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  • With the recycling of waste materials, all recyclable waste materials such as waste paper, plastics, crop straws, woven bags, beverage bottles, lightweight metals, etc. waste transportation costs, increase transportation costs, and do not use secondary recycling. Therefore, the fully automatic hydraulic baler is better and effectively used and developed.

    my country has a vast land with abundant resources and a large population. Therefore, the domestic waste generated ranks first in the world. Take the waste plastic industry alone: ??the annual output of plastic products is 25 million tons. Based on the 20% recyclable volume, waste plastics should be recycled a year. About 5 million tons, the recycling of waste plastic products in my country has a long way to go. According to incomplete statistics, China produces 3.5 million tons of discarded plastic bottles every year. If these plastic bottles are correctly recycled, more resources can be created: every ton of plastic bottles recycled is equivalent to saving 6 tons of oil and reducing 3 tons. Of carbon dioxide emissions, planting 41 trees. Among the mechanical equipment for beverage bottle recycling, the fully automatic hydraulic baler is one of the indispensable equipment. The packed blocks are neat and beautiful, greatly reducing the volume, increasing the density, convenient for transportation and storage, and conducive to secondary recycling.


    Nick Machinery plastic baler has the characteristics of high work efficiency, low energy consumption, easy installation and operation, safe and reliable use, strong adaptability to the workplace, and reasonable price. Free consultation hotline86-29-86031588

  • As waste paper balers, straw balers, and plastic balers have begun to move toward high-end development, high-end automatic balers produced by well-known companies have improved performance while reducing sales prices, and fully automatic hydraulic balers seizing the market at low prices Machine manufacturers have lost their competitive advantages and have almost no ability to resist risks.

    The continuous upgrading of packaging equipment has also contributed to the rapid development of products, but users are not professional designers after all, and how to solve problems is important.

    What is the reason that the hydraulic baler cannot work efficiently?

    1. The oil supply pressure of the oil pump cannot meet the flow demand. In order to prevent the occurrence of oil leakage, strict inspection and testing must be carried out before work.

    2. Once the relief valve of the baler is deformed, it will seriously affect the blockage of the main spool. The main spool is blocked at the small opening, which will easily cause some pressure oil output by the baler oil pump to overflow back to the fuel tank, so that the oil in the baler can pass through. The flow rate in the element is greatly reduced, which slows down the oil feed rate.


    3. Both internal and external oil leakage are serious. In fast work, it is easy to cause the oil supply pressure to be too low, but the pressure is much higher than the oil return line. When the piston seal of the Bailer machine cylinder is damaged, the two sides of the Bailer machine cylinder are easy The accident that caused excessive internal leakage resulted in insufficient rapid movement speed of the cylinder of the horizontal baler, and oil leakage was likely to occur in other parts.

    4. A series of reasons such as the lubrication of the guide rail and the poor installation accuracy and assembly accuracy of the oil cylinder in the baler can easily cause the friction resistance to increase when the baler is working.

    The hydraulic baler produced by Nick Machinery has played the purpose of reducing transportation volume, saving freight, and increasing profits for the enterprise.

  • The automatic waste paper baler is a mechanical and electrical integration, a very high degree of automation baler, mainly composed of mechanical systems, control systems, feeding systems and power systems. The automatic hydraulic baler has good rigidity, toughness and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and energy-saving, and low investment cost of equipment basic engineering. It is widely used in all kinds of waste paper factories, waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises. It is suitable for the packaging and recycling of waste paper, plastic straw, etc., which can improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs. There are many popular names for automatic waste paper baler. Common ones are: automatic hydraulic waste paper baler, horizontal automatic waste paper baler, fully automatic compressed waste paper baler, automatic waste paper baler, fully automatic Waste paper hydraulic baler, waste paper automatic baler, automatic horizontal waste paper baler, etc.


    Composition structure:

    Waste paper baler is a mechatronic product, mainly composed of mechanical system, control system, feeding system and power system. The whole Bailer process is composed of auxiliary time such as pressing, returning, carrying, transferring, outgoing up, outgoing down, and receiving. So far, waste paper balers on the market are mainly divided into two types, horizontal and vertical. The vertical waste paper balers are relatively small because of their relatively small size and low efficiency. The horizontal waste paper baler is bulky compared to the vertical baler, but its compression force is also larger than that of the vertical baler, the size of the baler is relatively large, the efficiency of the bale is high, and it is easy to operate automatically because The general waste paper baler adopts a horizontal form. The horizontal waste paper baler is easy to realize automation, can improve the overall efficiency of baling, and save the labor cost of baling.

    Nick Machinery's automatic waste paper box Bailer machine is suitable for the recovery, compression and Bailer of loose materials such as waste paper, cardboard, newspapers, and waste cartons.

  • The sponge baler is mainly composed of belt feeding, unwinding, joint connection and cutting device, transmission system, track frame and control device. It is a machine that uses a strap to wrap the product or package, then tighten it and fuse the two ends through a thermal effect or use a buckle and other materials to connect the machine. The function of the baler is to make the plastic belt close to the surface of the bundled package to ensure that the package is not scattered due to inadequate tying during transportation and storage. At the same time, it should be bundled neatly and beautifully. However, the correct maintenance of the baler can extend the service life of the baler, and at the same time, the baling process will be smoother. When the baler is maintained, problems can be found and maintained in time to avoid being frustrated when using it.

    For the purchased strapping tool, you must read the instruction manual in detail before using it. If you don't understand it, you can call the technicians according to the phone on the instruction manual to learn more about the use and maintenance conditions, so as to be foolproof. In addition, pay attention to the following conditions:

    1. Bailer tools need to be cleaned in time

    It is necessary to keep the strapping tools such as the baler clean, and remove the debris and dirt on the track and parts. Generally, the equipment is equipped with cleaning tools. If there is no belt, you can use a lint-free brush or use a cotton cloth to clean it.


    2. Reinforce inspection of fasteners in time

    During work and transportation of strapping tools such as balers, fasteners in various parts may be loosened. Frequently check whether the screws, nuts, and springs in the machine are fully tightened and whether they are loose. If they are loose, they should be tightened immediately. Otherwise, unnecessary wear will occur.

    3. Lubrication maintenance from time to time

    Lubricating oil should be regularly applied to the frequently sliding parts or frictional parts of strapping tools such as balers. For the type of lubricant, please refer to the manual or call the factory after-sales service department.

    Nick Machinery will never stop, will continue to improve the quality and function of the product itself, and produce better quality machinery and equipment for a wide range of users! Contact number 86-29-86031588

  • When it comes to packaging, the first thing that comes to your mind may be artificial packaging. This is the simplest and most direct way of packaging. But in terms of manual packaging, it is clear that today's high-speed production of products cannot meet demand. With the continuous changes and development of the economy, the packaging industry on the market has also developed greatly. At present, many industries have formed an automatic packaging model. More and more automatic packaging machines have appeared, which are better adapted to product production. And the need for packaging. So what are the applications of such a Baler in the market? Have you ever understood it in depth?

    (1) Its working principle is actually very simple

    To know the market application of automatic baler, we must first clearly understand its working principle, which is actually relatively simple. This kind of Bailer machine can realize automatic Bailer. It can have single and double circle working mode for everyone to choose. It can be operated according to actual needs. The intelligent pressurization system is also very convenient. Among them, the plastic Bailer tape is wound around the product or the package, tightened and cut off, and the final plastic bag can be tightly attached to the surface of the packaged piece to ensure that it does not fall off. With the continuous improvement of research and development technology, the current baler can ensure that the product is packaged perfectly and beautifully.


    (2) The scope of application is very wide

    Although many people have come into contact with the products after the automatic packaging machine is packaged, it is relatively small and small. After all, which industries have this kind of machinery been widely used? For the clothing industry, packaging is essential Yes, this is a Baler. In addition, in industries such as cartons and packaging bags, they are actually used. Even today's medical, food and other industries, there are also such automatic packaging machines that are widely used.

    In this way, the scope of application of the automatic Bailer machine is indeed very wide, and it only needs to manually push the packaged items to achieve automatic Bailer, which saves manpower to a large extent and reduces manual pressure.

    The Baler produced by Nick Machinery is easy to operate, safe and reliable, and easy to maintain. It is an excellent choice for your Baler manufacturer!

  • 1. Harvest the straw at the right time, and the silage raw materials must be harvested after a good time. Harvesting at the right time will increase the water, sugar and carbohydrate content in the feed, and also obtain the highest dry matter yield and nutrition per unit area. Utilization rate, which can not only increase the feed intake of livestock, but also improve the production performance of livestock.

    2. Adjust the moisture content of straw, moisture is a necessary condition for microbial life; if the moisture is too low, it will affect the activity of microorganisms, and it will cause bacteria to multiply; if the moisture is too high, the feed will become agglomerated and a lot of nutrients will be lost.

    3. Cutting, feeding, and hydraulic balers compress the balers. Generally, corn stalks are cut into 2-3 cm, and sweet potato stalks are cut into 5-10 cm. When crops are cut, they can ooze a lot of juice, which is good for the growth of lactic acid bacteria and can also speed up the silage process.


    4. Cover the plastic bag with woven bag and seal it. For anaerobic fermentation, the crop must be cut short with a grinder, and it cannot be dried outside or stacked for too long.

    5. Outdoor or warehouse palletizing storage!

    Silage is an effective method to improve the utilization rate of green feed. After silage, the feed is soft and juicy, and the loss of nutrients is less than that of air-drying and sun-drying.

    Nick Machinery is committed to the production of straw balers at a price, with a complete range and features such as reasonable design, beautiful models, convenient operation, and accurate accuracy.

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