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  • With the use of waste paper hydraulic balers more and more enterprises, waste paper hydraulic baler operation norms have become more and more people concerned about the problem. This is related to the safety of the enterprise and the workers themselves

    1, the use of waste paper baler before the operation should be strictly in accordance with the company system to wear uniforms, fasten the cuffs, buckle a good button, control waste paper baler to bring the clothes into the machine caused by the accident.

    2, the packer operator should be in the job before the training, familiar with the waste paper baler of the various parts of the structure, performance and use methods!

    3, packer before the operation, should clean up the site health, and clear automatic paper baler equipment on the oil and debris and so on.

    4, baler in the maintenance and maintenance of the time should be carried out in the case of power failure, and prohibit the collision start button and handle!

    5, before the use of balers, air idle inspection work to check whether there is noise, tank level is sufficient, whether the loose parts of the phenomenon!

    6, balers in the work is strictly prohibited limbs into the work of the device parts, so as not to cause harm to the human body!

    7, is strictly prohibited free demolition of all parts of the baler parts, if the equipment failure should be timely contact with professional maintenance personnel to remove the fault!

  • Sawdust and shavings are the most commonly seen in our market. Such materials are mainly derived from wood. Sawdust and shavings that appear during the wood processing process have many functions and are widely used in daily life.The role of sawdust is most obvious.  people compress the sawdust to a certain shape size, weight, and size for different functions.

    First, if it is a bale compressed by a wood chip briquetting machine, the main size is 300mm * 300mm * 200-300 mm, and the effect is about 15kg-20kg, or 480mm * 480mm * 400mm.

    This type of size and weight is mainly used for transportation and loading. In this way, transportation costs and storage can be reduced. At the same time, choose the output of the machine according to your output. The maximum output of this machine is 3 tons.The minimum output is 1 ton per hour. Then it can also be packed in tons of bags. In this case, the weight can reach 800-1020 more information ,please visit us :


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