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  • The advantages of hydraulic gantry shears
    The advantages of hydraulic gantry shears

    Now the new type of gantry shears are hydraulically driven, the advantages of hydraulic gantry shears are very prominent, mainly reflected in the following aspects.

    1. Superior performance, stable cutting with gantry shears, fast cutting speed, and no noise, it is a very good equipment.

    2. The gantry shears are easy to install and operate, and it does not require any foundation. You can use the gantry shears immediately after a simple training.

    3. The gantry shear has a wide range of applications, and it is easy to control no matter what material it is cutting. For example, all kinds of scrap steel plates, ferroalloys, etc., can be cut with gantry shears.

    4. Longmen scissors are environmentally friendly products. Modern people pay great attention to environmental protection, and longmen scissors will not produce pollution during use. This not only meets the needs of environmental protection development, but also improves social and economic benefits.

    In short, gantry shears have superior performance and are worth choosing. 

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  • The characteristics of the metal baler
    The characteristics of the metal baler

    Metal balers are mainly used in steel mills, recycling industries, and non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting industries.

    The metal baler is hydraulically driven. Of course, you can choose manual operation or PLC automatic operation. There are many ways to unload the package, you can choose to turn the package, push the side, push the package, and of course, you can also choose to take the package manually. .

    At present, there are a variety of metal baler models on the market. Customers can choose a more suitable model according to their own needs. If there is no power supply in the place where they are used, they can choose a diesel engine for power.

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  • Metal baler can fundamentally save costs
    Metal baler can fundamentally save costs

    From a big point of view, only one-time purchase is required, and the packaging work can be completed efficiently by consuming electric power. This way, a piece of equipment can not only replace multiple labor costs, but also ensure the quality and speed of packaging. Every worker is at the speed of a metal baler, so this kind of equipment is really a good helper for the company and can save most of the cost.

    From a small point of view, such equipment does not occupy a large area, and it is very convenient to use a conveyor belt to connect to other equipment. After a year, the total output value will definitely double or even double.

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  • Metal baler rebirth metal scraps
    Metal baler rebirth metal scraps

    In particular, many companies have also applied briquetting machines to the use of scrap metal slag, allowing the scrap metal slag to be reused.

    The sources of metal shavings are very wide. When people are dealing with some metal materials, they will produce a lot of metal shavings. In the past, we could only throw them away, which was very wasteful. It can be said that neglecting the recycling and reuse of scrap metal slag not only causes a waste of resources, but also produces a lot of pollution to the environment.

    With the continuous development of science and technology, we have developed a briquetting machine using briquetting machines, which can be processed at high temperatures to compress these scraps into blocks and reuse them. The volume of the compressed block is not very large, and it is convenient to store and transport. In this way, it is also better to avoid other losses during transportation, reduce costs, and pollute the environment.

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  • Application range of metal baler
    Application range of metal baler

    How are metal scraps produced? They are scraps, shavings, and leftovers produced from machined metal, all of which are scrap metal. After the chips are produced, the workers usually push the materials to the side with trolleys. After a certain amount, the recyclers collect these chips, and the company can also get a part of the income. The disadvantages of stacked chips are: the metal chips are piled together, and the cutting fluid in the metal chips can not be well placed, resulting in the whole floor, which has a great impact on the workshop environment. In summer, flies fly everywhere. This makes many companies very distressed.

    The metal chip briquetting machine can solve this situation from the root cause. Metal shavings briquetting machine, processing iron shavings, aluminum shavings, stainless steel shavings, copper shavings, squeezing hair-like masses or fingernail-like granules into round cakes, one is to reduce the stacking volume of chips , The second is to improve the workshop environment. The metal chip briquetting machine complete system is equipped with a waste liquid collection device. Through the secondary filtration, your waste cutting oil can be put on the ground and the cutting liquid can be reused, thereby improving economic benefits .

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  • Nick Baler Hydraulic metal Baler Press
    Nick Baler Hydraulic metal Baler Press

    The utilization rate of metal baler is becoming more and more widespread. In the process of installing metal baler, many problems need to be paid attention to, and a series of follow-up work after installation cannot be ignored.

    To understand the installation guide of the metal baler, we must first understand its equipment performance and structure. Below we will start with the various parts of the metal baler to introduce the installation guide and precautions to ensure the normal operation of the equipment:

    The metal baler should be fixed on the cement foundation during the fixed operation, and the metal baler should be fully inspected before the start, so as to avoid damage to the parts that is not found in time, which will cause inconvenience to the subsequent series of work or even damage to the operators. .

    After the inspection work before starting up is completed, turn on the machine and let the equipment run for a few minutes. The purpose of this is to check whether the machine can work normally.

    It should be noted that in the process of equipment work, the operator must check at any time and must not leave the machine without authorization. All inspection and installation work must strictly abide by the installation instructions, be scientific and reasonable, and ensure safety.

    A series of follow-up work after the installation of the metal baler is complete. If you don’t understand anything, you can also consult the relevant information or make a telephone consultation. In short, you must ensure your own safety.


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