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  • American clothing packing machine supplier
    American clothing packing machine supplier

    The dedicated vertical garment packing machine is divided into two kinds of single oil cylinder and double oil cylinder. It is mainly used for compressing and packing various garments, which is quick and easy to pack.

    It is widely used for compression packaging of various garments such as cloth, textiles, sweaters, shirts, sweaters, underwear, socks, and export garments.

    All doors of the equipment can be opened, and the packing is convenient. It adopts hydraulic manual control. It has the characteristics of simple operation, high packing efficiency, low investment cost, and multiple selection of pressing plate stroke parameters.

    The ideal effect can be achieved by selecting the pressing plate stroke for compressing various garments. The inner box can be made of stainless steel, which saves manpower, improves labor efficiency, reduces labor intensity, and reduces transportation costs.

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  • Garment Textile baler
    Garment Textile baler

    Textiles are almost everywhere in life, such as clothes, rags, towels, curtains, blankets, quilts, pillows, sheets and so on.

    Nick Machinery would like to introduce the case Baler and double-cavity Baler specially designed for this kind of material. These two types of textile balers are small in size and efficient in operation, and can hit about 3 to 10 bales per hour.

    Especially the double-cavity baler is more efficient because it can pack in one cavity and feed in the other cavity at the same time.

    For textiles or other materials that need to be packed, Nick Machinery's horizontal balers and multi-function balers are also available.

    There are two types of horizontal balers, semi-automatic and fully automatic. They can be connected to the conveyor for automatic feeding (both can hit about 3 to 13 bales per hour, and the size of the bales is about 1100*1100*1200mm)

    Textile recycling is a big industry because most fabrics are recyclable. Nick Machinery knows this very well, and produces many types of balers that can hit almost all fabrics. 

  • Recycle used clothes Balers
    Recycle used clothes Balers

    In daily life, there will be a box for recycling old clothes at the gates or courtyards of most communities. This is a good thing for many families. It not only provides a way to dispose of old clothes, but also maximizes the value of the clothes they discard.

    So what can old clothes do?

    Recycled old clothes can be recycled and reused. Different clothes can be made into different chemical raw materials for other purposes, such as car decoration materials, building moisturizing materials, conveyor belts, felts, agricultural greenhouses, shopping bags and carpets. It can also be sold as second-hand clothes or donated to the poor.

    And donation or sale must be packaged, which is indispensable for clothing packaging machines. It can compress and pack old clothes for easy transportation.

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  • Used clothes recycling baler
    Used clothes recycling baler

    The rapid development of life and the convenience of online shopping have greatly stimulated people's desire to buy. There is a saying: a woman's wardrobe will always be missing one piece of clothing, which is right, because a woman never feels that she is not wearing enough clothes when she wears them. So I started buying clothes again, so where did the old clothes go?

    Some clothes were given away, and some unwearable clothes were cut into handkerchiefs and rags. But most urban women put their clothes in the old clothes recycling bins in the community, wanting them to be recycled, donated, or dismantled and used.

    So, how should the recycling factory recycle so much clothes? First, it will be sorted first, put together the ones that can be donated, put together the ones that can be dismantled, and then pack them into blocks with a garment Baler machine to reduce the size and facilitate transportation.

    Clothes balers are specially used for the recycling and packaging of second-hand clothes, quilts, shoes and other products. They are widely used in used clothes recycling factories. 

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  • The characteristics of waste rag baler
    The characteristics of waste rag baler

    The characteristics of waste rag baler

    1. Beautiful appearance, patented product, suitable for compressing and Baler smaller materials.

    2. Electric button operation, safety interlock, self-contained package turning system.

    3. Open the door and stop, the operation is safer.

    4. The bulletproof door structure of European and American standards is adopted to protect the safety of the operator.

    5. Assemble an automatic balance device to avoid accidents due to improper placement of materials.

  • How to buy Cotton baler
    How to buy Cotton baler

    In production, for the purpose of convenient storage and transportation, many enterprises or individuals need to use the baler. Baler from the specific purpose of use, there are many types, such as common waste paper baler, cotton baler and so on. So how to buy Cotton baler?

    A good baler can make the shape and size of the extruded package uniform, the specific gravity density is high, thus effectively reducing the transportation and smelting costs, and more in line with the requirements of container transportation. Because of the versatility and commonness of the baler, the baler is frequently used and worn. How to keep the baler performance stable, the longer it is used? This requires a certain amount of effort in purchasing. As a commonly used machine in production, it is three key points to recognize the manufacturer's qualification, reputation, and mechanical quality when purchasing the baler.

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  • Waste textiles press Baling machine
    Waste textiles press Baling machine

    Most waste textiles derived from domestic waste can be resold and donated to poor areas after proper collection and cleaning. Some of the non-reusable textiles are sent to landfill, some are incinerated, and some can be recycled after sorting.

    The comprehensive utilization of waste textiles, as a new economic growth method in the cotton textile industry, has received great attention in the industry. The comprehensive utilization of waste textiles is an effective way for the cotton textile industry to develop circular economy and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. Combine the development of the industry with environmental protection to achieve a fundamental change in the growth pattern of the industry, ease the contradiction between economic growth, resource shortage and environmental protection, and promote the sustainable development of the industry. 

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  • Used Clothing Baler wool baler Fiber Baler Machine
    Used Clothing Baler wool baler Fiber Baler Machine

    Nick Baler company manufactures & standard model of Clothes vertical balers ranging in size from 400-1200mm , main used in garment and used clothes recycling area, the structures with one ram baler ,two ram baler ,double chamber baler and one time compression baler too, with high-density vertical balers are easy to use and maintenance friendly and provides years of trouble-free recycling, Therefore ,your best choice,That is Nick Baler

    Nick baler manufacture mainly supply more than 150 kinds of baling press machine ,with strict quality control and perfect quality system ,welcome to experience our machine right now

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