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  • The oil tank in the hydraulic system is an indispensable part of the waste paper baler commonly used in the current market. It is a container for storing hydraulic oil. During the operation of the entire hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil is output from the hydraulic tank through the oil pump and passes through when returning oil. The oil return pipeline returns to the oil tank to complete a pressurization and pressure relief process.

    There are many accessories installed in the fuel tank, such as coolers, heaters, air filters, and liquid level gauges. On the one hand, it can meet the requirements of heat dissipation. On the other hand, when the hydraulic system stops working, it should be able to contain all the media in the system and maintain a proper liquid level when working.

    As the name suggests, the oil tank is a container for storing hydraulic oil. During the operation of the entire hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil is output from the hydraulic oil tank through the oil pump, and when returning oil, it returns to the oil tank through the oil return line to complete a pressurization and pressure relief.

    The main functions of the fuel tank of the waste paper baler are embodied in three aspects:

    1. Sufficient oil required by the storage system.

    2. Dissipate part of the heat generated during system operation.

    3. Separate the gas and sediment in the oil.

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    The NICKBALER manuscript paper Baler has the characteristics of high work efficiency, low energy consumption, strong workplace adaptability, and reasonable price. Free consultation hotline 86-29-86031588

  • Beverage bottle packing machines always leak oil. To be precise, it is the hydraulic oil leakage caused by the sealing problem of the hydraulic system. What are the reasons for such problems? How should we deal with it?

    1. The gap seal is mostly used in hydraulic valves, such as between the valve body and the valve core.

    The clearance amount should be controlled within the range, and the increase of the clearance amount will seriously affect the sealing effect of the hydraulic beverage bottle Baler.

    Therefore, the gap seal should be checked regularly, and the relevant components should be replaced and repaired in time if problems are found.

    2. The sealing effect of the seal is related to the structure, material, working pressure, use and installation of the seal. At present, the material of the elastic seal is generally oil-resistant rubber and polyurethane rubber.

    After long-term use, this kind of rubber seals will naturally age, and because they work under pressure for a long time, they will also deform and lose their tightness, so they are regularly replaced.

    At present, the service life of the seals of the beverage bottle packing machine is generally about one and a half years.


    NICKBALER has a professional after-sales service team. If you have any questions during the use of the product, you can contact us at any time 86-29-86031588

  • For an enterprise, nothing is more important than cost saving, so how can it save labor and produce efficiently?

    If you want to efficiently produce, you must rely on equipment, and the NICKBALER cardboard baler is a cost-saving equipment.

    From a big point of view, only one-time purchase is required, which can not only replace multiple labor costs, but also ensure the quality and speed of packaging.

    At the same time, several workers can get the speed of a cardboard packing machine, so the cardboard packing machine is indeed a good helper for the enterprise, which can save most of the cost.

    From a small point of view, the cardboard baler does not occupy a large area, and it is very convenient to use the conveyor belt to connect with other equipment. After one year, the total output value will definitely double or even double.

    If your company also owns one or more cardboard Balers, it will definitely solve the cost fundamentally and improve packing efficiency.


    NICKBALER cardboard baler has small investment, fast profitability, and very simple actual operation. It is the best choice for your baler equipment project.

  • The use of waste paper balers has played a huge role in the protection of the environment and resources. However, when using waste paper balers, noise sometimes occurs. Next, we will introduce the reasons for the noise of waste paper balers.

    1. The power supply is reversed.

    Generally, if the new waste paper baler is noisy, it is mostly because the wires are connected reversely. If the wires are connected reversely, the motor will reverse, and the reverse will cause a lot of noise. The user only needs to exchange any two wires in the power supply. It's okay.

    2. Chain grinding chain cover.

    The waste paper baler may cause the chain cover to deform due to accidental heavy collision during transportation or use. Once deformed, the chain will wear the chain cover, and a certain amount of noise will also be generated at this time.

    3. Motor failure.

    If the waste paper baler has been used for a very long time and there is a sudden abnormal noise, then it may be that the motor is faulty and needs to be repaired by professionals.


    NICKBALER waste paper baler manufacturer provides customers with better, faster and more complete after-sales service for a long time.

  • Driven by continuous advocacy and increased technological innovation, a new generation of practical and simple packaging machinery has emerged one after another. NICKBALER has developed a new generation of waste paper packaging machinery based on the principle of hard work and continuous innovation.

    Why is it said that the one-way valve of the waste paper baler is the core hydraulic component?

    1. Application occasions.

    In the hydraulic system of the waste paper baler, the one-way valve is widely used in the following occasions:

    (1) It is used at the outlet of the hydraulic pump to prevent the hydraulic oil from flowing back;

    (2) It is used to separate the connections between the oil circuits to prevent the oil circuits from interfering with each other;

    (3) Used as a back pressure valve;

    (4) Used as a bypass valve.

    2. Precautions for the selection and use of the one-way valve:

    When selecting a one-way valve, in addition to selecting the opening pressure reasonably according to your needs, you should also pay special attention to when the flow through the one-way valve is far less than the rated flow, the one-way valve will sometimes vibrate. The smaller the flow, the higher the opening pressure. The more air content, the easier it is to vibrate.

    When installing, identify the direction of the entrance and exit, do not install incorrectly, so as not to affect the normal operation of the system.

    Special attention should be paid to installing a check valve at the outlet of the pump. If the inlet and outlet of the check valve are installed upside down, the hydraulic pump may be damaged or the motor may be burned out.

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    The NICKBALER waste paper baler is simple to operate, easy to maintain, and has a small footprint. The hydraulic system uses a combination of high and low pressure to be efficient and fast.

  • On May 24, 2021, the hot news of "Paper Mills Suspending Production" appeared on the hot search list of Weibo. The reason is that the prices of cultural paper and packaging paper have increased in recent years.

    It is understood that the price of cultural paper increased by 200 yuan/ton, and the price of white cardboard increased by 1,000 yuan/ton. Previously, the price of white cardboard was 6,500 yuan/ton, but now it is 13,000 and 14,000 yuan/ton. Profits have been reduced by almost 30%.

    Since 2003, China’s pulp imports have been ranked first in the world, and the demand is increasing, and the price of pulp raw materials has risen, causing some paper mills to choose to shut down.

    my country uses a lot of paper, but recycling waste paper and waste paperboard is rare. After recycling, waste paper and waste paperboard can be processed into pulp for secondary use.

    The use of a cardboard baler can compress waste paper and waste cardboard for recycling, which is conducive to reducing environmental pollution, increasing the recovery rate of waste paper, and also increasing corporate efficiency.


    The cardboard baler has the characteristics of simple operation, high work efficiency, mobile use, and compact bundling effect.


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