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  • What is the maintenance method of the straw baler? Let's take a look with NICKBALER:

    The engine and cylinder of the straw baler need to be filled with appropriate amount of lubricating oil frequently. We need to fill the oiler with turbine oil to provide a fixed amount of oil for the machine.

    The power source of the straw baler is the air source, so the stability of the air pressure is also a major issue that cannot be ignored. We must adjust the air pressure. If the air pressure is not good, it will directly affect the quality of the packaging.

    We need to conduct regular inspections of the straw balers, find problems and solve them in a timely manner. If problems are found, no matter how large or small, do not delay, and develop the habit of solving them in a timely manner.

    The above is the maintenance method of the straw baler introduced by the NICKBALER hydraulic baler manufacturer, and solve the problem in time to avoid affecting the subsequent use.

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    NICKBALER straw balers are produced in strict accordance with quality certification standards and carefully build a good brand. Welcome to call 86-29-86031588

  • As we all know, the cow dung filter press is more and more favored by major domestic and foreign manufacturers due to its smooth action, convenient operation, low inertia, and low noise. It has become the main equipment for the current cow dung dehydration processing. However, the investment in the cow dung filter press Why are there so few manufacturers? NICKBALER will take you to find out.

    1. Equipment cost

    The manufacturing technology of cow dung filter press is complicated. There are not many equipment vendors that can produce it in China, and the production cost is high. Most manufacturers will choose moderately priced filter presses for work.

    2. Raw material supply

    There are many kinds of animal manure resources, such as cow manure, sheep manure, pig manure, etc. It is very troublesome to deal with different products. It is directly stacked and messy land, and the direct transportation of animal manure is expensive and unsanitary. It is processed by cow manure filter press. It is more applicable, can reduce processing costs, is convenient for storage, is conducive to transportation, and saves costs to a large extent. It is a good project worth investing in.

    NICKBALER cow dung filter press manufacturers have always pursued the business policy of honesty, casting quality, good innovation and warm and thoughtful after-sales service system. We sincerely welcome new and old users to come to our company for on-site inspection and guidance, sincere cooperation, common development, and co-creating a great cause .

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    The key components of the NICKBALER cow dung filter press are well-known products at home and abroad, which have the characteristics of fast speed and high precision.

  • Metal shearing machine is a common shearing equipment in the scrap metal processing industry. It can be used for metal shearing, steel plate shearing, etc. It is easy to operate and has low energy consumption. It is an indispensable equipment for metal processing in the modern steel manufacturing industry.

    What I want to tell you today is what you need to pay attention to when using metal shears.

    First of all, as a heavy-duty metal shearing equipment, metal shears are dangerous. Therefore, operators must operate in strict accordance with product safety operating regulations. Before operation, they must be familiar with the structure and performance of the metal shears. After being trained and qualified, they can work on their posts.

    Before operating the metal shearing machine, you must wear labor protection equipment. Before starting to use, check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements before turning on the machine.

    Check that the oil in the oil storage tank of the shearing machine should be sufficient. After starting the oil pump, check whether the valve and pipeline are leaking. The pressure should meet the requirements. Open the air release valve to release the air in the system.

    After use, the power supply of the metal shearing machine must be cut off and the work site must be cleaned.

    Keep in mind the precautions when using the metal shearing machine, not only to ensure your own personal safety, but also to operate safely, without accidents, and to ensure the service life of the equipment.

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    NICKBALER supports product customization, available from stock, and supports customized production models and specifications. For details, please call 86-29-86031588

  • Metal shearing machine is a kind of equipment for cutting large-scale scrap metal. In industrial production, scrap metal is often cold-sheared for reprocessing. Therefore, the gantry metal shearing machine has been widely used.

    Preparation work before installation of metal shearing machine:

    When installing the metal shearing machine, it is necessary to prepare the foundation in the proper position of the workshop according to the layout drawing, carefully study its installation location, and ensure that it is installed on a relatively flat and relatively solid ground.

    Because its weight is very heavy, if it cannot be placed in a relatively flat place, the work of the metal shearing machine will not be very stable. Long-term use will have a great impact on the machine, and it will also Affect the service life of metal shears.

    After completing the installation operation of the entire metal shearing machine, several standards need to be adopted to determine the installation effect, such as the sensitive speed of the equipment during operation, and whether the operating function of the equipment is correct, you can first let the scrap metal shearing machine Carry out dry run and observe the application status of the equipment.

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    If any abnormal problems are found, they must be adjusted in time. This is the prerequisite to ensure the smooth production of the metal shearing machine.

    NICKBALER metal shears have the characteristics of small size, high efficiency, fully automated one-key operation, and are very popular with customers.

  • The low-speed crawling of the oil cylinder of the waste paper baler has always plagued the field of hydraulic research. The crawling phenomenon of the cylinder of the waste paper baler will aggravate the fatigue and wear of the mechanism, destroy the continuity, accuracy and uniformity of the mechanism movement, and may also cause noise and resonance. Affect the work quality, reduce the service life of the oil cylinder of the waste paper baler, and even cause accidents.

    External factors causing crawling phenomenon in the cylinder of waste paper baler:

    1. The difference in dynamic and static friction coefficients between relative motions is too large;

    2. The rigidity of the motion mechanism is too small, forming an elastic system;

    3. The assembly accuracy of the hydraulic cylinder of the waste paper hydraulic baler is not enough.

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    NICKBALER waste paper baler has the characteristics of high work efficiency, low energy consumption, easy installation and operation, and safe and reliable use. Free consultation hotline 86-29-86031588

  • Nowadays, in the environmental protection boom of scrap metal recycling, more and more users invest in metal shearing equipment. It can cut and process a variety of metal scraps into uniform small pieces, with powerful functions and a wide range of applications. How to choose for users who do not understand metal shearing machine technology?

    Usually, we will start from both the manufacturer and the price. Everyone knows the price. There are cheap and expensive, good quality and average quality. Price is not a very important reference scale. It is important to see the manufacturer. 

    The production strength of a manufacturer is directly related to the workmanship and quality of the equipment, which directly determines the price. Generally, the price of the equipment provided by the stronger manufacturer will be more realistic, because it usually has the ability to independently research and develop, design, and produce equipment, eliminating the need for intermediate In the link where manufacturers and distributors make a difference, the price will be more favorable than that of distributors or small manufacturers.

    When choosing between price and manufacturer, please be sure to choose the latter. For an investor of metal shears, the focus is on the operation and use effect of the metal shears. Choose a metal shears with guaranteed quality. The cutting machine can ensure effective running time, improve production efficiency, and reduce equipment maintenance time, so it is important to choose a good metal crusher manufacturer.

    NICKBALER reminds everyone that you must conduct a professional understanding and inspection of the manufacturer before purchasing the machine, so as to be foolproof.

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    NICKBALER hydraulic metal shears have high technical content, stable equipment performance and guaranteed quality.


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