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  • 1. Check whether the bolts are loose before and after the middle shift, whether the frame is deformed or welded or other abnormalities, and if any abnormalities are found, repair them in time and eliminate hidden dangers before using.

    2. The hydraulic oil of the hydraulic system is replaced or filtered once a month after the first use, and then replaced or filtered every six months to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil and the normal operation of the hydraulic system (the oil tank must be cleaned before refueling) .

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    3. When it is not in use, it should be inspected and repaired first, and then sealed with a tarp. The exposed part of the piston rod should be coated with anti-rust oil to avoid rain, moisture, and corrosion.

    4. When restarting, check whether the hydraulic oil has deteriorated first, and carry out a test machine according to the requirements of debugging, and the Baler operation can only be carried out when it runs normally.

    For more equipment use precautions, please read the operating instructions of the Nick Baler series vertical baler carefully.for more information ,please visit 

  • Nick Baler NK series waste plastic compression baler, waste plastic vertical baler, and semi-automatic waste plastic baler are professional equipment dedicated to the compression and packaging of waste mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, cola bottles, plastic bottles and various waste plastics; The equipment is different from the traditional vertical hydraulic baler, with the following characteristics:

    01 The equipment silo is higher, reducing the number of feeding times, and can be used with conveyor belts for feeding;

    02 The cylinder stroke is longer, the compression ratio is higher, and it has a better effect;

    03 Plunger pump configuration, higher pressure, stronger performance;

    04 Matching high and low pressure combined system, the oil cylinder runs fast and has high efficiency;

    05 It is matched with the rear oil cylinder push bag and bottom oil cylinder turn bag device, which is convenient for bag delivery.

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    Parameter model:

    NK1080T100 Large Beverage Bottle Cola Bottle Baler Machine Main Parameters:

    Equipment pressure: (kn): 1000

    Output per unit: (package): 6-8

    Package size: (mm) 1500*900*1000

    Dimensions: (mm): 2100*1300*4350

    Machine weight: (kg): 3000

    Bale weight: (kg): 450-500 kg/bag

    Out of bag way: bottom oil cylinder turn over/tail oil cylinder push bag

    Matching motor (kw): 18.5 KW

    Matching cylinder: 2 pieces of 180mm thick wall

    Hydraulic system: fast high and low pressure combination

  • We follow the business philosophy of technological innovation, truth-seeking, pragmatism, honesty and trustworthiness, and win the trust of merchants with superior product performance and reliable product quality. Shaanxi Nick Balers is not only sold domestically, but also exported overseas in large quantities.

    Features of waste paper baler and hydraulic baler produced by Shaanxi Nick Machinery Factory:

    1. There are ten rankings for extrusion force ranging from 63 tons to 400 tons for users to choose. The production power ranking ranges from 4 tons/shift to 40 tons/shift.


    2. The hydraulic baler has: waste paper baler, carton baler, medicinal material baler, clothing baler, straw mineral water bottle baler and fully automatic waste paper baler

    Hydraulic baler has: waste paper baler, carton baler, medicinal material baler, garment baler, baler, rice husk baler, straw baler, waste paper baler factory, straw baler, rice husk baler, straw baler Machine waste paper baler factory. For more inquiries, please pay attention: Shaanxi Nick Machinery Factory produced waste paper baler and hydraulic baler. Website:

  • The waste paper baler produced by Shaanxi Nick Machinery Factory, the hydraulic baler has the characteristics of high pressure, high work efficiency, and universal use.

    1. Fully automatic waste paper baler The hydraulic baler of Shaanxi Nick Machinery Factory has high pressure, reasonable research and development, and high degree of automation. Can it save a lot of manpower for customers, besides, the performance is very superior.


    The waste paper baler produced by Shaanxi Nick Machinery Factory. The function of the hydraulic baler is to make the strap tightly adhere to the surface of the bundled package to ensure that the package is not scattered during storage due to inadequate bundling, and should also be bundled All together beautiful. The hydraulic baler of Shaanxi Nick Machinery Factory does not automatically unload the belt. It has the characteristics of high pressure, high work efficiency, and universal use. In this situation, first check whether the "Adjustment of the belt length" can be at "0", and then see whether the threading process is accurate. for more information ,please visit 

  • The hydraulic baler has a stylish appearance and exquisite workmanship. The waste paper baler manufacturer has three breadboards, one-sided feeding, and Enron switch and the Enron chain mechanism;

    1. Adopt advanced electrical control elements, easy to operate, durable, safe switch and open the safe chain mechanism;

    2. Using advanced electrical control components, can be manipulated without debugging, manual packing

    3. The 180-ton horizontal waste paper baler can automatically turn the package; the rigid pressure plate structure can accept and take a variety of waste materials, fast compaction, the large-scale automatic waste paper baler has low noise and high efficiency; when the non-pressure stroke is working, the pressure plate automatically returns No-load to avoid high oil pressure to reduce power. High-density, fast, piece waste paper baler, second-hand mineral water bottle baler, Enron switch long bag type, three-door machine

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    4.180 ton horizontal waste paper baler second-hand mineral water bottle baler single-sided threading, and opening of the Enron chain mechanism; using advanced electrical control elements to compress and pack without packaging (or packaged soft packages).

    for more information ,please visit or email us : 

  • Shaanxi Nick waste paper baler manufacturer cotton mineral water bottle baler, the baler industry in the contemporary society has been developed and innovated several times, and the introduction of leading products to deal with foreign countries has achieved full automation and intelligence. New types of high-performance baler facilities. So what are the prerequisites for determining the labor production efficiency of the baler, and how to improve the efficiency, the mineral water bottle baler! Let us elaborate here carefully. The production efficiency of the baler is the most indirect element that affects this problem: the type and specification of the baler, the output of the model is different, and the production efficiency of the general baler is higher than the efficiency of the baler with a door at the discharge port. Application scope: Metal baler, which can squeeze all kinds of metal waste (leftover materials, wood shavings, scrap steel, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, scrap stainless steel, scrap cars, etc.) into various shapes such as cubes, octagons, cylinders, etc. The qualified furnace charge can reduce the transportation and smelting cost and increase the furnace charging rate. This series of balers are mainly used in steel mills, machine mineral water bottle manufacturers, Shaanxi Nick baler manufacturers, acceptance industries, and non-ferrous and black metal metallurgy industries. Transfer of used waste paper baler Product features:

    1. All use hydraulic drive, cotton mineral water bottle packing machine, automatic mineral water bottle packing can choose manual operation or PLC automatic control operation;


    2. The package delivery methods include turn-over, side-push, forward-push, manual fetching by mineral water bottle manufacturers, etc.;

    3. A variety of models are available: different pressures, bin size, package size and shape;

    4. Ground without power.

    for more information ,please visit 


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