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  • Nick company specializes in the production of small waste paper balers,vertical waste paper balers,etc.For those matters that should be paid attention to during the installation of small waste paper balers,we will analyze for everyone:

    1.The piston connecting rod group of the small waste paper baler is selected according to the standard grouping

    2.The weight requirements of the piston connecting rod group.Multi-cylinder diesel engines have certain requirements for the weight of pistons,connecting rods,and piston-connecting rod groups of the same model,and there are group symbols.

    3.Disassemble and place in a reasonable order,especially for multi-cylinder diesel engines.After the parts are disassembled and cleaned,they should be placed in a clean place according to the order of the cylinders,seated in pairs,and the parts of each cylinder cannot be mixed.

    4.The small waste paper baler should master the appropriate degree of dismantling.

    5.Choose suitable dismantling things,not brutally dismantling.

    6.Disassembly should be prepared for future installation.


    The Nick brand automatic waste carton packer is simple to operate and automatically packs out,which improves work efficiency.The installation of emergency stop settings makes the operation safer.

  • With the development of society,the technology of hydraulic packaging machinery is constantly improving,and the machinery industry is in great demand in China's hydraulic packaging machinery market.This greatly promotes the development of the hydraulic packaging machinery industry and also promotes continuous self-innovation of manufacturers.Change the backward business philosophy.The future development prospects of my country's hydraulic baler industry are very optimistic.The hydraulic baler industry will stand at the forefront of the world's packaging industry in the near future.


    Nowadays,the competition in the hydraulic baler market is very fierce.If hydraulic baler companies want to develop better in the market,they must find a new path that suits the needs of market development.High-tech content and equipment quality are essential Yes, Nick Machinery is professionally built in accordance with the needs of market development. 

    The future development trend of hydraulic baler extends to full automation,advanced and diversified aspects.The current technology is developing rapidly,the technology is constantly being updated,and the function of the hydraulic baler is also constantly being upgraded.Continue to tap the development potential of hydraulic baler is the focus of the future development of hydraulic baler industry.


    While developing the performance of the Nick Machinery automatic straw hydraulic baler,it must also reduce the price of the automatic straw hydraulic baler,so that customers are truly aware of the automatic straw hydraulic baler when using the fully automatic waste baler.Convenient and affordable.

  • Uses: Mainly used in garment factories,clothing and textile packing stations to compress and pack loose and soft packages with packaging, and also suitable for compression and packing of other soft and soft objects.

    Features:Convenient refilling,simple structure,small footprint,beautiful appearance,hydraulic door opening,high box body,the whole package is pressed at one time,single-sided rope,high pressure,beautiful and beautiful,and easy to install.

    1.Mainly applicable to garment factories and waste recycling stations.

    2.Hydraulic configuration: low-noise hydraulic circuit system,using imported and domestic high-quality components to ensure quality and reduce costs,the performance of the whole machine is stable.

    3.Simple structure,low failure rate,simple and quick maintenance.

    4.Easy to install,no need for foundation reinforcement.

    5.Feeding method:manual feeding is adopted.


    Nick is a professional company engaged in the development, production,sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery.It is your best choice to build professionalism with concentration,build reputation with integrity,and build sales with service.

  • The corn stalk baler is mainly suitable for the compression of pepper,corncob sawdust,wood chips,bamboo chips,rice husks,cotton seed husks,peanut husks,leaves,branches and crushed wheat straw,rice straw,cotton stalks and other scraps,and directly bagged after compression ,Convenient storage and reduce transportation costs.


    Advantages of Nick corn stalk baler:

    1.The machine adopts hydraulic transmission,horizontal bagging,high output

    2.The pump station is equipped with a pressure gauge to display the working pressure more intuitively;the fuel tank is equipped with an oil level display gauge,which can visually display the change of oil volume,and is equipped with an electric heater function (optional) to prevent hydraulic pressure when starting in winter The oil is too thick to damage the pump;the oil tank capacity is large enough to dissipate heat well when working,to prevent the oil temperature from being too high in summer,the oil pressure is reduced or the seal is damaged

    3.The hydraulic cylinder is designed and manufactured according to heavy machinery standards,with reliable quality and long service life.

    4.The main push steel has a displacement rod indicator,which is more intuitive during operation to avoid holding the pump.

    5.The hydraulic pump has a variable pressure compensation function,which can achieve the effects of high efficiency, high pressure,low motor power,and low power consumption.The value of high efficiency,energy saving and electricity saving throughout the year is very considerable.


    The Nick brand straw baler has simple structure,small volume,simple daily operation and maintenance,convenient transportation and storage,continuous operation,and high efficiency.

  • With the accelerated development of industry and the increase in population density,the problem of garbage transfer and garbage transportation has become imminent.After the garbage is collected,the transportation is subjected to secondary pressure to increase the density and reduce the transportation cost.

    Before purchasing a waste paper baler,it is best to choose a suitable model and power reasonably according to the size of the purchase and the space of the installation site.

    1.Take care to avoid disconnection between installation,maintenance and sales.

    2.Pay attention to safety and quality:see whether the design of the frame is reasonable and safe,the selected accessories,and the processing technology


    Whether to pay attention to every detail.Safe production can get the most benefits.Therefore,when we buy waste paper baler,we not only value the price,but also the quality and safety.

    The Nick brand waste paper baleris simple to operate and automatically discharges the bale,which improves work efficiency.The installation of emergency stop settings makes the operation safer and perfect after-sales.

  • When using a scrap balers,everyone needs to know the specific operation method of the scrap balers so that the best performance of the scrap balers can be exerted.

    Before operation,everyone must ensure that the installation of the scrap baler is normal,and it is best to check in advance.After checking,place a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the packing room to facilitate threading after packing.Then,put the waste into the baler room,paying attention to the best to put it evenly.In addition,the waste paper cannot extend beyond the surroundings of the packing room.

    After discharging,the operator should buckle the motor oil pump and adjust the manual valve to the down position.If the baler needs to be suspended during the baling process,set the manual valve to the middle position so that the pressure plate will automatically stop running.


    The above is the correct operation method of the scrap iron briquetting machine.In general,the operation method is very simple.Nick brand scrap iron balerhas simple structure, stable action,simple operation,low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance.It is a good helper for your production.

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