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  • I believe everyone knows that crop stalks are bulk materials, which take up a lot of space for stacking and storage, and are very inconvenient to transport. If they are packaged into blocks, these problems can be solved well.

    Therefore, it is a problem that needs to be solved at present to study a hydraulic straw baler with compact structure, sufficient pressure and adjustable bale size.

    The NICKBALER hydraulic straw baler is a packaging machinery product that uses hydraulic principles to compress crop straws and other materials into blocks, and then packs them back and forth, which is conducive to crop storage and transportation.

    The NICKBALER straw baler is designed for the compression and packaging of straw, corncobs and other crop products. The dual-cylinder and automatic bale turning structure is designed to improve the previous manual turning bale and low yield problems.

    The straw baler adopts an automatic feeding device and uses a conveyor line to increase the feeding speed, which can maximize the production capacity.


    The NICKBALER straw baler has the advantages of compact structure, strong pressure, convenient maintenance, and the size of the bale can be adjusted at will.

  • Whether the waste paper baler can operate normally should start from the initial installation of the baler, if it is useless to install the waste paper baler, then what about normal operation?

    The following are the points that should be paid attention to when installing the hydraulic baler:

    1. Refer to the foundation drawing for construction and installation. If the foundation and drawings are incorrect, adjustments should be made to avoid affecting the normal operation of the equipment after installation.

    2. After the main unit is installed, the level should be adjusted. Its level error is not more than 0.1mm/m. It can be adjusted with angle iron, iron plate, etc. After adjusting the level, use angle iron, inclined iron and waste paper Baling Press machine to weld it firmly.

    3. The viewing platform and loading port need to be tight and firm during installation. The welding port needs to be knocked off the welding slag, polished smoothly, and sprayed with anti-rust paint.

    4. The imported wires should be buried in plastic pipes or erected at a high altitude to prevent high-voltage electric shock, and the safety of the circuit should be checked frequently, and damage and aging need to be dealt with and replaced in a timely manner.

    5. Inject 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil (add to 80-90% of the tank volume), and filter and replace the hydraulic oil frequently as required.

    6. The waste paper packaging machine installed indoors needs to pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation, and the outdoor installation needs to pay attention to moisture and rain.


    The above is the installation process of the NICKBALER hydraulic Baler introduced for the majority of users. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    The manufacturer of the new NICKBALER hydraulic waste paper baler is responsible for site design, installation, free technical training, and package education. Contact number 86-29-86031588

  • We all know that the waste paper baler is a powerful tool for packaging waste paper, but the waste paper baler is one of the types of hydraulic baler in the final analysis.

    There are many types and models of waste paper baler, so many people must fully understand in advance when buying. In order to enable users to purchase the ideal machine when buying, the following is an introduction to the advantages of waste paper baler:

    The composition of waste paper baler generally includes: main engine, hydraulic station, console, these three parts are indispensable components.

    The waste paper baler not only improves the work efficiency of workers and reduces the daily transportation costs, but also saves the cost of raw materials, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

    Waste paper baler is widely used in waste paper recycling and processing industry and reuse industry. It can be said that it has played a revolutionary role in this industry. It is environmentally friendly and efficient. Under the premise of reducing raw material costs, it has created greater effect.

    All models of NICKBALER automatic waste paper baler adopt hydraulic drive mode, which can adapt to hydraulic environment and electrical environment. It can be driven by diesel engine, which provides convenience for operators to a large extent.


    As the industry develops faster and faster, the market demand for NICKBALER waste paper balers will definitely grow larger and will adapt to more and more occupations.

  • In summer, the temperature is generally above 30 degrees. When working at this temperature, pay attention to the lack of power in the hydraulic system of the waste paper baler, because at such a temperature, the pressure of the hydraulic system will drop as the temperature rises.

    The hydraulic system of the NICKBALER baler is equipped with a water cooling or air cooling system, and a cooling system is required when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees.

    At the same time, the mechanical operation system of the waste paper baler also needs good maintenance and maintenance at high temperatures. For example, the gearbox of the conveyor needs to be lubricated with gear oil, the transmission chain needs to be lubricated before going to work every day, and the sliding wheel of the baler needs to be lubricated. Keep checking and refilling oil every week.

    In short, maintain good lubricating oil, the work of the waste paper baler will be completed smoothly.


    The waste paper baler produced by NICKBALER has excellent workmanship and strong technology, and is an excellent choice for your baler equipment.

  • Users often enter into a misunderstanding when buying a clothing Baler, believing in high price and high quality, but the market is mixed, and shoddy is not uncommon, so at this time we must be vigilant and consider the following points. It's good:

    1. Only care about the price of the garment packing machine, not the quality of the equipment.

    A popular sentence nowadays, to the effect that many customers now always like to talk about the price with the manufacturers with low prices, and talk about the quality with the manufacturers with low prices. This is the so-called price misunderstanding.

    2. Insufficient attention to quality, ignoring that the quality of the clothing Baler is also a part of the product image.

    3. Ignore the after-sales service capability of the clothing packing machine supplier.


    NICKBALER garment packing machine manufacturers have a strong technical team, a good quality assurance system and a perfect after-sales service team.

  • Xinjiang is a large-scale cotton industry planting area and purchasing area. The annual cotton consumption in Xinjiang can reach more than 860 tons. The huge consumption also brings troubles to cotton growers.

    Xinjiang has a large amount of large cotton that needs to be picked every year, and the picked cotton will be processed in a unified manner and transported to garment processing factories around the world.

    Cotton is a fluffy item, and logistics transportation without processing will undoubtedly increase transportation costs and increase human and material resources.

    Compressing the cotton by the cotton baler will increase the density of the cotton, reduce the floor space, reduce transportation costs, save time, cost, and labor.

    Xinjiang cotton production base provides a large amount of processing raw materials for the cotton hydraulic baler, which can save resource waste and provide efficient resource services for the cotton processing industry.

    mmexport1554865468781 拷贝.jpg

    The cotton baler equipment produced by NICKBALER has high technical content, stable equipment performance and guaranteed quality.

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