicians to train users to help users maximize the benefits of special equipment.

    Nick Machinery's products are of high quality, low price and high cost performance. They are your ideal choice for buying straw

  • The most important thing to pay attention to when buying a second-hand hydraulic baler is the quality of the hydraulic baler. There is also the need to shop around, but you can’t blindly try to be cheap. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, otherwise it is very likely to suffer. So what are the things to pay attention to when buying a second-hand hydraulic baler?

    1. Second-hand hydraulic baler technical equipment. For the same control system, if different control points and methods are used, it will result in the reliability and accuracy of subsequent equipment operation. Therefore, we should choose equipment with a higher level in consideration of equipment technology and equipment.

    2. What are the functions that the enterprise needs? The equipment function you want to have is the main selection factor here, followed by the secondary function. Which supplier’s equipment is more suitable for your requirements, then their products are the most suitable for your products. The higher the degree of conformity, the higher the value of the products for your company’s demand.

    3. For the sales service of second-hand hydraulic baler, the competition between enterprises is becoming more and more fierce, so generally powerful enterprises will try to reduce their differences in quality products as much as possible. Undifferentiated high-quality products are the same for all customers, so what we will compare next is product service. Needless to say, which company provides high-quality after-sales service, customers are of course willing to choose which company's products.


    4. The operating cost of second-hand hydraulic baler equipment. After the equipment is introduced, the most important thing to look at is the operating cost. We are all clear about the operating cost of the hydraulic baler. There are energy consumption, the number of operators and the quality requirements, spare parts and vulnerable parts. The price and frequency of replacement, the cost of after-sales service engineers, the service life of the equipment and the depreciation rate. Needless to say, companies like to run cost-effective machinery and equipment, so we have to consider these aspects clearly.

    Buying a hydraulic baler is of quality. Many machines look the same, but a slight difference will affect the service life and use effect of a machine. So when you buy hydraulic baler processing equipment, the product price is certainly Important, but cost performance is the key.

    Nick Machinery has a complete range of hydraulic balers, featuring reasonable design, beautiful models, convenient operation, and accurate accuracy. Contact number 86-29-86031588

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