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  • According to scientific research statistics, more than 3 million tons of plastic bottles need to be produced in China every year to meet the demand for usage. It would be great if waste plastic bottles could be recycled and reused.

    Since the popularization of plastics in the middle of the last century, it has rapidly spread to all corners of our lives by virtue of its advantages of strength, lightness, and low cost.

    Automobiles made of plastic parts are lighter as a whole, and consume less fuel; products packaged in plastic will last longer and reduce deterioration and waste; milk bottles made of plastic are lighter and less fragile than glass bottles.

    However, this convenience for the benefit of mankind has brought disasters to the ecology. In the past 60 years, the world produced a total of about 8.3 billion tons of plastic products, of which 6.3 billion tons have become plastic waste, and only 9% have been recycled.

    The vast majority of plastic waste (79%) is landfilled, or is so-called "attributed to nature." Among them, the plastic that enters the ocean alone is about 8 million tons per year. According to this trend, by 2050, the total weight of plastic in the ocean will likely exceed that of fish.

    Of course, we don't want to see plastic garbage on beautiful beaches. We don't want marine life to die because of a large amount of plastic garbage, and we don't want to eat many invisible plastic particles.

    Therefore, it is necessary to recycle plastic bottles. Plastic bottles contain fiber products, and fiber products can be recycled into clothing and textiles.


    How to recycle it? At this time, we need our plastic bottle Baling Press machine. The plastic bottle Baling Press machine can be applied to the compression and Baling Press of cans, PET cola bottles, oil bottles, hard plastics, sponges and other items. It has the characteristics of stable power, simple operation, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance.

    The use of a plastic bottle baler can reduce marine pollution, and the plastic bottles can be used for the second time after being full, so as to achieve the purpose of not wasting resources.

  • The waste cardboard baler has made great progress in the recycling of waste paper packaging

    1. Reduce the volume of waste paper. The compressed and packaged waste paper will greatly reduce the volume, increase the density, and facilitate transportation and storage. Waste paper baler is a powerful helper for comprehensive utilization and development of material energy.

    2. It can also save transportation costs. The waste paper baler is used to knead and squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions to greatly reduce the volume, and then achieve the effect of reducing transportation volume and saving freight.

    3. The waste cardboard baler is very efficient during processing, because the automatic waste cardboard baler can pack hundreds of kilograms of waste paper or even a few tons of waste paper at a time, which saves a lot of time than traditional manual packaging. The efficiency of Baler waste paper is relatively low.


    4. The waste cardboard Baler machine is easy to realize automation, can improve the overall efficiency of Baler, and save the labor cost of Baler. The use of waste paper baler can indeed greatly reduce labor costs.

    NICKBALER waste cardboard baler is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs.

  • The packaging of goods is not only the embodiment of the quality of the goods, but also the improvement of the value of the goods. The value of the goods requires a standard production and packaging process and high-quality packaging work. The clothing Baler machine can protect the goods from packaging when packaging the goods. Affected by friction, collision and extrusion, economical, environmentally friendly, and firm, this type of packaging has been increasingly recognized.

    The garment Baler machine has stabilized the order in the outer packaging of goods. In recent years, people have paid more attention to the packaging quality and image of the goods. The garment Baler machine has a wide range of uses and strong adaptability. Whether in the commodity production industry or in the service industry such as logistics and transportation, the garment Baler machine can provide the most in-place Baler service. The garment Baler machine is highly efficient and standardized. The garment strapping machine has high working efficiency. It stops using electricity after the packaging is completed. It is safe and reliable and has a wide range of applications. Compared with the past packaging machinery, the advantages of the garment packaging machine are more comprehensive. The advanced technology makes the garment packaging machine more developed. It's getting better and better.


    New, safe, simple and generous is a leading direction of the clothing baler. When Baler goods, the clothing baler is highly valued by the packaging machinery industry with its unique advantages. The clothing baler has given us in recent years. Life provides convenience and is favored by consumers. Therefore, it also allows us to see the charm of clothing Baler machines, which shows how wonderful the future development prospects of our Baler machines are.

    NICKBALER Garment Baler Machine  is widely used in old clothes recycling factories. It has fast Baler speed and low labor cost. It is an indispensable tool in old clothes recycling factories.

  • Today's society must be guided by economic development. With the rapid development of my country's market economy system, most things can be considered by price, and the same is true for project investment in waste carton Balers. The waste carton Baler has many advantages, leaving aside the part that benefits the people, the rest is all economic benefits.

    Today, I will explain to everyone what economic benefits the used carton Baler has:

    1. Save labor cost:

    Before using the waste carton Baler to compress and pack, it takes a lot of human resources to pack piles of waste paper, and the efficiency is very low, and the labor cost is very high. The key function of the waste carton Baler is to replace manual services. It packs waste paper and waste paper boxes. The work efficiency is very high. And the automation technology of the waste carton Baler is also more and more developed. The production line is usually operated by several people. The capacity is equal to the labor of tens or even hundreds of employees, which greatly saves the cost of labor services.

    2. Save warehousing logistics and logistics costs:

    The raw materials that can be compressed and packaged with a waste carton Baler are generally relatively bulky and scattered, such as waste paper boxes, cardboard, newspapers, and straws. This kind of raw materials often has a characteristic, that is, the volume is quite large, whether it is stacked storage or long-distance freight, it takes up a large area, and the cost of warehousing logistics and logistics is high. However, after the waste carton Baler compresses and packs, the problem is solved well, and it is conducive to stacking. Whether it is warehouse storage or freight transportation, it provides great convenience and saves a lot of cost.

    3. Enhance the economic development use value of raw materials themselves:

    The economic development use value of raw materials such as waste paper, waste plastic, straw, etc. has long been squeezed out. If it is used as a waste material, it will not be sold at a good price. However, after compression and packaging according to the waste paper baler, the previous waste has The use value that has been re-used, the price can increase a lot, this is the profit model of the waste carton Baler and the use value of economic development.

    NICKBALER continues to improve the mechanism, strengthen brand awareness, make the product quality better, better after-sales service, and serve customers in many ways, so that new and old customers are satisfied.

  • The main ways of comprehensive utilization of straw are straw power generation, Baler Press as solid fuel, straw gasification, edible fungus cultivation, straw feed, etc. However, in actual operation, problems such as low comprehensive utilization rate and high cost are common. In the "big resources" strategic position.

    How to improve the utilization rate of straw?

    1. The state needs to establish support policies to encourage enterprises and people to realize the reuse of recycled straw.

    2. A sound straw collection and storage system needs to be established.

    3. It is necessary to increase the straw processing and storage technology to realize the efficient use of straw.

    The straw recycling and reuse work needs to gradually improve. As a straw baler environmental protection equipment manufacturer, NICKBALER will actively cooperate with national policies, observe the straw recycling market, and do a good job in straw recycling publicity, and at the same time do a good job of automated mechanical equipment for recycling straw. ——The promotion, production, sales and after-sales work of straw balers and large-scale automatic straw Baler Press machines will make efforts to promote the overall straw recycling rate in the country.


    NICKBALER straw balers are used to turn a large amount of green waste into treasure, play new economic value, protect the environment, and create good economic benefits.

  • The power of human development and progress comes from the improvement of productivity. The development of productivity to modern times has entered the era of mechanization, automation, and intelligence. The emergence of packaging machinery frees people from heavy labor and brings convenience to production and life. And efficient.

    The abundance of materials has brought about transportation problems. How to effectively use the transportation space and effectively protect the goods in transportation has become the development guide for the plastic bottle Baling Machine machine industry. In the development of plastic bottle packaging machines, a variety of packaging equipment has also appeared in the market for diversified packaging needs. There are not only small plastic bottle packaging machinery, suitable for packaging small commodities, but also large plastic bottle packaging machinery, suitable for enterprise packaging applications in large-scale production. In terms of packaging efficiency, through the use of automation technology, the plastic bottle packaging machine has been modernized and upgraded, which is more suitable for large-scale and standardized production packaging used in modern enterprises. These packaging equipment bring strong support to people's packaging needs in production and life.


    In the future market, there will be more demand for packaging. The future is bright, and the plastic bottle Baling Machine machine industry needs to step by step to improve the performance of the equipment and further improve its functions. In modern production, without packaging equipment, there is no further protection of the goods, and it is easy to cause damage to the goods during transportation.

    NICKBALER follows the market dynamics to make timely improvements, so as to better serve the majority of users in the market and provide convenience and assistance for the development of the society.

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