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How to repair the common faults of straw baler
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The emergence of straw silage baler not only brings convenience to people, but also greatly improves work efficiency, saves labor and reduces environmental pollution. Moreover, the straw and silage after packaging are more conducive to storage and transportation, but they are used in packaging There will be some common faults during the machine, do you know how to repair? Next, let me briefly summarize the maintenance methods of common faults of the packer.


1. Straw silage baler is a straw silage baler that uses packing tape on the object to be packed. Do not use for other purposes. Packaged items are items that need to be packaged. Do not put your hands or body close to the main unit.

Second, do not put the straw silage baler in a damp place with water or dust.

3. The branch power supply runs simultaneously with other machines, which may affect the operation performance of the machine. If the plug or socket is overheated, it may cause a fire. Special attention should be paid to the special voltage and capacity only for the use of this machine. Avoid plugging the power plug with wet hands.

4. The ground wire terminal of the machine must be connected to the ground wire. There is a risk of electric shock if it is not connected to the ground wire or is not fully connected.

5. The cross-sectional area of the extended flexible wire used by the straw baler is within 0.75m㎡ and within 10m. The use of flexible cords beyond this range will not only damage the function of the machine but also cause overheating of the plug and socket, which may cause a fire hazard.

6. During the installation or operation of the straw silage baler, be sure to use gloves, protective glasses, and a mask.

7. Avoid tilting the straw silage baler to ensure that the ground of the place is flat, and try not to move the machine. With these correct operations, we can serve our customers better, create safe packages, and make our customers more at ease.

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