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  • In the future development, the development of packaging machinery is the demand of the future market and the guarantee for the improvement of people's lives.

    The straw baler can pack and compress the crop straws in our lives, so that it can be transported better, and its status is very important for the effective use of resources.

    Advantages of hydraulic straw baler:

    1. The straw baler can automatically feed and detect, and continuously discharge the bale. It can also be completed by manual operation. It can be used to bale loose objects such as rice husk, sawdust, wood chips, wood chips, bamboo chips, straw, etc., with good packaging effects.  

    2. Fast Baler speed, saving time and electricity, low failure rate, high degree of automation, labor saving, high reliability and long service life.  

    3. Double reinforcement is used to form the package to avoid loose packages during the pushing process and the binding step. The packaging is of good quality, stable and reliable, avoids rework, and improves overall efficiency.  

    4. The structure of the straw baler is reasonable, easy to operate, stable and reliable in use, easy to promote and apply, and can improve production efficiency.

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    The straw baler turns a lot of green garbage into treasure, protects the environment, improves the soil, and creates good economic benefits.

  • Before deciding to start a waste paper Baler station business, you must first consider the following issues. If these problems can be solved, you should work harder and have a great confidence in making money. We advocate environmental protection and resource recycling. Therefore, waste paper packaging There is a market in the industry. For many entrepreneurs or those engaged in the operation of waste paper Baler stations, it is full of opportunities and challenges.

    Below, I will introduce to you how to use the waste paper Baler station to start a business and make money.

    1. Investigate the market

    Waste paper includes book paper, newspapers, waste paper boxes, paper bags, etc., examine the amount of waste paper that can be recycled in the surrounding market every day, and the types of waste paper, and then decide which type of waste paper to recycle.

    In addition, various waste materials such as mineral water bottles and oil cans can be recycled.

    Second, solve the market

    Solving the market is a very critical link in operating a waste paper Baler station. The recovered waste paper is packaged and sent to the paper mill for processing and reproduction.

    Therefore, if you find a waste paper factory that is close to you, or cooperate with a larger waste paper baler station, to sell recycled and packaged waste paper, there is no good market, and no amount of waste paper will be profitable.

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    3. Purchase equipment

    If a worker wants to do his best, he must first sharpen his tools and operate a waste paper Baler station. The equipment that needs to be purchased is generally a horizontal waste paper baler, a forklift and a floor scale.

    These equipment must not only ensure the quality, but also save money as much as possible. They cannot be repaired every day, which will affect their own production.

    Waste paper baler and forklift are essential equipment. The waste paper baler should choose a model that matches the transport model and scale.

    The early-stage investment of waste paper Baler station in this industry is relatively large. For entrepreneurs, they must dare to try and strive to move forward if they are right. They have the determination and perseverance to succeed, and those who hold a wait-and-see attitude will never experience the joy of success.

    The emergence of waste paper balers has brought convenience to the packaging station and related industries, not only saving space, but also saving a lot of human resources.

  • When many people buy a garment Baler machine, the price becomes the primary consideration. In fact, this is wrong. If the price of the garment Baler machine is taken seriously, if you want to buy a garment Baler machine of unqualified quality, you will be in the process of using it. There will be a lot of problems, and even some machines cannot be used at all.

    When buying a garment Baler machine in a different place, the transportation problem of the garment Baler machine becomes a difficult problem. In the logistics and transportation of the garment Baler machine, it will usually go through at least two transfers or handling. Some manufacturers will randomly pack the Baler box in order to save freight. Some improper operations will cause damage to the garment Baler machine equipment.

    NICKBALER will choose water transportation when transporting the clothing baler equipment. We have a long-term cooperative freight forwarding company, and there has been no loss or damage of the goods from beginning to end.

    NICKBALER reminds you that although the price of clothing baler is important, logistics and transportation are more important. Choosing the right manufacturer and transportation unit will greatly reduce expenses.


    NICKBALER clothing baler is widely used in clothing processing factories, with fast packaging speed and low labor cost. It is an indispensable tool for clothing recycling companies.

  • In order to improve the continuous growth of today’s social living standards, the rapidly developing economy makes our lives more comfortable, but serious waste and pollution have caused our living environment to face more and more changes, and the emergence of hydraulic balers can improve the current situation. Today's social environment.

    At the same time, manufacturers of hydraulic balers must keep up with the modernization pace of economic development and consumer demand, continue to innovate and improve, and strive to introduce more hydraulic balers that meet the needs of social development.

    At the waste recycling station, we can see that loose materials such as packaged waste paper are stacked in piles, which greatly saves space and cost.

    However, these are inseparable from the application of hydraulic waste paper balers. The application of waste paper balers is not only limited to waste paper items, but also can be used to compress straws, plastic bottles, clothing, quilts, light iron materials and other items. Bale.

    NICKBALER has always insisted on advancing with the times, keeping abreast of market development trends, continuously improving technical capabilities and enhancing innovation capabilities to meet the needs of the ever-changing market. We serve the majority with stable performance, reliable quality and first-class service. New and old users.

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    NICKBALER hydraulic baler has the characteristics of fast speed, simple structure, stable action, low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • We need to work hard to build a good waste paper baler. NICKBALER is committed to the development, production, sales and service of hydraulic baler machinery. Some products have been exported to foreign countries and have been unanimously recognized by users. NICKBALER will maintain its original intention and continue to Keep improving, and strive to be a better manufacturer of hydraulic baler equipment.

    In the development process of NICKBALER for nearly two decades, NICKBALER has established its own perfect system, which can install and debug new equipment for users, and can provide guidance on equipment related aspects according to user needs, and carry out lifelong maintenance of products sold. , Implement the Three Guarantees policy, process user feedback in a timely manner, and provide detailed answers. If users encounter problems during use, we will provide technical support at any time.

    NICKBALER waste paper baler manufacturers are developing rapidly, and equipment such as automatic/semi-automatic baler, waste paper baler, vertical baler, straw baler, metal baler, etc. have reached the international level.

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    NICKBALER waste paper baler has low investment, fast profitability, and very simple actual operation. It is the best choice for your hydraulic baler equipment project.

  • For the printing paper baler industry, the development of low-cost and high-capacity fully automated equipment is a long-term goal to promote industry upgrading, a strategic choice to seize the commanding heights of sustainable development of future resources, and a solid foundation for cultivating and developing emerging environmental protection industries.

    In the future, the printing paper baler equipment manufacturing industry will focus on four aspects of improvement:

    The first is to enhance the ability of independent innovation to improve all aspects of technology;

    The second is to increase production capacity and increase Baler rate;  

    The third is to improve the level of automation and save labor costs;  

    The fourth is to promote the servitization of products, from a single service to a comprehensive product service, and from an additional service to a value-added service.

    In this way, the printing paper baler industry will bring considerable benefits to more companies and make a huge contribution to the urgent need for the sustainable development of resources!

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    The NICKBALER printing paper baler is now widely used in the waste collection station industry, which has played a huge role in the protection of the environment and resources.

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