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  • Garment Baler manufacturers are very aware of the consumer psychology of customers, and know that price issues are always the most concerned issue for customers when they buy garment Balers.

    Many customers always consult about the price when purchasing clothing baler equipment, just to really buy a clothing baler with excellent value for money and good quality and low price.

    According to industry experts, the value of clothing balers determines the price. High-priced clothing balers will naturally have higher configuration, better power, and higher efficiency, and will be loved by more customers.

    Now not all customers judge the quality of the equipment based on the price of the garment baler. Generally speaking, the high-quality equipment is purchased at a high price. After-sales and many other aspects are guaranteed.

    Quality is the key to measuring the quality of garment Baler machines. This sentence is very practical for manufacturers and customers. This enlightens our customers to pay attention to the quality of garment Baler machines when buying garment Baler machines.

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    Since its establishment, NICKBALER has always been adhering to the concept of customer-oriented. The garment baler produced is absolutely value for money. Contact number 86-29-86031588

  • As a large-scale machine, the straw baler will generally operate continuously for a long time. In long-term use, it will inevitably be worn out. After the straw baler is worn out, it will have a certain impact on the production efficiency of the equipment and reduce the company's income.

    Therefore, the straw baler needs to be shut down immediately after wear and tear, and it can work normally after it is resolved.

    Due to the uninterrupted operation of the straw baler, the temperature will continue to rise. When it stops working, the parts of the straw baler will cool down, and the volume of the connected parts will be affected by thermal expansion and contraction. When the pressure exceeds the maximum pressure resistance of the parts , It will break. In this case, it must be replaced in time. Therefore, in normal use, be sure to pay more attention to the use of parts.

    If you find that the parts are deformed during the use of the straw baler, you must stop the machine for maintenance or replace with new parts. After the maintenance and replacement, you need to pay more attention to prevent the wear from happening again.

    The maintenance of the straw baler needs to be measured from many aspects, and the load-bearing capacity of the parts must also be taken into account, otherwise the parts will be out of balance.

    Nowadays, straw balers are widely used. We need to learn more about the use methods and failure solutions of the balers, which can not only ensure the normal use of the balers, but also reduce the probability of failure of the balers.

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    NICKBALER has strong technical force and advanced management concepts, and is committed to creating better value and better service for consumers.

  • With the rapid improvement of the industry, manufacturing, equipment and management of scrap steel shears, the product quality level has jumped to a new level and has achieved remarkable results.

    The achievements of the NICKBALER scrap steel shearing machine are mainly manifested as:

    First, the quality awareness of enterprises has been significantly improved, and the construction of quality culture and quality training have been further promoted.

    Second, the quality assurance ability of the production and manufacturing process of the enterprise has been significantly improved, and the product quality stability and the delivery qualification rate have increased rapidly.

    The third is the rapid increase in the market recognition of product quality. According to incomplete statistics of dealers, the overall service life has been significantly improved, the failure rate has been significantly reduced, and the main quality performance indicators such as vibration and noise have basically reached the level of similar foreign products, and the product quality is fast It is rapidly expanding its market share with excellent price-performance ratio.

    Fourth, the gradual expansion of product brand influence has increased the market's acceptance of NICKBALER scrap steel shears, and the industry's competitiveness has been significantly enhanced.


    The key components of the NICKBALER scrap steel shearing machine are well-known products at home and abroad, which have the characteristics of fast speed and high precision. Contact number 86-29-86031588

  • The scrap rate of large-size scrap steel resources continues to soar, and the society continues to attach importance to the recycling and utilization of scrap steel resources, so that the scrap steel shearing machine industry has a lot of room for market development.

    As a strong manufacturer of scrap steel shearing machines, NICKBALER has been using market-for-technology as the main way to improve the technical level of equipment, and has been actively promoting product transformation and upgrading to achieve quality and efficiency breakthroughs.

    In recent years, the scrap steel shearing machine industry has developed more and more rapidly. NICKBALER also has huge room for growth. It is also facing greater development through transformation and upgrading, and is facing serious challenges. It can be said that opportunities and challenges coexist, with achievements and achievements. There are hidden dangers. We have combined our own advantages and technical advantages, independent, large-scale manufacturing, and standardized services, so that the scrap steel shearing machine has its own originality, has its own advantages and characteristics, and NICKBALER pays attention to details, and all parts of the scrap steel shearing machine It is carefully selected by NICKBALER.

    NICKBALER knows that the core technology cannot be bought, and the ability to innovate depends on itself. It is with such a firm belief that we can blaze a path of success in continuous expansion and innovation.

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    NICKBALER has an experienced after-sales service team and engineering technical team, which can provide customers with technical support and guarantee at any time. Contact number 86-29-86031588

  • The hydraulic baler is used to compress waste paper and other packaging equipment such as domestic waste, industrial waste, plastic, film, pasture, straw, cotton, iron filings and other fluffy waste products.

    To put it simply, the qualification rate of the finished product of the hydraulic baler is mainly related to the equipment itself. Choosing a good set of equipment accounts for almost 90% of the equipment. Furthermore, the equipment needs to be overhauled frequently to ensure the quality and stable operation of the equipment.

    In the process of operating the hydraulic baler, the user needs to operate in accordance with the correct process and the baler's environmental requirements. As long as the standard production is carried out in strict accordance with the manufacturer's knowledge, the normal production of the equipment can be guaranteed.

    The hydraulic baler is mixed with as little impurities as possible in the baling materials, so as not to damage the machine and cause unnecessary consequences.

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    NICKBALER horizontal hydraulic baler reduces waste and saves costs. It is a good helper for centralized treatment and recycling of resources in modern society.

  • The straw baler can produce and process raw materials such as cotton wood, corn stalks, tree roots, etc. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenient movement, automatic feeding, and reliability. The straw baler is an indispensable green material production equipment for large farms. , To apply it, you need to learn the maintenance. Let’s talk about the maintenance methods of the lifting straw baler:

    1. Do not open the shell and disassemble the safety cover at will. Pulling the operating handle of the clutch inwardly is to feed in, and pushing outwardly is to reverse and return the material.

    2. For the straw baler, we must do a good job in maintenance work, and carry out clearing and maintenance on it on time.

    3. The straw balers should be checked immediately, and some components should be tightened immediately if they are loose.

    4. Everyone needs to remove the straw on the equipment immediately after application.

    5. If it is not needed for a long time, wipe and clean every position of the equipment, and introduce oil into the place where the oil is dripped to keep the human body tidy and not rusty.

    The above is a detailed introduction of the maintenance methods of the straw baler. If we leave the equipment aside after the application, it is actually wrong. A piece of equipment must be maintained, so that the equipment can be added. Period of use.

    The main purpose of the straw baler is very common. It can cut corn stalks, wheat straw, wheat straw, cotton wool stalks, soybean stalks, tree technology, slabs, tree roots, small bamboo, Ganshu and other raw materials with a diameter of less than 3 cm. It has to be broken into small raw materials, and this small raw material can be used in breeding plants (such as: raising cattle, raising sheep, raising donkeys, raising horses and other herbivores), microbial power plants, raw materials for ignition, paper mills, papermaking raw materials, and machine-made charcoal Raw materials, artificial boards and other uses.

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    Over the years, NKBALER has won the love of customers with its superb technology, and has won the recognition of users with its excellent service. We will insist on serving the majority of users at all times.


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