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  • With the advent of the information technology era, many companies have made full use of the form of informatization in the process of development, but since informatization can bring certain opportunities to enterprises, it is also a package machine that welcomes the new economy in the era of informationization. In the new economic era, the development of balers is still facing many problems, which require baler companies to do their best to solve them. In terms of their own operational efficiency and operating management costs, they must grasp new business opportunities. The only way for the long-term development of the baler.  

    The first is to strengthen the information awareness of the baler. In the era of informationization, the main reason why the baler is developing in the ordinary is that the understanding of informatization is still in a vague stage. Changing this concept is fast for the baler. It is inevitable to carry out informatization. Informatization emphasizes not only the integration of management and technology, but also people's thinking. Only talents are the main body to implement informatization, changing the cognition of informatization, and most importantly, changing people's cognition of informatization. The second is to make reasonable use of limited resources to create unlimited possibilities. In the development stage of the baler, there must be a certain shortage of funds that can be invested in information construction, so we should still consider how to do more with less, although In the information age, innovation is inevitable, but we still cannot blindly innovate. Otherwise, it will not only be detrimental to the development of the baler, but also waste a lot of limited resources. Therefore, the development should still be based on its own actual situation. Choosing a suitable implementation route, scientifically and reasonably arranging the implementation plan, and paying equal attention to hardware and software at the same time is the most reasonable and effective way.

    Finally, even though the packaging machine is in the front-end era of information technology, it should not be blindly attacked. It should be large and small. There is not only one packaging company in the domestic market. Packaging companies in the Chinese market have a large number of different scales and regions. The distribution is also very wide, so when implementing informatization, it is still necessary to adopt an overall plan and a step-by-step implementation strategy according to the actual situation. Only when the right time is to find the right breakthrough, from easy to difficult, the gradual cycle is the packaging machine in the information The inevitable choice in the era of modernized development.

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    The baler can also set up its own website based on long-term interests. It can not only understand the needs of consumers anytime and anywhere, but also strengthen the contact with customers, which has expanded the popularity of the baler in the market to a certain extent. Therefore, in the information In the era of modernization, the development of balers must be adapted to local conditions, and it is very necessary to find a feasible strategy for their own development.

    NICKBALER has rich production experience and integrated service. Using our baler can improve work efficiency and reduce human and financial expenditure.

  • Our waste paper baler technology is not perfect, but the market demand for  in my country is very large. Machinery manufacturing companies have worked hard to develop high-end prowaste paper balerducts, which greatly promotes the development of waste paper baler technology. At the same time, it has also promoted the continuous self-innovation of production enterprises and greatly changed the backward business philosophy.

    The waste paper baler has been put into use in the Chinese market for so many years and has been well received. The low-key and stable packaging effect has made many people admire it, but on the other hand, the development of waste paper baler has received more and more advanced science. Under the influence of technology, many industries under advanced technology have begun to reform and innovate, citing high-end technology to add points to products.

    Therefore, baler manufacturers have also begun to actively seek new ways to improve the technical content of waste paper balers. Only by improving the quality of waste paper balers can it better adapt to the pace of current economic development and make it more efficient. The only way to broaden its application field is to continuously innovate and upgrade the quality and performance of waste paper baler. The future development prospects of my country's waste paper baler industry are very optimistic, and it is believed that my country's baler industry will stand at the forefront of the world's packaging industry in the near future.


    NICKBALER waste paper baler continues to improve product quality, strengthen brand awareness, and make product quality better, better after-sales service, and multi-faceted service to customers.

  • For the current society, what is the most on the market? It's not a product, or an industry, but competition. You heard it right, it's competition. Because, for the entire market, there is no market without competition. However, many companies do not like competition. And for our NICKBALER, competition can promote our faster progress and development, and bring new room for improvement to our products?

    For the entire packaging industry, the waste paper baler is undoubtedly the most competitive baler product. Because the packaging industry started late but has become the mainstream development industry in the machinery market. This speaks of its potential, but this allows more companies to settle in the packaging industry. Therefore, the competition in the packaging industry has become more intense. There are many packaging companies that are suffering from competition.

    But in our view, only competition can bring development to the vertical waste paper baler. Because, under the weight of competition, the vertical waste paper baler can develop better and innovate better. Only by continuous innovation and hard work can we firmly occupy a place in the market. NICKBALER vertical waste paper baler can make use of the pressure of competition every time, so that our enterprise can be further developed.


    The manufacturer of NICKBALER Baler insists on striving for survival by quality, seeking development by prestige, enhancing its service consciousness, and constantly producing new

  • The horizontal waste paper baler is a kind of packaging equipment that integrates various functions and functions. The horizontal waste paper baler has multiple functions. It can press out the packaging shape, size, size and specification.

    This can effectively reduce the cost of transportation and storage, and at the same time, it also meets the needs when using containers for transportation. It is precisely because the horizontal waste paper baler has versatility, multi-application and commonality, it can effectively dispose of horizontal waste paper. Paper balers are used in all walks of life, increasing the importance of horizontal waste paper balers in the industry.

    The biggest feature of the horizontal waste paper baler is that the pressure generated is relatively large. The horizontal waste paper baler commonly used in enterprises at present has a relatively high degree of automation. In addition to the need to carry out the feeding process, the rest of the actions can be controlled by the program , The rigidity is relatively high.


    The products processed by the horizontal waste paper baler are relatively high in quality and economical. The products processed by the horizontal waste paper baler are beautiful in appearance, consistent in specifications, and relatively dense.

    NICKBALER waste paper baler is an environmental protection equipment that uses hydraulic principles to compress waste paper and waste paperboard into blocks, which is conducive to waste paper storage, transportation and utilization.

  • Waste tires belong to waste rubber, and the disposal of waste rubber is one of the serious problems that people face today. In order to meet the ever-increasing material performance requirements, rubber is developing in the direction of high strength, wear resistance, stability, and aging resistance, but at the same time, it has caused the problem that the waste rubber cannot be degraded for a long time. "White pollution" is more serious "black pollution", on the other hand, it also wastes precious rubber resources.

    Since 2015, the value of scrap tire recycling in China has been increasing year by year. In 2017, the value of scrap tires in China was 7.35 billion yuan, an increase of 4.26% compared to previous years. While adding an increase, a large number of discarded tires will follow. After being recycled and reprocessed, waste tires and rubber can be made into rubber tracks in playgrounds, or they can be incinerated and turned into asphalt for use on asphalt roads.

    NICKBALER Scrap Tire Baler is a packaging machine specially developed for tires and other rubber materials. It adopts hydraulic door opening device, double cylinder compression, manual valve operation, and installation of movable and fixed dual anti-rebound devices, which is stable and reliable.


    NICKBALER waste tire baler has the characteristics of stable performance, easy installation and operation, low energy consumption and high work efficiency.

  • Since the 21st century, with the improvement of living standards, there has been more and more plastic waste. If they are discarded into the natural environment, they will not only cause visual pollution to people, but also cause many potential hazards to the environment, such as:

    1. Affect the development of agriculture. The degradation time of plastic products currently used in my country usually takes 200 years. The accumulation of waste plastic products in the soil will affect the absorption of water and nutrients by crops, inhibit the production and development of crops, and cause crop yield reduction. Deteriorate the soil environment.

    2. It poses a threat to the survival of animals. Waste plastic products discarded on land or in water bodies are swallowed as food by animals, resulting in animal death. At present, at least 1 billion marine organisms lose their lives every year due to plastic products.

    If waste plastics can be recycled and reused as raw materials for plastics, heat-generating power generation materials, and turning waste into treasure, it is the most efficient, environmentally friendly, and circular disposal method, and the energy required for recycling is only 1/10 of the production of new materials. , The pollution produced is 1/10 of the landfill.

    Where are all the recycled plastic bottles? First, the recycled plastic bottles are classified according to color and category, and then various types of plastic bottles are compressed and packaged using a plastic bottle Baling Press machine, and then sent to a recycling factory. After a series of processing, various types of recycled products are obtained.


    NICKBALER Plastic Bottle Baling Press Machine can compress and pack all kinds of hard plastics for recycling. It is easy to operate, stable and reliable, and conforms to the concept of environmental protection.

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