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  • The replacement of new and old metal products is inevitable during the use of metal products. Due to the corrosion, damage and natural elimination of metal products, a large amount of scrap metal is produced every year.

    The scrap steel shearing machine breaks through the core technology bottleneck and the profit is considerable. The emergence of the scrap steel shearing machine is mainly to cut the difficult-to-handle scrap metal on the market and cut into small-volume materials, so as to facilitate the treatment effect and promote the treatment of large-scale scrap metal Progress, reduce floor space and reduce transportation costs.

    For the scrap steel industry, the scrap steel industry undergoing changes is striving to get rid of the old normal of serious shortage of resources, chaotic industry, inability to implement products, steel mills reluctant to use more, and the living environment is difficult, ushering in the increase of total resources and the rise of processing systems , The new normal of hot scrap utilization and huge development space.

    This is a good time for the scrap steel recycling industry, and the scrap steel shearing machine has also played a huge role.

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    NICKBALER specializes in the production of various hydraulic machinery such as scrap steel shears, gantry shears, etc., with stable action, low failure rate and simple operation. Contact number 86-29-86031588

  • The waste paper baler is currently used by major waste paper recycling stations, so how to solve the problem of serious temperature rise in the hydraulic box of the waste paper baler?1. Correctly design the hydraulic system of the waste paper baler. If the system should have an unloading circuit, you can use pressure, flow and power matching circuits and efficient hydraulic systems (such as accumulators) to reduce overflow loss, throttling loss and Pipeline loss, and reduce heat generation.

    2. Choose effective parts, strive to improve the processing precision and assembly accuracy of hydraulic parts of the hydraulic Baler, and reduce the heat caused by leakage, volume, and mechanical loss.

    3. The correct piping can reduce the loss along the way and the local loss caused by too thin and too long, excessive bending, inappropriate branching and confluence.

    4. The correct choice of oil viscosity.

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    NICKBALER has advanced processing equipment, high-quality R&D, manufacturing, after-sales and management professionals. Contact number 86-29-86031588

  • As my country is a major consumer of paper and paper products in the world and a net importer of international paper trade, and paper consumption is still growing, the waste paper recycling industry will make a great contribution to my country’s sustainable development and environmental protection.

    With the increasingly severe domestic environmental situation and the ever-increasing environmental protection requirements, the papermaking raw materials continue to be in short supply. my country's waste paper recycling industry has shown a good development trend, which makes the application of waste paper box balers more and more There is an urgent need, among which hydraulic waste paper box balers are widely used due to low cost and convenient use.

    At present, there are many manufacturers of waste paper box balers in the market. To understand the quality and price of waste paper box balers, you need to make detailed comparisons.

    The horizontal waste paper box baler produced by NICKBALER is currently a popular product series in the packaging industry. Its important features are fast compression, convenient transportation, and strong compression. After 20 years of development, it has accumulated a wealth of practical experience for customers. 

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    The extensive use of NICKBALER waste paper box balers will surely speed up the operation efficiency of the waste paper recycling industry, and jointly make great contributions to the world's environmental protection cause.

  • The plastic baler is used to compress waste plastics and similar products under normal conditions, and pack them into shapes, thereby saving transportation costs and increasing profits for the organization.

    So what are the hazards to the equipment if the oil temperature in the plastic baler is too high?

    1. Serious water leakage of the plastic baler: If the working pressure of the regulating oil pump is too high, the leakage will increase due to the damage of the moving parts, the damage of the sealing device and the low viscosity of the hydraulic oil commonly used in the baler. After the cause is found, effective measures can be taken to eliminate it.

    2. The system software has no pressure relief control circuit or poor relationship: when the system software does not use oil, the working pressure of the hydraulic oil will continue to flow back to the vehicle fuel tank or vehicle fuel tank under the pressure controlled by the speed control valve. The high-pressure drain pressure should be checked to ensure that the pressure relief control circuit is normal, and effective measures should be taken to eliminate it.

    3. Under the shock condition of shifting, the binding capacity destroys the excess performance and converts the excess performance into energy, thereby increasing the oil temperature. Therefore, the return cushion valve and the transmission mechanism must be adjusted to eliminate this effect.

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    NICKBALER has a professional after-sales service team. If you have any questions during the use of the product, you can contact us for consultation. Contact number 86-29-86031588

  • The performance of the tiger head shearing machine is related to the quality and technical level of the equipment itself, and also related to the subsequent maintenance and maintenance work. It is also the work that the manufacturer and the customer need to complete together. Based on experience, we have summarized several tiger head shearing machine maintenance Maintenance details and precautions.

    1. The hydraulic oil of the tiger head shearing machine must be strictly filtered before it can be added to the oil tank;

    2. The hydraulic oil is replaced once a year, and the first replacement time should not exceed three months;

    3. The piston rod of the oil cylinder should be maintained regularly and kept clean regularly to prevent dust or impurities from entering the hydraulic system and damaging the hydraulic components;

    4. The pressure gauge of the tiger head shearing machine is checked and inspected every six months;

    5. If the tiger head shearing machine is out of service for a long time, the surface of all parts of it should be scrubbed clean and coated with anti-rust oil.

    For customers who do not understand the tiger head shearing machine, the equipment can be maintained and maintained according to the above points, which can improve the use efficiency and performance of the tiger head shearing machine and avoid the occurrence of failures.

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    The NICKBALER tiger head shearing machine meets the demand for energy saving and can better provide more efficient resource services for the operation of the metal recycling industry.

  • Compared with other recycled materials, scrap metal is a sustainable resource that can be reused, and depreciation and damage can almost be omitted. my country attaches great importance to the recycling of scrap metal, but the recycling of large and long scrap metal is not One problem not only increases transportation costs, but also affects recycling efficiency. This has led to the emergence of metal shears, which can easily solve the problem of recycling large pieces of scrap metal.

    Metal shearing machine equipment is environmentally friendly equipment. Nowadays, low-carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction have become the world's attention. Metal shredder is an important part of metal recycling and processing machinery. NICKBALER metal shearing machine has powerful functions and speed. Fast, strong performance, no foundation required, compact structure, box-shaped fuselage structure, and stable mechanical performance.

    The metal shearing machine is widely used in metal recycling processing plants, scrap car dismantling plants, smelting and casting industries. It can cut various shapes of steel and various metal materials in cold state, and can control the shearing arbitrarily according to the size of the material being cut. The size of the incision in order to obtain a higher work efficiency.

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    The NICKBALER metal shearing machine not only solves the problem of recycling large pieces of scrap metal, but is also a right-hand man to reduce environmental pollution.


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