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How to choose two methods for repairing waste paper baler
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The repair of the waste paper baler is a much more complicated thing than the maintenance technology. When repairing, it requires workers to be familiar with and proficient in the technical skills of vehicles, pliers, planing, grinding, plating, and researching, so repairing the waste paper baler It is a kind of comprehensive labor with considerable intelligence and skills.

In theory, we must first grasp the working principle and specific structure of the hydraulic pump. In experience, we must correctly judge the internal and external causes of damage and determine the repair methods and measures reasonably. There are two repair methods for the waste paper Baling Press:

Repair and replacement.


1. Repair:

Repair methods such as welding, repairing, plating, turning and grinding, grinding, etc. to compensate for the shape and size of the parts to meet the original precision and sealing performance requirements. In general, repairing is more than manufacturing new parts It takes less work, so it is usually more economical in terms of time and cost to adopt the repair method under the conditions of the structure or working performance of waste paper baler parts.

2. Replacement:

 If you feel that the damaged parts of the waste paper Baling Press have no repair value or are technically difficult to repair, and spare parts are available, you should replace them without hesitation. Replacing new parts can usually shorten the repair cycle. Replacement of spare parts is required. Therefore, the hydraulic baler must also do a good job of spare parts.

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