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  • The independent innovation of straw baler technology is particularly important at present. The future sales market is a sales market that competes in technology. Therefore, for straw baler machinery and equipment manufacturers, concentrate on the independent innovation of straw baler technology. And product research and development are appropriate. Only in this way can a better straw baler be created.

    Nowadays, in all walks of life, it is necessary to use a variety of service support to be stronger, and it is the same in the field of straw balers, only continuous shaping of excellent technology, giving full play to the subjectivity of scientific and technological innovation Motivation, improving the characteristics and high efficiency of the straw baler, and enhancing the advantages of products and services are particularly important.


    For today’s enterprises, it is not only the service items that must be highly valued, but also the market sales, but the more important thing is to do a good job of the basics and apply the technology of the fully automatic packaging machine to make the service items more and more. It has use value and makes market sales smoother. For the straw baler sales market at this stage, although there are many kinds of goods, there are not many that can really guarantee stronger service items, because most companies still It cannot be developed technically. Therefore, for customer companies, these products that attach importance to technological improvement and have certain advantages in technology will be more cherished.

    Nick straw baler has the characteristics of small footprint, simple operation, high work efficiency, mobile use, compact bundling effect, high density, and good air permeability.

  • In general use, the hydraulic transmission system software of industrial equipment is very prone to common problems. Sometimes, mild vibration will cause the normal use of the straw baler. So how to prevent this kind of situation and what is the cause of this kind of situation?

    1. When manufacturing or repairing the straw baler, the installation and cleaning should be carried out in strict accordance with the standards, and ensure that there is no environmental pollution and no leakage during installation.

    2. Pay attention to tightening the connectors of all pipelines of industrial equipment, and scrub the gasket with vegetable butter. To prevent the gasket from being destroyed due to its errors during the entire tightening process, and strictly prevent leakage at the pipe joints.

    3. When tightening the connecting screws, apply symmetrical force. When tightening the screws, use the included angle. In addition, pay attention to the symmetry of the sealing gasket. Two layers of paper pads are not allowed.

    4. When eliminating the debris on the oil filter element, to prevent secondary pollution, use an air pump to remove the filter element and clean it with a diesel engine. If the filter element is serious to air pollution, it can be replaced. In addition, when configuring the filter system, pay attention to sufficient capacity.


    5. The hydraulic filter element must ensure that there is sufficient oil, and the oil is not less than the mark line of the oil level gauge. If the oil volume is too low, the oil pump will be emptied, which will endanger the operation of the hydraulic oil pump and even seriously damage the oil pump.

    6. The common driving force of the hydraulic press of the automatic straw baler is the external control leakage type. Therefore, this product should be installed at the import and export trade office of the pump. One is to be able to maintain a certain amount of pressure. The second is to prevent backflow of gear oil.

    7. Improve the hydraulic drive system software of the equipment to prevent the hydraulic cylinder of the straw baler from crawling. And set the necessary exhaust pipe plug or automatic exhaust valve in the hydraulic cylinder.

    Nick straw baler has the characteristics of small footprint, simple operation, high work efficiency, mobile use, compact bundling effect, high density, and good air permeability.

  • Nick straw baler is mainly used for packing and compressing wood chips, sawdust, straw, paper scraps, rice husk, rice bran, cottonseed, rags, cotton fibers and other similar loose fibers. It has a wide range of uses and has a small footprint. The characteristics of large size and space saving, let’s talk about the maintenance methods of the improved straw baler:

    1. It is not necessary to open the shell and disassemble the safety cover at will. Pulling the operating handle of the clutch inwardly is to feed in, and pushing outwardly is to reverse and return the material.

    2. To do a good job in maintenance, it is necessary to carry out cleaning and maintenance on time.

    3. Check immediately, and tighten immediately if some components are loose.

    4. After the application is carried out, the straw on the device should be removed immediately.


    5. If it is not needed for a long time, wipe and clean every position of the equipment, introduce oil into the place where the oil is dripping, and keep the equipment tidy and free of rust.

    The above is a detailed introduction of the maintenance methods of the straw baler. The equipment needs maintenance, so that the service life of the equipment can be increased.

  • After years of development trend, the baler has already been very sound, and many well-known companies have already put it into the production line immediately. However, there are still many people who don't know the function of the Baler. So, how does the baler work? Let’s take a look at the full automatic baler below.

    Fully automatic baler is relatively the newest kind of baler, using the latest scientific research technology, fully automated design, practical operation and application is simple, convenient, and very easy to get started.

    1. From the structural point of view: the fully automatic baler control modular aluminum alloy profile bow frame design scheme, which is convenient to disassemble;

    2. From the level of availability: the maximum capacity of the bundle is determined by the bow frame, and the bow frame can be customized according to the actual situation of the customer;

    3. From the perspective of the reliability of the Baler machine: the Baler posture is gentle, the durability is high, the Baler function is complete, the common faults are few, and the maintenance is convenient;


    4. From the overall situation of Baler: the automatic Baler machine selects the motor, the reducer and the camshaft to cooperate with each other, and the Baler is done in one go, and the motor stops running immediately after the Baler is completed, which saves electricity and is easy to use.

    Nick Machinery supports product customization, available from stock, and supports customized production models and specifications. For details, please call customer service. Contact number 86-29-86031588 

  • 1. Only pay attention to the price of the straw baler, and don't distinguish whether the machine is good or bad. In fact, this is a very big mistake. It is important to pay attention to the price, but the performance of the baler is more important. Choosing a good straw baler can reduce labor costs and increase work efficiency.

    2. Only care about the net weight of a single roll, not the length of the whole bundle. Different straw balers are likely to produce and process straw balers with different thicknesses. The same, different types of straw balers have different thicknesses, resulting in different straw balers of the same length, and the price difference is very big. Therefore, different thickness and different types of straw balers should be selected according to the net weight of different packaging items.

    3. Some customers think that if the packaging is good, the straw baler will not be bad. The main purpose of buying a straw baler is to pack goods better, and the packaging of the straw baler is sequential.


    Nick Machinery specializes in manufacturing and selling hydraulic straw balers, etc. It has a long history of hydraulic machinery production and processing, advanced production equipment, and a strong technical team. The company focuses on advanced design and management concepts, and has a good quality assurance system and A good after-sales service.

    Nick Machinery products sell well in many countries and regions around the world, and are well recognized by the majority of users.

  • The PET bottle baler is easy to use and simple to operate. It is very suitable for use in recycling stations that specialize in the purchase of plastic products and have a certain amount of purchase. The functions of the PET bottle baler are relatively diversified, but noise problems may occur during use. How should this be solved?

    The normal production and work of the PET bottle Baler machine produces very little noise, if the equipment produces an unbearable noise problem during work. Then it means that the machine has problems in some aspects, and the cause of the noise may be improper operation, or the daily maintenance is not in place. In view of the noise problem in the Baler process of the PET bottle Baler machine, the following solutions are proposed according to different situations:

    1. Check whether the pilot valve is worn and whether it can be tightly fitted with the valve seat. If it is abnormal, replace the pilot valve head.

    2. Check whether the pressure regulating spring of the pilot valve is deformed or twisted. If it is twisted, replace the spring or the pilot valve head.

    PET 6-2.jpg

    3. Check whether the oil pump and the motor coupling are installed concentrically and centered. If they are not concentric, they should be adjusted.

    4. Check whether there is vibration in the waste paper baler pipeline, and add sound-proof and vibration-absorbing pipe clamps where there is vibration.

    5. The joints of the oil confluence of double pumps or multiple pumps should be reasonable, otherwise it will cause vibration and noise due to vortex cavitation.

    Nick Machinery's aluminum can/PET bottle Baler machine is professionally suitable for the compression and Baler of cans, PET cola bottles, oil bottles, hard plastics, sponges and other items.

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