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Safety issues often negligent in the use of waste plastic baler
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The safety precautions in the process of equipment use are the tasks that every company emphasizes every day, but in actual operations, we often only pay attention to the output value and failure of the equipment, and safety issues are often overlooked, especially some seemingly simple but For small matters with great risks, the following is a summary of safety issues that are often overlooked during the use of waste plastic baler:

IMG_20190813_152303 拷贝.jpg

1. Work barefoot. Waste paper packing machine This machine is used to knead waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and pack it with special packaging tape to form it, which greatly reduces its volume, and then arrives to reduce the shipping volume and save freight, increasing the benefits for the enterprise. intention. Some large formal companies have strict requirements on the dress code of the production personnel, but small production companies, the specifications are not so perfect, the operation and control personnel wear more casually, especially in the hot summer days, barefoot operations can be seen everywhere. But this is very risky, not only the debris of the strap on the ground will stab the foot, but more importantly, if the ground is wet, it is easy to connect the electricity.

2. The wire connector is not fixed. In the production workshop, the equipment is sometimes far away from the power supply, and the original wire may not be long. At this time, a piece of wire will be connected, but the operator directly throws the connected wire on the ground in order to save time. It is very risky to carry out wiring.

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Whether it is a semi-automatic waste plastic baler or a waste plastic baler, its safety issues can not be ignored, the equipment is not worth much, but once it forms a loss, it will be inestimable. The waste plastic baler is mainly suitable for steel mills, recycling and processing occupations, and non-ferrous and ferrous metal training occupations. The waste plastic baler can knead various metal scraps into rectangular, octagonal, cylindrical and other qualified furnace materials, which can reduce the cost of transportation and exercise, and can increase the furnace casting speed.

The waste paper packing machine is used to knead waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and pack it with special packaging tape to form it, which greatly reduces its volume, and then reaches the intention of reducing the shipping volume and saving freight, increasing the benefits for the enterprise. Introduced advanced technology and advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad.

Shaanxi Nick Mechanical Hydraulic Packing Factory will never stop, will continue to improve the quality and function of the product itself, and produce higher-quality mechanical equipment for the broad users. Thank you for your support all the way!for more information ,please visit : 

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    How to choose the type to process 10 tons of waste paper every day?

    First of all, NICKBALER suggests that if the daily processing capacity reaches 10 tons, you can choose a horizontal baler, and the horizontal baler is divided into: semi-automatic baler and full-automatic baler; if the initial investment is limited, you can use the semi-automatic baler. Choose from the baler, and the smallest model NKW60BD can meet the production requirements;

    If you have a spacious site and sufficient funds, and have better development and planning in the future,NICKBALER suggests that you can choose a fully automatic baler; what is the difference between a semi-automatic baler and a fully automatic baler?

    1. The architecture is different

    2. Different packing methods

    3. The output is different

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    Waste paper baler is our main product for many years, we have very valuable experience, if you want to know more, please follow us

  • How to clean the hydraulic system of the baler in the Philippines?

    1. String the baling pressrope of the hydraulic baler through the automatic spring tightening device behind the garbage compressor, and place it along the baling pressbelt groove, then tie the baling press belt to the pull-stop at the bottom of the baling pressgroove, and rotate the automatic spring tightening device 90 degrees , close the bottom door and lock

    2. Put the recycled waste paper, plastic and film waste into the hydraulic baler. When the material is loaded to the height of the pressure plate, close the door tightly and press the "press down" button. The equipment runs automatically and compacts. (The feeding height of materials other than cardboard can only be slightly higher than the bottom door)

    3. The pressure plate moves down and compresses to the maximum pressure and automatically returns to the fully open position. When compressing the baling pressconstraints, the platen stops at the preset position of the compressed material

    4. Open the door of the device and pass the tie rope through the bottom wire groove from front to back and back to the front through the pressure plate wire groove. Tighten the tie rope by hand and tie a knot. Push the baling press rod by hand, push the rod to a fixed position, and clamp it tightly. Press the "Up" button, the return trip of the oil cylinder will automatically turn out the bundled bundles. (When opening the lower door, it is not allowed to go in front of the door。

    Stand up to avoid accidental injury from the door popping open)

    5. After the bale is ejected, reset the bale rod to press down. Finally, remove the bales of waste paper and plastic waste before stacking them for storage, close and lock the door and enter the next packaging cycle task

    NKW250Q 02.jpg

    The hydraulic baler produced by NICKBALER has a simple structure, stable operation, low failure rate and easy cleaning and maintenance. You are welcome to buy

  • Daily maintenance of automatic hydraulic balers in India

    1. Before starting the machine, check whether the components of the baler are in good condition; whether the screws and nuts of each component are loose, if so, you need to tighten the screws and nuts, repair personnel to deal with.

    2. Check whether there is any debris blockage inside the machine. The debris blockage will affect the work of the automatic hydraulic baler, so it needs to be removed;

    3. Check whether the knife group and the sliding part are short of oil. If the oil is short, it will cause serious wear on the parts. It must be oiled by dipping and dripping. Use a small stick to dip the oil and slowly drip it on it.


    For more information on the fault maintenance and maintenance work of the automatic hydraulic baler, please pay attention to the website of NICKBALER Machinery Company:

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