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  • Horizontal hydraulic paper baler waste paper is about this kind of extra raw material, has handled together on scrap paper stock have different needs, so work on different episodes of demand is not the same. Paper products generally refers to industrial production as well as the usual days of the onset of more waste material refers to play the greatest effect on the original value, with regard to the degree of waste and scrap of paper material is not to be considered horizontal hydraulic waste paper packer recovery value and impact.

    On paper can be recycled resources, we can use horizontal hydraulic waste paper packer relaxing end to analyze the classification of waste recycling role. To make yesterday's waste materials into today's available resources, we have a demand for recycled use of valuable substances develop recycling programs. This will greatly save space resources, is reflected in the waste paper baler efficient productive forces embodied, waste paper is a kind of material fact misplaced address recyclable resources.

    Was carried out using horizontal hydraulic waste paper packer paper bag production levels should be improved, this is not just an advance scientific level, it is that we continue to introduce new technology, new equipment to meet the time to start a recycling embodied in the form of seed, the use of recycling has been focused on the question of social mutatis mutandis. Waste is only relevant to a particular process in terms of perhaps the use of no value, but does not mean it did not use in any place value, so multifaceted resource use, it is very important.

  • Good morning all customer ,we have begin to work from holiday ,due to specical stage ,we are working at home right now 

    The main epidemic situation which is under control ,the government is actively taking many measures to deal with it other cites have little impact , i believe it will be restored soon .thanks for care us .

  • Bagasse is sugar by-products, abundant resources, the use is convenient. Bagasse used in papermaking, must pass a depithing processing. About 37% of the sugarcane bagasse pulp. Sugarcane pulp some spongy cells, it is bad for pulping and writing. In cooking, sugarcane pulp liquid more consumption, increase the dosage of bleaching agent, at the same time reduce the strength of the pulp. After two depithing bagasse material, lignin content is low, about 19% less. Section in the process of sugar cane by crushing, waxy cuticle, stripped, bagasse has become a debacle filiform, these is good for cooking. Of bagasse by the ammonium can obtain high yield, good strength, relatively easy to bleach pulp.

    Hydraulic packaging function effectively packaged bagasse, bagasse in bagasse hydraulic press hydraulic system, hydraulic oil is the job of the power and signal transmission medium, at the same time, is the lubricant of hydraulic components. Bagasse hydraulic baling press hydraulic system work in the heat generated by the most depends on the flow of hydraulic oil to go to the cooling effect, in the work of grits and pollutants from the outside world also depends on the hydraulic oil away, so it is drainage effect. Viscosity of hydraulic oil to reduce the leak gaps, to ensure that the hydraulic element sealing also plays an important role.

    Bagasse hydraulic baling press is rigid. Good abrasion resistance. High service life, safety and energy saving. Done correctly, characteristics of manipulation and maintenance is more effectively improved the work efficiency, reduce the labor intensity, reduce the yield criterion


  • Cotton seed shellis for many clients asked what's the relationship between the cotton seed shellis and packing machine,

    Shaanxi Nick company give the answer to this question is: the so-called cotton seed sheller separation, cottonseed for oil, the rest of the cotton seed shellis shell is, also known as cotton leather in the cotton seed shellis (usually contain a mote) according to different types of shell machinery, cotton seed varieties, producing area different, different water content, shell after crushed cottonseed powder sieving degree etc.Cotton seed shellis processing of size, color, length of velveteen, nutritional ingredients (including

    Cottonseed meal).The cotton seed shell is mainly used for: breeding medicinal food bacteria, as feed, livestock, etc.The characteristics of the cotton seed shellis however, itself is stored is not convenient, and easy to occupy a space, so the transportation and transportation is a headache problem, the problem is not cotton seed shellis baffled suppliers, shaanxi cotton seed shellis Nick machinery company's baling press, is the most economical and can meet the needs of customers, according to the proportion of the moisture content of 13%, the machine can be compressed to 60 kg per bag, the train and just 60 tons, for the supplier to provide accurate, reliable, convenient, and thoughtful service

  • As you know, with the fast development of Agricultural , industrial and other business all over the world , More and more waste paper , waste plastic and waste metal are produced with large quantity .At this time , recycling these wastes come to be a trend . So all kinds of balers are following close on another. Now let us have knowledge of what a baler is.

    A baler is a piece of farm or industrial machinery which is used to compress a cut and raked crop (such as hay, straw, or silage) into compact bales that are easy to handle, transport and store. Several different types of balers are commonly used, each producing a different type of bales – rectangular or cylindrical, of various sizes, bound with twine, netting, or wire. Industrial balers are also used in material recycling facilities, primarily for baling metal, plastic, or waste paper for transport.

    Now all kinds of balers such as waste paper balers, used clothes balers, waste plastic balers, dedicated tire balers, dedicated block-making balers, and hydraulic metal baler are widely produced with first-class quality by so many businesses. If you are interested in or in badly need of balers, you can write email to me :   

    Or you can call me :86-15021631102  . Here you can get you what you want, and Nick company can meet all requirements you come up with .

  • Many customers are aware of the straw granules and different sizes of granules when consulting the machine. In fact, the straw granule machine and the straw briquetting machine should belong to the straw granule machine. Why are they divided into two models? Of course, because the size of the particles is different, of course, the mold used is not the same. Let's talk about the different parts of the straw pellet machine and the straw briquetting machine.

    Straw granule machine, the mold cylinder type is generally five to six rows of small holes, and the size is from 350 to 580. There are various models, mainly pressing small cylindrical particles, which are generally used in daily biomass boilers, or Biomass burning appliances, because of the small size of the particles, can be formed whether it is straw or wood chips, of course, this also combines the specific material and mold compression ratio. The straw briquetting machine uses a block mold, generally consisting of 36 or 48 blocks, and can produce block biomass particles of different sizes such as 20*20, 30*30, etc., generally used for straw pressing, and can also be pressed. Wood chips, but according to the different raw materials, the mold length, material moisture, composition, reasonable allocation, this block particles, because of the larger, better flame resistance, biomass power plants use more.

    It can be understood from the above that the straw briquetting machine is different from the pellet machine. When the straw briquetting machine is used, the straw is mainly subjected to briquetting treatment, and the pellet machine is mainly made of straw into pellets. According to the needs of customers, using different products, the effect of production can make you more satisfied.

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