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  • The first effective use of wheat straw is to return it directly to the field after being crushed by a harvester.In this way,it can improve the structure of the soil and increase nutrition,which is beneficial to the next crop planting.Soare there other uses?

    1.Livestock breeding.After the wheat is harvested,the wheat stalks remain useless in the field,and burning pollutes the environment.However,wheat stalks can also be recycled and used as feed for cattle and sheep to eat,which can reduce the purchase of a large amount of grains.Wheat stalks contain a lot of trace elements needed by livestock.After eating,cattle and sheep can supplement their needs while helping them to Food digestion.


    2.After the wheat straw is collected,it can be sold to a manufacturer of plates or new materials.For example,the production of wood-plastic materials requires wheat straw as part of the raw material.

    3.Used to make paper.Both wood and crop stalks can be used to make paper,but in the face of the increasing shortage of wood raw materials,wheat stalks are a good raw material and can be used by most manufacturers.

    4.Fermentation bed pig raising technology can also use wheat straw,which not only degrades pig excrement and converts it into bacterial protein for pigs to eat,but also provides nutrition for it.The house has no odor,less mosquitoes and fresh environment.Solve the problem of difficult disposal of pig manure.


    5.Wheat straw as a new energy source.As an energy source,straw needs to be further processed,such as making biomass pellets,combustible gas,etc.At present,as a new energy source,it is mainly used in these two aspects.The production process of biomass pellets is through a straw pellet machine and pressed into diameter It is 8mm round cylindrical pellets,or is compressed into 30mmX30mm block pellets by a straw briquetting machine.These pellets can be used as feed to increase the feed intake of livestock,and can also be used as a new energy alternative to coal.Its main sales location is urban In places where coal is needed,such as boiler houses and power plants,the income is quite substantial.

    The Nick brand straw briquetting machine is easy to operate and continuous out of the bale,which can be directly transported,which is convenient and fast.,Tel:+86-29-8631588

  • A green and environmentally friendly automatic waste paper baler enterprise is our goal.We always implement the principle of low-carbon production,without wasting one kilowatt-hour of electricity or a drop of water.We also use energy-saving and low-carbon technological innovation for shears,metal machines,and balers.Focus.

    Maybe our Nick Machinery is not doing enough now,but we believe that we are moving forward along a green road.It also contributes to saving the country's coal resources,and at the same time,it acts as an example to drive other companies to take a low-carbon route.Strive for our early realization of a low-carbon and environmentally friendly country.


    Low-carbon production is a must for future development.How to achieve low-carbon production and build low-carbon enterprises?Innovation is the soul of a nation’s progress and an inexhaustible driving force for the prosperity and development of a country. For an enterprise,Nick Machinery has always been on the road of continuous innovation and transformation of science and technology, adhering to the development strategy of advocating green and environmental protection,and continuous advancement and development.Ecological resources.

    The use of high-efficiency production processes to intensify,minimize pollution emissions,and incorporate low-carbon manufacturing and environmental protection concepts into the company's future development plans is the basis for companies to enter the international market.Enterprises in the industry should work together to strive for the construction of low-carbon enterprises.Nick goes hand in hand with you to build a beautiful home.,Tel:+86-29-86031588

  • Now is the age of the Internet,and the Internet has brought us into the vast sky. So Nick Machinery pays more attention to the network and believes that the network will be the protagonist in the future,so Nick Machinery wants to seize this opportunity tightly,hoping to have a space to show itself and promote its own hydraulic baler in this Internet era.

    In fact,not only Nick Machinery saw the future of the Internet,but all manufacturers also saw the rapidity of the Internet.

    废纸1 拷贝.jpg

    It is the Internet that allows us to communicate globally,quickly understand world information,and seize business opportunities in the first place.The sooner you enter,the easier it is to promote.

    We can understand all the dynamics of the hydraulic baler through the Internet. At this moment,we can appreciate the rapidity of the Internet era.This is why Nick Machinery has always paid attention to the Internet era.,Tel:+86-29-86031588

  • Woven bag baling machine can be applied to cotton,wool,waste paper,waste paper box,waste cardboard,yarn,tobacco,plastic,cloth,woven bag,knitted velvet,hemp,sack,wool top,wool ball,cocoon,silk,All light foaming and loose materials such as hops,wheat wood,grass,waste plastic bags.

    The package is compact,neat and beautiful,and can greatly reduce transportation costs.It is an indispensable production tool for cotton producing areas,textile companies,supermarkets,clothing factories,waste material recycling industries and other light industrial enterprises.


    Nick Machinery has many years of design and manufacturing experience,and can tailor the hydraulic baler that is truly suitable for your packaging size and pressure.The body is welded with high-quality carbon steel,which is beautiful and durable.The transmission part adopts independent design High-efficiency hydraulic circuit,high pressure,good stability,energy saving more than 50%.The upper and lower operation of the pressure plate adopts electric or manual control and can be designed with automatic bag turning function,which greatly reduces labor intensity.

    Customers are spread all over the country and exported to India,Dubai,the United States,Australia and other countries. Welcome new and old customers to visit and buy,Nick Machinerywill provide you with the best quality service and products.,Tel:+86-29-86031588

  • Under the current severe situation,it is very difficult for the carton Baler machine to occupy the international market.Therefore,it is mainly reflected in the following aspects for China's corrugated carton packaging equipment suppliers:

    1.Expand the use of corrugated cardboard and promote the rapid development of the industry.The products of corrugated board make full use of the unique advantages of corrugated straight board to meet the function of substitutes.Create low cost performance to win customers.


    2.The hydraulic carton Baler machine conforms to the theme of environmental protection and accelerates the "3R" of the packaging industry.Corrugated cardboard itself has a certain environmental protection,and it is very low cost,light weight,wide range of raw materials,various varieties,easy to compound processing and easy to form mass production,gradually forming a scale.In recent years,green packaging materials are pollution-free in their development, production,circulation,use,and recycling.Nowadays,when international environmental protection calls are fierce,it is an inevitable path for businesses to take an environmentally friendly development path.


    3.The hydraulic carton Baler machine has become a new bright spot for corrugated packaging in the field of sales and transportation packaging.With the rapid economic development and the continuous expansion of the commodity sales market,corrugated paper is used more in various fields.

    Nick carton Baler machine has simple structure,stable action,simple operation,low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance.It is a good helper for your production.,Tel:+86-29-86031588

  • The renewal of clothing and the rapid economic development have made our lives better.As a modern enterprise,it also needs better technological support,and it is advanced equipment that reflects high technology.

    In the process of struggle,the vertical garment baling machine brings us convenience,becomes a good helper for enterprises,and gives people a new experience of life.

    Clothing hydraulic balers,people are pointing their lives at calling for green environmental protection.When the technology is being developed,the vertical clothing balers also incorporate environmental protection functions into technical projects.The current equipment is not only beautiful and complete in its packaging,but also The important thing is to reduce production costs and have the characteristics of green and environmental protection.


    Especially today when people advocate environmental protection,all machinery and equipment are working hard to develop in the direction of environmental protection,and the vertical clothing Baler machine also has its own contribution to environmental protection.

    The garment baling machine is fast in efficiency,labor-saving,low noise,low loss, easy to operate,coupled with the good service of Nick Machinery,good quality and excellent price,it is your best choice.,TEL:+86-29-86031588

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