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  • 1. The equipment should be operated by human beings, and others are not allowed to use it arbitrarily without training.

    2. Before driving, check whether all parts are normal and whether the fasteners are firm.

    3. It is prohibited to cut unannealed steel parts, cast iron parts, soft metal parts, over-thin parts, parts less than 100 mm in length, and parts that exceed the length of the scissors.

    4. During operation, the human body is forbidden to be close to the transmission part and the knife edge of the equipment, and the safety of the surrounding personnel should be paid attention to to prevent the material from lifting up and hurting people. When cutting, the material should be cut as close as possible to the inside of the knife. When cutting shorter materials, do not use hand-held workpieces to feed materials, and use clamps to feed materials.

    5. When the equipment is running, the operator is not allowed to leave the post privately, and the power supply should be blocked when the operation is over or temporarily leaving the post.


    Nick machinery does not need to install anchor screws, in places where there is no power supply can use diesel engines as power. For more information, contact 86-29-86031588

  • Horizontal automatic straw baler is an environmental protection equipment that uses hydraulic principles to compress straw and straw into blocks, and automatically completes automatic bagging of the blocks, which is conducive to the storage, transportation and utilization of straw.

    The use of a low-noise hydraulic circuit system and a combination of imported and domestic parts ensure quality and reduce costs. The performance of the whole machine is stable. It is widely used in the agricultural and animal husbandry industry and has played a huge role in the protection of the environment and resources.

    1. Raw material crop straw

    2. Feed into the straw mill or straw kneading machine for crushing processing

    3. The crushed materials enter the silo of the straw baler

    4. The material meets the baling standard (the straw machine or kneading machine continues to feed)

    5. Automatic control cabinet, one key to start Baler

    6. Bagging and packaging, out of the package

    DSC00110 拷贝.jpg

    Making full use of straw resources and suppressing straw burning can effectively control pollution, optimize the environment, and ensure the orderly progress of social and economic life. Can promote fresh air, smooth shipping and roads.

  • The use of plastic baler is reflected in many products. The accessories of the plastic baler are an important factor in the operation of the plastic baler. So what needs to be done in the maintenance of plastic baler accessories?

    1. The maintenance method of the reducer of the plastic baler head: about three months after the first use, drain the oil in the reducer, and clean the inside of the reducer with diesel or gasoline. Immediately add lubricant in the middle of the observation window. It is sufficient to change the lubricating oil once a year. Too much lubricating oil will cause the reducer to heat up, the motor is overloaded, and the motor protection switch may trip. Too little lubricating oil will also cause the reducer to heat up, increase noise, and cause the reducer to hang up and be scrapped.

    2. The maintenance method of the head motor: Do not let water enter the motor, and do not add diesel oil and liquid organic matter to the motor, because this will damage the insulation of the motor and cause malfunctions. The maintenance method of the governor is the same as that of the motor, and the rest need to check the motor maintenance in the electrician's manual.

    3. The maintenance method of the chain: After the chain is running for a long time, the original lubricating oil may be heated and volatilized, which will cause the chain to be unbalanced in operation, increase the noise and also crawl. So you can open the sealing plate at the end of the machine and add butter or thicker lubricating oil to the chain.


    Nick Machinery's waste plastic baler keeps up with the market dynamics and makes timely improvements, so as to better serve the new and old users and provide help for the development of the society.

  • The dust-proof system of the waste paper baler is used to pack the waste paper generated on the die-cutting workbench. The dust-proof system of the waste paper baler includes a pipe, a Baler device, an adsorption device and a conveying device. One end of the pipe is connected to the die-cutting workbench. The waste paper outlet is connected, and the other end is connected with the Baler device. The adsorption device is installed at one end of the Baler device and communicates with the pipeline. The conveying device is arranged at the lower end of the Baler device. The Baler device is also provided with a dust removal device.

    The Baler device includes a Baler frame, a pressing rod and a bottom plate. The waste paper baler is provided with a pressing cavity in the Baler frame. The pressing rod can be movably installed on the upper part of the pressing cavity, and the bottom plate is movably installed on The bottom of the Baler frame, one side of the Baler frame is also provided with an opening communicating with the pipeline, and the other side of the Baler frame is also provided with a plurality of plate holes, and the adsorption device is installed on the Baler frame on one side of the plate hole.

    The dust removal device includes at least one spray head. The inside of the packaging frame of the waste paper baler is provided with an installation cavity, the spray head is installed in the installation cavity, and the spray head corresponds to the pressing cavity. The conveying device is a belt conveying device, and the adsorption device is a fan. Compared with the prior art, the utility model adopts an adsorption device to suck the waste paper on the die-cutting table into the Baler device through a pipe, and is equipped with a dust-proof device in the Baler device, which can avoid dust interference during the Baler process. , It has the advantages of high packaging efficiency and high product quality as a whole.

    mmexport1551510319717 拷贝.jpg

    Waste paper balers are now widely used in the waste collection station industry, which has played a huge role in the protection of the environment and resources.

  • With the increasing number of waste materials and the development of hydraulic technology, metal balers, metal shears, and metal chip briquetting machines are increasingly used in various material recycling processing points. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic equipment system and increase the reliability of the work. The correct selection of the type and viscosity of the hydraulic oil is the first condition to ensure the long-term and reliable operation of the system.

    On the other hand, when the hydraulic equipment system fails, it is also very important to be able to quickly find the cause and effectively solve it. The hydraulic equipment is composed of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and instrumentation devices. Therefore, when analyzing the failure of the hydraulic equipment system, it is necessary to understand the transmission principle, structural characteristics, components and material configuration of the entire hydraulic system. Since the hydraulic equipment system is a sealed and pressurized system, it is difficult to observe the flow of oil in the pipeline, the movement of the internal parts of the hydraulic component and whether the seal is damaged, so it is difficult to analyze the cause of the failure and determine the location of the failure.

    There are many reasons for the failure of hydraulic equipment systems such as metal balers, metal shears, and metal chip briquetting machines. Most of the reasons are: mechanical failure of the equipment, such as unreasonable design of the hydraulic equipment system, incorrect installation clearance, and hydraulic components Quality problems, improper selection of seals, etc., and operating errors caused hydraulic system failures---this refers to hydraulic equipment systems that are caused by improper operation of the operator during normal operation, such as incorrect operation sequence or incorrect opening and closing of valves, and normal operation When the power supply is suddenly interrupted, the temperature or pressure of the hydraulic oil is too high during work, no action is taken, the wrong oil is added when refueling, and the existing oil volume of the oil tank is too much or too little. In addition, the quality of the hydraulic oil causes the failure of the hydraulic equipment system. This is mostly caused by improper oil selection or the use of unqualified oil. It may also be caused by the hydraulic oil being used for a long time, and the new oil is not replaced in time.

    DSCF2653 拷贝.jpg

    All models of Nick Machinery's metal baler adopt hydraulic drive device, which can be operated manually or automatically controlled by PLC. Contact consultation telephone 86-29-86031588

  • Since the new century, the degree of numerical control of metal shearing machines has become more and more. In the next few years, there will be more room for development of shearing machine products, and its demand will show an outstanding trend of gradual increase. Following people's seriousness on the production power, the equipment has a broad development space, and the demand for shopping malls continues to increase. Judging from the existing shearing machine planning, future growth space and the increasing trend at that time, shearing machine equipment has gradually become a market that cannot be underestimated by shearing machine manufacturers.

    In order to expand the shearing machine marketing market, firmly believe that the market is the basic concept of the lifeline of industrial economic development, make full use of the capital market, and strive to build the version of the industrial economy. On the basis of the original equipment, after many trials and improvements, a new series of shears was introduced. The shearing machine cuts and does not block the host. The particle size of the material after shearing is very suitable for use as a raw material for production, providing a solution for the regenerative shearing process.

    Metal shearing machine potential and characteristics

    1. The structure is simple, the body has no moving parts, no special auxiliary equipment is needed, and it occupies a small area with less manufacturing and installation.

    2. It is easy to maintain, low maintenance cost, and has a higher separation efficiency for dust smaller than 10 microns.

    3. The shearing machine has stable performance, is not restricted by gas and temperature, has no special requirements for dust, and has a wide range of applications.

    工字钢剪切机+槽钢剪切机+废金属剪切机 拷贝.jpg

    The development of the shearing machine industry has now been in the forefront of development. We understand that we must have and confidently develop our own inherent mode of development, so as to make the shearing machine industry strong and invincible.


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