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  • NKQ43 shearing machine is suitable for metal recycling companies, scrap steel mills, smelting and foundry enterprises to perform cold shearing on various metal structures of various shapes of section steel machines, and have processed qualified charge.

    With the development of social economy, the degree of numerical control of hydraulic shears is getting higher and higher. In the next few years, there will be more room for development of CNC shears, and the demand will show an outstanding trend of gradual increase.

    As people face up to the production efficiency, the CNC shearing machine equipment has a broader development space, and the demand for shopping malls continues to increase. The career prospects are promising.

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    Judging from the existing planning of hydraulic shears, the future growth space and the increasing trend at that time, CNC shears equipment has gradually become a market for shears manufacturers not to be underestimated.

    The rapid development of the hydraulic shear industry has also greatly promoted the use of automation products in this profession, although the overall level of automation in my country's shearing equipment industry is not high.

    But whether it is a hydraulic shearing machine manufacturer or a hydraulic shearing machine user, they gradually understand the advantages of CNC shears.

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    The metal shears produced by Nick Machinery are hydraulically driven, which is easy to operate and simple to maintain. No foot screws are required for installation. Diesel engines can be used as power where there is no power supply. The equipment adopts hydraulic transmission. Compared with mechanical transmission shears, it has small size, light weight, low inertia, low noise, smooth movement, convenient and flexible operation , Large cutting section, convenient adjustment of the scissors mouth, etc., safe operation and use, and easy to realize overload protection. Welcome to buy:

  • The automatic hydraulic baler can be applied to all light foaming and loose materials such as waste paper, waste paper boxes, waste cardboard, bark, waste plastic bags, plastic bottles, etc. So as to achieve the purpose of reducing transportation volume, saving freight, and increasing benefits for enterprises.

    Nick Machinery is here to give you a detailed introduction to the inspections to be done before the baler leaves the factory:

    1. No-load test run: connect to the switch power of the waste paper hydraulic baler, loosen the system overflow valve to make the system overflow successfully, turn on the motor (using the method of stopping after opening), and observe whether the rotation of the motor and the sign of the oil pump are Not to be consistent. Turn on the motor and observe whether the oil pump is stable, safe and reliable during operation. If there is no significant noise in the pump, if there is no noise, the trial operation can be carried out. Gradually adjust the handle of the overflow valve of the waste paper hydraulic baler so that the pressure value is about 8Mpa. Operate according to the order of operation to single-act each hydraulic cylinder to observe if its operation is stable and vibration-free, and gradually adjust the main pressure cylinder, The parallelism between the side pressure cylinder and the bottom plate and the side frame fixes the main pressure cylinder and the side pressure cylinder, and the end of the hydraulic cylinder is supported by the control support.

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    2. Load test run

    (1) The load test operation can be carried out after the operation of the single hydraulic cylinder is understood.

    (2) Regulate the pressure of the waste paper hydraulic baler system to make the pressure about 20~26.5Mpa, and tighten the nut. Do several packing sequences in the order of operation. Feed the material to the compression chamber. The load test run adopts the form of packaging materials, with 1~2 bales, and each waste paper hydraulic baler hydraulic cylinder is held for 3~5 seconds after the stroke is in place. The system performs a pressure test to see if there is any If there is oil leakage, drain the system after depressurization.

    The above is the content explained by Nick Machinery today. If you have any other questions, please come to our company website for consultation:

  • Nick Machinery's plastic hydraulic baler has good rigidity, toughness and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and energy-saving, and low investment cost of equipment basic engineering.

    To safely operate the plastic hydraulic baler, you must pay attention to the following items:

    1. Before operation, wear work clothes, fasten the cuffs, and the hem of the coat cannot be opened. Do not wear, take off, or wrap around the body beside the machine tool that is running to avoid machine damage. It is necessary to wear safety and labor protection supplies,

    2. The operator of the plastic hydraulic baler must be familiar with the main structure, function and use method of the baler.

    3. The operator of the plastic hydraulic baler must be trained to master the equipment functions and operating techniques before they can work independently.

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    4. Before operation, sort out all kinds of sundries on the equipment and wipe off any dirt on the hydraulic press rod.

    5. It is necessary for the plastic hydraulic baler device to be carried out in the case of power failure to prevent knocking the start button and handle.

    6. Install the upper and lower molds to center, adjust the mold gap, and do not allow unilateral violation of the center. After confirming that the mold is fixed, try the pressure again.

    7. Before starting the plastic hydraulic baler, start the equipment idling for 5 minutes, and check whether the oil level of the oil tank is satisfied, the sound of the oil pump is normal, and the hydraulic unit, pipes, joints, and pistons are leaking.

    Nick Machinery is an enterprise specializing in the production of hydraulic machinery and accessories, allowing you one-stop shopping and worry-free after-sales. Welcome to buy:

  • The rapid development of science and technology in my country has led to the rise of many industries. The straw baler industry is an emerging industry, which has very important value for the recycling of crop straw.

    The advanced technology of straw baler is the necessary equipment to ensure the output, and the solid work for farmers and entrepreneurs makes the production of farmers more efficient and safe.

    The application of straw packaging in the packaging and recycling of straw and various crops has solved the long-term concern about this phenomenon in rural areas.

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    Once we did not have a scientific and reasonable straw treatment method and burned a large amount of straw to cause environmental pollution, and even caused many traffic accidents. my country’s airport flights also have blurred vision due to the thick smoke caused by the burning of straw.

    The economic losses caused are very serious. The harvest season in autumn is also the most worried season.

    Nowadays, the widespread application and promotion of straw balers have become ideal recycling equipment for rural families. Straw can provide food for their livestock, and can also be made into feed without causing waste and saving unnecessary losses.

    The emergence of straw balers can be said to be a "timely rain", which effectively solves the problem of straw handling by rural households and crop enterprises, and can also bring certain profits to rural households and crop enterprises.

    The straw baler really deserves the title of "straw steward".

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    The straw baler machine produced by Nick Machinery has always had its own uniqueness, because we believe that we can only make our products more refined and distinctive. Make users and friends more satisfied,

    In order to have a good market for history. Make customers and friends give more praise to our straw baler. Welcome to our company website to learn more about straw baler products

  • Waste paper baler This machine is used to squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and pack them with special packaging tapes to greatly reduce the volume, thereby reducing transportation volume, saving freight, and increasing benefits for enterprises purpose.

    However, some operation and control personnel dress more casually, especially in the hot summer, especially barefoot work can be seen everywhere, but this is very dangerous.

    Not only is the strapping debris on the ground stabs the feet, but more importantly, if the ground is wet, it will easily connect to electricity.

    Lead to very serious consequences.

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    The second is that the wire connectors are not fixed. In the production workshop, the equipment is sometimes far away from the power source, or the original wires are not long enough.

    At this time, a piece of wire will be connected, but in order to save time, the wire operator directly throws the connected wire on the ground instead of wiring according to the direction of the wiring slot, which is very dangerous. The working condition of waste paper baler is often not very good,

    All some small safety issues are easily overlooked and cause unnecessary losses.

    Nick Machinery reminds you that in the process of using the waste paper baler, you must strictly follow the product instructions and do not ignore some small details to ensure safe and effective production.

    If you have any other questions, you can go to the website of Nick Machinery Company to learn

  • The suitcase-type clothing baler is usually also called a clothing baler, a clothing press, and a textile baler. It is a machine specially made according to the packaging requirements of the textile recycling industry.

    This kind of garment baler produced by Nick Machinery is an ideal choice for almost any textile manufacturer, used clothing recycling, second-hand clothing dealer/exporter, wiper sorting seller, etc.

    The operation of the carrying case Baler is very simple and convenient. The lifted compression cavity makes the threading, bundling and unpacking of the blocks easy and simple. You only need to press a button and the compression chamber will automatically lift before threading and strapping.


    This means that the entire process only needs to be operated by one person, which greatly saves labor costs.

    The suitcase-type garment packing machine can generally produce bags with a weight ranging from 30kg to 600kg. The specific bale size can be determined according to model changes, so that users of any size can find a baler that meets their size requirements.

    From a small store operator managed by one person to a large company with a recycling production line, Nick Machinery’s case Baler is suitable for your needs. If you are interested in clothing baler, you are welcome to buy from our website:

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