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  • Customers can choose their own models according to their actual conditions. Tire balers are now in a situation where all kinds of tire balers coexist in the market. Because of its significant advantages, tire balers are increasingly occupying a larger market mainstream.

    The tire baler equipment is also being updated from time to time, and technology is advancing. For example, the tire balers were also manually tightened from the beginning. Later, the tire balers have been developed into the fully-active computer-controlled balers with active rope ties in recent years, and they have quickly become the mainstream in the shopping malls, used tire balers, So what are the advantages of tire balers;

    Because automatic production also reduces many disadvantages caused by human operation, manual and semi-active balers can significantly improve production efficiency compared with fully-active tire balers. It also reduces the labor intensity of workers.

    The volume of the material is greatly reduced, and the density of the bale produced by the tire baler is greater. This saves shipping costs. Customers who have used both generations of equipment should have a deep understanding.

    Due to the hydraulic system used by the tire balers, the package appearance is more neat. The tire balers can also enhance our company's technical strength and corporate image.

    The tire baler is not easy to be scattered during loading, unloading and transportation, because the density of waste products packed into the tire baler is high. Will not pollute the environment.

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    The tire baler saves electricity bills. Greatly reduce the energy consumption of the equipment.

    In the future, NKBALER will continue to research and innovate rubber tire balers to serve consumers better and more assuredly.

  • Grasp the hydraulic principle of the straw baler, know which spool must be closed and which spool must be opened in a specific operation. If the closed spool cannot be completely closed, the opened spool cannot be opened, which will inevitably cause the oil flow to go wrong and cause a hydraulic failure.

    As a qualified operator of the straw baler, we should master some operations of the straw baler during normal operation. The following are some of the contents we need to master.

    1. Familiar with the working steps of each working mechanism of the straw baler.

    2. Familiar with the position and function of each switch of the straw baler.

    3. Master the electric beat table of the electromagnet in each working step of the straw baler.

    4. Grasp the control principle of the opening and closing of the cartridge valve core of the straw baler.


    When a failure occurs, you cannot simply search for the cartridge valve part. The failure may also involve mechanical jamming, electrical part failure, and other hydraulic component failures. Therefore, when a straw baler failure occurs, a comprehensive and careful inspection must be performed to distinguish the type of failure (mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic) in order to quickly eliminate the failure. In the process of troubleshooting the hydraulic failure, do not install the object wrongly or reversely. Otherwise, not only the fault cannot be eliminated, but also the fault becomes difficult to judge.

  • This product has the characteristics of good rigidity and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, and low investment cost of equipment basic engineering. Waste paper baler is widely used in various waste paper factories, waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises. It is suitable for packaging and recycling waste paper, plastic straw, etc. It is to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation. Good equipment for cost.

    mmexport1619686061967 拷贝.jpg

    1. This machine is suitable for compressing and Press loose materials such as waste paper and newspapers.

    2. This machine uses a high-performance, low-noise hydraulic circuit system, and uses imported hydraulic accessories; the whole machine has stable performance and low vibration.

    3. Fast and simple wire binding device, low failure rate, easy to clean, maintain and repair.

    4. Freely set the package length and accurately record the package value.

    5. Easy to install, no special site infrastructure is required.

  • The horizontal special hydraulic bagging machine is suitable for wood chips, shavings, rice husks, cottonseed husks, peanut husks, corn cobs, hay, mineral wool and other loose scraps that cannot be bundled and crushed peanut seedlings, bean seedlings and sweet potatoes for animal feed. Seedlings, wheat straw, rice straw, natural grass, Leymus chinensis, alkali grass, green hay, corn grass, bread grass, coarse bran, fine bran, etc. This kind of horizontal special bagging machine is a one-time compression bagging machine, which reduces waste storage space, saves up to 80% of stacking space, reduces transportation costs, and is conducive to environmental protection and waste recycling.

    1. Four-wheel movement and two-wheel movement can be selected: Four-wheel movement is convenient for short-distance movement, suitable for moving in a flat field, and the movement speed cannot be too fast. Long-distance movement should have a large turning radius, otherwise it will easily roll over and cause damage to the machine.

    2. When the two wheels move for a short distance, you need to use a jack to support the front frame, remove the outriggers and then move, the moving speed should not be too fast, the turning radius is small, and it is not easy to roll over and cause damage to the machine.

    3. Straw hydraulic baler can choose diesel engine and electric motor mechanism as power: solve the problem of no power supply.

    net 1-2.jpg

    4. Top-top single-cylinder clamping device: The top-top single-cylinder clamping is easier to maintain than multi-cylinder side clamping, simple operation, more synchronized parallel retracting, uniform force, and more squarely pressed packages.

    NKBALER forage baler has simple structure, convenient operation and stable performance. It is a good helper for your production.

  • The garlic skin hydraulic baler has high Baler density and beautiful bag shape.

    Easy to install, simple to operate, convenient to maintain, and small footprint.

    Imported original seals are used, and the cylinder has a long service life.

    The garlic skin hydraulic baler has a wide range of applications and is now widely used in the agricultural and animal husbandry industry, which has played a huge role in the protection of the environment and resources. The straw baler can press silage straw, dried corn stalks, various straw scraps, waste plastic films, etc., for bundling, but automatically bagging and packaging.

    The feeding method of the garlic skin hydraulic baler: conveyor belt feeding. The machine uses a double-cylinder balanced compression, a special hydraulic system, and a more stable power.


    NKBALER is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic machinery and equipment, and can provide various specifications and styles of balers according to customer requirements. Enterprise tenet: "Quality, Integrity, Service" Choose us to make you satisfied and assured.

  • Common failure analysts should have a strong overall concept and rapid judgment ability, and they can find the problem at the beginning of common failures, and take measures to solve them to prevent small common failures from causing major common failures.

    The manufacturer of the waste paper baler should ensure the accuracy of the results. The results of very accurate data information can be reduced, which can reduce the time and vitality of the application, and it can also prevent the automatic advancement of some common failures. Therefore, we should be right The analysis of common failures of waste paper hydraulic press waste paper bundling machine is as thorough as possible.

    It is to ensure proper results. If proper common failure causes cannot be obtained, no failures will be detected. The proper diagnosis results are all automatic waste paper hydraulic presses and waste paper balers can be restored to basics.

    It must be ensured that fast time is life. The opportunity for important waste paper baler manufacturers to stop equipment will cause all packaging stations, so the staff must stop working, and must race against time to deal with common problems and resume production.

    It is to ensure that the concise results are available. Because on-site work has more influence on the elements, but because high-precision and complex equipment may not be available, and the price is more precious, a relatively simple and reasonable method must be selected to solve the automatic waste paper hydraulic press Common problems of waste paper baler failure.

    After-sales service personnel of waste paper baler manufacturers must have high job protection, common fault inspection and elimination capabilities, because the level of service personnel and the level of service quality immediately determine the customer's awareness of well-known brands.

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    NKBALER has been committed to the production and sales of waste paper balers for many years. It has a professional R&D team and after-sales team. If you have any problems in use, please contact our after-sales hotline 86-29-86031588


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