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  • Everyone knows straw,so how to use it? 

    1.The straw can be used through mechanical return to the field,protective tillage,etc.,which can improve the soil,reduce production costs,and improve the quality of agricultural products.

    2.It can be processed by silage and straw baler to convert straw into high-quality feed,which is beneficial to promote the development of animal husbandry.

    3.The conversion of straw through the development of edible fungi is conducive to increasing farmers' income;the conversion of straw through biogas and vaporization is conducive to promoting the construction of new energy in rural areas.


    Making full use of straw resources and suppressing straw burning can effectively control pollution,optimize the environment,and ensure the orderly progress of social and economic life.Can promote fresh air,smooth shipping and roads.

    The fully automatic straw baler produced by Nick Machinery can effectively recycle straw,fully compress and pack,and make it more widely used.

    For more information about hydraulic atraw baler,contact 86-029-86031588 or

  • The straw baler mainly compresses materials such as corn stalks and wheat straw into blocks for easy transportation and preservation.

    Do you know the precautions when using the straw baler?Nick Machinery takes you to find out.  

    1.Always check whether the link position of the straw baler is firm,whether the movement is smooth,and whether the parts are worn.

    2.During the work period,pay attention to the large parts of the straw baler,do a good job of inspection,for those small parts,check every day,and solve the problems in time.


    3.The straw balers should be cleaned frequently and lubricated to ensure the free running of the internal parts of the hydraulic balers.

    4.Regularly filter and replace the oil.It is recommended to replace it once a year.When changing the oil,pay attention to cleaning the oil tank to ensure that there are no impurities in the tank and do a good job of dustproof treatment.

    Nick brand straw baler has simple structure,small volume,simple daily operation and maintenance,convenient transportation and storage,continuous operation and high efficiency.

    For more information about hydraulic straw baler, contact 86-029-86031588 or

  • What kind of treatment does the horizontal straw baler do?

    1.It is necessary to check regularly,mainly to check the screws of each part of the straw baler to avoid loosening or falling.

    2.Pay attention to the waterproof and anti-corrosion work of the electrical part,and keep the wiring terminals clean in the electrical control box to avoid electrical failure.

    3.Ensure that the two heat-sealing rollers are in the open position when shutting down to avoid scalding the packaging materials.


    Lubricate the joints of the gears of the straw baler,the oil hole of the bearing with a seat and all moving parts regularly.When adding lubricating oil,do not drop the oil on the drive belt.

    Nick Machinery reminds you to check the packer on time,and deal with the problems as soon as possible,and beware of small incidents causing serious disasters.

    For more information about hydraulic straw baler,contact 86-029-86031588 or

  • For the scrap steel industry,the winter is too long and the temperature continues to drop.

    "The scrap steel industry undergoing changes is striving to get rid of the old normal of serious shortage of resources,chaotic industry,inadequate products,steel mills reluctant to use more,and the living environment difficult.Usher in the increase in total resources,the rise of processing systems,and the hot use of scrap steel.A new normal with huge room for development."This is all a good time for a scrap recycling company to make a big splash.

    In recent years,more and more people are inclined to scrap steel recycling companies.Joining this industry is not only related to global resource recycling and reuse,but also related to changes in our surrounding environment.

    It is also related to the investment in scrap shears to increase our income.Low price,high quality,high output,and quick profit are the best proofs to attract investors.

    timg (3) 拷贝.jpg

    Long before the emergence of crushers and other scrap steel processing equipment,scrap steel shears played an important role in the scrap steel recycling and processing industry.Shears have become an important basic equipment for recycling and processing heavy scrap steel.

    Processing materials such as I-beam No.1 heavy-melting scrap and other larger scraps.

    The scrap steel shearing machineproduced by Nick Machinery is hydraulically driven,which is easy to operate and simple to maintain,which can better serve you.

    For more information about hydraulic baler,contact 86-029-86031588 or visit:

  • The mechanical oil filter device of hydraulic metal shearing machine is divided into the following three conditions:

    1.The structure of the oil suction filter is simple,and its function is to avoid sucking larger particle pollutants into the pump when sucking oil.The low-precision filter element is generally used,and the highest filtration accuracy does not exceed 30-50μm.

    In order to facilitate maintenance,install the oil filter on the top or side of the oil tank,and consider that its flow capacity should be more than twice the maximum flow rate of the hydraulic pump to prevent the pump from being empty;

    2.The pressure oil filter is installed in the downstream pressure line of the hydraulic pump to deliver clean pressure oil to the hydraulic system.The high-precision oil filter is usually selected with a filtering accuracy of 3-20μm,and its circulation capacity should not be less than the pressure oil.Maximum flow rate


    3.The oil return line oil filter is installed behind the main oil return pipe to filter out the pollutants generated by the external intrusion into the system and the system.High-precision oil filters are usually used.

    According to the recent theory of pollution control system,the oil in the fuel tank should reach a certain cleanliness level.At the same time,in order to avoid the filter element infarction causing excessive pressure before and after the oil filter,the filter element infarction transmitter should be installed to change the filter element in time.

    In summary,the mechanical oil filter of hydraulic metal shears is very important and requires special attention.

    If you want to buy a metal shearing machine,welcome to visit Nick's website:,or call:86-29-86031588

  • When a guillotine shearing machine fails,you must first fully understand under what circumstances the machine failure occurred,what phenomena occurred when it occurred,what measures the operator took after it occurred,and investigate the alarm lights on each circuit board Happening.Then press the reset button of the system to see if the fault disappears.If the fault alarm disappears,this type of alarm is mostly a software fault.

    Secondly,the following methods can be used to comprehensively judge the fault when it is determined that the brake shears has a fault.

    1.Intuitive method:It is to use human senses to pay attention to the phenomenon when the malfunction occurs and to identify the location of the malfunction.This is the most basic and simple method,but it requires machine tool repairers to have a certain repair experience.

    timg (6) 拷贝.jpg

    2.When a failure occurs the system parameters of the system guillotine shearing machine should be checked in time:the system parameter changes will directly affect the performance of the machine tool,and even cause the machine tool to malfunction and the entire machine tool cannot be operated.The disturbance of the outside world may cause the change of a single parameter in the memory.It seems that when the machine tool has some incredible failures,the parameters of the CNC system can be checked.

    3.Spare parts replacement method:When the machine tool failure is analyzed and it is found that the circuit board may be faulty,the spare parts board can be used to replace it,and the faulty circuit board can be quickly determined.But pay attention to the following two points when using this method:①Pay attention to the position of the adjustable switches on the circuit board,and pay attention to the setting conditions of the two circuit boards to be exchanged when changing the board.Put the system in an unstable or suboptimal condition,or even alarm. ②After replacing some circuit boards (such as bending machines),it is necessary to reset or input the parameters and programs of the machine tool.

    timg (3) 拷贝.jpg

    4.Use the detection terminals on the circuit board:there are detection terminals for measuring the circuit voltage and waveform on the circuit board,so as to determine whether the part of the circuit is operating normally during debugging and repair.But when testing this part of the circuit,you should understand the circuit principle and the logical relationship of the circuit.

    When the guillotine shearing machine fails you can check it first according to the above methods.If you can’t solve it, please call the after-sales phone:86-29-86031588,

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