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  • In the working process of the fiber hydraulic baler,if an abnormal situation is found,the work should be stopped,the reason should be investigated,and the work should be carried out after the fault is eliminated.

    1.There is no pressure after the oil pump is started.Check if the spool of the overflow valve is stuck,the adjusting handle is loose,and the oil pump cannot suck oil.Please clean the overflow valve,check the spool and spring;tighten the adjustment handle,increase the oil tank oil

    2.The oil cylinder has a"crawling"phenomenon when it is traveling.This is because there is air in the oil cylinder or the system,and the air can be discharged after multiple idle strokes.

    3.The piston rod is strained,and the dustproof ring is aging and invalid;the dustproof ring invades sand and chips and other dirt.You can replace the dust ring and grind the scratches on the surface of the piston rod.


    4.The packing speed becomes slower,the system pressure becomes smaller,the oil pump heats up,and the pressure will increase due to excessive wear.It is recommended to repair and replace with a new pump

    5.The hydraulic oil pipe has oil leakage.If the pipe connection is loose or the seal is aging,you can tighten the joint,install or replace the sealing ring

    6.The motor is difficult to start or stops when the load is working.This is because the power supply lacks phase or the voltage is too low,please check the power supply and wiring.

    Safe production is the most important thing.If you have any questions,please call Nick Company or visit the company

  • The fiber baler is mainly used for compacting,bundling,and packing soft,space-consuming fibers,brown silk,flax,foam,etc.It can save manpower,material resources and financial resources,and is convenient for storage and transportation.

    Features of fiber baler:

    1.This machine uses double cylinder balanced compression,special hydraulic system,and more stable power.

    2.Specially used for compression and packaging of natural fiber products such as coconut fiber and oil palm fiber

    3.High load structure,safe and reliable.


    4.Using four-sided door opening method,"Tic Tac Toe" packing can be carried out.

    5.It is also suitable for the compression and packing of hard plastics,computer casings,beverage bottles,hay,fibers and other items

    Nick fiber baler is safe and reliable,low power consumption,economical and reasonable,easy to use,simple to maintain and operate,it is a good helper for your production

  • The cotton waste baler is mainly suitable for compacting,binding,and packing the soft and space-consuming waste cotton.Effectively save manpower,material resources and financial resources for your organization.It is convenient for your storage and transportation.

    Characteristics of waste cotton baler

    1.This machine adopts hydraulic transmission.Compared with mechanical transmission baler,it has the characteristics of small size,light weight,low movement inertia,low noise,good dynamic performance and high work efficiency.


    2.This machine adopts integrated control of mechanical,electrical and hydraulic,which can be started and stopped at any position,and it is easy to realize overload protection.

    Nick brand waste cotton baler has simple structure,small volume,simple daily operation and maintenance,convenient transportation and storage,continuous operation and high efficiency.

  • The box shear is an efficient scrap processing equipment.The original designer of the box shear comes from Europe.It has a compact structure and a one-piece design for easy movement.It can be controlled by a hybrid of an engine and an electric motor,or it can be controlled separately by an engine or an electric motor.

    The biggest advantage of the box shear is its high overall utilization.It can be mainly reflected in labor,energy consumption,mechanical loss,equipment maintenance costs,etc.

    The box-type shearing machine body is welded with high-strength manganese plates,and the easily worn parts are lined with imported 900 high-strength wear-resistant plates.The blades of the box-type shearing machine are made of alloy steel,which can withstand a long time.High-intensity work.


    The hydraulic system of the box-type shearing machine adopts hydraulic circulation design,which speeds up the cutting speed of the box-type shearing machine.The general box-type shearing machine can only cut 3.5 times a minute,and the cycle design can reach 4.5 times.Speed greatly improves work efficiency.

    Nick Company is a professional company engaged in the development,production,sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery.It is your best choice to build professionalism with concentration,reputation with integrity,and sales with service.

  • The metal baler is suitable for steel mills,recycling and processing industries,crushing and non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting industries.All kinds of metal scraps,steel shavings,scrap steel,scrap aluminum,scrap copper,scrap stainless steel,scrap cars,etc.can be extruded into rectangular,cylindrical,octagonal and other shapes of qualified charge to reduce transportation and torch costs

    So how to choose a metal baler?

    1.If you want to choose a metal baler that satisfies you and your production,you must first look at its quality.Good quality can be better produced.

    2.It depends on whether the baler is good or not,including its efficiency,infrequent failures,long service life,etc.This is the prerequisite for ensuring the maximum efficiency of the equipment.


    3.It depends on the applicability of the baler.If a piece of equipment can meet the production needs of a variety of bales,it will not only save costs for the enterprise,but also maximize the benefits.

    Nick is a professional company engaged in the development,production,sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery.It is your best choice to focus on creating professionalism,building reputation with integrity,and building sales with service.

  • The metal shavings briquetting machine can directly cold press powdered cast iron shavings,steel shavings,copper shavings,aluminum shavings,excellent mineral powders,etc. into cakes for easy transportation and casting.Not only does it ensure that the original raw materials remain unchanged,the water output rate is increased,and the recovery loss of the furnace does not exceed 10%.The molding also ensures that the original raw materials remain unchanged.The metal chip briquetting machine flow control valve uses the saving port area between the regulating spool and the valve body and the part of the resistance it generates to regulate the flow,thereby controlling the movement speed of the fulfilling element.The flow control valve is divided into 5 types according to its use:

    1.Saving valve:After setting the saving port area,the movement speed of the fulfillment element that does not change much in load pressure and does not require high uniformity of movement is basically stable.


    2.Speed:control valve:When the load pressure changes,the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the saving valve can be maintained as a fixed value.In this way,after the saving port area is adjusted,no matter how the load pressure changes,the speed control valve can maintain the same flow rate through the saving valve,so that the movement speed of the fulfilling element is stable.

    3.Diversion valve:Regardless of the size of the load,the equal diversion valve or synchronization valve can be used to obtain the same flow of two fulfillment elements of the same oil source;the share diversion valve is the share distribution valve that obtains the flow according to the share.

    4.Collecting valve:The effect is opposite to that of the diverting valve,so that the flow into the collecting valve is distributed in proportion.

    5.Diverting and collecting valve:It has both functions of dividing valve and collecting valve.

    Nick brand metal baler is easy to operate, safe and energy-saving, it is your best helper.

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