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  • With the increasing material and cultural needs of people and the increase of modern logistics, more and more packaging is used in our daily lives. As a result, more and more discarded packages are produced, so in terms of the current and future development situation, the Nick Machinery Waste Paper Baler has a broad market space and professional development potential.

    At present, the country pays great attention to projects such as environmental protection and resource reuse. From the perspective of the recycling and use of waste paper products in my country, it is far from reaching the level of some developed countries. Therefore, there will be a lot of room for the waste paper acquisition career in the future. The country's investment in environmental protection is also increasing, and the people's requirements for the cleanliness of the atmosphere and water resources are becoming more and more fierce. No one can allow their living space to be shrouded in smog. We all hope for a clear blue sky. , I also look forward to a green river, and hope that there is fresh air that I can breathe indulgently. All this is inseparable from our usual environmental protection.

    The severe environmental situation in China has provided a huge market space for the development of my country's environmental protection industry, and the development of environmental protection is at the right time. The overall environmental situation is not optimistic, with severe pollution of water, atmosphere and solid waste, and the urgency of environmental governance has become increasingly prominent. In order to cope with increasingly severe environmental problems, my country has drafted emission regulations that reach or are stricter than the level of developed countries in recent years, but the overall investment is insufficient, governance concepts are backward, and equipment skills are low.


    Throughout the development of the world's environmental protection shopping malls, in the early stage of the development of environmental protection industry, policy-led promotion of career development; in the middle of the development, it is driven by the conversion of environmental protection concepts and guiding the development of shopping malls; after entering the mature period, the environmental protection industry is dominated by shopping malls , The professional focus shifted to environmental protection services and product exports. Our national environmental protection industry is still in a period of accelerated development.

    my country has now entered the middle and late stages of industrialization. Judging from the experience of foreign countries, the government's attention to environmental protection and large-scale investment generally occur in the later stages of industrialization. The environmental protection profession will be a strategic emerging industry supported by the state.

    Nick Machinery keeps abreast of market development trends, continuously improves its technical capabilities, enhances innovation capabilities, and strives to introduce more Baler equipment that meets the needs of the society.

  • Nick Machinery specializes in the production of waste paper balers, vertical waste paper balers and other hydraulic machinery. The hydraulic oil of waste paper balers plays a great role in the stability of the product. As for how to choose hydraulic oil, Nick Machinery will give you some tips.

    The first thing to do is to investigate the appearance of the oil. The appearance and color of different types of oil will be different. If the oil is lighter in color, it is indicated as light distillate and highly refined oil; if the oil is darker in color, clarify this oil. Most of the products are residual oil residue, low refining degree, or heavy distillate.

    Secondly, you can pour the oil into a transparent glass bottle and shake it to investigate its thickness, and look at the condition of the oil film hanging bottle and the rate of occurrence and disappearance of bubbles, so that the different brands of the oil can be distinguished. Oils with low viscosity have a lot of bubbles, rise quickly and disappear quickly, and have less oil film; oils with high viscosity have less bubbles, slow rise and disappear, and have many oil films. 


    Finally, the smell of each oil is different, such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, alcohol, and so on. If the oil smells a bit sour, indicate that it contains additives; if the oil smells of alcohol, then alcohol must be added; light solvent oil has a strong aroma.

    Nick Machinery's waste paper baler is specially designed for the recycling and compression of waste corrugated boxes, cardboard, newspapers and other materials. At the same time, the waste paper baler can also be customized according to customer requirements.

  • 1. When there is a serious oil leak or an abnormal phenomenon occurs during work, stop immediately, analyze the cause and eliminate the fault, and do not force the operation with disease;

    2. Nick Machinery reminds that the oil added to the fuel tank must be strictly filtered, and sufficient oil should always be maintained. When it is insufficient, the oil should be filled immediately to avoid the noise caused by the suction of the oil pump;

    3. The fuel tank should be cleaned and replaced with new oil every six months, but the first cleaning and filtering of the oil should not exceed one month, and the new oil that has been used once is strictly filtered and allowed to be used again.

    4. The lubrication points of the machine should be lubricated according to the requirements of the machine manual;

    5. During the operation or packing process of the scrap steel baler machine, no repairs are allowed, no moving parts are allowed to be touched, and it is strictly forbidden to press materials in the bin with hands or feet.

    6. Clean up the sundries in the material box and keep the appearance of the equipment clean and tidy after get off work every day;


    7. When adjusting the pumps, valves, and pressure gauges on the scrap baler, it must be carried out by experienced professional and technical workers. If the pressure gauge is found to be faulty, it should be checked and repaired immediately or replaced with a new one;

    8. The user should automatically formulate detailed maintenance and safe operation procedures according to the specific situation.

    Nick Machinery's metal baler adoptshydraulic transmission  , compact structure, convenient removal, simple operation, easy maintenance, reliable sealing, and no foot screws during installation.

    Users can customize the packing specifications and dimensions according to their needs to maximize the cooperation with transportation or storage.

  • The use of metal recycling technology and recycling equipment has played an important role in the overall scrap metal recycling and packaging. For recycling equipment, most of the equipment we use is metal baler, which is mainly used in recycling processing industry and metal smelting industry. Its stable work performance provides a guarantee for efficient work efficiency, as well as a guarantee for a variety of metal recycling and packaging.

    The hydraulic transmission system of the metal baler has the advantages of small size, light weight, large specific power, stable operation, and stepless speed regulation. It is widely used in various cranes. However, the transmission efficiency of the hydraulic transmission system is lower than that of other transmission systems, and it is easy to produce faults and it is difficult to analyze and eliminate the faults. Therefore, the maintenance personnel who use the metal baler are required to have a certain basic knowledge of the hydraulic system, and be proficient in the working principle and operating procedures of the metal baler. However, due to the long-term and high-intensity use of the equipment, certain failures will inevitably occur, and even the normal operation of the metal baler will be affected. Therefore, it is also necessary to know how to deal with faults in the hydraulic system.


    The leakage of the hydraulic system of the metal baler affects the safety of the system, causing oil waste, polluting the surrounding environment, increasing machine downtime, reducing productivity, increasing production costs and causing contamination to the product. Therefore, the leakage of the hydraulic system is caused. Must be controlled. So what are the reasons for the leakage of the hydraulic system of the metal baler?

    (1) Impact and vibration cause the pipe joint to loosen;

    (2) The dynamic seals and matching parts wear out each other;

    (3) The oil temperature is too high and the rubber seal is incompatible with the hydraulic oil and deteriorated.

    Nick Machinery metal baler is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs.

  • Nowadays, there are various models of small straw balers, stylish appearance and precise workmanship. Relative to large straw balers, the advantages of small straw balers are more suitable for many users. Let’s analyze the small straw balers. Balers are related to the advantages of large straw balers!

    Large straw balers occupy a large area, have high costs, and cannot be moved sensitively. This has brought considerable restrictions on many production activities. Therefore, generally many large enterprises will use a combination of large and small straw balers. Ways to carry out production activities!

    Small straw balers are commonly used for Baling Press some fluffy waste products such as corn stalks, wheat stalks, cotton, rice husks, and rags. It can greatly reduce the occupied volume of waste products, make it easier to transport and store, and reduce transportation costs.


    The advantage of the small straw baler relative to the user is that it can be customized according to the different selection needs of the user. From planning to processing and production, customers can participate in it. This can better meet the needs of customers and is more suitable for many waste recycling stations, The use of carton manufacturers.

    Regarding various types of straw balers, it is not that the larger the better, but different types of straw balers should be planned for different purposes, which will be more suitable for on-site application!

    Nick Machinery's straw baler turns a large amount of green waste into treasure, exerts new economic value, and creates good economic benefits.

  • The development of the equipment industry is becoming more and more automated and intelligent. Intelligent equipment adopts hydraulic systems for transmission, which has very obvious performance advantages!

    1. Hydraulic transmission power is stable and high pressure

    The hydraulic system of the small waste paper baler can continuously and stably generate driving force, and the pressure is greater than that of the pneumatic transmission device, which can effectively achieve low-speed and large-tonnage operation, which is a feature that other forms of transmission do not have.

    2. Compact structure

    With the same power, the hydraulic system transmission device has a smaller volume, a more compact structure, and has better performance than a pneumatic transmission device.

    3.good safety performance

    The safety protection work of the small waste paper baler using hydraulic transmission is relatively easier, and the safety threat coefficient is small during operation, which can better ensure the personal safety of users.


    4. the hydraulic transmission has low noise

    The small waste paper baler uses hydraulic system transmission device, which can greatly reduce the noise. If the pneumatic transmission system is used, the system will produce greater noise, especially when it is exhausted.

    Intelligent equipment will develop more advanced in the future, high pressure, low noise, long life, high efficiency, etc. Only by continuous advancement in technology, we can gain a firm foothold in the equipment industry!

    Nick Machinery has a complete range of waste paper balers, featuring reasonable design, beautiful models, convenient operation, and accurate accuracy.

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