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  • Hydraulic metal shearing machine is suitable for metal recycling industry, metal dismantling industry, metal casting industry, metal trading industry and so on. Especially in the metal smelting industry, it is more important. If the metal material is long or large, it cannot be put into the furnace. The hydraulic metal shearing machine produced by our company can quickly cut the metal material, and it is carried out in a cold state, without the need for Other auxiliary processes are fast, simple, safe and reliable, and are more time-saving, labor-saving and labor-saving than traditional gas cutting and flame cutting. Economical and reliable single pump constant power, dual pump cross power control, stable engine output; negative flow pump control mode, good economy; reasonable design boom and stick are hydraulically locked, good impact resistance, and both achieve dual pump confluence , stick regeneration, multi-action compound, stable work.

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    Compared with other packaging machinery, NICKBALER has its own unique advantages, such as: many types of equipment, sufficient packing power, hydraulic transmission, more stable; equipment automation and so on. Our website is

  • A few days ago, a customer in the Philippines purchased a NKW250Q automatic baler. Today, let me share its details with you.

    1. The device is equipped with two motors of 45KW 

    2. Hydraulic drive, servo system control

    3. The compression force of the equipment is 2500KN, and its cylinder size is 380MM

    4. The size of the bale is 1100*1100, and the weight of each bale is about 1500-1700

    5. Equipped with conveyor belt, the weight of the machine is about 40T

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    Shaanxi NICKBALER Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the production of waste paper balers. The semi-automatic waste paper balers and fully automatic waste paper balers produced are of high quality and low price. If you need it, please visit our website: https://

  • The waste paper baler, as the name suggests, is used to pack the scattered and defilled paper, which is convenient for garbage disposal and increases environmental protection. Why are the wheels of the machine broken?

    1. The reason why the wheel of the waste paper baler is damaged is because it is caused by external pressure. During the balanced operation of the wheel, the wheel and bearing will not be damaged without any resistance, as long as External pressure will cause bearing damage. In the process of compressing and baling machine waste paper, when the press platen of the baler moves forward, under the condition of power, the wheel will change when it encounters negative force.

    2.It can be damaged, so pay attention to this problem when choosing the wheels and bearings of the waste paper baler. The quality of the wheels of a waste paper baler is the top priority. The use of steel ball bearing containers has caused the wheels to break. Therefore, it is the first choice to replace the steel ball wheels with needle roller bearings.

    , increase the force bearing area of the wheel.

    3.the sharpness of the knife edge determines the service life of the machine wheels.

    4.when the waste paper baler is baled, ensure that the ground is flat and smooth.

    If the wheel of the waste paper baler is damaged, it should be because the waste paper baler is not properly maintained and maintained, so we operate it according to the work requirements during normal use to reduce the wheel damage.

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    NICKBALER Machinery warmly reminds you: When using the baler, you should strictly follow the operating instructions. For more information on maintenance, please follow us

  • The waste paper recycling industry is an industry with relatively development potential in my country. With the development of science and technology in China, the waste paper baler has also made great progress from basic manual operation to subsequent full automation. Many friends want to buy a waste paper baler, and want to know what the output of a 180-ton waste paper baler is in one hour? Let's take a look at it together.

    The 180T waste paper baler can pack 8-10 tons in one hour, which can generally meet the baling machine station with a daily shipment of 60-80 tons.

    At present, the common models of waste paper balers are NK60, NK80, NK100, NK125, NK160, NK180, NK200 and NK220. If the initial baling machine station is small, generally about 10 tons, and it will gradually expand later, there may be three or four Ten tons, if you are uncertain, you might as well consider the 100 type at the initial stage, and then replace the larger model when the development is large in the later stage.

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    Therefore, if you want to buy a baler, you can choose the appropriate model reasonably according to your actual situation. If you don't know how to choose a suitable model, you can contact our technicians and explain your needs. NICKBALER Hotline 029- 86031588

  • Building an energy-saving and environmentally friendly society is the future development trend. The concept of environmental protection has now been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It can be said that environmental protection actions have also promoted the development process of plastic bottle balers. The plastic bottle baler can pack and compress the garbage in our life, so that it can be transported better, so that the resources can be effectively used, which is of great significance to environmental protection construction.

    The emergence of plastic bottle balers has brought many benefits to our daily life, especially in the recycling and reuse of resources. The plastic bottle baler can meet the demand for energy saving, and can also provide more efficient resource services for the operation of the agricultural and sideline product processing industry. Moreover, the plastic bottle baler has a wide range of applications and can be used in waste paper, waste Cardboard boxes, waste cardboard, straw, bark, waste plastic bags and all other light foaming, baling machine of loose materials can solve the problem of the accumulation of large amounts of waste and garbage, which is efficient and easy to transport and save costs, so this machine has been subject to more and more Favored by more and more customers.

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    Follow NICKBALER, you can learn more skills and tips

  • NICKBALER Machinery is a professional manufacturer of waste paper balers, integrating development, production, sales and service, providing more than 140 kinds of hydraulic balers. During the development process of nearly 20 years, NICKBALER has gradually established its own Improve the system, be able to install and debug new equipment for users, provide guidance on equipment-related aspects according to user needs, conduct lifelong maintenance on sold products, implement the three-guarantee policy, deal with user feedback in a timely manner, and give detailed answers. We will provide technical support at any time when users encounter problems during use. 

    NICKBALER will keep its original intention, keep improving, and strive to be a better manufacturer of hydraulic baler equipment.

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    NICKBALER Machinery's automatic hydraulic baler has the characteristics of fast speed, simple structure, stable action, low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance. 86-29-86031588


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