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  • With the increase in agricultural output in my country,the amount of straw has also doubled.Among them,corn stalks are planted in a wide area,short production cycle,large yield,rich in nutrients and high-value polymer plant fibers,but this resource does not Get fully utilized.The main factors restricting the development of straw forage industry are:

    1.Compared with grass stalks,in the production of food crops,due to the requirements of lodging resistance,stalks have higher silicon content and hard cortex,which is hard forage.It is straw forage to increase the forage rate and absorption rate of straw.The problem of grass utilization must be solved first.


    2.The crude protein content of straw is low,especially yellow straw,life active substances vitamins,etc.have been destroyed,more than 80% of the soluble compounds are decomposed,the main component of crop straw is cellulose,which is responsible for the nutritional value of straw forage One of the reasons for the low.

    However,as the basic feed for ruminants,straw is an indispensable filling for the stomach.Increasing the protein content of straw forage is a task that must be solved first in the utilization of straw forage.

    But now there is a straw baler that can solve these problems.

    The straw baler can press silage straw,dried corn stalks,various straw scraps,etc.,for bundling,and automatic bagging and packaging.

    The Nick brand straw baler has simple structure,simple daily operation and maintenance,convenient transportation and storage,continuous operation and high efficiency.,Tel:86-29-86031588

  • The iron sheet baler Press machine can greatly reduce the volume of iron sheet,thus achieving the purpose of reducing the transportation area,saving freight,and increasing the company's benefits.

    1.Improve labor efficiency,save labor,reduce transportation costs,and facilitate transportation and processing.

    2.The pressure of the vertical baler ranges from 10 tons to 80 tons,with all specifications.

    3.Hydraulic drive,using upper-mounted oil cylinder,no need for underground foundation.


    4.The entire hydraulic cylinder feels suitable and uses imported tightly sealed closed loops,with reliable quality and prolonging the number of years of life preservation.

    The Nick brand iron sheet baler is easy to operate and automatically discharges the bale,which improves work efficiency.The installation of emergency stop settings makes the operation safer and perfect after-sales.

    Consulting telephone:86-29-86031588.For more,please

  • Do you know how to use semi-automatic waste paper baler?

    1.The operator must understand the mechanical structure,performance,and the operation,maintenance and maintenance methods specified in the manual before allowing the boot.

    2.Before work,carefully check whether there are any abnormalities in the moving parts,whether the linkage program is valid,and the machine can be turned on only if it is normal and correct.

    3.Before starting the machine,open the shut-off valve on the oil inlet pipe and check whether the oil level in the oil tank meets the requirements.


    4.During the working process,the oil temperature in the oil pipe should not be higher than 60℃.If the oil temperature is too high,stop working and use it after cooling down or add a cooling device.

    5.Wipe the oil on the machine at any time,maintain the equipment,and ensure the quality of the product and the normal and orderly production work

    The Nick brand semi-automatic waste paper baler automatically discharges the bales.It is easy to operate and the conveyor belt is loaded,saving labor and improving economic benefits.

    Consulting telephone:86-29-86031588.For more,please

  • The scope of application of the tea baler Press machine:tea farmers,tea farms,tea factories and other tea processing places.

    The tea baler Press machine is a new equipment developed by Nick Machinery for tea owners.It is used to replace the traditional manual or machine kneading actions in the tea making process,which can keep the tea fresh and natural flavor.

    微信图片_20190905093423 拷贝.jpg微信图片_20190905093351 拷贝.jpg

    On the one hand,the tea baler Press machine produced by Nick Machinery destroys the organization of the tea,so that the contained tea juice and the inner substance and aroma of the tea are released from the surface of the tea so that it can be quickly dissolved when brewing in the future;Tightly rolled into shape to facilitate packaging and storage.

    Nick brand tea baler Press machine can help you make tea faster and better,keep the delicious taste,and be more conducive to packaging and preservation.,Tel:86-29-86031588

  • What do we choose the role of the hydraulic baler,what is the purpose of the choice,what is the use of the hydraulic baler for our daily work,and what help is it for us.

    These issues are issues that users must pay attention to and think about before choosing a hydraulic baler.

    The hydraulic baler is to save and pack some loose items,which is convenient for storage and transportation.After the baler Press process of the hydraulic baler,it can save space for you,improve the efficiency of work more effectively,and expand the storage space.

    IMG_4694 拷贝.jpg

    The choice of hydraulic baler is mainly to facilitate the operation of users and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

    According to your own needs,find suitable products,control costs,and find the most cost-effective hydraulic baler.

    In order to better ensure the quality of the hydraulic baler,Nick Machinery,while continuously improving its technology,must also ensure the firmness of the various components of the hydraulic baler,thereby improving the cost-effectiveness of the hydraulic baler.Nick Machinery is your best choice.,Tel:86-29-86031588

  • The general engine of the corn stalk baler is composed of two major mechanisms:Quyou Lianxuan and gas distribution,and four major systems including fuel supply,lubrication,cooling and starting devices.

    The basic structure of the gasoline engine of the corn stalk baler is similar to that of the diesel engine,except that the fuel is different,and its ignition method and some device structures are also different.Its structure functions are as follows:Crankshaft connecting rod mechanism:It is the device foundation to realize the core motive of the conversion of heat energy and mechanism of corn stalk baler.


    Air distribution mechanism:to ensure timely air exchange for the cylinder of the corn straw baler.

    Fuel supply system:control the output power of the engine for the amount of fuel injected into the cylinder per cycle.

    Lubrication system;to ensure the lubrication and normal operation of each movement mechanism of the corn stalk baler,and extend its service life.

    Cooling system:Dissipate the heat generated by the engine of the corn stalk baler in time to ensure that the engine works under normal temperature.


    Ignition system:sparks in time to ignite the fuel combustion (the diesel engine has no ignition system).

    Start-up system:A device that provides external power for the start of the corn stalk baler engine.

    The above is the structure of the straw baler.Nick Machinery reminds you to operate carefully and produce safely.

    If you are interested in the above straw baler or have questions,please visit our company's,or call:86-29-86031588

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