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  • There are still many accidents related to metal chip shredders every year.Now I will summarize the operation methods to prevent frequent accidents.

    1.Workers must wear safety helmets and protective shoes when operating the metal chip shredder. Non-rubber gloves,etc.,and female operators are not allowed to wear a scarf,and their hair must be tied up.

    2.When there is a material jam during operation,you cannot directly dredge it by hand.You must wait for the machine to stop running before turning the metal chip shredder over and implement the construction.

    3.If the metal chip pulverizer has a peculiar smell during use,it must be shut down for inspection.


    Nick is a professional company engaged in the development,production,sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery.It is your best choice to build professionalism with concentration,reputation with integrity, and sales with service.

    If you are interested or have questions about the metal chip shredder, please open our company's,or call:86-29-86031588

  • With the progress of society,people's living standards are constantly improving,but more and more domestic garbage is also coming.All kinds of used TVs,washing machines,refrigerators,etc.need to be recycled,but these things are all metals,which makes it difficult to handle.But the metal chip shredder makes everything easier.

    Because the metal chip shredder is the particularity of shredding materials,in order to prevent excessive loss of equipment blades,we need to maintain and maintain it frequently.

    First of all,the maintenance of one of the important parts of the metal chip pulverizer requires us to observe whether the lubricant of the bearing is replaced in time.Generally,it is required to add new lubricant after 320 hours of production.


    Second,at the beginning,let the equipment run in idling for a while,then slowly add materials,and then normal discharge after a few minutes.

    When discharging,the materials should be put in stably,which can effectively save time and increase work efficiency.

    Nick brand metal chip shredder is recognized by many customers with high-quality qualifications and professional craftsmanship according to everyone's actual needs,and is worthy of trust. 

  • The household garbage Baling Machine is used to squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions,and pack them with packaging tapes to greatly reduce the volume,so as to reduce transportation volume,save freight,and increase benefits for enterprises.It is used to pack loose materials such as waste paper(cardboard boxes,paper,etc.),waste plastics(pet bottles,plastic films,turnover boxes,etc.),straw and other loose objects.

    Domestic waste Baling Machines are present in many large carton factories or paper mills.As one of the follow-up links of production,domestic waste Baling Machines can effectively compress the raw materials that need to be packaged,and then effectively reduce the occupied space and save The cost of shipping.


    If you want to improve the function of the household waste Baling Machine, you should consider its structural issues,so that the equipment for production materials tends to be in a more balanced state

    The Nick brand household waste Baling Machine is safe,reliable,low power consumption,economical and reasonable,easy to use,and simple to maintain and operate.It is a good helper for your production.

    If you are interested or have questions about the above household garbage Baling Machine,please open our company's,or call:86-29-86031588

  • With the increasing awareness of environmental protection,the household garbage compression Baling Machine has played a great effect,and its operating principle has become clearer.Nick's domestic waste Baling Machine keeps pace with the times,creating practical,centered,and hydraulic Baling Machine for domestic environmental protection.

    Let's take a look at the operation process of the household waste Baling machine:

    1.The hydraulic oil must be added to the specified oil level line before use.

    2.Before starting the hydraulic pump check whether the circuit is incorrectly connected or leaked.

    3.When Baling the household garbage Baling Machine,the operator must pay attention to safety,spread the paper evenly and in place,and close the lid of the box to start the Baling.

    4.After Baling,all hydraulic rods must be retracted into the hydraulic cylinder to prevent dust from damaging the sealing ring and oil leakage.


    5.The domestic garbage Baling Machines should be maintained regularly,and if oil leaks are found in the oil pipes,they should be dealt with by a mechanic immediately.

    6.After the lid door is opened,pressing the door is strictly prohibited to prevent accidents.

    7.Oil pressure:It is strictly forbidden to adjust the pressure privately.The operator must work under the adjusted oil pressure,and the high limit pressure is 30mpa.

    8.The oil in the oil tank must be strictly filtered and always maintain a sufficient amount of oil.The oil tank should be cleaned and replaced every six months.

    9.The lubrication points of the machine should be filled with lubricating oil at least once a day as required,and the debris in the cavity should be cleaned up every shift.

    10.Those who do not understand the main machine structure,performance and operating procedures shall not operate the machine privately.When multiple people operate at the same time, he division of labor should be clear to prevent the risk of misoperation.

    11.When the machine shows oil leakage or an abnormal phenomenon occurs during operation,the vehicle should be parked immediately.Don't look at the place where the oil is sprayed,don't just use your hands to block it,and don't run it with illness.


    12.When the household garbage Baling Machine is in operation or Baling,it is not allowed to repair or touch the moving parts by hand,and it is strictly forbidden to press materials in the bin with hands or feet.

    13.The adjustment of pumps,valves,and pressure gauges must be carried out by experienced technicians.If faults are found in the pressure gauges,they should be repaired or replaced immediately.

    14.This machine uses 46# anti-wear oil,always pay attention to the oil temperature,and stop it when it exceeds 75°C.

    15.When turning the package,pull the handle of the cover cylinder to the return position,and then push the turning handle.

    Nick brand household waste Baling Machine has good rigidity,toughness and stability,beautiful appearance,convenient operation and maintenance,safe and energy-saving,and low investment in equipment basic engineering.It is a good helper for your life. 

  • The hot summer weather makes the surrounding environment temperature higher,and the hydraulic equipment will generate high temperature in successive operation.The operating temperature of the hydraulic system of the straw Baling Machine,waste paper hydraulic Baling Machine,and plastic hydraulic Baling Machine is generally controlled within 80 ℃.

    The temperature of the hydraulic system is generally planned at 60~80℃ according to the experiment,and should not exceed 100℃.Under normal oil temperature,various functions of hydraulic oil are outstanding.Excessive oil temperature of the hydraulic system can cause:

    1.Thermal deformation occurs in the mechanical parts of household garbage packaging machinery,and the moving parts with different coefficients of thermal expansion in the hydraulic components are stuck due to the smaller cooperative space,causing malfunctions, affecting the transmission accuracy of the hydraulic system,and deteriorating the quality of the parts.


    2.Decrease the viscosity of the oil and increase the leakage,and the volume power of the pump and the power of the entire system will decrease significantly.As the viscosity of the oil decreases,the oil film of the sliding valve and other moving parts becomes thinner and cut,and the frictional resistance increases,resulting in increased wear.

    3.Deformation of the rubber seals of the household garbage packer,accelerate the aging failure,reduce the sealing function and service life,and constitute leakage.Heze Baling machine

    4.Accelerate the oxidation and transformation of the oil,and separate the bituminous substances,which reduces the service life of the hydraulic oil.The separated objects block the damping orifice and the slit valve port,causing the pressure valve to jam and fail to move,the metal pipe is stretched and bent,or even broken.

    5.The domestic garbage Baling Machine makes the air separation pressure of the oil drop,and the dissolved air in the oil escapes,causing cavitation,resulting in the decline of the hydraulic system's operating function.

    Nick brand household waste Baling Machine has good rigidity,toughness and stability,beautiful appearance,convenient operation and maintenance,safe and energy-saving,and low investment in equipment basic engineering.It is a good helper for your life. 

  • The waste paper baler is used to squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions and pack them into a special packaging belt to greatly reduce the volume,so as to reduce the transportation volume,save the freight,and increase the benefits for the enterprise.

    The main problems that should be paid attention to when selecting hydraulic cylinders for waste paper baler:

    1.Select a reasonable structure(piston type,plunger type,etc.).A reasonable structure is to ensure that the hydraulic cylinder can meet the necessary conditions for the normal operation of the hydraulic system.

    2.Consider the standardization and serialization of hydraulic cylinders.The parameters of the hydraulic cylinder should be selected from standard values as much as possible,and standard parts should be selected for accessories.

    IMG_2996 拷贝.jpg

    3.For cylinders with long piston rods,try to bear the greatest load under tension.When it is under pressure,it should be checked for stability to avoid instability of the piston rod under pressure.

    4.Reliable and reasonable sealing and dustproof device.The hydraulic cylinder of the waste paper baler with higher requirements should have buffer and exhaust devices.Consider thermal expansion and contraction.

    The NKW180Q automatic hydraulic baler produced by Nick Baler Machinery perfectly meets the above four requirements and is a good helper for your production.

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