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  • The round metal baler Press is mainly used for scrap metal processing in the recycling of scrap metal.It is generally used to pack long and bulky materials such as stainless steel scraps,iron scraps,steel scraps,etc.,to pack and compress various scrap metals into a large density.Small mass with circular cross section.

    The length of the bale is generally 400-600 mm.The main advantage of the round bale is that it is convenient to enter the furnace for smelting.The smelting furnace mouth is generally a round caliber with a diameter ranging from 400 mm to 700 mm.If the cross section of the bale is Is square,so in the filling process.


    The periphery of the bale is right-angled,which is easy to get stuck in the furnace mouth or the furnace mouth,and manual intervention is required,which is not conducive to the smelting operation.The round bales directly enter the furnace mouth without manual intervention,and fall into the furnace automatically,saving filling time and saving a lot of energy.Long-term planning can save a lot of electricity and labor costs.

    Nick brand round metal baler Press is simple and convenient to operate,automatically flips forward to pack out the block,which is convenient for filling,improves the furnace entering speed,and saves energy.

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  • To choose a good metal baler Press,it depends on the reputation of the manufacturer,product quality and after-sales service.

    1.The choice of manufacturer.Direct orders with manufacturers are guaranteed,and long-term service will ensure that customers can use them at ease.

    2.Product quality.The equipment of metal baler Press generally depends on the workmanship of the welded steel plate,the density of the supporting ribs around the bin,the thickness of the steel plate,the pressure of the cylinder,the specifications of the oil pump,whether the motor is a copper wire motor,and whether it is a big brand.


    3.Is the manufacturer's after-sales service timely?Directly determine the future sales market of the manufacturer,the manufacturer can come to the door in time to solve the problems for the user,and get the user's praise.The user will help the manufacturer propagate through the word of mouth,thereby promoting the sales performance and reputation of the manufacturer.

    To sum up,when customers buy a metal baler Press,the first thing is to pass the quality,and the price can only be negotiated after the quality is guaranteed.Comprehensive consideration can buy the most cost-effective metal baler Press.If you still don’t understand, please consult Nick Machinery

    The professional staff of the manufacturer will give you a detailed answer.Tel: 86-29-86031588, or visit the company's website:

  • Today’s market is uncertain,changing circumstances,and strict environmental protection inspections have caused steel plants to have strict requirements on smelting scrap iron and steel raw materials,especially for the extremely high control of the impurity rate of the scrap iron lumps,requiring the size of the scrap iron lumps not to exceed 400*400 Mm,the impurity in the bale should be low,otherwise severe punishment and deduction.


    Such strict requirements are facing severe tests for the scrap iron recycling industry.The size of the bales packed in the scrap iron recycling industry should be controlled within 400*400 mm in the process of recycling scrap iron,which is convenient for furnace entry and saves energy in the smelting process. ,Emissions are more environmentally friendly.

    The NKY81-2000A metal bailer press produced by Nickel can perfectly meet your needs and produce bales that meet the requirements of recycling.

  • Scrap aluminum bailer press is mainly suitable for packaging waste aluminum,including:discarded aluminum alloy doors and windows,aluminum basins,leftovers left after factory processing aluminum products,various aluminum products in life,and aluminum alloy processing leftovers during automobile manufacturing And other scrap aluminum materials of different specifications and sizes.

    The applications of aluminum scrap bailer press include:personal aluminum recycling stations,aluminum scrap smelters,aluminum profile manufacturers,automobile manufacturing and other different fields.


    The aluminum scrap bailer press first fills the bin,and fills various aluminum profiles or other scrap aluminum materials into the bin.There are two options for manual packing or mechanical packing.Although manual packing is time-consuming,the material placement in the bin is relatively time-consuming.Uniformity,which can effectively avoid damage to the material pressing oil cylinder caused by uneven material filling when the material pressing oil cylinder presses down.Mechanical packing is relatively time-saving,but sometimes phenomena such as uneven packing may occur.Pros and cons.

    Nick is a professional company engaged in the development,production,sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery.It has a good brand,good quality and perfect after-sales service Is your best choice.

  • The topic of environmental protection is getting deeper and more mature in society.The ban on plastic bags,the recycling of garbage,and the promotion of low-carbon life are all for environmental protection.

    In order to save energy and environmental protection,some supermarkets no longer provide plastic bags,set up "customer merchandise sorting stations",and prepare scissors,binding ropes,tapes,bailer presss and reusable old cartons for customers to provide services for customers;

    Some even use old clothes to sew shopping cloth pockets for customers,etc.,which all contribute to environmental protection.


    The implementation of plastic restriction is that in the future,more environmentally friendly materials will be used to replace plastics to serve people.Paper bags are a low-priced,easy-to-dissolve and environmentally friendly material.The wide application of paper bags highlights the role of bailer presss.

    While the whole people are advocating environmental protection and implementing environmental protection,the bailer press industry is not far behind and actively researches and develops new products.

    In the bailer press industry,Nick Machinery has been working hard to innovate and develop products suitable for market demand.The fully automatic bailer press produced by our company has a large share in the market,and the quality and performance of the machine are leaders in the industry.

  • How does the cavitation phenomenon of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic waste paper bailer press occur?

    1.Oil quality.If the oil has poor foam resistance and is easy to vaporize and form foam,it is easy to cause cavitation.

    2.The oil level is too high or too low.If the oil level is too high,the oil is mechanically stirred and the gas is easy to dissolve in the oil; if the oil level is too low,the working pump is easy to absorb air,resulting in insufficient circulating oil flow,which increases the air or water in the oil to form bubbles Probability.

    3.The oil is overheated.If the oil temperature is too high,the oil is easy to vaporize,the water evaporates,the foam and air bubbles increase,and the cavitation phenomenon increases.

    4.The oil pressure changes frequently.

    5.Poor quality of cooling water.


    6.Air and moisture invade the oil.The main channel of air intrusion is the lack of sealing at the suction port and pipe joints of the pump,causing air to enter the system.

    7.The cooling system is poorly maintained.

    8.Conditions of use.The working process of construction machinery is rough,especially the diesel engine,which has a large explosion pressure,which causes a corresponding increase in the lateral percussion force,which causes an increase in cavitation.

    The above are several factors that cause the cavitation phenomenon of the waste paper hydraulic bailer press.

    Nick Machinery reminds everyone to follow the instructions when using it,so as to better produce.    TEL:86 29 86031588

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