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  • The planting of forage grass usually chooses adaptability and vigorous vitality,and the output of forage grass is directly related to the increase of feed value.

    At present,there are many types of forage grass to choose from.Natural weeds are not suitable for packing with green storage baler,because they are more delicate,more watery,and less after drying,so such grasses are not suitable for any form of processing .

    The forage that has been packaged by the green storage baler can protect its nutritional value to a large extent and meet the conditions as feed to the greatest extent.

    Auxiliary machinery and equipment provide safe and stable production for the work of the green storage baler. Whether the packages produced by the green storage baler can be directly used for animal husbandry and what impact it has on storage will be directly affected.


    At the same time,most hay preparation machinery is multi-purpose.

    The characteristic of green storage baler packaging is to set the length and width of the package before working,adjust the nature of the work structure,how to make the packaged out more perfect,and it is more conducive to direct storage and direct consumption to livestock,which can effectively reflect the green The powerful working performance of the storage baler.

    Nick is a manufacturer specializing in the production of green storage balers,waste paper balers,straw balers,and metal balers.Its models are diverse,high-quality,and perfect after-sales.Welcome new and old customers to negotiate business.

    Company,or call:86-29-86031588

  • Rice husk is the largest by-product of rice processing,accounting for about 20% of rice by weight.Based on the current world annual output of 568 million tons of rice,the annual output of rice husk is about 11.36 million tons.The annual output of rice in my country is 260 million tons,and the annual output of rice husk is about 32 million tons,ranking first in the world.

    Rice husk is a common surplus material in rice mills.Because the rice husk is relatively light,it occupies a relatively large area.In addition,it is inconvenient to transport.Therefore,people need to use a packing machine to compress and pack the rice husk,which saves storage space It facilitates transportation.


    Rice husk packing machine is also called rice husk compression packing machine.It is a more mature fully automatic rice husk packing machine in China.It breaks through the traditional problem that one pack is easy to block when one pack is pushed.The rice hull packer produced by Nick Company One package is one package,and there will be no blockage at all.

    Company,or call:86-29-86031588

  • The hydraulic system of the waste paper baler was originally its important function.The hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor are the two central components in the hydraulic system.Their reasonable selection can improve the power of the system and ensure the reliable operation of the hydraulic waste paper baler.Energy consumption and noise reduction are very important.

    The hydraulic system of the waste paper baler is originally a power component that supplies a certain flow and pressure of oil.It is the central component of each hydraulic system.Reasonably select the hydraulic pump to reduce the energy consumption of the hydraulic system of the horizontal waste paper baler.It is very important to improve the power of the system,reduce the noise,improve the operation function and ensure the reliability of the system operation.


    Nick brand waste paper baler is easy to operate,simple in structure,stable in action,high in failure rate and easy to clean.It is a good helper for your production.

    If you are interested or have questions about the waste paper baler,please visit our, or call:86-29-86031588

  • Everyone knows waste paper balers,so do you know the parts standards of waste paper balers?

    1.It has a reliable operation function suitable for the operation requirements.Different waste paper balers and different waste paper balers have different specific requirements for parts.

    2.It should have a service life that is in harmony with other parts.The life span of parts is determined by factors such as strength,hardness,wear resistance,and corrosion resistance.For a waste paper baler,its life span depends on several critical parts.Therefore,when considering the lifespan of parts,the lifespan of critical parts should be used as the basis,and the lifespan of other parts shall not be less than the lifespan of critical parts. The fragile parts outside the waste paper baler are not included in this list.

    IMG_2996 拷贝.jpg

    The quality of the central parts of the waste paper balers is not good enough,which will cause the waste paper balers to become obsolete in advance.As long as the manufacturer of the waste paper balers with good reputation can meet the reasonable requirements of the waste paper balers and ensure reasonable waste paper packaging Nick Machinery is one of them.

    If you are interested or have questions about the waste paper baler,please visit our,or call:86-29-86031588

  • The first part briefly introduced the bagging machine and installation requirements,this time we will take a look at the debugging method of the bagging machine.

    Methods as below:

    1.Connect to the power supply:turn on the main switch in the electric box,and first check whether the three-phase power supply voltage is on (test by meter or electric probe)

    2.Start the motor:Jog the motor start button to check whether the motor rotates correctly.The motor must be in the same direction indicated by the oil pump arrow.

    If the motor rotates in the opposite direction,the bagging machine cannot be used normally,then press the button to stop the motor.Cut off the main power supply of the motor and connect the two-phase line of the three-phase power line.


    3.When the motor is stopped,press the button in the manual mode to check whether the solenoid valves are correct.

    4.Move the switch manually to check whether each travel switch is correct.

    5.Adjust the overflow valve,start the motor under low pressure,and run for 10 minutes at 1-2Kpa.

    Check whether the hydraulic pressure is normal.There should be no oil leakage on the joints and the joint surface of the oil pump:the oil pump must not have abnormal sound and temperature rise.If the temperature rises abnormally,leaks,shakes,and noise during operation,stop it for inspection immediately.

    After debugging,everything is normal then we can produce.Nick Machinery reminds you:every machine must be maintained, and only by repairing and maintaining on time can we better serve us.please visit our website:,or call:86-29-86031588

  • The bagging machine is mainly suitable for the compression of corn cobs,straws,wood chips,rice husks,cottonseed husks,peanut husks and other scraps.The bags are directly bagged after compression,which is convenient for storage and reduces production costs.

    So,we bought the bagging machine,how should we install it?

    1.The host must be placed on the concrete steadily,and the foundation depends on local conditions.

    2.Adjust the fuel tank setting according to the position of the host.

    3.Install the piping connecting each valve to the mailbox.Each tube head has English letters,just connect according to the corresponding English letters.

    4.Connect the plug to the corresponding English letter of the electromagnet.

    DSC03195 拷贝.jpg

    5.Check whether the oil discharge port at the bottom of the fuel tank is closed,and then open the oil filling port sealing cover on the top of the fuel tank.Fill in hydraulic oil.The hydraulic oil discharge number depends on the local temperature and usage standards.Add hydraulic oil to the oil mark position.

    6.Connect to the main power supply.This machine adopts a three-phase four-wire system.Three of the power cords are connected to the corresponding three wiring positions of the air switch in the distribution box.The other is a grounding anti-leakage protection line,which should be connected immediately outside the machine. Connect the leaking metal surface with a reliable grounding wire to prevent electrical leakage and injury.

    In addition,the grounding wire must be connected to the equipment,and the grounding wire must be installed by a professional electrician.

    When you purchase Nick's bagging machine,Nick Machinery will send someone to install and debug to ensure your production goes smoothly.please visit our,or call:86-29-86031588

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