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New stainless steel horizontal waste paper Cardboard Press Compactor
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The new 250-ton horizontal waste paper baler adopts advanced hydraulic up and down sliding door, pushes the bag out of the block, automatically pushes out the block, and directly pushes the bag onto the forklift, saving time and effort. Double cylinders have a downward pressure of 250 tons, suitable for packaging scrap metal, scrap iron, scrap aluminum alloy, scrap stainless steel, etc. The operation is simple and convenient, the warranty period is long, and the after-sale service is timely.

Scope of 250-ton horizontal waste paper Cardboard Press Compactor: suitable for packing scrap metal, including: scrap metal sheet, paint bucket, bicycle rack, motorcycle rack, electric car rack, etc., waste aluminum alloy materials, aluminum materials, waste stainless steel materials, etc. At the same time, it can also pack waste paper and plastic, which has the advantages of multi-purpose machine, less investment and wide application range.

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This 250-ton horizontal waste paper baler uses 250-ton double oil cylinders to simultaneously pressurize downward, the pressure is large, and the package weight is heavy. The front uses double oil cylinders to hydraulically pull up and down the door, which is simple and convenient. There is no need to manually open and close the door, saving labor costs. Reduce labor costs. The bag-out method uses hydraulic pressure to push the bag out of the block, which can be pushed directly onto the fork tines of the forklift without manual removal of the block from the material box.

The main technical parameters are as follows:

1. Material box specifications: 1.1*1.6*1.7 meters, 1.1*1.8*1.7 meters and other different specifications.

2. Package specifications: 1.1*1.6*1 meters, 1.1*1.8*1 meters and other different specifications.

3. Pressing cylinder pressure: 200-250 tons of double cylinders.

4. Front specifications: Up and down hydraulic sliding door.

5. Packing method: push the bag out of the hydraulic cylinder and push the bag directly onto the fork teeth of the forklift in front of the material box.

6. Motor model: 22-30 kilowatt pure copper wire motor.

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