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  • Palm silk baler Machine sales
    Palm silk baler Machine sales

    Palm silk baler is currently used in Malaysia, the Philippines, Africa and other countries. It is mainly used to package coconut palm fruit, coconut tree, and coconut skin. It can effectively compress and package the palm silk for easy transportation.

    Palm silk baler is convenient for refilling, simple structure, small footprint, beautiful appearance, hydraulic door opening, high box body, the whole package is pressed at one time, single-sided rope, high pressure, beautiful and beautiful, easy to install, it is more and more popular The more countries love it.


  • Features of coconut palm baler
    Features of coconut palm baler

    Features of coconut palm baler:

    1. This machine uses double cylinder balanced compression, special hydraulic system, and more stable power.

    2. Specially used for compression and packaging of natural fiber products such as coconut fiber and oil palm fiber

    3. High load structure, safe and reliable.

    4. Using four-sided door opening method, "Tic Tac Toe" packing can be carried out.

    The coconut palm baler can help you better deal with loose materials such as coconut palm silk, flax, etc., reduce the volume and facilitate transportation. 

  • How to buy Cotton baler
    How to buy Cotton baler

    In production, for the purpose of convenient storage and transportation, many enterprises or individuals need to use the baler. Baler from the specific purpose of use, there are many types, such as common waste paper baler, cotton baler and so on. So how to buy Cotton baler?

    A good baler can make the shape and size of the extruded package uniform, the specific gravity density is high, thus effectively reducing the transportation and smelting costs, and more in line with the requirements of container transportation. Because of the versatility and commonness of the baler, the baler is frequently used and worn. How to keep the baler performance stable, the longer it is used? This requires a certain amount of effort in purchasing. As a commonly used machine in production, it is three key points to recognize the manufacturer's qualification, reputation, and mechanical quality when purchasing the baler.

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  • Development details of straw baler
    Development details of straw baler

    In the use of straw balers, the entry of moisture should be avoided. The direct responsibility and joint responsibility of the balers. The moisture mentioned here refers to the influence of the surrounding cooling water, waste cardboard balers, carton straw balers, water vapor or moisture. Waste paper boxes, automatic straw baler capacity hydraulic baler can pack waste paper, waste plastic, beverage bottles, cans, straw, straw, etc., to create high economic benefits for users.

    The fully automatic baler is an environmentally friendly equipment that uses hydraulic principles to compress straw and straw into blocks, which is conducive to the storage, transportation and use of straw. It is now widely used in the agricultural and animal husbandry industry, not only has played a huge role in the protection of the environment and resources, but also increased the rated income for farmers throughout the country, achieving a double harvest of environmental protection and benefits.


  • Straw baler Bagging press machine
    Straw baler Bagging press machine

    Let's take a look at the advantages of straw balers.

    1. The straw baler adopts a fully sealed structure with good moisture-proof performance.

    2. Through computer optimization design, the straw baler has reasonable structure, light weight, large suction and low energy consumption

    3. The magnetic coil of the straw baler is treated with special technology, which improves the electrical and mechanical properties of the coil and has a long service life

    4. The rated energization duration of the ordinary electromagnet of the straw baler has been increased from 50% to 60% in the past, which improves the efficiency of the electromagnet.

    5. Ultra-high temperature type electromagnet adopts unique heat insulation method, which expands the applicability of electromagnet.

  • Automatic corn stalk baler
    Automatic corn stalk baler

    We should pay attention to the following points when choosing automatic corn stalk baling:

    1. Check the contents marked on the nameplate, including: machine model, dimensions, supporting power, production date, name of the manufacturer, etc.

    2. Try to choose a good manufacturer as far as possible, which is good for future mechanical maintenance and repair.

    3. After receiving the machine, check the appearance quality of the machine tool and whether the exposed rotating parts and power output shaft have safety protection and whether they are marked with warning signs.

    4. Check whether the automatic corn stalk baler has the "three guarantees" certificate, factory certificate, and instruction manual.

    Nick straw baler has simple structure, small volume, simple daily operation and maintenance, convenient transportation and storage, continuous operation and high efficiency.


  • Tobacco Baling Press Machine
    Tobacco Baling Press Machine
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    IMG_2034 拷贝.jpg6040T10.jpg

  • Straw hydraulic balers Functions
    Straw hydraulic balers Functions

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