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  • For a long time,foreign waste paper has been favored by many domestic paper mills due to its lower price and better quality.

    Affected by the increased environmental protection supervision,the reform of the paper supply side has accelerated,small and medium-sized enterprises have shut down due to high environmental pressures,and the industry is facing capacity shrinkage.Therefore,the prices of major paper products have risen across the board,and the performance of the sector has continued to improve.


    At the same time,industry concentration has increased and leading companies have gained more market share.Environmental protection is expected to become stricter in the second half of the year,and new capacity in the paper industry is limited.

    The centralized sorting and processing of waste paper bins is also helpful to promote the application of waste paper Baling Machines.Waste paper boxes,cartons,paper tube and paper shell waste,waste plastic bottles,mineral water bottle waste,plastic bag plastic film waste,etc.are all recyclable waste.The implementation of garbage classification will also increase the recycling volume of the surrounding major resource recycling stations to a certain extent.The waste paper Baling Machine will greatly improve the recycling efficiency of recyclable garbage and reduce the amount of labor,which will also be greatly affected.Small packing stations are welcome.


    The waste paper Baling Machine has become a source of basic power to promote the development and growth of enterprises.

    In addition,Nick Machinery has also established a complete service system to ensure that any mechanical failures encountered by users after purchase and during use can be resolved in a timely manner to ensure their own economic interests and achieve sustainable development.

    These development policies have further improved our reputation in the market and become a well-known brand of domestic waste paper Baling Machines.

  • There are still many accidents related to metal chip shredders every year.Now I will summarize the operation methods to prevent frequent accidents.

    1.Workers must wear safety helmets and protective shoes when operating the metal chip shredder. Non-rubber gloves,etc.,and female operators are not allowed to wear a scarf,and their hair must be tied up.

    2.When there is a material jam during operation,you cannot directly dredge it by hand.You must wait for the machine to stop running before turning the metal chip shredder over and implement the construction.

    3.If the metal chip pulverizer has a peculiar smell during use,it must be shut down for inspection.


    Nick is a professional company engaged in the development,production,sales and service of hydraulic machinery and packaging machinery.It is your best choice to build professionalism with concentration,reputation with integrity, and sales with service.

    If you are interested or have questions about the metal chip shredder, please open our company's,or call:86-29-86031588

  • With the progress of society,people's living standards are constantly improving,but more and more domestic garbage is also coming.All kinds of used TVs,washing machines,refrigerators,etc.need to be recycled,but these things are all metals,which makes it difficult to handle.But the metal chip shredder makes everything easier.

    Because the metal chip shredder is the particularity of shredding materials,in order to prevent excessive loss of equipment blades,we need to maintain and maintain it frequently.

    First of all,the maintenance of one of the important parts of the metal chip pulverizer requires us to observe whether the lubricant of the bearing is replaced in time.Generally,it is required to add new lubricant after 320 hours of production.


    Second,at the beginning,let the equipment run in idling for a while,then slowly add materials,and then normal discharge after a few minutes.

    When discharging,the materials should be put in stably,which can effectively save time and increase work efficiency.

    Nick brand metal chip shredder is recognized by many customers with high-quality qualifications and professional craftsmanship according to everyone's actual needs,and is worthy of trust. 

  • The hot summer weather makes the surrounding environment temperature higher,and the hydraulic equipment will generate high temperature in successive operation.The operating temperature of the hydraulic system of the straw Baling Machine,waste paper hydraulic Baling Machine,and plastic hydraulic Baling Machine is generally controlled within 80 ℃.

    The temperature of the hydraulic system is generally planned at 60~80℃ according to the experiment,and should not exceed 100℃.Under normal oil temperature,various functions of hydraulic oil are outstanding.Excessive oil temperature of the hydraulic system can cause:

    1.Thermal deformation occurs in the mechanical parts of household garbage packaging machinery,and the moving parts with different coefficients of thermal expansion in the hydraulic components are stuck due to the smaller cooperative space,causing malfunctions, affecting the transmission accuracy of the hydraulic system,and deteriorating the quality of the parts.


    2.Decrease the viscosity of the oil and increase the leakage,and the volume power of the pump and the power of the entire system will decrease significantly.As the viscosity of the oil decreases,the oil film of the sliding valve and other moving parts becomes thinner and cut,and the frictional resistance increases,resulting in increased wear.

    3.Deformation of the rubber seals of the household garbage packer,accelerate the aging failure,reduce the sealing function and service life,and constitute leakage.Heze Baling machine

    4.Accelerate the oxidation and transformation of the oil,and separate the bituminous substances,which reduces the service life of the hydraulic oil.The separated objects block the damping orifice and the slit valve port,causing the pressure valve to jam and fail to move,the metal pipe is stretched and bent,or even broken.

    5.The domestic garbage Baling Machine makes the air separation pressure of the oil drop,and the dissolved air in the oil escapes,causing cavitation,resulting in the decline of the hydraulic system's operating function.

    Nick brand household waste Baling Machine has good rigidity,toughness and stability,beautiful appearance,convenient operation and maintenance,safe and energy-saving,and low investment in equipment basic engineering.It is a good helper for your life. 

  • NKB150 briquetting machine is specially used to compress wood chips,wood flour,shavings,coconut mud,peanut shells,corn stalks and other materials for easy transportation.

    Performance of NKB150 briquetting machine:

    1.The machine adopts PLC control system,hydraulic transmission,horizontal continuous bag delivery,fast speed and convenient use.Use the conveyor to automatically load the material.

    2.The machine is mainly suitable for compression molding of paper powder,wood chips and other scraps,which is convenient for storage and reduces transportation costs.

    微信图片_20190905093423 拷贝.jpg

    3.After being compressed by this machine,the scraps can be transported directly without bagging.It can be scattered automatically after being beaten by manpower.

    The Nick Baler NKB150 briquetting machine is easy to operate and automatically packs out,which improves work efficiency.The installation of emergency stop settings makes the operation safer and perfect after-sales.

  • The benefits of the network are obvious and very differentiated,so there are many more choices of straw baler.Just search on the Internet now,and countless manufacturers appear in front of you.At this time,you only need to choose the product that suits you.Nick Baler Machinery will be your best choice and create more value for you.We The brand has a good reputation,rich production experience,one-stop service,so you can buy with confidence.

    Our company has a great reputation and good reputation.We will design different types of hydraulic balers according to the purchasing needs of different customers,just for customer satisfaction.If you choose such a good brand,you will really fall in love with it. 


    As long as you have purchased a packer from Nick Baler Machinery,you will know that Nick Baler Machinery has strong strength and product charm.At the same time,users have gained more benefits than imagined and saved costs for production.No matter how harsh the customer's procurement requirements for hydraulic blockers are,and how high their vision is,Nick Baler Machinery can meet them.This is our confidence in our products and brand,and it is also affirmation that you can decisively choose us.

    We promise you,let you buy a reliable hydraulic block machine.If you have any questions about the above,please call our company's service hotline: 86-29-86031588

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