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  • The straw baler can produce and process raw materials such as cotton wood, corn stalks, tree roots, etc. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenient movement, automatic feeding, and reliability. The straw baler is an indispensable green material production equipment for large farms. , To apply it, you need to learn the maintenance. Let’s talk about the maintenance methods of the lifting straw baler:

    1. Do not open the shell and disassemble the safety cover at will. Pulling the operating handle of the clutch inwardly is to feed in, and pushing outwardly is to reverse and return the material.

    2. For the straw baler, we must do a good job in maintenance work, and carry out clearing and maintenance on it on time.

    3. The straw balers should be checked immediately, and some components should be tightened immediately if they are loose.

    4. Everyone needs to remove the straw on the equipment immediately after application.

    5. If it is not needed for a long time, wipe and clean every position of the equipment, and introduce oil into the place where the oil is dripped to keep the human body tidy and not rusty.

    The above is a detailed introduction of the maintenance methods of the straw baler. If we leave the equipment aside after the application, it is actually wrong. A piece of equipment must be maintained, so that the equipment can be added. Period of use.

    The main purpose of the straw baler is very common. It can cut corn stalks, wheat straw, wheat straw, cotton wool stalks, soybean stalks, tree technology, slabs, tree roots, small bamboo, Ganshu and other raw materials with a diameter of less than 3 cm. It has to be broken into small raw materials, and this small raw material can be used in breeding plants (such as: raising cattle, raising sheep, raising donkeys, raising horses and other herbivores), microbial power plants, raw materials for ignition, paper mills, papermaking raw materials, and machine-made charcoal Raw materials, artificial boards and other uses.

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    Over the years, NKBALER has won the love of customers with its superb technology, and has won the recognition of users with its excellent service. We will insist on serving the majority of users at all times.

  • Beverage bottle balers are loved by recycling station operators for their stable performance. With the advent of summer, people’s demand for beverages has greatly increased, and a large number of empty beverage bottles need to be processed. At this time, the beverage bottle balers must show their talents. NS. Many friends who have just opened the Baler station will encounter this problem. The Baler compresses the beverage bottles very well, and the rope or wire is also tightly bound. However, when the packed block comes out of the Baler, the rope will be broken. I don’t know why. I thought it was a problem with the baler. In fact, the machine is okay. Most of the problems are caused by the wrong method of Baler.

    There are a lot of skills in how to pack the pieces so that they don't fall apart. First of all, it has something to do with the size of the Baler and the number of straps. Everyone knows that the beverage bottles collected in the recycling station basically have a lid. During the compression and packaging process, it is difficult to remove the air in the bottle. The block will have a great rebound force. The small model Baler has relatively small force. The probability of violating the bottle is lower, and the bundling will rebound more strongly. Try to use iron wire when bundling, and the quantity should be larger. In addition, the length of the package in the machine is longer than the required length. The iron wire cannot be bundled. If the bottle is too tight, leave a certain rebound space for the bottle. The length is generally 30 to 50 cm. Larger models of balers are more powerful and have a higher rate of bottle explosion. The air from violent bottles is easily discharged, and the rebound force is much smaller. The bales produced by large machines are bulky and heavy, so they are tied with steel wires. There are many, plus the number of strapping wires, the length of the bale that does not come out of the baler can be 20 to 40 cm shorter than the required length. The bundled steel wire bale has the rebound force released by this length, and it will not Unpack again.

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    More than ten years of production experience has created the innovation and replacement of NKABLER beverage bottle packaging machine technology. Achieved the recognition and consensus of batches of new and old customers.

  • The development of the machinery industry is becoming more and more automated and intelligent. The small waste paper baler adopts a hydraulic system for transmission, which has a very obvious performance advantage!

    Next, let our company's technicians analyze the performance advantages of hydraulic transmission of small waste paper packaging for the majority of users!

    1. Hydraulic transmission power is stable and high pressure

    The hydraulic system of the small waste paper baler can continuously and steadily generate driving force, and the pressure is greater than that of the pneumatic transmission device. It can effectively achieve low-speed and large-tonnage operation, which is a feature that other forms of transmission do not have!

    2. Compact structure

    With the same power, the hydraulic system transmission device has a smaller volume, a more compact structure, and has a better performance compared with a pneumatic transmission device!

    Three, good safety performance

    The safety protection work of the small waste paper baler using hydraulic transmission is relatively easier, and the safety threat coefficient is small during operation, which can better ensure the personal safety of users!

    Fourth, the hydraulic transmission has low noise

    The small waste paper baler uses hydraulic system transmission device, which can greatly reduce the noise. If the pneumatic transmission system is used, the system will produce a lot of noise, especially when it is exhausted!

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    NKBALER small waste paper balers will develop more advanced in the future, high pressure, low noise, long life, high efficiency, etc. Only by continuous advancement in technology, we can gain a firm foothold in the waste paper balers industry!

  • Utilizing the beverage Baler technology, the operation of each circuit of the Baler structure is more smooth and stable. So what are the requirements of the baler for the use of oil?

     1. It has no effect on human health.

     2. The oil should not be easily oxidized to avoid the occurrence of gum and asphaltene due to oxidation, which may cause the oil to degenerate. Impurities composed of oxides can also block the oil circuit and damage the normal operation of the hydraulic system.

    3. In places where fire prevention is required, the ignition point of thick oil should be high; in places with cold climate, the freezing point of oil should be low.

    4. It has an outstanding smooth function. In the hydraulic system of the baler, the working fluid is not only used to transfer energy, but also has a smooth effect on the conflicting surfaces of the hydraulic components. In some machine tools, the oil source of the machine tool lubrication system comes from the hydraulic system, and the same oil pump is used for the hydraulic system. Therefore, hydraulic oil should have high oil film strength and outstanding smoothing function within the operating temperature and pressure change scale to avoid dry conflict.

    5. Clean quality and no impurities. If there is moisture, it will reduce the smooth function of the straw baler oil; mechanical impurities will block the throttle orifice and jam the valve core; acid and alkali will corrode the metal and damage the sealing structure; volatile substances will change the oil It is thick, and bubbles occur, which damages the stability of the transmission.

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    If you have any questions about the use of oil when using the baler, you can contact our after-sales staff at 86-29-86031588 to serve you wholeheartedly.

  • The mineral water bottle Baler machine has many advantages. When the plastic is blown out, it is beautiful and strong, and the speed is faster, which improves the efficiency of Baler and reduces consumption, which also saves costs.

    Various types of plastic balers are suitable for basic object packaging, large volume, and super heavy object packaging, very wide objects and its pressurized packaging machine.

    So what are the problems with the installation of the natural environment and attention to the plastic baler?

    The first is the overall natural environment where the plastic baler is installed. It is not necessary to select areas where the sun can reach, and there are areas with a lot of smoke and dust. It is easy to cause environmental pollution of the machine, and the actual operation staff is not It’s very big, and then it can’t be too cold. We know that a natural environment that is too humid and cold can easily lead to short-circuit failures, and the repair rate of cables for machinery and equipment will increase.

    The second is that when we are carrying out the actual operation of the machine, we must ensure that the switching power supply of your machine is properly connected, and the cable is grounded. In actual operation, we must ensure that your machine is running normally.

    Finally, do not disassemble and replace original parts by yourself to prevent equipment failure.

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    NKABLER plastic bottle Baler machine has simple structure, stable performance, simple installation, no foundation and so on.

  • As a new type of industrial equipment for waste paper and waste processing, hydraulic balers rely on high-power hydraulic cylinders to squeeze loose normal waste paper into blocks, increase its density and reduce the area occupied by waste paper, so as to achieve convenient transportation and save storage space. , The advantage of reducing costs. The principle of use of hydraulic baler equipment is similar in appearance, and the main parts are: housing, extrusion plate, and hydraulic components

     Whether the configuration of hydraulic components is reasonable or not affects the size of the working pressure and the density and weight of the extruded block. The design material of the extrusion plate and the casing affects its bearing pressure. The material of the casing is often larger than the pressure value of the hydraulic cylinder. The extrusion plate should be closely matched with the casing. If the gap between the two is too large, it is easy to feed material and so on. Phenomenon, it is easy to cause the squeeze plate to block for a long time. If it is too small, it is prone to collision and damage to the casing.The hydraulic baler has a heavy body, a large area and high site requirements.

    However, it has a wide range of waste materials such as waste paper, cans, beverage bottles, and household garbage. The horizontal multi-function baler has a wide range of applications, and the pressure can be large or small. The automatic intelligent baler unlocks the cumbersome steps of squeezing and threading, saving time and increasing output. The vertical baler is suitable for small baler stations with low pressure and low output. Each type of baler has its own advantages. When purchasing, it mainly depends on whether the materials, hydraulic accessories, and program design are reasonable. After-sales service is more important. All NKBALER models use national standard steel materials, well-known hydraulic components, reasonable design, fine workmanship, and all equipment can be delivered only after passing the test machine inspection. All equipment is clearly marked with a formal contract. After-sales guarantee, professional maintenance team. Friends of the Baler station, when you have questions about the Baler machine! When you have good suggestions for the baler! You can contact us, let us do a good job and perfect the hydraulic baler, and provide better service to our customers! !


    NKABLER specializes in providing vertical balers, horizontal balers, semi-automatic balers, full-automatic balers, etc., with complete models, various types, and reasonable prices. Welcome to buy.


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