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  • Many companies have made great progress in the pressure of the mechanical energy conversion of the hydraulic clothing baler, but there are still some problems in the energy consumption, which are reflected in the volume loss and mechanical loss. If the pressure is The problem of processing efficiency can be solved well if it can be fully utilized. How to solve these problems has become a problem we must solve.

    1. First of all, reduce the internal pressure damage of the component system of the hydraulic garment Baler machine and reduce the power loss. Mainly to improve the pressure loss of the internal flow channel, it is necessary to use the integrated circuit and the casting of the flow channel to use for the loss of the pipeline, and at the same time, it can also reduce the oil leakage.

    2. The use of static pressure technology and new sealing materials can reduce friction loss. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce and eliminate the throttling loss of hydraulic clothing Balers, and avoid the use of throttling systems to adjust flow and pressure. 

    3. Improve the performance of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic garment Baler, and use the accumulator circuit system for adjustment. 

    4. Timely maintenance of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic clothing Baler is to prevent dirt from affecting the life and reliability of the hydraulic system, and timely treatment and adjustment to avoid losses.

    Due to the static pressure design technology adopted by the garment strapping machine, it has been widely used, making the traditional technology have new developments. The improvement of the advanced technology of the hydraulic garment strapping machine has continuously expanded the field of production.


    The NICKBALER garment baler is compact, neat and beautiful, and can greatly reduce transportation costs.

  • Due to its superior functions, the horizontal automatic hydraulic baler is now widely used in scrap metal, waste paper recycling plants, plastic processing, agricultural and animal husbandry and other industries. It is mainly suitable for waste paper, plastics, iron filings, garbage, cotton gauze, The compression and Baler of loose materials such as hemp, wool, paper skin, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, scrap iron, and stainless steel scraps is not only the choice of packaging equipment, but also the reuse of waste has played a huge role in the protection of the environment and the recycling of resources.

    Horizontal automatic hydraulic baler is a packaging machine for ton bags, waste paper, plastic woven bags, cotton yarn, cloth, etc. It is not only suitable for large-scale plastic woven bag factories and waste paper recycling plants, but also more suitable for general small and medium-sized weaving industries. This machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient and simple operation, high pressure, firm packaging, and labor and time saving.

    Emergency stop treatment method in operation of waste paper baler

    1. Check the operation of the pump. If the small waste paper baler is noisy, the needle swing is large, and the oil temperature is too high, the pump may be severely worn.

    2. Understand the operating efficiency of the pump. Comparing the temperature of the pump casing and the fuel tank, if the temperature difference between the two is higher than 5°C, it can be considered that the efficiency of the pump is very low.

    3. Check the oil leakage of the pump shaft and joints. Pay special attention to leakage at high temperature and high pressure.

    4. Observe the indication value of the vacuum gauge installed at the suction pipe of the pump. During normal operation, its value should be below 127mmhg; otherwise, check the oil filter and working oil of the small waste paper baler.


    Nick Machinery continues to improve the mechanism, strengthen brand awareness, make the product quality better, better after-sales service, and serve customers in many ways, making Nick Machinery Baler a well-known brand at home and abroad.

  • The oil pump of the horizontal waste paper baler generally has a plunger pump and a vane pump. The reasons for the loud noise of the oil pump system may include: loosening of the fastening screws of the oil pump; wear of the power bearing or stator of the oil pump; serious damage to the oil pump; inside the oil tank Air bubbles, poor oil intake of the hydraulic pump and other reasons will cause this problem. At this time, we should analyze the specific situation and solve the problem of excessive noise in the hydraulic waste paper baler oil pump!

    The possible causes of the failure of the oil pump overheating problem are that the oil pipe is blocked, causing the pressure of the hydraulic oil to increase; the power of the oil pump is too large and overloaded; the hydraulic oil is used unreasonably and the viscosity is too high.

    The quality of the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic waste paper Baler has a great influence on the hydraulic pump. The replacement cycle of the plunger pump is generally one year. If the plunger pump is noisy, it is recommended to consider replacing the plunger pump plunger.

    IMG_20190508_075449 拷贝.jpg

    The waste paper baler is used to extrude waste paper and similar products under normal conditions to greatly reduce the volume, so as to reduce the transportation volume, save the freight, and increase the benefits for the enterprise.

  • 1. Automatic control mode, install the interlock switch

    2. Independently install emergency stop button, which can stop emergency at any time in any state to ensure safety;

    3. The pressure plate adopts the guide groove type balance to effectively prevent the tilt;

    4. Hook type automatic package turning, easy to install;

    5. Quickly lock and loosen the device, install it well and quickly.


    Nick Machinery has rich production experience and integrated service. Using our baler can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce human and financial expenditure. Contact us at 86-29-86031588 or

  • 1. The scrap steel gantry shearing machine is controlled by Siemens electrical appliances. The shearing automation control system requires only one person to operate the equipment.

    2. The scrap steel gantry shearing machine has high working efficiency and has higher performance than alligator shears. Yuantong scrap steel gantry shearing machine has great labor intensity and labor cost;

    3. LCD display wide screen human-computer interaction interface, visual shearing monitoring, the operation of the scrap steel gantry shearing machine is simple and easy to learn;

    4. The whole machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption, small area, flexible and convenient use of scrap steel gantry shearing machine.


    NICKBALER has a group of R&D teams with strong technical force and experienced after-sales service team, committed to escorting your normal production.https://

  • The price of the straw baler determines its quality. When buying a straw baler, the price is often the focus. The price of the straw baler determines the quality of the product purchased. Few people pay attention to the quality, especially the mechanical aspect. They think that they are all the same. Why is your home so expensive? But the price of the straw balers often indirectly reflects the quality of the straw balers. In fact, in the market because of the richness of product categories, consumers have some obstacles when choosing the products they want. At the beginning, when consumers choose products, the first thing they need to understand is the price issue, but now It’s just that price alone cannot dominate the product you want to choose. Just like for a straw baler, price cannot be the only condition for choosing it. We must pay more attention to its performance, quality, efficiency and creation. Although there are many types of straw balers, the price, quality, performance and production efficiency are all directly related. According to different consumer groups, the price of the product must be within its own budget, beyond or beyond These people may not be able to bear it beyond a lot, so it is not easy to find high-quality and low-cost products. The product is no longer just looking at the price, and the quality and production capacity must be understood.

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    The use of Nick Machinery straw baler can greatly reduce the storage area, improve the transportation capacity and reduce the possibility of fire. Feel free to contact us at 86-29-86031588 or


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