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  • Due to the different uses of the hydraulic drive of the scrap Plastic Bottle baler, the required pressure of the system is also different. Exceeding this value will overload the pump, and the rated pressure is restricted by the structural strength and leakage of the pump itself. In order to facilitate the design, production and use of hydraulic components of scrap Plastic Bottle baler, the pressure is divided into several levels.

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    For the scrap Plastic Bottle recycling station, a large amount of scrap Plastic Bottle is purchased every day, and it is also necessary to carry out regular scrap Plastic Bottle transportation. Use a scrap Plastic Bottle packer to pack a large amount of scrap Plastic Bottle and then transport it. It can not only reduce the number of transportation, but also increase the transportation volume and save transportation costs. Thereby increasing the total income.

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    The scrap Plastic Bottle packer of Shaanxi Nick Machinery Factory can choose the corresponding model according to its own needs, and the company with small scrap Plastic Bottle throughput can choose the smaller model. The allowable pressure of the scrap Plastic Bottle baler is higher than the rated pressure, and the high pressure value that allows the hydraulic pump of the scrap Plastic Bottle baler to operate temporarily is called the high allowable pressure of the hydraulic pump.

    If there is a problem with the oil pump; confirm the suction and discharge ports of the pump, and be sure to fill the pump with hydraulic oil before starting the hydraulic pump. The oil inlet and outlet of the hydraulic pump of the scrap Plastic Bottle packer must be well sealed, and no leakage or air ingress is allowed. If it is confirmed whether there is air ingress, you can apply grease to the sealed part to see if the noise of the oil pump is significantly reduced to determine whether there is air in the oil pump during operation.For more information ,please visit :   or 

  • The scrap Plastic Bottle packer started mass production and was put into use. In the 1980s, large-tonnage hydraulic baler was also put into use, and my country's scrap Plastic Bottle processing technology and technology have made a new leap, and the packaging quality of scrap Plastic Bottle has been comprehensively improved. It has been proved by practice that the hydraulic baler has a compact structure, flexible operation, high degree of automation, long service life, large pressure tonnage, and a large increase in scrap Plastic Bottle density. It saves packaging materials and reduces the loss of vehicles. The economic benefit is considerable.

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        However, the hydraulic baler has the problem of poor quality of hydraulic parts, and it also requires maintenance and operator's technical quality. Sealing is the most basic and important device to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system. The sealing device is mainly used to prevent liquid leakage.

        A good sealing device is the guarantee that the hydraulic system can transmit power and work normally. If the seal is not good, it will cause increased leakage of the system and components, reduce the system pressure and volumetric efficiency, waste energy, and in serious cases will cause the system to not work properly. For hydraulic systems, poor sealing results in oil leakage and pollution of the environment, so it is very important to use the sealing device correctly.

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        The scrap Plastic Bottle packing machine of Shaanxi Nick Machinery Factory is an important link in the recycling of scrap Plastic Bottle, and it is of great significance to the utilization of scrap Plastic Bottle and other compressible renewable resources. At the same time, the recycling rate of scrap Plastic Bottle in my country is low and needs to be further improved, which also shows that the application of scrap Plastic Bottle baler is very necessary, and it also needs further promotion and research.For more information ,please visit :   or 

  • The hydraulic packing machine of Shaanxi Nick Machinery Factory is mainly suitable for the compression and packing of personal and enterprise items such as large-scale waste recycling stations, paper mills, carton factories, chemical fiber factories, such as scrap Plastic Bottle boxes, scraps from carton factories, beverage bottles, plastic woven bags, Straw, bark, sawdust, bagasse, wool, used clothes, and other loose items. Packaged items not only greatly reduce storage space, but also greatly reduce transportation costs during transportation. At the same time, it is beneficial to environmental protection and recycling of waste products. .


    1: The structure of the hydraulic horizontal baler is mainly a closed-door type and a lift-door type structure. The closed-door structure can make the package density greater, suitable for the compression and packing of more items, hydraulic door opening and closing, manual bundling, safe and fast operation .

    Lifting door structure, locked on both sides, continuous package delivery, automatic threading (wire) or hook rope (wire), automatic strapping, faster operation.

    2: Imported PLC programming, LCD display screen, simple, clear and clear.

    3: Using water cooling system, the cooling effect is better.

    4: The unique concave multi-point cutter design greatly improves the cutting efficiency and extends the service life of the cutter.


    5: Using domestic well-known brand hydraulic valve group, the performance is more stable.

    6: Adopting ship-level welding process to ensure the frame is safer and stronger

  • The noise problem of the hydraulic machine has always been a headache for everyone. As soon as we walked into the plant, the noise of the machine made us unbearable. Let me introduce you how to solve the noise problem!

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    ① Reduce sound source noise

    1. Transform the production process and select low-noise hydraulic press

    2. Improve the accuracy of mechanical processing and assembly to reduce the noise caused by mechanical vibration and friction.

    3. For high-pressure and high-speed airflow, reduce the pressure difference and flow rate, or change the shape of the airflow nozzle.

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    ②Control in the middle of transmission

    1. Reasonable design in the overall layout. When arranging the factory and mine plane design, the main noise source workshop or device should be kept away from the workshop, laboratory, office, etc. that requires quietness, or the high noise equipment should be concentrated as much as possible to facilitate control.

    2. Use additional barriers to prevent noise transmission, or use natural terrain such as hills, soil slopes, woods, grass or tall buildings or additional structures that are not afraid of noise. 

    3. Use the directional characteristics of the sound source to control the noise. For example, the high-pressure boiler exhaust steam, blast furnace exhaust, oxygen generator exhaust and other exhaust outlets are facing the wilderness or sky to reduce the impact on the environment.

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    ③Protection to the recipient

    1. Personal protection for workers, such as wearing earplugs, earmuffs helmets and other anti-noise products.

    2. Adopt workers' rotation operation to shorten the working time of workers in high noise environment.

    Times have given room for development, and technology has given it the power to grow. Shaanxi Nick Machinery Factory is constantly pursuing the best quality and keeping improving to provide you with quality products and services.For more information ,please visit : or

  • At present, the overall level of my country's wheat straw baler packaging industry is relatively low, most manufacturing enterprises have weak technical development capabilities, and the technology content of wheat straw baler is low.

    In the development of new products, the overall technical strength of the industry is insufficient. The new products developed are often copied from the equipment of foreign counterparts. The general mechanical functions are not as good as the original ones. In short, the new products have no new ideas.

    1). The product design quality is not high and the predictability is poor.

    The research and development of wheat straw baling Press machines require that the design staff have a good solid theoretical foundation, rich practical experience, innovative spirit and comprehensive quality. However, it is possible to prepare these premises only for products with low complexity, but not enough for products with high complexity and automation.

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    When designing packaging machinery products with complex structure and high degree of automation, due to the objective premise and the limitations of human own physiological factors, the design is easy to make mistakes, artificial omissions, and often lack predictability.

    Whether the designed products are processed with good craftsmanship, whether the dimensions of the various departments are accurate, whether there are any human omissions, how to assemble, etc., the design staff's experience is helpless, but it is these problems that directly affect the quality of the product.

    2) The product design and manufacturing cycle is long and cannot respond quickly to the market.

    The wheat straw baler packaging machinery enterprise generally adopts the wing machine drawing, which enables the enterprise to get rid of the drawing board, shorten the product design cycle, and improve the quality of the design, but it has not solved the problem from the fundamental seven.

    At present, the market situation is that the life cycle of products is getting shorter and shorter, and the production form is increasingly showing a single-piece small batch format to adapt to the rapid change of the market. All of these pose severe challenges to traditional design and manufacturing models.

    3) The high cost of product design and manufacturing leads to an increase in product cost and lack of market competitiveness.

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    In order to test the function of the product, the wheat straw baling Press machine sometimes needs to do some functional trial and error. Some test faces are destructive, and some are costly. In some cases it is impossible to test at all.

    These all bring difficulties to the design and manufacture of products, and increase the extra cost, which is sometimes very high; the main reason is that the quality of the product design is not high, the predictability is poor, the probability of the occurrence of waste products increases, so that the finished product The rate decreases. The cost allocated to each product increases.for more information ,please visit us : 

  • Shaanxi Nick Mechanical Hydraulic wheat straw baling Press machine The wheat straw baling Press machine has excellent workmanship and advanced equipment, and the wear of various wheat straw baling Press machines under the communication with everyone

    1. Normal wear and tear. The wear of the wheat straw baling Press machine within the permissible limits specified in the design becomes the normal wear of the wheat straw baling Press machine. This kind of wear is generally in the initial stage, because the new friction surface has a certain roughness, the real contact surface is small, and the wear is relatively fast. This is the so-called running and stage. As the surface is gradually flattened and the real contact area increases, the wheat straw baling Press machine gradually enters the normal stable wear phase, and the friction surface wears slightly and slowly and stably.

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    2. Adhesive wear. This wear refers to the phenomenon that the material of the contact surface is transferred from one surface to another due to solid phase welding at the real contact point, which is called adhesive wear. When solid-phase welding occurs in the wheat straw baling Press machine, the temperature at the actual contact point may or may not exceed the melting point.

    Nick Baler can supply many kinds of baler machine,Waste paper baler machine,Cardboard Paper Baling Machine,For more information ,please visit : or .even you can send us whatsAPP:00 86 15021631102 to free talk and inquiry as any time

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