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  • When a product can meet our needs,its function must be affirmed,such as a plastic bottle packing machine,which can efficiently pack waste plastic bottles,greatly improving work efficiency,reducing labor intensity,saving manpower,and reducing transportation.Cost,then,we can say that the plastic bottle Baling Machine is a high-quality environmentally friendly tool for waste processing in the new era.

    In the process of recycling plastic bottles,handy packaging equipment is often inseparable. A small city produces hundreds of thousands of plastic bottle garbage every day.If it is pulled by a truck,there are four or five.In fact,the plastic bottles are large and piled too loosely.

    If a plastic bottle packer is used for compression and packaging,it can be easily loaded in a car,and the packaging efficiency of the plastic bottle packer is also quite high,which can process 6-20 tons of plastic bottle waste in one hour.


    The use of the plastic bottle packing machine makes the huge and messy beverage bottle stack particularly neat,compact,neat and beautiful,and it also greatly reduces the venue and transportation costs.The packed plastic bottles are of regular shape and neatly placed,which has a higher safety factor in storage and transportation.

    The emergence of plastic bottle Baling Machines has brought many benefits to our daily lives,especially in the recycling and reuse of resources.Plastic bottle Baling Machines can meet the demand for energy saving,and can provide more efficient resource services for the operation of agricultural and sideline products processing industries.

    Nick Baler high-end technology makes the plastic bottle packer more adapt to the development of the times and provide you with better services.

    If you are interested or have questions about the plastic bottle packing machine,please open our company's,or call:86-29-86031588

  • The waste paper Baling Machine is specially used for the recovery and compression of waste corrugated boxes,cardboard,newspapers and other materials.What is the cause of the noise?

    1.The power supply is reversed.Generally,if the new machine waste paper Baling Machine is noisy,it is mostly because the wires are connected reversely.If the wires are connected reversely,the motor will reverse,and the reverse will cause a lot of noise.The user only needs to exchange any two wires in the power supply.Okay.

    2.Chain grinding chain cover.The waste paper Baling Machine may cause the chain cover to deform due to accidental heavy collision during transportation or use.Once deformed,the chain will wear the chain cover, and a certain amount of noise will also be generated at this time.


    3.Motor failure.If the waste paper Baling Machine has been used for a very long time and there is a sudden abnormal noise,then it may be that the motor is faulty and needs to be repaired by professionals.

    The Nick brand waste paper Baling Machine is easy to operate,high in safety,automatic out of the package,and more efficient.It is your best choice

  • In daily life like tea packaging,powder packaging,liquid packaging,etc.,the packaging machine cannot be separated.Therefore,it can be said that the Baling Machine is very important to these industries,so how can the service life of the Baling Machine be extended in daily use?

    First of all,use tools when adjusting equipment and machines.They must be appropriate and special attention must be paid.Some waste paper Baling Machines that need to pack waste paper often need to adjust the size of the packaging volume according to different needs.It is recommended to pay attention to the relevant adjustment common sense before each adjustment.In normal operation,special attention should be paid to whether the machine is damaged,whether the random technical data is kept intact,and if any problems are found,timely maintenance is required.


    Secondly,in daily use,it is especially like a waste paper Baling Machine to keep it clean.It is recommended to simply clean at least once a day,and once a week.After each cleaning,inject clean and clean lubricating oil into all parts of the Baling Machine.

    In short,to extend the Baling Machine,it is necessary to start from the daily scientific use method,and only from the small details can it truly extend its service life.Nick brand automatic Baling Machine has simple structure,stable action,simple operation,low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance.It is a good helper for your production.

  • For a long time,foreign waste paper has been favored by many domestic paper mills due to its lower price and better quality.

    Affected by the increased environmental protection supervision,the reform of the paper supply side has accelerated,small and medium-sized enterprises have shut down due to high environmental pressures,and the industry is facing capacity shrinkage.Therefore,the prices of major paper products have risen across the board,and the performance of the sector has continued to improve.


    At the same time,industry concentration has increased and leading companies have gained more market share.Environmental protection is expected to become stricter in the second half of the year,and new capacity in the paper industry is limited.

    The centralized sorting and processing of waste paper bins is also helpful to promote the application of waste paper Baling Machines.Waste paper boxes,cartons,paper tube and paper shell waste,waste plastic bottles,mineral water bottle waste,plastic bag plastic film waste,etc.are all recyclable waste.The implementation of garbage classification will also increase the recycling volume of the surrounding major resource recycling stations to a certain extent.The waste paper Baling Machine will greatly improve the recycling efficiency of recyclable garbage and reduce the amount of labor,which will also be greatly affected.Small packing stations are welcome.


    The waste paper Baling Machine has become a source of basic power to promote the development and growth of enterprises.

    In addition,Nick Machinery has also established a complete service system to ensure that any mechanical failures encountered by users after purchase and during use can be resolved in a timely manner to ensure their own economic interests and achieve sustainable development.

    These development policies have further improved our reputation in the market and become a well-known brand of domestic waste paper Baling Machines.

  • At present,60% of the raw material for papermaking in some developed countries is waste paper,and its recycling rate is as high as 72%.

    my country's paper industry is currently experiencing a period of rapid development in demand.It is necessary to reduce its dependence on imported raw materials.The waste paper box Baling Machine relies on domestic raw materials,and efforts must be made to increase domestic wood pulp production and waste paper recycling and utilization.

    The use of waste paper to produce a variety of paper and cardboard can reduce deforestation and waste paper waste.The energy consumption,water consumption,chemical consumption and waste paper pollution load of waste paper pulp are much lower than that of virgin fiber pulping. This is a green project conducive to resource conservation and environmental protection.


    Strive to develop and construct a resource-saving and environmentally-friendly economy.

    With the continuous development of the waste paper box Baling Machine industry,the demand for waste paper box Baling Machine is also increasing.Therefore,domestic waste paper box Baling Machine manufacturers must improve the quality and grasp the market.

    For better recycling and utilization,

    The first is to carry out in-depth recycling of waste paper among the broad masses of farmers,save energy,strengthen environmental protection,do energy conservation and emission reduction work,establish conservation awareness,enhance conservation concepts,further enhance conservation and initiative,and adopt a sustainable development strategy.


    The second is to standardize and guide the people to save behavior,to promote the use of waste paper with technology in an all-round way,and the waste carton packer to improve the recycling rate of waste paper

    The third is to strengthen the use of waste paper and recycled paper scientific research technology,actively learn and learn from the recycling of waste paper,to achieve economic benefits,social benefits and environmental benefits.

    The Nick brand horizontal waste paper box Baling Machine is simple to operate and automatically discharges the package,which improves work efficiency.The installation of emergency stop settings makes the operation safer.

  • One of the reasons for global warming is littering.Waste paper is one type of garbage.But many people don't know that waste paper can actually be recycled.Waste paper generally refers to the recyclable and renewable resources that are discarded after use in production and life,including various high-grade paper,yellow board paper,waste paper boxes,trimmed paper,packing paper,paper for enterprise units,engineering paper,books and periodicals Newspapers and so on.As the degree of recycling of waste paper in our country is lower than that of western developed countries,we now use waste paper Baling Machines to recycle these waste papers.

    Technology is changing, and the technology of the corresponding waste paper Baling Machine also needs to be continuously upgraded.The appearance and model design of the waste paper Baling Machine must be continuously upgraded to maintain its position in the market.Although the change of the waste paper Baling Machine requires a change in appearance,the most important thing is the internal change of the waste paper Baling Machine,and technological breakthroughs are the truth.

    废纸1 拷贝.jpg

    Although the waste paper Baling Machine is not a necessary equipment in various industries,it has a very important role for some industries,such as logistics,hurry up,and post. Its performance characteristics and whether the technology is high and new directly affect the development of these industries.It can be seen that the continuous innovation of waste paper Baling Machine technology is also a small aspect of promoting social and economic progress.

    The new packaging technology can usher in a new starting point,a new future,and a new direction of development.It can also enable waste paper packaging machine manufacturers to have more potential for development and market.The intangible and tangible changes in society make waste paper packaging.The machine is also changing itself invisibly,no matter how it changes,for the waste paper Baling Machine:the internal performance is more important than the external appearance.

    Nick brand waste paper Baling Machine is recognized by many customers with its high-quality qualifications and professional craftsmanship according to everyone's actual needs,and is trustworthy.

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