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The development direction of waste plastic baler prices
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The reason why the price of the automatic waste plastic baler can go forward with all its strength, the strong price strength of the automatic waste plastic baler has the advanced development. In the process of aspiration for invention, the price of automatic waste plastic baler will break the routine and seek to show its value.

1. The potentiometer with length control is at zero position. Send the length control potentiometer on the front panel switch plate from the left to the second position. Adjust in a clockwise direction, the length of the tape will be longer if it is shorter; if it is in the zero direction, the tape will not be ejected.

2. The strap is incorrect. A win-win situation is necessary. Open the right door, and follow the instructions on the fifth page of the clarification book "Threading Process Method" or the schematic of the threading on the right door.

3. The price of the waste plastic baler is actually up and down. There are foreign objects in the extension. If the machine is used for a long time, it fails to be cleaned and maintained in a timely manner, which makes the feeding belt unsuccessful and should be cleaned and maintained.

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4. Incorrect feed roller gap. The size of the gap between a pair of feed rollers is essential for normal feed, and the adjustment of the gap is explained with reference to the clarification book. Adjust carefully so that the gap between the feeding roller and the belt is only 0.05~1mm more than the thickness of the belt.

5. The selected PP belt is too thick or too thin. Because there are many manufacturers of PP belts, and the thicknesses are also inconsistent, they should be selected as required;

6. The solenoid is not working properly. The electromagnet does not work. First check whether the welding head of the electromagnet connection is off, and then check whether the coil is burnt out. If neither is abnormal, check whether the electromagnet is displaced or blocked by stolen goods, so that the bullet cannot move freely.

To serve the society, on the road to struggle, some are ambitious and others are boldly seeking. Fully automatic packing machine absorbs high technology without going back, the strength of the automatic packing machine is strong, which is also inseparable from insisting on the desire and absorbing high technology. It is necessary to reduce the loss to *, to assist in troubleshooting in a timely manner, and achieve a win-win situation. Bawang mature is the price requirement for fully automatic waste plastic baler. The better fight is for more agile growth, the automatic baler will not forget the original promise.

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Facing the fierce market competition, which is the basis for the price improvement of Shaanxi Nick Machinery's waste plastic baler, competition stimulates growth, and Shaanxi Nick Machinery's waste paper packaging opportunities are better.

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