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  • Mostwaste textiles derived from domestic waste can be resold and donated to poor areas after proper collection and cleaning.Some of the non-reusable textiles are sent to landfill,some are incinerated,and some can be recycled after sorting.

    The comprehensive utilization of waste textiles,as a new economic growth method in the cotton textile industry,has received great attention in the industry.The comprehensive utilization of waste textiles is an effective way for the cotton textile industry to develop circular economy and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.Combine the development of the industry with environmental protection to achieve a fundamental change in the growth pattern of the industry,ease the contradiction between economic growth,resource shortage and environmental protection,and promote the sustainable development of the industry.


    The Nick brand waste textile baler is easy to operate and automatically packs out,which improves work efficiency.The installation of emergency stop settings makes the operation safer and the after-sales perfect.

  • The equipment is taken care of by general methods such as wiping,cleaning,lubrication,adjustment, maintain and protect the performance and technical condition of the cotton hydraulic baler,which is called cotton baler maintenance.

    There are four main requirements for the maintenance of cotton hydraulic baler:

    1.Cleaning:the inside and outside of the cotton hydraulic baler should be clean and tidy.All sliding surfaces,chains,racks,oil pumps,oil holes,etc.are free from oil,and no oil leaks at all parts.The chips,debris and dirt around the cotton hydraulic balershould be cleaned.clean.

    2.Neatness:the material placement,finished paper,finished paper,and power lines in the venue must be organized.

    3.Good lubrication:add oil or change oil on time,keep oiling,no dry friction,normal oil pressure,bright oil mark, unobstructed oil path,and the oil quality meets the requirements.

    DSC00058-马来西亚 拷贝.jpg

    4.Safety:Follow the safe operation rules,do not use the equipment overloaded,the safety protection device of the cotton hydraulic baler is complete and reliable,and timely eliminate unsafe factors.

    Nick brand cotton baler is safe and reliable,low power consumption,economical and reasonable,convenient to use,simple to maintain and operate.It is a good helper for your production.

  • In some hills and mountainous areas,because the amount of corn silage cannot meet the silage requirements of local dairy farms,we can choose to make a portion of wheat silage.For example,harvesting and storing wheat silage in summer is a good choice

    Wheat silage can increase the utilization rate of silage equipment such as silage straw baler. Due to the production of silage,it is possible to harvest silage in the early stage of wheat.This also helps to stagger the pollination period of high temperature and high humidity in summer sowing corn,which effectively improves the corn firmness and reduces the number of weeds in the farmland.

    Using a straw baler for wheat silage can effectively reduce the return of straw to the field and reduce the labor costs of straw burning and straw processing.


    But wheat silage also has disadvantages:first,the nutritional value of wheat silage is slightly lower,and the dry matter yield per mu of wheat silage is low.At present,some areas of our country have been directly crushed in the field,and wrapped silage processing operations are directly carried out in the field.The Nick brand green wheat straw baler is safe,reliable,low power consumption,economical and reasonable,convenient to use,and simple to maintain and operate.It is a good helper for your production.

  • The shearing machine is suitable for all kinds of section steels(such as round steel,square steel,channel steel,I-beam,steel plate,steel pipe,etc.),and the cold section of various scrap metal layout parts.The layout of the parts is compact,the machine has stable performance,hydraulic control,simple operation,and long application life.It is one of the ideal equipment for the metal receiving industry and forging workshop charge.A complete hydraulic system of shearing machine is composed of five departments,namely energy component,performance component,control component,help component and hydraulic oil.

    The function of the energy component of the shear is to convert the machine energy of the original idea into the pressure energy of the liquid,which refers to the oil pump in the hydraulic system,which supplies energy to the entire hydraulic system.


    The function of performance components(such as hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors)is to convert the pressure energy of the liquid into machine energy,which drives the load to move in a straight line.

    The shear control components(that is,various hydraulic valves)control and regulate the pressure,flow,and direction of the liquid in the hydraulic system.

    The help components of the system include oil tank,oil filter,oil pipe and pipe discussion,sealing ring,pressure gauge,oil level thermometer,etc.which play the role of connection,oil delivery,oil storage,filtration,storage pressure and measurement.

    According to the actual needs of everyone,the Nick brand shearing machine has been recognized by many customers with high-quality qualifications and professional craftsmanship and is trustworthy.

  • Many waste collection stations are inseparable from yellow storage straw baler equipment.Depending on the type of operation of the purchase station,some specialize in the purchase of waste cartons,some purchase plastic bottles,and some purchase various waste products such as scrap iron and waste plastic. These buying stations buy waste products in the hands of hawkers and then transport them to larger processing plants. -In this process,they need to save money from transportation and obtain more profit margins.


    A large amount of waste products are loose,without a fixed shape,and it takes more time to load.Through the use of waste paper baler and other equipment to compress and pack it,make it shape,increase the transportation volume per unit volume.More can be transported at a time,thereby saving transportation costs.The scale of operation of each acquisition station is different,and the selection of waste paper baler models should be based on the scale.To meet production requirements without wasting equipment resources.

    The Nick hydraulic baler is easy to operate and has complete models to meet your various needs.

  • The yellow storage straw baler is troublesome when changing the production varieties,and it takes a lot of time to prepare.However,with the development of technology,the yellow storage straw baler equipment can be fully adapted to the production of various varieties without preparation work.Can be put into production,so it effectively improves production efficiency and makes the equipment more cost-effective.

    In the process of technological upgrading of the yellow storage straw baler equipment,not only the work efficiency is upgraded,but also the beautiful appearance of the equipment and the simplification of the operation have brought more help to the production of the production enterprise,thus not only improving the production efficiency,but also Optimizing equipment technology also has outstanding performance.This development model can be used for a long time.Of course,this can not only be used in the development process of scrap packaging machines,but also can be applied to the production of other packaging machines.


    Nick brand yellow storage straw baler is safe and reliable,low power consumption,economical and reasonable,easy to use,simple to maintain and operate.It is a good helper for your production.

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