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  • Horizontal waste paper baler is mainly suitable for large-scale waste recycling stations, paper mills, carton factories and other units and enterprises. Packed items not only greatly reduce storage space, but also greatly reduce transportation costs during transportation, and are beneficial to environmental protection and waste products. Recycling of waste materials.

    Advantages of horizontal waste paper baler:

    1. Alarm system: program control automatically locks the shutdown alarm, and automatically shuts down the alarm when the equipment is misoperated, the power supply is lacking phase, the pressure is high, and the personnel enter the Baler port by mistake.    

    2. Hydraulic system: Imported parts are used for key parts such as hydraulic pump, solenoid valve and hydraulic cylinder oil seal, which make the Baler pressure high, fast speed, durable and low noise.    

    3. Electric control system: adopt Siemens motor, original Mitsubishi PLC programming controller, other key parts such as buttons, sensors, infrared beam, remote control system and other key parts adopt imported parts, simple operation and convenient maintenance.


    Nick Machinery horizontal waste paper baler has the characteristics of fast speed, simple structure, stable action, low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • According to the data, the waste paper baler in the hydraulic market is mainly divided into two types, horizontal and vertical. The volume of the vertical waste paper baler is relatively small, because the packaged products are also relatively small, so the work efficiency is not The opposite is the horizontal waste paper baler. Its volume is relatively large. Relatively speaking, the number of products produced at the same time is relatively large, and the efficiency is high. Another advantage of it is that it is very convenient to operate.

    In recent years, the number of users buying horizontal waste paper balers has increased rapidly. High-quality horizontal waste paper balers are especially popular. In addition to the support of my country’s policies, this is also closely related to the gradual maturity of my country’s overall biomass energy utilization technology. Related.

    The horizontal waste paper baler has been well used, so there is a good market demand. The market demand has driven the market for the horizontal waste paper baler. For users who purchase the horizontal waste paper baler, the quality This is the most concerned issue for users. Therefore, only by producing high-quality horizontal waste paper balers can manufacturers better occupy the market.

    With the development and popularization of the Internet, people's buying habits have undergone certain changes. When buying something, they will check it online, such as buying horizontal waste paper packaging opportunities to find some company information on the Internet. In response to this situation, many companies have begun to promote online, and online promotion is familiar to everyone. It is a kind of publicity and promotion activities carried out mainly through various means of the Internet to increase the popularity of their products.


    NICKBALER keeps abreast of market development trends, continuously improves technical capabilities, and enhances innovation capabilities to meet the needs of the ever-changing market.

  • With the development of science and technology, more and more hydraulic balers are used nowadays. The use of hydraulic balers can quickly pack items, improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, and bring a lot of convenience to work.

    However, there are some minor problems in the use of the hydraulic baler. For example, if the temperature of the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic baler is too high, what harm will the hydraulic baler have?

    If the temperature of the hydraulic baler is too high, it will accelerate the oxidation of the oil. It will also separate the asphalt material and reduce the service life of the hydraulic oil. At the same time, it will deform the rubber seal ring and accelerate its aging failure. Moreover, once the temperature is too high, the oil Dissolved air overflows and changes, causing the hydraulic system to operate, causing great harm.

    Moreover, if the temperature of the baler is too high, it will reduce the viscosity of the oil and increase the leakage. Because the mechanical parts are thermally deformed, the expansion coefficient is different, and the moving parts are stuck due to the small matching gap, causing some obstacles, affecting the transmission of the hydraulic system, and the accuracy will be reduced. Causes the quality to deteriorate, and also affects the transmission effect.

    Therefore, everyone must pay special attention to the process of using the hydraulic baler to reduce this series of problems, so as to extend the service life of the hydraulic baler.


    NICKBALER continues to improve the mechanism, strengthen the brand awareness, make the product quality better, better after-sales service, and serve customers in many ways.

  • The hydraulic metal shearing machine is a machine that uses one blade to perform reciprocating linear motion relative to the other blade to cut metal sheets. It uses a moving upper blade and a fixed lower blade, and uses a reasonable blade gap to cut metal sheets of various thicknesses. Apply shearing force to break and separate the plates according to the required size.

    Metal shears are a type of forging machinery. The main function is the metal processing industry. The products are widely used in aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, shipbuilding, automobile, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration and other industries to provide the required special Machinery and complete equipment.

    After the metal shearing machine is cut, it should be able to ensure the straightness and parallelism of the shear surface of the cut sheet, and minimize the distortion of the sheet to obtain high-quality workpieces.

    The upper blade of the metal shearing machine is fixed on the knife holder, and the lower blade is fixed on the workbench. , There is a supporting ball installed on the work table to prevent the sheet from being scratched when sliding on it.

    The back gauge is used for the positioning of the sheet material, and the position is adjusted by the motor. The pressing cylinder is used to compress the sheet material to prevent the sheet material from moving during shearing. The guardrail is a safety device to prevent industrial accidents.

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    Various models of NICKBALER shears are reliable, easy to operate, simple to maintain, and where there is no power supply, diesel engines can be used as power. Contact number 86-29-86031588

  • Abnormal phenomena that may occur in the work of the automatic horizontal waste paper baler:

    1. After the engine of the waste paper baler is started, if the indicator of the oil pressure gauge gradually drops, or even drops to zero, it may be that the pressure limiting valve and the oil return valve are severely worn, and the sealing is not tight, causing the oil to flow back to the oil pan.

    2. When the engine of the waste paper baler is working, the pointer of the oil pressure gauge swings from side to side. The reason is mostly that the valve seat of the oil return valve is not correct, the spring is skewed, or the pressure of the oil return valve is low. When the oil pressure is slightly higher, the valve opens. , The oil pressure drops sharply and the valve is closed again, so that the oil return valve opens and closes repeatedly, causing the oil pressure of the waste paper baler to rise and fall, causing the pointer of the oil pressure gauge to swing left and right.  

    3. The oil pressure of the waste paper baler engine is normal at low speed, and the oil pressure is low at high speed. The reason is that the return valve spring is issued. The valve is closed at low speed. The oil pressure value of the waste paper baler is normal. , The oil pressure of the waste paper baler suddenly opens, and the oil pressure drops accordingly, and the spring of the card is not able to reduce the valve opening in time, which makes the oil pressure of the waste paper baler low.  

    4. Poor heat dissipation, insufficient heat dissipation area of  the fuel tank, too little oil storage in the fuel tank, resulting in too fast oil circulation, poor cooling of the waste paper Baler cooler, such as failure of cooling water supply or failure of electric fans, high ambient temperature, etc. All are the reasons for poor heat dissipation.  

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    NICKBALER has a mature after-sales service system and a 7*24-hour professional hotline service to quickly help you solve any difficult problems and solve your worries.

  • In the test machine of the hydraulic waste paper baler equipment, the no-load test machine is a necessary process. This is a link in testing the quality of the manufacturer, and it is also a guarantee work for the customer to carry out the production.

    Today, we will introduce in detail the purpose of the no-load test machine of the hydraulic waste paper baler and the several links to be paid attention to. Through those indicators, we can judge whether the equipment is working normally:

    1. Oil pump

    The oil pump is the power source for the pressure of the waste paper baler. During the no-load test machine, check whether the pressure of the oil pump is too high during unloading, whether the sound is normal, and whether the liquid level in the fuel tank indicates bubbles that inhale air, etc.

    2. Relief valve

    The second indicator to check is the working state of the overflow valve of the hydraulic waste paper baler. If there is no abnormal phenomenon during the adjustment of the relief valve, let the oil cylinder perform multiple reciprocating motions or the oil motor rotating motion without load to remove the gas in the system. Secondly, check whether the safety valve, pressure relay, etc. work reliably. Observe through the pressure gauge. System pressure, and adjust the pressure value of the safety valve to make it within the specified range.

    3. Hydraulic oil

    The third indicator is to check the temperature of the hydraulic oil. When the waste paper baler is tested for a period of time without load, check whether the temperature of the hydraulic oil is normal.

    The above are the main inspection objects of the hydraulic waste paper baler during the no-load test run. However, you should not only check these items, but also pay attention to the other working conditions of the entire equipment, and whether the various components are working properly to ensure that they are put into production. Normal work before operation.


    NICKBALER has now formed a hydraulic machinery enterprise integrating scientific research, development and sales, and has a group of teams with rich experience and strong technical force.


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