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  • Horizontal full automatic baler machine
    Horizontal full automatic baler machine

    Parts of machine Mainly Body

    PLC system











    Taiwan ,China


    Bao Steel


    Shanghai ,china

    Hydraulic Part

    Japan brand in China

    Electrical components


    Tubing /pipe


    Usage :

    Specialized in recycling and compressing the loose materials like plastic films ,PET bottles, plastic pallets ,waste paper ,grass ,fiber ,used clothes ,cartons ,cardboards trims ,scrap ,etc .


     Photoelectric switch activates baler when charge box is full

     Fully automatic compress and baling, suitable for large amount material places, after baling it is easy store and reduce the transportation cost.

     Unique automatic strapping device, speed quickly ,frame simple, motion steady. Failure rate is low and easy to clean maintenance.

     Can choose transmission line materials and air-blower Feeding. Suitable to waste cardboard recycling companies, plastic, fabric large garbage disposal sites and so on.

     Adjustable bales length and bales quantity accumulating function make the operation of the machine more convenient
      Automatically detect and show the errors of the machine which improve the machine inspection efficiency
      International standard electric circuit layout, graphic operation instruction and detailed parts marks makes the operation been more easily understanding and improves the maintenance efficiency


  • Vertical metal cake baling press machine
    Vertical metal cake baling press machine




    Briquette size



    Briquette Density



    Briquette Weight (kgs)

    Production rate (T/SHIFT)



























  • Strict quality inspection of waste paper baler
    Strict quality inspection of waste paper baler

    Manufacturers of fully automatic waste paper balers can only continuously improve product quality and increase product services in order to push their waste paper baler products to the forefront of the market, so that we can have an advantage in market competition and we can win more New customers, new resources, new markets.

    On the basis of strictly controlling the products, we must strictly control the factory. Before leaving the factory, we must strictly check the quality, repeatedly test, and do not miss any small defects, try to ensure that the equipment is in perfect condition and the customer is satisfied , We can rest assured and establish a good image among customers.

    Improve the after-sales service of the waste paper baler. After the equipment is installed and running normally, it is impossible for customers to have problems in operation. This highlights the importance of after-sales. After-sales service is also one of the necessary means for enterprise competition. A very effective way of corporate branding.

    This can not only greatly increase the reputation of our company, but also establish a more scientific sales method for us. A good reputation is an intangible asset of the company and is a very important favorable factor in the development of the company.

    Nick Machinery's automatic hydraulic waste paper baler adopts imported original seals, the oil cylinder has a long service life and a wide range of applications.

    mmexport1546949426222 拷贝.jpgmmexport1546949433569 拷贝.jpg
    mmexport1551510306670 拷贝.jpgmmexport1551510319717 拷贝.jpg

  • British cardboard baler saves costs
    British cardboard baler saves costs

    For an enterprise, nothing is more important than cost saving, so how can it save labor and produce efficiently?

    If you want to efficiently produce, you must rely on equipment, and the NICKBALER cardboard baler is a cost-saving equipment.

    From a big point of view, only one-time purchase is required, which can not only replace multiple labor costs, but also ensure the quality and speed of packaging.

    At the same time, several workers can get the speed of a cardboard packing machine, so the cardboard packing machine is indeed a good helper for the enterprise, which can save most of the cost.

    From a small point of view, the cardboard baler does not occupy a large area, and it is very convenient to use the conveyor belt to connect with other equipment. After one year, the total output value will definitely double or even double.

    If your company also owns one or more cardboard Balers, it will definitely solve the cost fundamentally and improve packing efficiency.

    NICKBALER cardboard baler has small investment, fast profitability, and very simple actual operation. It is the best choice for your baler equipment project.

    img_4567 拷贝.jpg15646.jpg
    img_4527 拷贝.jpgimg_4504 拷贝.jpg

  • Malaysia waste paper baler price
    Malaysia waste paper baler price

    There are many factors affecting the price of hydraulic waste paper baler.

    The waste paper packaged by the waste paper baler is a recyclable and renewable resource that is used and discarded in production and life, including all kinds of high-grade paper, yellow board paper, waste paper boxes, trimming paper, Baler paper, paper for enterprise units, and engineering Use paper, books, newspapers, etc.

    Internationally, waste paper is generally divided into three types: European waste, American waste and Japanese waste. In my country, the degree of recycling of waste paper is relatively low compared to Western developed countries.

    The raw materials of paper are mainly wood, grass, reed, bamboo and other plant fibers. Waste paper is also called "secondary fiber", and the main purpose is to reuse fiber to produce recycled paper products.

    According to the different fiber composition, the corresponding recycling according to the paper type can maximize the value of waste paper resources.

    What we should pay attention to when buying waste paper balers is the quality, image and selling points of the products. Now good waste paper balers have been taken seriously by more and more powerful companies.

    NICKBALER waste paper baler has the characteristics of simple operation, high work efficiency, compact bundling effect, high density and good air permeability.

    img_6795 拷贝.jpgimg_5978 拷贝.jpg

    1-2废纸 (2).jpg

    微信图片_20210624081618 拷贝.jpg

  • The four elements of buying a waste paper baler
    The four elements of buying a waste paper baler

    What we should pay attention to when buying a waste paper baler is the quality, image and selling point of the product, so that we can gather the strengths of the product to occupy the market first. Therefore, good waste paper balers are now being looked at by more and more powerful companies. So how can we choose a high-quality waste paper baler? We have accumulated and summarized some of the purchasing experience of the predecessors in the long-term practical work. Let's learn about it below.

    The following four factors should be done in the purchase of waste paper hydraulic baler:

    1. First of all, what we call the technical equipment, the same control system, if different control points and methods are used, then the reliability and precision of the subsequent equipment operation will be caused, so we consider the equipment technology and equipment. You should choose equipment with a higher level. Of course, this also has a commensurate relationship with the economic situation of the enterprise.

    2. The second thing to look at is what functions our company needs. The equipment function you most want to have is the main selection factor here, followed by the secondary function. The supplier whose equipment is more in line with your requirements, then their product is the most suitable for your product. The higher the degree of conformity, the higher the value of the product for your company's demand.

    3. Another thing to look at is the sales service. Now the competition between enterprises is becoming more and more fierce, so generally powerful enterprises will try to reduce their differences in high-quality products as much as possible. Undifferentiated high-quality products are the same for all customers, so what we will compare next is product service. Needless to say, the company's after-sales service is high-quality, and customers are of course willing to choose which company's products.

    4. The last thing we compare is the operating cost of the waste paper baler equipment. After the equipment is introduced, the most important thing is the operating cost. The operating cost of the waste paper baler is very clear to us. There is energy consumption (water, electricity, steam, Compressed air, etc.), the number and quality requirements of the operators, the price and replacement frequency of spare parts and wearing parts, the cost of after-sales service engineers, the service life of the equipment and the depreciation rate. Needless to say, companies like to run cost-effective machinery and equipment, so we must consider these aspects clearly.

    Nick Machinery's automatic hydraulic baler is specially used for the recovery, compression and packaging of waste paper, carton factory scraps, waste books, waste magazines and other loose items.

    img_4529 拷贝.jpgimg_4567 拷贝.jpg
    img_4504 拷贝.jpgimg_4527 拷贝.jpg

  • Australia hydraulic baler selection
    Australia hydraulic baler selection

    The manifestation of the price and function of the hydraulic baler has always been an issue that many manufacturers attach great importance to. In fact, if you want to give full play to the effect of this baler, you also need to grasp certain skills in the selection process.

    Nowadays, the varieties of hydraulic balers on the market are still very rich, and there are certain differences in the performance of functions, so how to choose?

    The hydraulic baler needs to be compared in many aspects to choose a more cost-effective product.

    The first thing is to understand the ways to buy online. As the Internet plays an increasingly important role in people's lives, purchasing products through the Internet has also become a new choice.

    It is best to compare prices across the entire network before buying, and then you can choose a cheap hydraulic Baler.

    The second is to buy through offline channels. Now there are many brands of hydraulic balers. You can make a comprehensive comparison by referring to the reputation of the market or sales, and then select the appropriate product. 

    The hydraulic baler has relatively good stability and can achieve a relatively stable output during the operation of the machine. This is very important for the packaging of used waste paper, and secondly, it has the characteristics of simple operation.

    NICKBALER hydraulic baler has the characteristics of easy installation and operation, strong workplace adaptability, and reasonable price.

    img_5978 拷贝.jpgimg_6805 拷贝.jpg
    微信图片_20210914173500 拷贝.jpg冷却系统.jpg

  • Purchase of Australian waste paper baler
    Purchase of Australian waste paper baler

    With the development of industrial production, enterprises have more and more demand for automated equipment, especially the requirements of large and medium-sized enterprises for fully automatic waste paper balers, which are more stringent and diverse.

    When we choose a waste paper baler, in addition to paying attention to its price, the quality of the product cannot be ignored.

    NICKBALER recommends that you consider the following aspects when purchasing, it is very helpful for you to choose a satisfactory waste paper baler.

    1. The first major consideration is the quality of waste paper baler equipment.

    Customers should try their best to choose a well-known manufacturer of waste paper balers with relatively mature technology and stable quality. They should consider the problem of using the balers in the long run. Generally, good quality waste paper balers have relatively stable performance. Moreover, the packaging speed is faster and the energy consumption is relatively low, especially now that the price of goods is rising sharply, the cost of packaging materials should also be taken into consideration.

    2. The model of waste paper baler.

    There are many models of waste paper baler, with different sizes, and the price is definitely the same. When choosing a device, we must consider the size of the goods we want to pack and see which model is suitable. If there are many items to be packed , And if the size of the product varies greatly, you still have to buy different models, not a waste paper baler to pack all varieties, which is unrealistic.

    3. Brands with good reputation in the industry.

    The industry has a good reputation. Not only is the quality good, but the after-sales service is not bad. Although the price is sometimes higher, but in the debugging of our equipment, when we encounter problems, we can patiently answer for us, as well as future maintenance. On the other hand, you can rest assured, eliminating the worries of customers.

    NICKBALER needs to remind everyone that when purchasing, you must choose a regular and qualified manufacturer to better guarantee the quality of the equipment.

    4-2废纸 (2).jpg4-2全废纸.jpg
    微信图片_20210909150756 拷贝.jpg冷却系统.jpg

  • The unique charm of waste paper baler
    The unique charm of waste paper baler

    What is the price of the waste paper baler? This is something that everyone who wants to buy this type of equipment needs to consider.

    With the development of the market economy, the types of goods continue to increase, and my country’s packaging industry has risen rapidly. The emergence of waste paper balers has brought us into a new era. Modern is an era of bringing together talents and high-tech. The mechanical packaging industry Development has played an important role in the progress of our society. Here, the development of waste paper baler is making efforts for the development of enterprises and the progress of society.  

    No matter at any time, technology will be an eternal topic. As the main manufacturer of waste paper baler, we play an important role in the industry and strive to be the right assistant of enterprise packaging.

    After the baptism of wind and rain, we pay more attention to the details of the machine, which also provides new ideas for my country's mechanical packaging industry, and perfectly demonstrates the unique charm of the waste paper baler.

    It is necessary to ensure that good product quality is not only reflected in the quality of the product itself, but also in the after-sales service of the packaging machine manufacturer. Only by highlighting the characteristics from all aspects can it highlight its own value. Nowadays, the waste paper packaging machine Occupying all corners of the mechanical packaging industry, the use of waste paper balers for product packaging is not only a requirement for production, but also a requirement for the market and consumers under the progress of the times.

    The use of waste paper baler can improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs.

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  • How much is a waste paper baler
    How much is a waste paper baler

    The waste paper baler is a packaging machinery and equipment used to compress waste paper items.

    It is used in various types of waste paper factories, old waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises to compress and pack a variety of recyclable fluffy waste products such as domestic waste, industrial waste, plastic, film, pasture, straw, cotton, etc.

    The price of waste paper baler varies according to various factors such as machine specifications, models, brands, functions, etc. The functions are mainly divided into two common models, vertical and horizontal.

    1. Vertical waste paper baler

    According to the quotations of online manufacturers, the price of vertical baler is about 100,000-200,000.

    Vertical waste paper baler is a mechatronic product, mainly composed of mechanical system, control system, monitoring system and power system.

    The main advantages of the vertical baler are convenient operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, and low investment cost of equipment basic engineering.

    2. Horizontal waste paper baler

    According to the quotations of online manufacturers, the price of horizontal baler is around 180,000-300,000.

    Although the horizontal waste paper baler is larger than the vertical baler, its compression force is also larger than that of the vertical baler, the size of the baler is relatively large, the efficiency of the package is high, and it is easy to operate automatically.

    Therefore, the price of horizontal waste paper baler is more expensive than vertical waste paper baler.

    The operation of NICKBALER waste paper baler is very simple, you only need to understand the basic operation, you can easily control it.

    mmexport1602209127960 拷贝.jpgnet2.jpg
    微信图片_20210608090416 拷贝.jpg冷却系统.jpg

  • Cardboard box Baling Press machine at reasonable price
    Cardboard box Baling Press machine at reasonable price

    Cardboard box Baling Press machines are mainly used in waste paper recycling stations and large-scale garbage disposal places. They are used to recycle, compress and pack cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, news papers, printing paper, etc. When buying a cardboard box Baling Press machine, people will definitely have For some questions about the price of the Baler, let me give you an answer below!

    Everyone knows that the price of high-quality cardboard boxes is generally higher than that of ordinary cardboard box balers. On the one hand, it is based on product cost and quality. At the same time, the manufacturers of high-quality cardboard box balers have already considered after-sales service costs when selling.

    Objectively speaking, high-quality after-sales service is the product of brand economy. The same is true for cardboard box balers. The service of high-quality balers is often higher than that of ordinary quality cardboard box balers.

    Buying a cardboard box Baling Press machine buys quality and service. Some manufacturers of cardboard box Baling Press machines of poor quality often use bad parts to shoddy them, and they will not notice it when they first use it. After a long time, the problems will slowly show up.

    Therefore, if you can buy a cardboard box Baling Press machine, it is recommended that you choose a strong, good after-sale manufacturer to purchase. For example, NICKBALER is a good choice, not only has many years of experience in the production of hydraulic baler, but also has advanced The production equipment, strong technical team, excellent quality assurance and perfect after-sales service team.

    NICKBALER cardboard box Baling Press machine has excellent quality, good service, strong strength and reasonable price. It is your high-quality choice for Baling Press machine equipment.

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  • Sales and after-sales service of waste paper baler
    Sales and after-sales service of waste paper baler

    I think everyone has been to the waste recycling station when selling waste products. When the waste recycling station recycles compressed and packaged waste paper, cardboard boxes, etc., it uses a hydraulic waste paper baler.

    When purchasing a waste paper baler, you need to consider the quality, life span, use effect, failure rate, durability, sales service, after-sales service, etc., to purchase, if you choose this way, I guarantee that you will buy the waste paper baler Absolutely high-quality equipment.

    Today I will mainly talk about the sales and after-sales service of NICKBALER waste paper baler:

    The after-sales service of the waste paper baler, in simple terms, is the various service activities provided to customers after the cardboard box baler is sold. From the previous sales of the baler, the after-sales service itself is also a promotion of the baler. means.

    In the follow-up stage of the sales of the cardboard box baler, the baler salesperson should take various forms of cooperation steps to improve the credibility of the company through after-sales service, expand the market share of the product, and improve the efficiency and revenue of sales.

    The sales service and after-sales service of waste paper baler can tell whether the baler equipment manufacturer is strong, the quality is high-quality, and the service is attentive.

    NICKBALER provides customers with better, faster and more complete after-sales service for a long time, so that products can get a good guarantee of benefits from design, production to customer use.

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    微信图片_20210914173443 拷贝.jpg

  • Waste paper baler after-sales worry-free
    Waste paper baler after-sales worry-free

    NICKBALER is a professional service manufacturer engaged in the research and development, production, sales, installation, maintenance and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery.

    We have our own independent warehouse, regular products are available in stock for a long time, and can be shipped in time after placing an order. If there are customized products, they can be shipped within one month.

    After-sales service of NICKBALER waste paper baler:

    (1) We have cooperative service outlets in India, Australia, Dubai, Indonesia and other places, so after-sales are worry-free.

    (2) Now we have a professional customer service team to answer any questions about the product.

    (3) Timely after-sales corresponding services to help you quickly solve product use problems.

    With professional technical support, pragmatic work attitude, and meticulous service, NICKBALER has won the recognition and market reputation of our customers.

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    微信图片_20210624081704 拷贝.jpg3-2废纸 (2).jpg

  • NKBALER waste paper baler after-sales service
    NKBALER waste paper baler after-sales service

    The waste paper baler is a hydraulic baler equipment that specializes in packaging waste paper, corrugated paper, waste plastic, and express boxes. The waste paper baler will definitely have large and small problems after long-term use. At this time, hydraulic baler production is required. The manufacturer's after-sales personnel came to perform maintenance.

    After-sales service is the most important part of after-sales service, and after-sales service has become an important element for enterprises to maintain or expand market share.

    The quality of after-sales service can affect consumers' satisfaction with the purchased goods, and the same is true for waste paper balers.

    When purchasing a waste paper baler, the product warranty, after-sales service and other relevant regulations can make customers get rid of doubts and sway, and make up their minds to buy the product.

    High-quality after-sales service can be regarded as a product of the brand economy. In a society with fierce competition in the market, with the increase in consumer awareness of rights protection and changes in consumer concepts, consumers no longer only pay attention to the style of the hydraulic baler itself. When the quality and performance are similar, they are more willing to choose a company with high-quality after-sales service.

    NICKBALER waste paper baler manufacturer has 20 years of production experience. The company always puts customers first, with good service and perfect after-sales.

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  • Sales volume of waste paper box balers
    Sales volume of waste paper box balers

    With the rapid development of the packaging industry, maintaining a steady increase in the sales of waste paper box Balers has become the top priority of waste paper Baler manufacturers.

    From which three aspects should manufacturers increase the steady increase in sales of waste carton Balers?

    1. Continuously develop and research new and highly automated waste paper baler products, which are similar to the development of the enterprise. Only by constantly seeking new and good products can the company’s waste paper box baler products be promoted to At the forefront of the market, in this way can we have an absolute advantage in market competition and win more new customers.

    2. First of all, we should analyze the current waste paper box baler market and make a correct judgment on the market situation. Only by providing customers with cost-effective and high-quality waste paper box baler equipment can they continue to be favored by consumers , The sales market will be stable, and the growth rate will be likely to remain stable.

    3. Improve the pre-sales and after-sales service of the Baler. After-sales service is also one of the necessary means for enterprises to compete now. It is a very effective way to maintain the corporate brand effect. This will not only greatly increase the corporate reputation, but also give us A more scientific sales method has been established, and a good reputation is an intangible asset of the company.

    Therefore, if you want to keep the economic growth of the baler industry stable, only one or two efforts will not work. We must start from multiple perspectives.

    NICKBALER waste paper box baler button centralized control, can realize a variety of working methods, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable operation of the machine. 

    mmexport1619238353352 拷贝.jpgmmexport1598536029933 拷贝.jpg
    5-1废纸 (2) 拷贝.jpg微信图片_20200731152256 拷贝.jpg

  • The relationship between waste paper baler and the market
    The relationship between waste paper baler and the market

    The continuous improvement of waste paper baler has brought momentum to its related market, just like the butterfly effect caused by a butterfly, causing ripples.

    Market information has important guiding significance for the development of an enterprise, and whether a company’s products can have a good market development depends on the help that its market popularity and the advantages of the product itself can bring to people, so as to shape the brand effect. It has become an important direction of the corporate commodity market, which is also in line with people's shopping concept.

    A good brand effect can bring a steady stream of profit margins for waste paper baler companies, and it is undoubtedly necessary to obtain high visibility also requires the timeliness of the company’s commodity market circulation. Waste paper balers are an important part of the market circulation of waste products. The equipment, which has now been widely used in all major waste recycling industries, has provided great convenience for our lives.

    NICKBALER waste paper baler has the characteristics of simple operation, high work efficiency, compact bundling effect, high density and good air permeability. 

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