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  • The hydraulic valve of the gantry shearing machine is one of the hydraulic accessories that cannot be ignored in the shearing work. It is mainly used to control the flow direction of the oil in the hydraulic system, and it can also effectively adjust the pressure and flow. There are three main types of hydraulic valves, namely pressure valves, directional valves and flow valves.

    What requirements should the hydraulic valve meet in the actual shearing process of the gantry shearing machine?

    NICKBALER tells you: the hydraulic valve needs to be sensitive and reliable in use. It must ensure less impact and vibration when working. In addition, the pressure flowing through the oil must ensure less loss, and the sealing performance must be good.

    A compact structure is the basic requirement of hydraulic valves, and it is also very convenient to maintain, install, adjust and use, and it must be versatile.

    In order to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system of the gantry shears, the operator must clean and maintain the hydraulic interior at ordinary times. Therefore, the hydraulic system must be guaranteed not to be polluted before the new equipment is operated.


    However, it is inevitable that the internal pollution of the hydraulic valve will be caused during use, which requires everyone to pay attention to the internal cleanliness of the component itself.

    NICKBALER supports product customization, available from stock, and supports customized production models and specifications. For details, please call 86-29-86031588

  • Some customers have responded that the crocodile shearing machine has no strength when cutting metal plates, and sometimes the blade cannot be lowered when idling. The reason for this type of situation is mostly because the hydraulic oil has been used for a long time and has not been replaced in time. Let's talk about the selection method of hydraulic oil for crocodile shearing machine:

    1. The hydraulic oil must not contain steam, air and other impurities that are easy to vaporize and produce gas, otherwise it will form bubbles, cause the working mechanism to vibrate, and affect the stability of the work.

    2. Does not corrode mechanical parts and damage sealing devices, that is, does not contain water-soluble acids and alkalis.

    3. Under working temperature and pressure, it has excellent lubricity, shear stability and certain oil film strength.

    4. The chemical stability is good. It should not be oxidized to form gum during storage and working. It can be used for a long time without deterioration. When the temperature, pressure and flow rate in the system change, it still maintains its original properties. Deterioration, no colloidal precipitation such as asphalt and tar will be precipitated.

    铜板剪切机+电解铜剪切机+金属剪切机 拷贝.jpg

    NICKBALER crocodile shearing machine adopts hydraulic drive, which has the characteristics of convenient operation, stable and reliable, low failure rate, convenient and simple maintenance.

  • The operation and maintenance personnel of the gantry shearing machine must be trained after taking the job. The operator must have electrical, mechanical and hydraulic knowledge, and should be proficient in the composition, location, function, characteristics, and easy problems of the various parts of the shearing machine. , Without learning, those who do not understand the structure, performance and operating procedures of the shearing machine are not allowed to operate.

    Safety precautions for gantry shears:

    1. When the shearing machine is running, irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter the shearing machine work site (including the scrap storage area to be cut). When someone is in a dangerous position on the site, the shearing machine should be stopped completely or partially.

    2. After blade replacement or other operations are completed, the safety pin of the scissors slider and the pressure block of the press must be completely pulled out, otherwise, the safety pin will be cut off when starting, and the equipment will be damaged.

    3. After the work is over, the lower parts such as the gland, pressing block, and scissors slider should be lowered to a low position, and the pushing slider should be returned to the position to ensure safety.

    4. When the machine has a serious oil leakage or an abnormal phenomenon occurs during work, it should stop immediately, analyze the cause and eliminate the fault, and do not work with illness.

    5. When adding materials, do not add too much to the waste materials with high density and hardness, otherwise the shearing blade will be worn too much, and the shearing blade will even be scrapped, thereby affecting the use of the machine, or even destroying the machine.


    NICKBALER gantry shears are widely used in metallurgical plants and scrap steel processing and recycling units. It is an effective equipment for metallurgical charge processing and profile cutting.

  • The application of cartons in people's lives is becoming more and more extensive. The main reason is that the use of cartons can be environmentally friendly and beautiful. So what problems should we pay attention to when choosing a carton Baler?

    1. Price. When we buy a carton Baler, we must first look at the price of the Baler. Don't buy a carton Baler because the price is not high enough. Then we will suffer. When buying, we must confirm the quality and price comparison.

    2. Machine performance, we should pay attention to the performance of the machine while paying attention to the price. Don't buy the machine that is cheap but the machine is not easy to use. This will only waste the money.

    3. After-sales service, when selecting the machine, pay attention to the above two points and pay more attention to the after-sales service of the machine, because there will always be some problems during the use of the machine, and the after-sales service is particularly important.


    The NICKBALER carton Baler keeps up with the market dynamics and makes timely improvements, so as to better serve the new and old users and provide help for the development of the society.

  • The shearing machine will cause failures during use, but what is the cause of the shearing machine failure? The main reasons are as follows:

    1. The solenoid is short-circuited, and the spool of the solenoid directional valve is stuck;

    2. There is air in the cylinder or system;

    3. Improper position of the travel switch or failure of the travel switch;

    4. The gap of the shearing knife of the shearing machine is too large or too small;

    5. Improper installation or aging failure of the sealing ring;

    6. There is material jam in the blade or excessive wear of the blade;

    7. There is water in the oil to form a water-in-water solution (new oil is required);

    8. Air leakage in the suction pipe of the oil pump;

    9. The power supply lacks phase or the voltage is too large.

    鳄鱼式剪切机,+鳄鱼式液压金属剪切机 拷贝.jpg

    NICKBALER shearing machine has the advantages of time saving, convenient operation, labor saving, strong bearing capacity, cost saving, stability and reliability.

  • With the continuous development trend of my country's machinery manufacturing industry, the level of automation technology of mechanical equipment is getting higher and higher, not except for the field of carton Balers. The level of automation technology continues to develop, and automatic carton Balers are slowly being used more and more. Of customers agree, what are the potentials of the automatic carton Baler?

    1. High work efficiency

    The automatic carton Baler is fully automated, and the work efficiency is further improved. The work efficiency of the automatic Baler is nearly doubled than that of the ordinary Baler;

    2. Save staff expenses

    The automatic carton Baler only needs to load the material, which saves the actual operation of manpower and the expenditure of staff;

    3. The package is firm and beautiful

    The bag type tied by manpower is generally not standard, and it is very easy to open the button. The automatic carton Baler packs firmly, and the bag type is beautiful, the bag type is unified, and the appearance design is beautiful and generous.

    mmexport1550914839742 拷贝.jpg

    The NICKBALER automatic carton Baler is suitable for places with a lot of materials, reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency.


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