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  • In today's society, after the development and the development of all industries, the small waste paper baler market is a good market. The small waste paper baler will be the most important development. The small waste paper baler is more convenient to move because of its smaller model Stability is what we develop. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the waste paper baler has played a great role. It can reuse some waste paper and it is more and more accepted by everyone. The domestic waste paper baler has been In continuous innovation, we are constantly following the development of some advanced technologies abroad. According to the current situation, the prospects for the development of small-scale waste paper balers are inevitable.

    With the development of society, China's science and technology are constantly developing, and this has allowed all industries in China to be sublimated again. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the waste paper baler has played a great role. It can reuse some waste paper and it is more and more accepted by everyone. The domestic waste paper baler has been In continuous innovation, we are constantly following the development of some advanced technologies abroad. And now the packaging industry has also gotten again. At present, the research and development of small waste paper balers is moving towards high speed, multifunctionality and control to meet market demand. In order to reduce the production of goods, the future small waste paper balers require high-speed production.

    At present, the market has high requirements for small-scale waste paper balers, which can be used in combination with production machinery, and continuous or diversified working methods can also be adopted. The waste paper packing machine is used to squeeze and solidify waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and use special packaging tape to pack and shape, so that its volume is greatly reduced, so as to reduce the volume of transportation, save freight, and increase benefits for enterprises. Introduced advanced technology and advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad. In addition, due to the failure rate, normal productivity can be achieved, so now the next step of small waste paper balers should be developed. The current small waste paper baler cannot meet the market requirements, because a series of problems such as low production performance, poor stability and performance, and unattractive appearance still affect the development of this small waste paper baler.

  • Our company specializes in the production of waste paper balers. The small waste paper balers produced are widely used. The products are widely used in the packaging of soft fiber materials and iron scraps in various industries (such as plush, cotton, linen, clothing, cloth). , Towels, paper edges, and waste plastics bring great convenience and considerable economic benefits to the storage and transportation of customer goods. There are 4 sets of wire feeding devices for waste metal balers, each corresponding to a packing head, and each set includes a packing line Conveying device and anti-tensioning device of packing line. The main rail seat of the waste paper hydraulic packing machine is mainly composed of two wear-resistant steel rails on the surface. The wheels of the compaction frame are guided to run along the outside of the two rails to push the compaction frame. The operating hydraulic cylinder is arranged in it. In addition, in addition to the mechanical components, there is a complete set of hydraulic stations. 

    As can be seen from the above description, various movements of the waste paper hydraulic baler are completed by fluid power. The waste paper baler is used in the normal state. The waste paper and similar products are squeezed and compacted, and packed with special packaging tape to reduce the volume greatly, so as to reduce the volume of transportation, save freight, and increase benefits for the enterprise. The introduction of advanced technology and advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad. Fully automatic waste paper baler is a mechatronic product, mainly composed of mechanical system, control system, feeding system and power system. The entire packaging process is by pressing. , Backhaul, pick-up, transfer, outbound packet outbound, outbound packet outbound, packet receiving and other auxiliary time.

     The stage of the baler development and production of our factory has been from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic. The compact waste paper baler has a compact model with a weight of only 500 kg. The compact body is not only easy to handle and easy to handle.

    The small waste paper baler not only has a compact model and takes up little space, but also has a beautiful and reasonable appearance design and smooth lines. The small waste paper packer adopts the characteristics of international standards and advanced foreign technology, and has made great breakthroughs in terms of standard level, design and manufacturing technology and product quality.

    Compared with other automatic balers, the unique characteristics of small waste paper balers are that it has fast binding speed, low noise during work, saves consumables, etc. It is suitable for a variety of small goods, especially for post offices where the frequency of large items is low. use. The launch of the small waste paper baler, due to its unique performance, leads the way, is loved and affirmed by consumers, and is loved by users. The future development trend of the baler is to fully automated, advanced and diversified. To extend, our factory is committed to developing balers for various uses. In order to serve our customers! as more information ,please visit : 

  • In recent days, judging from the continuous price increases of waste paper, base paper and cardboard, the paper industry seems to usher in the first wave of price increases in 2020.

    Specifically, according to data from the China Paper Network, the national waste paper price was raised by 50 / tonne on February 17th, among which the prices of some paper mills in eastern, northern and western regions were generally raised by 30-50 / tonne; in addition, February 18th Quotations of waste paper were raised by 50 / tons across the country, and more than 30 paper companies raised their prices. Among them, Nine Dragons and Lee & Man led the rise; and as of February 19, the waste paper prices of some paper mills in East and South China were generally Increased by 50-7 / ton, paper companies such as Chunqiu Paper and Ping An Paper adjusted their prices.

    In addition, it should be pointed out that in this wave of price increases, Nine Dragons Paper's factories in Shenyang, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Dongguan, and Chongqing have raised the average selling price per ton by 50. Lee & Man's plants in Jiangsu, Dongguan and Chongqing also saw similar price increases, but Jiangxi's plants increased by 30 this week.

    Based on the above data, it can be seen that the first wave of price increases in the paper industry in 2020 can be described as violent, with a wide range and a large amplitude exceeding the imagination of the outside world.

    I have to say that for this wave of rising prices in the paper industry, the outside world believes that it is an inevitable phenomenon, but this is not necessarily good news for paper companies, that is, the epidemic is still incomplete. During the control period, postponement of resumption of work has become the normal development of most enterprises, and once the "return to work is difficult" occurs, it makes papermaking enterprises in a "difficult situation"-frequent increases in prices of upstream raw materials have exacerbated costs and increased demand for downstream has led to supply shortages.

    In short, the increase in the price of waste paper is not good news for paper companies, because with the rise in the price of raw materials, this means that their costs will increase, but it will reduce their profit margins to a certain extent. .

    What changes and changes will paper companies face under the epidemic?

    As we all know, the paper industry is an important light industry manufacturing industry in China, with an annual total revenue of more than 800 billion yuan, which is closely related to many fields such as packaging, logistics, printing, and residential life. Among them, the main paper products can be divided into two categories: waste paper and pulp and paper based on the main source of raw materials. According to the product's functional use, it can be divided into packaging paper, cultural paper, household paper, special paper and other five categories.

    In recent years, under the influence of stricter environmental protection, 2018 and even negative growth that has not been encountered for many years, and China will completely ban foreign waste imports in the vicinity of 2021, the paper industry has seen some significant and long-term impacts on the industry's development direction. Change-the transition from the incremental market to the stock market and the re-engineering of the global circulation system of fiber raw materials, thereby driving the industry to optimize the production structure, and the upstream and overseas layout to become new trends.

    According to the expectations of most previous institutions, it is not surprising that 2020 will be a year in which the profitability of the paper industry is repaired upwards.

    Specifically, the paper industry is less affected in light industry. According to relevant research reports, after the opening of the market after the Spring Festival until February 12, the papermaking index fell 5.74%, second only to the entertainment industry in the light industry. Among them, tissue paper company Zhongshun Jierou was least affected by the epidemic, and its stock price rebounded quickly after the holiday and hit a new high, even outperforming the CSI 300.

    In addition, the packaging paper was hit hardest by the epidemic, but the epidemic is expected to accelerate the reshuffle of the industry. It is understood that, although many local governments have stipulated to resume production from February 10, 2020 (February 14 in Hubei), as of February 11, most companies in the corrugated cardboard market have not resumed production, and until February 19 only Only a few companies resumed production. However, the long-term shutdown during the epidemic may cause some small and medium-sized enterprises to have a cash flow crisis, which is expected to accelerate the withdrawal of small and medium-sized enterprises and promote the leading market share.

    As for cultural paper and tissue paper, the demand is still normal, so it will be less affected. It is understood that in terms of printed materials, the purchase of books and magazines can be changed from offline to online, so its printing volume is less affected; in terms of teaching materials, due to the delay of the start of school, there may be delays in printing teaching materials, but the amount of paper used is still guaranteed. Demand for tissue paper is relatively rigid, and it is less affected by the negative impact of the epidemic. The epidemic caused people to snap up necessities such as household paper, stockpiling increased short-term sales, and had little effect on real demand throughout the year, and more seasonal fluctuations may occur.

    Based on the above, we can see that under the epidemic situation, although the packaging paper, cultural paper and household paper have been affected to varying degrees, the overall upward repair trend of the paper industry can be maintained.

  • When someone search the waste paper baling machine or baling machine in google ,

    They will find out a lot of pictures first ,videos ,and advertisement ,and don’t know how to choice or buy a good machine with good quality and price as well ,no one can consider which company who are best for among of manufacture or trading company ,

    Now we can give following details ,

    First of one ,for waste paper baler machine ,its mean the waste paper first ,should be consider your capacity of each month or each day ,like 100 ton per day you have ,so you should match the machine capacity first ,if you choice a big machine ,that is waste of your money and your extra cost ,if you choose a small machine ,it can not finished your capacity ,

    Like our machine NKW120Q This machine ,it can finished 12 ton per hour ,and each you have 100 ton ,that’s mean you this machine need to work 8-9 hours ,this is perfece one ,therefore ,you can not choose the vertical one or semi-auotmatic tie which is manual tie ,this is not good decision ,


    Secondly ,should be tell us your require ,like bale size ,bale weight ,and need to check the capacity to load container ,this is very important ,our standard size is 1100 *1100 *1500mm ,the bale weight is 1000-1200 ton per bales ,if you choose the bale size is 1500*1200 ,It can not be a good shape and loading on container ,each container can load 25 ton by 40 feet container ,if your size is not good ,it can load 20 ton ,how do you think so ?


    The last one but not least ,our baler for export and with many require and certificate and manufacture with 15 years experience ,no matter working condition or machine life ,that is perfect ,even after sale service and our maintain reminding .

  • As we all know, a lot of production-oriented enterprises are using paper Baler. why? Because the paper baler is a kind of environmental protection equipment. Today, waste paper baler in various industries have been widely used. So how do we choose more trust paper baler manufacturers in the purchase of paper Baling Press Machine it? Next, Shaanxi Nick mechanical teach you how to select the manufacturer of the problem.

    1, focusing on waste paper baler manufacturers market reputation and market brands. A mature manufacturer must have a lot of use of the site, there is a certain customer groups. These customers use the feedback is the most real proof.

    2, security. All production safety should be the premise, which is one of the indicators on the quality of the equipment. Shaanxi Nick manufacturers can consult a number of issues related to technical safety aspects related to the purchase of equipment.

    3, service, equipment for waste paper baler, in the long-term production process, there will be more or less some problems. These issues are difficult for some customers, and for the manufacturers is very easy to solve. In this case, if the waste paper baler manufacturer can promptly resolve, it can reduce the loss of customers caused by the downtime. Post-sales service is ease of use guarantee.

    Shaanxi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. After several years of development, the development of waste paper baler has many years of production experience, we have the perfect after-sales service centers and a mature production technology. We produce paper Baling Press Machine is absolutely first-class level. Our strict control of supply, production, sale, sale service quality of each process. as more information ,please visit us : 

  • We choose the role of waste paper baler is what to do, what is the purpose of choice, the use of waste paper baler selection of our daily work what is the use, to help us.

    These problems are the user must pay attention to and think before choosing the hydraulic paper packer of waste paper.

    Waste paper hydraulic baler is some of the loose items for storage, so easy to store and transport,

    After packing waste paper hydraulic balers can save you space, more effectively improve the efficiency of work to expand the storage space, if it is long-distance transport, the use of waste paper balers more to save shipping costs and increase profits,

    Therefore, in daily use must use the hydraulic baler, but also to choose their own hydraulic balers.

    Select waste paper hydraulic baler is mainly user-friendly operation and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

    In order to better ensure the quality of hydraulic balers, continuous improvement of technology, but also to ensure that the various components of the hydraulic baler firmness, thereby increasing the cost of waste paper balers.

    Looking for your own waste paper hydraulic baler at the same time, according to their needs to find suitable for their own products, and in the production at the same time, control costs and reduce the price of hydraulic balers.

    Work efficiency is also very important, it is directly related to the cost of production, when we select the hydraulic baler, you need to check carefully.

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